LAST DAY! Win two tickets to (just about) anywhere with Qatar Airways and HFP

Today, Sunday, is your last day to enter the great competition we are running in association with Qatar Airways.

If you’ve already entered, why not give your friends and family a nudge to enter as well?

One lucky Head for Points reader will win two Economy Class tickets to their choice of Qatar Airways destination!

Whilst the tickets are Economy Class, your booking will be flagged for an upgrade to Business Class subject to availability at check-in.  The upgrade will be at the discretion of the check-in staff and so, for simplicity, we are describing the prize as two Economy Class tickets.  Hopefully, though, you will end up in something better.

A lot has been happening with Qatar Airways lately and there seems no end to it:

Qatar Airways is a member of the oneworld alliance.  This means that you will earn Avios points and British Airways tier points when you fly with Qatar Airways, and can also redeem Avios points for Qatar Airways services.  (Don’t forget that Qatar Airways also has its own loyalty programme, QMiles.)

We have reviewed Qatar Airways business class on its 777, 787 and A380 incarnations, as well as A380 First Class, and genuinely believe that it deserves its reputation as one of the very best products out there.  The new Qsuite in Business Class. launching next Saturday 10th from Heathrow if all goes to plan, will set the bar even higher.

Qatar 350


There is one pair of Economy return tickets on Qatar Airways to (pretty much) anywhere to be won with a possible / hopeful upgrade to Business Class on the day.

There are some restrictions on how and where you can go:

Your trip must start and finish in the UK (London, Birmingham, Manchester or Edinburgh). Connecting flights are not included.

You cannot backtrack from Doha. This means that North American destinations, for example, are excluded.  The decision of Qatar Airways on what it considers backtracking will be final.

You can only book flights operated by Qatar Airways.  Codeshares are not included.

Tickets are strictly non-transferrable. The winner MUST be one of the passengers and both tickets must be booked for travel together.

The winner must book the trip by 20th March 2018 and complete their travel within three months of booking.

There is no guarantee that Qatar Airways will be able to offer the exact date, flight and destination you request. Flexibility may be required, especially at peak periods.

The tickets are Economy tickets with possible upgrade to Business Class at the check-in desk, subject to availability.  This upgrade is not guaranteed and will be at the discretion of the check-in agents.  Travelling at off-peak periods will maximise your chances of being upgraded.

You are responsible for arranging transfers, accommodation, visas, innoculations, insurance etc for your trip

You will not have to pay any taxes or charges for your tickets

Your tickets will not earn any frequent flyer miles or status points

The full list of rules are in the Gleam widget.

The competition will remain open until midnight tonight, UK time, Sunday 4th June.

How to enter

We are using the same entry system we’ve been using for competitions in the past.  Simply fill out the Gleam app at the bottom of this post (or by clicking through to the Gleam website) and leave your name and email address.

Your details remain confidential and will not be passed to Qatar Airways (unless you win!).  Head for Points will not use your email address for any other purpose.

The rules

Here is a summary of the rules.  The official version can be found by clicking ‘Terms & Conditions’ in the entry widget below.

You must be at least 18 years old

You must be a resident of the United Kingdom and must be accessing this website from inside the UK

Entries are limited to one submission form per household

The competition closes at midnight, London time, on Sunday 4th June 2017

The winner will be selected automatically by the software which collates the entries. The winner will be contacted by email and must confirm their details, including their UK residency, within 48 hours.

Remember that the winner must be one of the passengers – you cannot gift the prize to another couple

If you cannot see the entry widget below, please click here and you will be directed to a special website to enter.

Win two tickets on Qatar Airways to (just about) anywhere

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. I wonder how the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi and Egypt diplomatic spat will affect Qatar Airways?

    • I wonder how it can be moral to support a airline owned by a government that might be funding terrorism

      • Well, then:

        1. Don’t flay British Airways
        2. Don’t buy a VW
        3. Don’t bank at Barclays
        4. Don’t buy Siemens products
        5. Don’t buy from Shell
        6. Don’t buy shares on the LSE
        7. Don’t shop at Tiffany’s
        8 Don’t stay in Accor Hotels
        9. Don’t use products with copper from Glencore

        • I try not to (when possible). Successfully in the case of 2, 3, 4, 7 and 8. Not very successfully in the case of 1, 5, 6 and 9. Still better than nothing.

        • Swiped says:

          What’s up with Accor Hotels?

        • Are you sure about (4)? Siemens builds lots of trains for the UK network, are you sure you never travel on any of these? I can think of class 350, 444, 450, 700 at least, plus I think something in Scotland too……

        • I do travel a lot by trains, but think I have actually managed to avoid Siemens products (not deliberately). Siemens of course also produce plenty of the telecoms hardware used for mobile phone calls. It is certain that my phone calls have been routed through Siemens equipment.

  2. How will this affect current QR bookings & routings?–statement/

    I was thinking of getting a business class QR flight KUL to Europe & return with stop overs both ways. On the outbound, use the opportunity to travel Doha to Dubai & return before going on to Europe

    • patrick says:

      Just leave out the Dubai part. Doing the same trip this summer on QR. If anything, QR’s flight route is actually better for London as they fly over Iran (where the others are not allowed to go) and where no bombs are fired generally.

      Just fascinated by how much of a hypocrite Saudi Arabia can become, as they are the Nbr 1 terrorist financing country on the planet as at home (e.g. Wahhabism which is the root cause of the cancer)

      • the real harry1 says:

        you’re right

        I guess in the past we didn’t care that much as long as they were killing each other & we could supply them with arms (for profit) & play them off against each other & our enemies

        not any longer

        about time they caught up with the modern world – it’s not as if they haven’t got excellent educational institutions – for men & women as it happens

        they just need to modernise & teach the right things (which includes respect for fellow humans)

  3. An airline that owns a sizeable chunk of IAG and by default BA and Avios. Depends how far your morals go against a free flight I guess

    • Agreed ownership of IAG/BA is a worry from an ethical point of view. I rationalise flying with BA but refusing to fly with Qatar on the grounds that morality is about choices and where I am faced with a comparable routing, I choose the more moral choice. That means BA cannot always be avoided from LHR, but faced with a trip to Australia as I was recently, my preference was to support an airline part owned by a civilised democratic republic rather than a dictatorship, so Finnair got my cash rather than a ME airline.

      No airline gives you the option of flying on a jet fuelled by oil from Scotland and Norway only, so they are all tainted, but morality is not about being perfect it is about trying to choose the lesser evil when one is able to.

      • > Agreed ownership of IAG/BA is a worry from an ethical point of view. I rationalise flying with BA but refusing to fly with Qatar on the grounds that morality is about choices and where I am faced with a comparable routing

        Do not forget Qatar’s holding in the following:

        Volkswagen – 17%
        Sainsuburys – 22%
        Barclays – 6%
        Glencore – 9%
        Shell – 2%
        London Stock Exchange – 10%
        Siemens – 3%

        And the Shard in London

      • james says:

        > Agreed ownership of IAG/BA is a worry from an ethical point of view. I rationalise flying with BA but refusing to fly with Qatar on the grounds that morality is about choices and where I am faced with a comparable routing

        Do not forget Qatar’s holding in the following:

        Volkswagen – 17%
        Sainsuburys – 22%
        Barclays – 6%
        Glencore – 9%
        Shell – 2%
        London Stock Exchange – 10%
        Siemens – 3%

        And the Shard in London

      • Ricci says:

        I really can’t believe this moral sh*t you poring here

        • The problem is that the Finnair flights are part of the BA and JAL joint venture to Asia. It is immaterial who you use as the money goes into a pot which they divide up later.

        • Why? if you were criticising my hypocrisy or my inconsistency you would have a very good point. But I don’t think that you can ignore that this hobby does sometimes involve dealing with morally dubious companies and countries. I don’t claim to know what the answer is but to dismiss an attempt to at least think about the issues as “moral sh*t” is not the answer.

        • @ricci why? One of the last meaningful choices in a market-based society is how and where to spend your money as a consumer. It’s about minimising the harm you cause to others. Unfortunately I only read up about Qatar’s employment practices after booking a TP run to Singapore to retain Gold. And now that I know they treat their female crew as little better than indentured labour, I’m regretful – and will do my utmost to avoid them in future, even if it costs more. Reference:

  4. JamesW says:

    Well, there are fewer destinations now !

    • JamesW says:

      What are the ‘sweet spots’ for using up QPoints (Qatar’s airmiles) on its oneworld alliance partners ?
      I have over half a million to use up and am looking for the best value redemptions’.

      • You need to look at their zone definitions, this is usually where you get artbitrage.

        For example – some airlines include Israel, Turkey and Russia in ‘Europe’. At the most extreme, these programmes allow you to fly to the far east of Russia (eg within spitting distance of Japan etc) for the cost of a London-Paris flight. Not that you necessarily want to find yourself in some obscure Russian airport in the middle of nowhere, trying to get a connection to Tokyo!

        Similarly, some programmes include Hawaii in their definition of USA. This makes London – Honolulu the same cost as London – New York.

        • JamesW says:

          Cheers Rob. I’m going to have to spend a few days reading all the details of the airlines zoning. Something which should pay dividends going forward.

        • “At the most extreme, these programmes allow you to fly to the far east of Russia ” – is there any link or article to get more details ? It is really interesting to investigate that opportunity … not even in connection to japan

        • Not that I know of … you need to look at a few redemption charts for various programmes and see how they define ‘Europe’.

  5. Pangolin says:

    The closure of airspace from neighbouring countries is going to make it horrendously difficult for QR.

    For flights coming from the west (i.e. crossing the Med) the only alternative to a massive rerouting over Turkey/Iran is by crossing Iraq, but most of Iraqi airspace is a no-fly zone as far as commercial aviation is concerned (and for obvious reasons so is Syria). The alternative of going around KSA and then navigating up the Straight of Hormuz looks equally hopeless (unless coming from CPT, for instance).

    • Pangolin – I don’t think the impact is going to be as great as you think. I have flown between London and Doha 6 times over the past two years and Amsterdam and Doha twice. On every occasion the routing has been over Turkey and Iran. Possibly more of an issue if flying from southern Europe as not sure what route AR currently use However onward legs from Doha to Colombo, Bangkok and Singapore have flown over United Arab Emirates with some stunning views of Dubai on the port side of the aircraft flying eastbound. Clearly there will be am impact in having to fly round UAE airspace but fortunately for Qatar, the UAE is quite small so the impact will be limited

  6. Lloyd says:

    Puts into question whether the AKL flights can be sustained? Having to avoid UAE air space is going to put it very close to the maximum range. Might have to offload some Cargo space as a minimum?

  7. Kilburnflyer says:

    Are there any updates regarding the winner of this competition? Thanks

    • We know who has won and we are waiting for Qatar to send them the paperwork. Our guy there has been strangely busy recently …..

      • Kilburnflyer says:

        I rather suspected it was due to them having rather a lot on their plate at the moment. Has said winner been contacted yet or is it a surprise?