New BA Holidays promo – fly to New York etc in Club World with hotel from £1,299!

British Airways Holidays has launched a special Club World promotion for travel over the Summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year on some routes to the US, Canada and Mexico.

There are some decent prices here but you need to book by Monday 19th June. The prices are not as good as we saw last year or in February but they are still very good value for what you get.

You can see the deals available with Club World flights here.

The ‘lead in’ flight and hotel offer based on Club World flights is:

New York – £1,299 over Christmas including three nights in a 4* hotel (£1,363 for a 5*)

This price is based on two people sharing.

Other routes included are Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Boston, Oakland (California), Calgary and Mexico City.

The outbound travel dates to these destinations that are included in the sale are:

1st July to 31st August, 21st to 28th November 2017

New York only: 18th December 2017 to 2nd January 2018

Orlando only:  24th August to 12th October 2017

A minimum three night stay is needed and the outbound flight must start within the dates mentioned above.

BA Holidays

As usual with BA Holiday you don’t have to pay in full when booking. Apart from a small deposit, you only need to pay the balance five weeks before departure.

Remember that you also earn a bonus 2 Avios per £1 for booking with BA Holidays on top of the Avios you will earn from the flights and from your credit card.

(One minor downside is that BA Holidays packages do not earn On Business points in BA’s small business loyalty scheme for the flights.)

If you fancy a short break over the summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year, these offers are worth considering. You would also receive 280 tier points which may be a helping hand towards your requalification or promotion for next year.

The BA Holidays Club World promo page is here.

(PS.  In case you missed it, on Wednesday we reported that British Airways has released an extra 10,000 Club World Avios seats for travel over Christmas and New Year.  If you don’t want to pay cash, there may be some good redemption seats now bookable.)

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Simon says:

    O/T – does spending on a supplementary BAPP card count towards the earn for my Companion Voucher?

    • Yes, and a core part of many Avios/companion voucher earning strategies to speed up reaching thresholds and maximize referrals etc

      • Simon says:

        Thanks Adam. Good to know. Will switch over my wife’s card now she has hit her Comp Voucher. Wonder if she will notice its a different card.

    • Michael says:

      Can you get ba Visa card in U.K.?

  2. Aviator says:

    Is it possible only to book a hotel for one night and the flight for however many you want?

    • There is a minimum with BA Holidays, might be 3 nights? Perhaps book a car you don’t collect if you are just after the flight element.

      • I disagree. I’ve booked a 4 night holiday with only one hotel accommodation night.

        • They changed it last year, pretty sure there is a minimum now. Easy to check with a dummy booking anyway.

        • Yes, however I performed a real booking, not just a dummy one. There is no obligation to book a specific number of nights.

        • Simon says:

          I can’t find a way to price it up with flights on 22nd, returning on 29th when i only need a hotel for 22nd to 25th – best price i can see is way in excess of the price for booking return flights on the same dates with a 5* hotel every night… Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Jonny says:

    Where is Mexico City? I don’t mean on a map! – I can see it mentioned here but I can’t find it on the BA Holidays promo page. Thanks

    • Anika says:

      I just did a search for Mexico City from 22nd Nov – 26th Nov and got prices of around £1700 per person. A week earlier it’s around £3,300 per person.

      • Ralph says:

        Also, Mexico City will be on a 787-9 from autumn timetable – was daily jumbo, now 5 times a week 787. Booked Avios with 2 for 1 voucher in First for Dec / Jan when it was still a 747, so a (good) surprise when changed to a 787 especially as 2 First difficult to get with only 8 seat cabin.

  4. Stu N says:

    Certainly a marginal call for cash vs redemption here as there’s a substantial avios rebate.

    Say you spend £3k for 2 in CW, that’s 9,000 Avios when you pay with BA Premier AMEX, 6,000 Avios from the Holidays bonus and c.25-30k Avios from the flights so 40,000 Avios or so. Connecting from the regions will also yield another 40TPs each way so 360 in total and your 4 qualifying flights for BA Silver.

    Redemption would be c.120,000 Avios plus a 2-4-1 voucher, plus hotel costs. If you value Avios at or around 2p or are chasing or renewing status then cash probably wins. At 1p, without a 2-4-1 or if you don’t need the tier points it’s probably redemption.

    There has also been decent Avios availability in F around Christmas time on NYC routes at least, if that’s still around then this might be a good way to score F flights.

  5. O/T
    If I open a BAPP now (in order to hit the £3k spending bonus) and shortly after opening close my Amex gold card ( in order to start the clock on that £2k spending bonus), will this close my Amex membership points account given the BAPP pays avios? Thanks.

  6. Ross Goldie says:

    Can the BA 241 voucher be used for this?

    • Genghis says:

      No. BAPP 241 voucher is for redemption bookings only paid fully in avios (+tax element)

  7. Dates don’t look as generous as they’re marketed… NYC over Christmas is only available if you fly out on 22nd December…

  8. Ruth Findlay says:

    O/T I’ve a trip booked to Japan in F from Edinburgh next year. I’m now able to fly to LHR earlier than I thought on my date of departure and would like to amend the outbound domestic leg if possible so I can take advantage of the lounge etc at LHR for a bit longer. Are BA going to have to cancel and rebook the whole booking or can they just amend the domestic outbound leg for a change fee? Any idea how much it would be? Thx.

    • Ruth Findlay says:

      I should add, it’s a 241 booking

      • Optimus Prime says:

        They can amend it – It’s £35 per person.

        • Stu N says:

          I got BA Holidays pricing on 4 nights away with 2 hotel nights included. Booking made in the May luxury sale for March ’18.

        • Stu N says:

          Sorry, that was a reply to Rob at 19:06 a few posts above.

          Ruth – you can rebook domestic leg for £35pp change fee as long as there is Avios availability on your new flights. You will have to call to do this and they often have to refer it to ticketing to recalculate but should come out as no difference in cash or Avios apart from change fee. It’s best done in normal office hours if you can manage that.

          Will take a couple of weeks to reticket and you might see a number of redeposits and charges to your Avios along the way but should get to same place. It’s almost like it’s not a slick straight through process!

      • Presumably the domestic leg has been booked into CE (‘U’ class) ?

        If so, does this CE ticket not allow a free flight time change (to an earlier flight) on the day itself?

        Just curious….

  9. Paddy says:

    I would need to start from a regional flight, in Belfast. How would that work? Thanks.

  10. Ammar says:

    OT – If you book SPG reward nights with all points, do you have to pay taxes? and do you get breakfast with that OR is it room only?

  11. Waribai says:

    OT…Looking to get a new ipad. Don’t need a sim so will pay cash. Any decent discount/points opportunities out there?

    • Joseph Heenan says: is giving 5 avios per pound currently for apple uk spend.

  12. Waribai says:

    Thanks. I think I might go for the tesco clubcard points

  13. Ahmed says:

    Just out of subject, does anyone knows if the lloyds free upgrade voucher need to be used at the avios website ? or can it be used by the BA website? as most of my avios are at the BA! Thanks

    • Avios, but you can move your points instantly via ‘Combine My Avios’ on either site so it doesn’t matter.

      • Ahmed says:

        Thanks Rob

      • Previously the only potential downside of having to use is loss of Gold extra economy availability, which can be extremely handy for the domestic connection to longhaul – thankfully the introduction of CE within the UK seems to have helped a bit in that regard, although I still wish they’d take a bmi approach and open up a redemption on the connection if longhaul segment has availability!