The White Company unveiled as the new BA Club World bedding provider

British Airways announced yesterday that it has chosen The White Company to provide bedding and amenity kits for Club World as part of the current £400m customer investment plan.

Don’t get too excited.  The new amenities will only be introduced on the New York JFK route this year.  You will be waiting until 2018 to see them across the network.

British Airways White Company 1

To quote:

Later this year, customers travelling in Club World between Heathrow and New York JFK  will be given a new elegant day cushion which will double up as a fantastic lumbar support when working or relaxing on board.

Exclusively for British Airways, The White Company have also designed a bespoke, luxuriously soft large pillow and white cotton pillowcase to enhance customers’ comfort and to help them sleep well in the sky.

Customers will also be given a super-soft woven blanket with satin trim and a specially developed luxury duvet to improve their quality of sleep, as well as a padded mattress cover giving an extra layer of comfort. The new bedding from The White Company will then be gradually rolled out across British Airways’ other long-haul routes.

The new Club World amenity kits come in an elegantly designed bag from The White Company and contain products from the retailer’s ‘Restore & Relax Spa Collection’, as well as a super-soft jersey eye-mask, offering a further touch of luxury in the sky.

British Airways White Company 2

To be honest, I think this is a smart choice.  The White Company was heavily promoting the opening of its first New York store when I was over there a couple of weeks ago, and it has a slightly higher end position than you would get from John Lewis or Marks & Spencer.  It is interesting to see Elemis being dropped as amenity kit providers given that they still operate the lounge spas.

It may or may not be a coincidence that shirt maker Charles Tyrwhitt, which is owned by the same family who own The White Company, recently became a British Airways Executive Club Avios-earning partner.

British Airways White Company 3

Other Club World changes to be pioneered in the Autumn on the JFK route include trolley-served dining and ‘breakfast cards’ on overnight flights which you can tuck into your seat, ticked with your meal options, if you want to be woken.

You can learn more about BA’s current Club World investment programme in Anika’s article on the BA investment press day here.  There is also a special BA website on its investing plans here.

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  1. Genghis says:

    Hopefully crew will turn down the temperature from 26°C to allow me to use the new luxury bedding…

  2. Same old “jam tomorrow” mentality. By the time this meagre offer is fully rolled out other will have reinvented their product.
    To paraphrase an ex American president ” it’s the seat stupid” why fly 8 a rest when others have 4 and direct aisle access?

    • Barry cutters says:

      You don’t get half the room. 8 vs 4 isn’t a fair comparison due to layout style.
      And plenty of people do fly ba as we value a direct route network over changing multiple times.

    • Agree vs AA hard product, however I’d take CW over non-refurbished VS 4-across product – the BA design is still pretty clever and feels more spacious.

      • Genghis says:

        Once you’re cocooned in a rear facing window seat, it’s very private.

        • The Urbanite says:

          64A on a 744 is nice, direct aisle access too.

          Was provided with a breakfast card as described in J on BA116, 2015 ex JFK a couple of weeks ago but agree about the cabin being a little on the warm side.

          Quite like The White Company so plus points for BA there.

        • Indeed – I find them really good – plus if you can get one at a bulkhead then direct aisle access too 🙂

  3. Delbert says:

    Thanks for the link in this article which has alerted me to seek a refund for CE seats that I’ve already paid for (BAEC Bronze).

  4. Lewis Watson says:

    Just curious does ba pay the white company for the products? Or is it other way round white company pays for essentially advertising?

    • BA will pay but have probably struck a good deal on the grounds of brand recognition. Whether White Company is actually controlling the process or BA has bunged them a few quid to stitch their labels on a pile of stuff it got cheap from a factory in Romania is a different question.

      • Catalan says:

        Rob is that comment really necessary? Did you say the same when issued with your White Company branded PJs from Qatar Airways. Or was that from a better cheap factory in Bangladesh?

        • It was badly phrased. What I meant is that you can’t be sure that TWC is actually controlling production and quality of these items to the levels which they demand for their stores (which, I admit, is high). They may have done a licensing deal with BA and BA is simply out there procuring the products itself to its usual quality standards.

          It is very possible I am being overtly cynical but that’s what exposure to BA over a long period of time does to you.

          Nothing against Romanian production – Louis Vuitton for example make all their shoes in Romania and simply attach the finishings in Italy, allowing them to put a ‘Made In Italy’ stamp inside (see ).

        • RIcatti says:

          It is a common practice among brands to have “outlet” quality goods (the goods produced to be sold in outlets, not in high street shops of the same brand).

    • I always wonder this, back in the good old days a certain transatlantic airline used to get their alcohol miniatures for free, probably the soft drinks too.

      • Not only for free but charged said drinks companies for the product placement. The mentalist behind it being if they didn’t pay there would be others lining up to do so.

  5. Jerome Zagala says:

    Comments on American blogs deem this “enhancement” to be lipstick on a pig. I disagree. This is lipstick applied to a paper bag that is placed on a pig.

  6. Sussex bantam says:

    How on earth can it take more than six months to replace some bedding ? What are they doing ? Hand stitching it in waterside ?

  7. JamesB says:

    I wish they would just change the seat to something more contemporary and reduce the cabin density, I see little point in trying to dress mutton as lamb.

    • If they reduce density, are you happy to pay more for a ticket to compensate for their lost revenue?

  8. clive says:

    A welcome improvement. With lots of seats in J and already-full lockers, this seems like a large volume of extra ‘stuff’ in the cabin and can’t help wondering where it will all go… where will they put dozens of these mattress toppers, duvets, pillows etc? On Virgin, there’s a space behind each seat for the bedding bundle.

    • insider says:

      I think it will allcome in a shrink wrapped bag and left on the seat (much like the current duvet), but just a bit bigger.

  9. Think these changes will have been introduced on LGW services by May 2018? We just bought CW tickets in the BA sale to Orlando.

    • You would like to think so, but ….

      • Kilburnflyer says:

        Flying Club World SFO-LHR on Thursday 4th January 2018, so one would assume to soon for these new service perks?

        Also, does anyone know the timeline for refurbished BA lounge at SFO? I hear current one is pretty shabby and CX lounge closes at 13:00 (our flight is 16:30 on 747)

    • This is hilarious…’will my new little pillow be on my flight next year?’ People getting over excited about some blankets…come on guys.

      • people need something… anything… to look forward to if they are flying BA

      • Kilburnflyer says:

        Given that it’s a 10+ hour red-eye, I think the intrinsic benefit of a mattress pad and duvet is reasonable for a better night’s sleep, flights with this service (like JFK services) would also have the new J catering / glassware etc.. so it’s hardly insignificant. Thank you for your sneering nevertheless

  10. the BA product is falling behind, on a refurbished 747 dallas – lhr in May, the air vents and reading lights were filthy. In Economy but still expect cleanliness, Is it Heathrow monopoly causing this? If Birmingham was a HUB airport with fast rail into London would competition drive BA performance up or out of business?

    • IanMacK says:

      I failed miserably on a Flybe ABZ-LHR flight back in February (freezing fog at LHR) so ended up with ABZ-BHX. Straight out of airport over to train station, Virgin Express to Euston (stopped at Coventry then Milton Keynes) – quicker than if I’d taken ABZ-LHR then Tube T5 to central London !

  11. Another Phil says:

    As someone who still has a soft spot for the ‘Britishness’ of BA and who would be sad to see the demise of BA, I think this is a good move. My own perception of the White company is one that I think it’d be good for BA to resonate with.

  12. Talay says:

    Shocking service on LHR-BKK 2 days ago on BA009. Shocking seating known about.

    Wife and daughter complaining about poor attention from staff. No automatic champers prior to lift off, had to ask 3 times for water, lots of attention given to “someone famous” leaving others without adequate support. Formal complaint to follow return flight.

    Even wife and daughter say they won’t fly them again on this old 8 abreast seating arrangement. I won’t fly them period.

  13. Clive says:

    OT: Is Anika’s review of premium on Norwegian due soon? Currently have to choose between that and BA WTP and would like to read her thoughts first if possible.

    • To be honest, it will be at least 10 days away I think, mainly because I am out 3 days next week which means that she has to pick up a lot of day to day stuff from me. (The main reason it isn’t done yet is that she was also covering for me when I was in Amsterdam.) If you’ve got any specific queries feel free to email her at anika [at] and I’m sure she’ll respond although she is off ill today and not in the office. She has flown BA WTP as well so can compare.

  14. Cmom HFP is this really deemed to be a necessary post? What next toilet paper ply change in BA lounge?

    • Genghis says:

      Perhaps more relevant than the doughy bacon rolls now available till 11am

      • You underestimate how passionate certain people are about the BA bacon rolls. If you take a lot of early morning flights they become a fixture in your life. We don’t run trivial stuff for the sake of it …

        • My OH gets genuinely distressed that they don’t do the bacon rolls at Manchester and we are always too late by the time we get to Heathrow. This year we’re flying down the night before just so we can have them lol!

        • That’s interesting. My OH gets distressed if they don’t serve baked beans with breakfast. We’re going to the Conrad St James next week and all he wants to know is if they serve beans :-/

        • Genghis says:

          A place in the UK that doesn’t serve baked beans with a full English breakfast is (trying to be) poncy

        • @Cate they do serve baked beans for sure! Lived at Conrad pretty much most of last year for work reasons

    • You should have seen all the gumph BA sent to us 🙂 People say we grumble too much about BA and here is something nice …..

      In terms of page views, though, you may be correct. As of 1pm:
      Qatar 3,809
      Crossrail 3,348
      White Company 2,495

      …. although, as a whole, 2,495 is far higher than the worse performing article would normally have by 1pm.

      Email open rates so far:
      Qatar 52%
      Crossrail 51%
      White Company 48%

    • clive says:

      Of course it’s a necessary post! CW seats are quite lumpy/contoured and hard – the key part of this package for me will be the ‘padded mattress cover’. Hopefully it will make a difference…

  15. Andrew says:

    Has anyone actually seen the QR White Co PJs yet, apart from in publicity shots and Q Suite demos? I keep getting the old QR branded ones.