Plaza Premium opens Heathrow Terminal 3 arrivals lounge

Hot on the heels of its Terminal 4 arrivals lounge which opened in April, Plaza Premium has unveiled its new Arrivals Lounge in the landside area of Heathrow Terminal 3.

This will be of particular interest to British Airways travellers in Terminal 3 and anyone using Virgin Atlantic who does not have access to their dedicated arrivals lounge.

Regular Head for Points readers will know that I rate Plaza Premium highly.  They invest a lot of money into their facilities, especially in design, and they have a genuinely high end feel.  The group also manages the outstanding Cathay Pacific business and first class lounges in Heathrow Terminal 3 reviewed here.

Plaza Premium Terminal 3

I have reviewed (click to read):

Heathrow Terminal 2 departure lounge

Heathrow Terminal 4 departure lounge

Heathrow Terminal 2 arrivals lounge

and liked them all.  The Terminal 2 arrivals lounge is pretty small – although it does have shower facilities – but the two departure lounges are very spacious.  I haven’t made it to the Terminal 4 Arrivals Lounge yet but it is on the list.

There is also a Terminal 5 departure lounge on the way for the end of 2017 which will hopefully be better than the Aspire lounge.  Construction is already underway.

The new Terminal 3 lounge – which I think is on the site of the old Delta arrivals lounge – has 11 shower rooms and a lounge and bar area.  The seating total is given as 28 which seems oddly low, given that the Terminal 4 arrivals lounge has 75 seats.

It is not yet listed on the Priority Pass (for Amex Platinum cardholders) or Lounge Club (for Amex Gold cardholders) websites.  As both the Terminal 2 and Terminal 4 arrivals lounges are part of both schemes, I imagine that it will be added very shortly.

It isn’t yet clear if a boarding pass is required for entry.  This restriction was imposed on the Terminal 2 arrivals lounge a year or so ago – I’m not sure if airport staff were using it as a daily canteen and free bar and letting Priority Pass pay the bill.  The original plan was that they welcomed anyone who wanted to use the lounge whilst waiting for an arriving passenger, and I once used it after a meeting at the airport.

PS.  Plaza Premium also announced yesterday that it will be opening a huge 1,100 sq metre lounge in Terminal 3 of Rome’s Fiumicino Airport at the end of the year.  Looking at the image below, it should be pretty spectacular:

Plaza Premium Rome

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  1. Is this now open?

    Will try it in a couple of weeks perhaps instead of the AA lounge. Or might try both on arrival!

  2. Awesome! I’m flying VS to/from T3 later this year so will definitely visit if it’s accepting Priority Pass by then!

  3. This will be a welcome addition. I’m fed up with years of traveling F or being a Gold card holder with BA and never once being able to use the Arrivals lounge in either T5 or 3 because our flights always land after 2pm. Crikey even the AA lounge closes at that time.

    • Chris says:

      I’m flying from T3 on Wednesday-will update here then in the unlikely event that another HfP doesn’t do so before then.

  4. It it meant as an ‘Arrivals’ lounge for when you arrive at the airport to depart? Or as you arrive from an inbound flight? Or both? But then this line “It isn’t yet clear if a boarding pass is required for entry.” doesn’t appear wholly logical, unless Rob means the boarding card from the preceding inbound flight also? Either way, I imagine it could be confusing to some, which would explain the dearth of seating provided, as many could be oblivious to whats on offer.

    • It is an Arrivals lounge for incoming passengers, hence all the showers.

      The boarding card requirement is to stop Heathrow staff treating it as their office canteen and after-work bar, which is what seemed to happen at T2!

      • Which boarding card exactly? The preceding one that you arrived into T3 on? Or must you be transiting & have an onward boarding card? (which presumably makes no sense)

        As an aside, is there any merit in using this (or similar Oneworld) lounge if flying BA arriving into T3 but then transiting on to a T5 domestic connection? (have heard airside transfer flight connections can be a nightmare here, so am curious about the idea of going T3 landslide first, then HEX/Tube to T5 etc)

        • Just the arriving one – that’s how most Arrivals lounges work. You’re providing proof that you were on an incoming flight.

  5. Simon Schus says:

    I’ve used the Plaza Premium lounge in LHR T2 quite extensively over the past couple of years for a shower and breakfast. I’ve been quite happy with the product, and I even stopped by for a few drinks whilst waiting for people to arrive on flights before (though that seems to have been stopped now, which is disappointing).

    I’ve got a few overnight flights into LHR after long-haul Y soon, arriving into T5 – and then a couple of hours before an onward train from London Paddington. I might try out the Plaza Premium lounge in LHR T3 as an alternative to T2, assuming it gets decent reviews. I would also trying the Arrivals Lounge in LHR T4 too, but it is a bit more difficult to get towards (would only adopt that if overcrowding became an issue at the T2 and T3, and there were long waits for the showers).

  6. Simon Schus says:

    Any idea if LHR T3 is smaller than the lounge in T2? From the pictures, it looks like it might be.

    Given the ratio of showers:seating in T3, I wonder if they’re hoping to sell more of the shower-only walk-in packages (£15) than the full lounge-access packages which includes breakfast and drinks (£25).

  7. Alex W says:

    Which of the arrival lounges is closer to central bus station? T2 or T3?