3,000 bonus Avios via Melia Gold for Amex Platinum upgraders

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Melia Rewards Gold status is one of the new benefits of the American Express Platinum charge card which were introduced in 2015.

One of the benefits of the American Express Platinum charge card is the hotel statuses which come with it.  You can receive status in five hotel chains for free:

Hilton Honors (Gold status)

Club Carlson – Radisson, Park Inn, Park Plaza (Gold status)

Melia Rewards (Gold status)

Starwood Preferred Guest (Gold status)

Shangri-La Golden Circle (Jade status)

In December, this list grew to include:

Marriott Rewards (Gold status)

because, with the acquisition of Starwood by Marriott, you can instantly match your Starwood status to the equivalent Marriott status via the respective websites.

And, in March, the list grew again to include a new status:

Taj Hotels InnerCircle (Gold status)

because, due to a new partnership, you can now match your Shangri-La status to Taj Hotels status.

To be honest, I haven’t bothered setting up all of these.  It is highly unlikely that I will be staying in most of these chains in the medium term and, if I did have a booking, I know that I could get the relevant status activated in time.

Melia Rewards

I did recently activate my Melia Rewards Gold status.  It wasn’t as fast as Hilton – who recently processed my wife’s upgrade in 3 days – but my existing Melia Rewards account was upgraded within a week.

You can find out more about the Melia Rewards programme here on the Melia website.

As usual, I recommend you open an account yourself (the sign-up page is here) instead of asking Amex to open one for you.  This way, you have details of the account number and password.

Melia Rewards Gold status benefits

What are the benefits of Melia Rewards Gold status?

You can see the full list of Melia Rewards Platinum, Gold and Silver benefits here.

Melia Rewards Gold does not offer a huge amount, to be honest, but it is certainly better than nothing if you have a Melia, INNSIDE, Tryp, ME etc stay coming up:

13 points per € or $ spent, compared to the standard 10 points per € or $

‘Buy 1, get 1 free’ on hotel breakfast

Free wi-fi

3 x 20% discount vouchers

Late check-out until 2pm (resort hotels) or 4pm (city hotels) unless the hotel is 100% full

And an interesting welcome offer worth 3,000 Avios …..

When I received my ‘welcome to Gold’ email from Melia Rewards, there was an interesting offer in it.

If I made a booking within 30 days, I would receive 10,000 bonus Melia Rewards points.

This is an attractive offer.  10,000 Melia Rewards points converts into 3,000 Avios points which would be an excellent return on a cheap one-night stay.

Note that British Airways is not a Melia Rewards partner, only Iberia Plus.  This means that your 3,000 Avios would be sent over to an Iberia Plus account and you can then move them via ‘Combine My Avios’ to BA or avios.com.

Melia Rewards is also a partner with various other airlines, but the transfer rates are a lot poorer.  The main ones that would interest HFP readers are Miles & More, American AAdvantage and Flying Club.  10,000 Melia Rewards points only gets you 1,666 miles in those programmes – although that is still a decent reward for one stay.

You could also use your 10,000 Melia Rewards points for a €50 ‘in hotel’ food and drink credit on a future stay.  This is a better deal than taking the 3,000 Avios points, to be honest.  10,000 points isn’t enough for a free room – INNSIDE and 4-star Melia hotels start at 17,000 points, 5-star Melia hotels start at 22,000 points and ME hotels start at 28,000 points.

You should time your Melia Rewards Gold upgrade properly …..

This is a very good offer from Melia Rewards.  If you have an American Express Platinum card, I would delay claiming your Melia Rewards Gold status until you think you can fit in a Melia / INNSIDE night.

There is obviously no guarantee that Melia will continue to offer 10,000 bonus Melia Rewards points for your first booking in 30 days after becoming Gold.  On the other hand, there is no point blowing your chance of getting it by upgrading your account when you have no intention of staying in the short term.

If you are looking for a few ideas for Melia stays, we recently reviewed the impressive new Gran Melia in Madrid (review), the ME in Milan (review), the INNSIDE in New York (review) and the INNSIDE in Manchester (review).  And, if you came to our Christmas party last year, you would have been able to take a look at the Melia White House in Regents Park!

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  1. Tariq says:

    I used this offer almost by chance. Requested the status and then saw the offer in the welcome email and had a work trip to Manchester coming up so purposefully chose the INNside. Really nice hotel and great service. The 10k bonus points didn’t post automatically though, so had to call Melia customer service but managed to get them in the end.

    In the booking confirmation email there was also a £10 food and drink voucher, so managed to get a free drink too – the voucher excludes redemption against breakfast – although there is the slightly odd 241 offer if you are Gold.

    I now seem to frequently get Melia offer emails that are totally in Spanish? Not sure if this is normal or if I need to contact CS again?

  2. Todderz says:

    Don’t forget the birthday treat. Every year you’ll get an extra promo to use, like a free upgrade on your next stay, which could be quite valuable for a longer stay.

    10k bonus didn’t post for me and my missing points claim hasn’t been resolved in 6 weeks…

  3. wayne sam says:

    I’ve found that Melia rewards bonus/welcome points to be ring fenced & cannot be transferred to Iberia.

  4. HayMow says:

    * Melia Points + Cash is v useful & very flexible: points are freely usable for Points + Cash on almost any booking – you just need a min. of 2,000 points and after that can redeem any amount in multiples of 100 (not 1000). Currently their value seems to be €3.57 per 1k on bookings in say Rome & Paris and €3.69/1k in Athens – so 10k = c.€36 off hotel rate (though not as good as the €50 value Rob quotes above for in-hotel spend – I’ve always found it hard to get any info on using pts in this way & so been sceptical if I could use it in practice – eg. Melia Rome didn’t seem aware of this as an option). …. Other positives:
    * sometimes there are points/cash anomalies, so always worth checking member pricing of higher grade room or BB vs RO or flexible vs pre-pay, as you could get a pleasant surprise
    * €10 or €20 (hotel dependent) food/drink credit per night for booking direct for many locations – came in v handy at Gran Melia Rome for a nightcap from the minibar each! (just watch that housekeeping replaces the used miniatures daily to avoid a row at checkout 😉 ).
    * Points are (instantly) transferrable to others for free – which also counts as account activity (needed every 12mths) – can just transfer min.amount between self and other half (& back again the next year) which seems to keep both a/c’s open.
    * Many hotels are modern or refurbished with large/comfortable beds.
    * Points can be topped up by purchasing for currently €5 per 1000 up to 125k pa – (don’t know if this is a promo as used to be €8) – takes c.24 hours to reach your a/c.
    * Melia occasionally randomly adds points/promotions to accounts (eg. 100pts start this year as a “Christmas promotion”, without advising us) but which have the benefit of being activity to keep accounts open
    … To be aware though:
    * Sol hotels, while Melia owned, do NOT earn you Melia points on stays (found to my cost – have never found this flagged online, only found out after the event on claiming post-stay).
    * Melia IT not always brilliant though has improved a lot –
    – and you don’t get a notification email when they respond to online queries (called “Consults”)
    * some in-app offers start in English then are displayed in Spanish – much points activity description online is also in Spanish only.
    * Spanish identity protection laws seem particularly strong which can make it hard to change key a/c info like email address etc once a/c set up without the insecure step of faxing or emailing them a copy of your passport or driving licence.
    * The 2for1 birthday bonus previously offered went by the wayside 2/3 years back – you’ll get an email on your birthday and will need to go online to choose between (as a non-status member myself) a free upgrade or 5 or 10% off a booking – ensure you choose within the 1 or 3mth timeframe else you’ll lose it altogether, though it does sometimes seem to stay in my account longer than suggested by the T&Cs.

  5. Jonathan says:

    Gak! looks like I missed the recent Amex upgrade from gold to platinum promo. Is anyone aware of a new one?

    • Nope for the time being it is dead. You are not the only one to be caught out – several of us have posted similarly.

  6. +1 on the upgrade promo – anyone got a working link to the upgrade site?

    • Just send the then a private message. I got offered 20k bonus for no spend

      • AndyGWP says:

        Did you make reference to the offer that had expired, or just state you were considering an upgrade?

  7. I activated some of the hotel upgrades from our Platinum card last Aug and received upgraded status through to 2018. I did it again on 16/4 in the hope that these may be extended through to 2019 but so far I’ve not received any acknowledgement other than the email from Amex that they received the requests and they can take between 6-12 wks. Are we likely to get the statuses extended to 2019 – has anyone else tried this. I am Hilton Diamond through to March 2018 and won’t be able to retain that so was hoping the upgrade via Amex would give me Gold from March 2018-2019 – not sure if that is going to work or if I have to wait till next year and try again.

    • Crafty says:

      Might vary by partner. Our Shangri-la finally came through valid well into 2019 for no apparent reason.

  8. Optimus Prime says:

    OT – IHG giving “mystery” bonus when buying points. Mine is 50%.

    • HayMow says:

      Thanks – mine is 100% for min.5k(+5k) buy.

      • Genghis says:

        I got 100% too. Currently works out at 0.44p per point. I’m not a buyer at that price (for a speculative purchase to add to my stash) but could work out for others if they do the math on a specific stay and they don’t currently have the points.

        • Roger says:

          Would you get 4 points per £1 on IHG black card?

          • If it goes through as foreign transaction I guess, but it won’t go through as IHG (Points.com process it) so it won’t get that form of double-points

          • Genghis says:

            And therefore not worth the 3% fee

  9. Sorry for going slightly off topic here, but related to the Amex platinum and its hotel statuses: If I signup today for the Amex platinum, would I benefit from gold status at any bookings I have already paid for? I’m thinking of two Hilton bookings I have made for late 2017 specifically.

    Thanks, would appreciate any info.

    • Yes you would as long as your status is upgraded in time.

    • Yes you would get the benefits. You might need to nudge the hotel at check-in, though, as they may not see you are Gold if they have not refreshed your details from the date you booked.

  10. Melvin says:

    Like Rob, I upgraded my (and my wife’s) existing Melia accounts to Gold via Amex Platinum because I wanted to make a booking and use the 20% vouchers. It took 5 days before our statuses were changed to gold but no vouchers appeared. I have subsequently contacted their customer services on many occasions chasing and I keep getting different messages as to why I haven’t got them yet. The consensus seems to be that these get applied between the 1st – 10th of each month. We applied for the upgrades on 21st April and was initially told that I would have the vouchers within the first 10 days of May. But in a separate consult under my wife’s account they said this:

    “we would like to inform you that members who achieve the status at the end of month, do not enter within the deadline for receive the discount bonus, but you will receive it the following month. Kindly could you check your account on June.”

    Four days ago, my wife and I each received an email to say that we now have the vouchers yet they are still not showing on either of our accounts. I’ll leave until the 10th June and chase!

    He’s the other thing that nobody explains. If you land on their site at https://www.melia.com/ it’s great to look at but is not as functional as landing here https://www1.melia.com/. To my knowledge, there is no direct number or email address to Melia Rewards. If you want to raise a ‘consult’ with them you can only do it through the second site!

    I do not technically need the vouchers now because I cheated the system in order make by booking with 20% discount. As my birthday had just passed before I received my Gold upgrade, I had already been assigned a 5% off voucher (not 20% as gold’s get). However on my wife’s account I changed her birthday to the same day as the change and she was instantly awarded a 20% off birthday voucher code! I don’t get how this method is instantaneous but the three vouchers can take 6 weeks!

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