Bits: 1000 Avios from Marriott posting, British Airways to launch Nashville soon?

News in brief:

1,000 Avios for joining Marriott Rewards posting

Two months ago I published an article, see here, showing how you could get 1,000 Avios points simply for joining Marriott Rewards – no stay required.

This was obviously very generous, and if you had a family British Airways account it made sense to sign up everyone in it who was not already a member.  Unfortunately Marriott found the response too overwhelming and the deal was pulled shortly after.

The good news is that Marriott seems to be honouring the deal.  You may already have 1,000 Avios in your account.  If you don’t, go to the Marriott site here and log in.

In the corner, you may see this:

Marriott 1000 Avios

…. which means that the points are on their way and will be with Avios soon.


British Airways to launch Nashville?

Via Flyertalk, reports in the US media state that British Airways is about to launch a new route to Nashville, potentially as soon as this week.

Interestingly, “incentives are likely to be included”.  This is likely to involve discounts on airport fees or a payment to BA to be spent on jointly marketing Nashville and British Airways.  If you see a sponsored post of HFP soon discussing the joys of Nashville, you’ll know where the money came from!

The good news for Avios collectors is that, on the day tickets go on sale, the usual two Club World and four economy Avios seats will be opened up on every flight.

If you were thinking about a US holiday but couldn’t get Avios redemption seats on the dates you needed to travel, this could be a solution.  Availability is virtually guaranteed if you choose Nashville and book as soon as the announcement is made.

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  1. Andrew* says:

    Hello from NYC!

    Yes, I can see these on my family members’ accounts…

  2. Scallder says:

    If Nashville does come about, I really hope it’s successful. Was there for 4 days earlier this year as part of a road trip around the deep South and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

    • Agreed. Nashville is a brilliant city to visit too. It’s in my top 5 US cities. I had such a blast there. And that’s despite being stranded for an extra 48 hours virtually entirely spent at the airport due to a snowstorm in NYC.

  3. The Original Nick says:

    Sorry, O:T. Do IB accounts have the same expiry as BAEC and Avios accounts? 36 months?

  4. Ruth Findlay says:

    I don’t see any mention of the bonus 1000 miles from Marriott. I definitely joined before they pulled it.

    • Same here. Got the email back in the day ‘You earned 1,000 bonus miles for joining. Now you can earn up to 35,000 more miles. Activate your account.’ but nothing happened since then.

      • fivebobbill says:

        Mine have not appeared in yet, but as Rob says, log into Marriotts and drop the tab in the top right hand corner – both mine and the missus 1,000 avios are now in there and pending as of 31/07/17
        Thanks Rob for the heads up

  5. No Marriott avios for us yet either.

    OT – can the Lloyds upgrade voucher be used on the LCY – JKF route, not sure if this is classed as a CityFlyer?!

    • Genghis says:

      When I tried a few months ago it appears to price up despite “Flights from London City airport are excluded.”

      • The Urbanite says:

        I used a Lloyds upgrade voucher on BA1 from LCY in June this year, think it was 26k Avios.

    • Specifically excluded in T&Cs, presumably as no WTP to ‘upgrade’ from.

    • LCYJFK is NOT a CityFlyer service. It’s a mainline service (technically operated by a company called BA Limited but this is just a fudge for mortgage purposes) crewed by pilots from Heathrow and cabin crew from Gatwick.

      CityFlyer is the subsidiary that flies the Embraer fleet and maintains its own pilots and crew who have no interaction with BA mainline whatsoever.

    • gomigo says:

      Yes you can now use Lloyds upgrade voucher on LCY – JFK route but pricing will be normall as other routes. Even though this route doesn’t have premium economy your avios will be priced at PE and upgraded using voucher. I have tried and it worked.

      • Thanks all, worth having a look then. It has a lot of selling points and now there are a limited number of connecting flights between MAN and LCY might not throw up too many logistical problems.

    • I’ve used it on this route, despite what the terms say.

      • Interesting, Will and gomigo – sounds like if you get the right agent they can be flexible around the T&Cs, sounds promising – I’ve still not tried it myself as when I was last booked to travel on it the aircraft went tech 🙁

    • the_real_a says:

      If you telephone up, the voucher is added as a “manual discount of points”. Hence, anything that you can persuade the agent to do can be processed…

  6. Briandt says:

    OK, today’s daft question. How, where, do you turn your Marriott points into Avios ? Where is the necessary page on the Marriott site ?

    • The 1,000 will have gone across automatically. Airline redemptions are here –

      • gomigo says:

        You are right Rob, they started arriving slowly. I may be the odd man out to give my Etihad guest account for 1000miles credit and it arrives on 7 Aug at 13:15hrs. Avios credit may be major junk hence taking some time… bottom line is Marriott is honouring their commitment.

      • I see in my Marriott account 1000 points but it does not appear yet in my BA account when will be transferred?

    • Alex W says:

      Or wait until you have enough for a Marriott Hotel & Air travel package! A few Amex signup bonuses & referrals and you’re there.

      • You can’t do that with these – you had to sign up to miles earning, not points.

  7. Katy storie says:

    OT but if I use avios to upgrade through BAEC on an AA flight how many avios am I charged as there is no WTP cabin so would it be an upgrade from Economy straight to Business?

  8. I never did the whole ‘Activate your account’ thing after the 1000 bonus enrolment. Should I have? Will this preclude me from obtaining the bonus?

    • No need to, I have the 1000 points in BA accounts and did nothing but sign up.

      • Thanks xcalx – i just activated the account and can see

        Last Activity
        2017 DOUBLE MILES – 1K BONUS
        1,000 miles
        Aug, 01 2017

        but nothing yet showing on ?

  9. Fantastic! Got the Marriot miles as above in addition to the 10K goodwill after I emailed them which I converted to starpoints and will be then transferring them to Avios if a transfer bonus comes along at some point… 😀

  10. the real harry1 says:
  11. Andrew* says:

    Anyone getting these points in their BA accounts yet?

  12. I see in my Marriott account 1000 points but it does not appear yet in my BA account when will be transferred??