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If you don’t have airport lounge access via your flight ticket, your elite status, via a Priority Pass card from American Express Platinum or via a Lounge Club card from American Express Gold, your best fall-back option is usually No 1 Lounges.

No 1 Lounges is the largest network of premium independent lounges in the UK.  We have reviewed all of them in the past (click for the review):

All lounges include free hot food, free drinks (some premium food and drinks carries an extra charge), free newspapers and magazines and free wi-fi.

No 1 Lounges has generous tie-ups with both and Virgin Flying Club.  This allows you to buy access to their lounges at a discount and earn points in or Virgin Flying Club at the same time.

Full details of the Avios deal can be found here.

Full details of the Virgin deal can be found here.

No 1 Traveller Lounge Gatwick South 4

The Avios offer has recently been improved, in a special offer which runs until 30th September.

If you pre-book lounge access, you will pay a flat fee of £22.50 per person in Birmingham and Edinburgh and £25 in London.  This saves up to £15 depending on airport.

You will also receive 1,000 Avios points in  This is up on the standard reward of 750 Avios points.

I think this is a good deal.  Stripping out the value of the Avios takes the net cost down to around £12.50 to £15 and the lounges are definitely worth that if you have a couple of hours to kill.  Gatwick, Birmingham and Edinburgh packages also include fast track security.

Handy hint:  the Avios are awarded per booking.  If you are booking for multiple adult guests, make multiple bookings.  Experience has shown that you can put your own number on each booking, even if the passenger has a different surname to you.

The Virgin alternative is not as good, but may be your only choice

Virgin Flying Club is the only way to earn miles if you want to book the (funkier) My Lounge or  (premium) Clubrooms at London Gatwick.

There is a tiered earning structure, per booking:

  • 400 miles at Clubrooms
  • 350 miles at No 1 Lounges
  • 200 miles at My Lounge

The special Virgin Flying Club pricing is:

  • £25 – No 1 Lounges
  • £12 – My Lounge
  • £35 – Clubrooms

This is nowhere near as attractive as the Avios offer if you want to book a No 1 Lounge.

If you are looking at Birmingham or Edinburgh, you are clearly better off with the Avios deal which is £2.50 cheaper and gives you more miles.  For the No 1 Lounges in London, the pricing is the same with both offers but you get more miles with Avios.

For My Lounge at Gatwick North or the Clubrooms at Gatwick North or South, however, the Virgin deal here is your only option.

You can book the ‘1,000 Avios per visit’ offer on this special page of the No 1 Lounges site.

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  1. Can anyone recommend which type of lounge access would be best if flying to Mallorca, regularly, and using avios?
    Looking probably at Doncaster and Heathrow as the 2 main airports to fly from from initial research, unless anyone has a better suggestion, we live in the midlands near Rutland Water so Doncaster and Heathrow both accessible.
    I needed flights, for the weekend of the 2nd September, but due to lateness, and it’s the weekend before schools return, availability wasn’t easy. However Doncaster came good 52,500 avios , and £110 in taxes 😉
    . Ryanair from east mids over £1200 🙁

    • the real harry1 says:

      what’s the ‘we’? I ask because choice of lounge pass will depend on numbers you’re planning to get in

      eg Yuff + Yuff better half + 2 Yuff minors combined with (say) 4 return flights a year (= 32 lounge passes) would probably mean Priority Pass thru Plat with a Supp card

      • Harry,

        I don’t know myself at the moment 🙁
        I think it might work out at more than 32 flights in a year, as my parents will be visiting Mallorca as well.
        We currently both have Amex gold and HSBC world elite and could get the kids supplementary cards, if they are allowed ones but they may be too young.
        Is Mallorca the place you go regularly, is the lounge worth going to?
        The idea is maybe to save some avios, not going CE, but sitting in a nice lounge.
        Although CE only costs an extra 15k Avios, return, but when some trips are 4 of you that does mount up.

    • Never had a review of the Premium Lounge in Doncaster, unfortunately.

      • Is there one?
        Hopefully there is because Doncaster would be handy 🙂
        I may be using the airport, a fair bit, so could send you some notes and some photos 😉

  2. Or Lounge Key?

    I have this with my HSBC World Elite credit card and assume it would work at some of these airports, although I have not yet used it.

  3. flyforfun says:

    Shame the Avios bonus isn’t a permanent offer. It would make it more attractive than having to pay up front for a Priority Pass card that works out to £10 to £15 per visit (depending if you use all 10 trips up and can get into a lounge).

    If PP and LP can “charge” their customers that, I can never value the walk up prices of say No 1 at LHR of £36. I know they don’t want to make it too cheap to avoid the crowds, but they’re never going to encourage people to go at those prices. No wonder they keep accepting cash payers of PP and LP holder at times.

  4. Tim Millea says:

    I am looking for creative ideas for Manchester lounge access. The best deal I have found is the £1 trial of the Gourmet Society and entry to one of the two badly-reviewed lounges (in T1) for £18.

    I love easyJet for their hyper-efficient un-ending in-flight service (I suspect commission-driven), cheap extra-legroom seating and unlimited weight allowance on hand luggage – though I understand one cannot fill the 56 x 45 x 25 with gold bars because a gold bar could be used as a weapon – but easyJet are not great on the airport experience.

    1 000 Avios would win me over but there is no No. 1 Lounge at any of the Manchester terminals.

    I am not a frequent flyer. I have the opposite model – ‘Stay Long’. I would rather live in luxury in the right place for two or three months a year than spend the same money flying between places, several times a year. Hence this is a ‘one-pop’ lounge requirement, or 2 – 4 during a year but not 10.

    I could go totally DIY I suppose and even pitch a pop-up tent airside for privacy 🙂


    • Genghis says:

      EZY cabin crew get 10% commission on F&B sales.

    • RussellH says:

      Complete horror stories in yesterday’s Guardian about EasyJet denying boarding to checked-in passengers at the gate and then denying any compensation under E261.

      Another equally ghastly story about a customer booked to Essaouira being told to go to Marrakesh at her own expense to collect delayed baggage, only to discover that it was still at Luton.

      IIRC they now get significantly more complaints about EZY than any other airline.

      • Tim Millea says:

        1) There are horror stories about any airline. I have many of my own.
        2) Anecdotal evidence misreported by the mass media is the least reliable.
        3) EasyJet is huge. Formal complaints per passenger mile would be a better yardstick to judge an airline.

        Why would you go to Marrakech to collect luggage when an airline was contracted to deliver it to Essaouira? I wouldn’t Marrakech is bedlam.

      • the real harry1 says:

        first lesson under EC261/2004 is to use your brain and work out for yourself what you are entitled to

        airlines/ agents can and do lie & get it wrong – a lot of the time

        anybody checked in then denied boarding on an overbooked plane is always going to be absolutely entitled to full compo unless they are offloaded for drunkenness etc

  5. Sounded like a good deal for our 4 hour stopover at Gatwick next March…until the T&Cs stated had to be visited by 30 Sept! I’d hoped it meant ‘book by 30 Sept’

    Our currency cards (Caxton) do a 40% off deal to No1 so Gatwick is at £22.50 pp. I’ll maybe see if the avios offer comes back later on.

  6. the real harry1 says: 1903 is pay-only

    the Escape lounges take Lounge Pass & Dragonpass, both of which can get you entry for £15

    you could churn Gold Amex twice a year for 4 free passes & thereafter £15

    you could set up a free current a/c with Barclays, subscribe to their Travel Plus Pack for minimum 6 months pa @ £15.50/ month = 6 free passes, unlimited numbers allowed per visit (ie all 6 in one go or 2x 3 etc) – cancel the Travel Plus Pack after 6 months, restart next year for rinse & repeat, insurance & RAC benefits cancel out much of the cost

    • the real harry1 says:

      sorry this was about Manchester lounges

      if there are 2 of you, you can both churn Gold Amex twice a year for 8 free passes & thereafter £15

    • Barclays travel pack plus sounds very interesting. Any reason why this isn’t the preferred choice for everyone? £15.50 seems like no brained with insurance included!

  7. Sorry for a complete OT, and a simplistic question. Is there a dummys guide to the Marriott Rewards packages on HfP or any other site? I rarely travel to one place for a full week but will be doing so in a few months and this may be an opportunity to jump into these

  8. hi, the link takes you to a standard booking page, no mention of extra avios or discount…please advise as need to book soon thanks. really GREAT website btw, thank you 🙂

    • the real harry1 says:

      follow the link above (‘special page’) and you’ll get the 1000

      ‘Book and visit a No1 Lounge by 30 September 2017 and receive 750 Avios for the booking, plus a bonus 250 Avios.’ in the T&Cs

  9. In the T&Cs it says that those who prebook need to present their avios membership card – I can’t find mine, have people who have redeemed this deal needed to actually show their card or is showing the barcode on the BA Executive Club app sufficient?

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