Bits: new Qatar & Hilton Amex deals, Tesco / Virgin bonus official, add an icon to your HFP comments

News in brief:

New Qatar Airways and Hilton offers from Amex

American Express appears to have launched two decent new offers with Qatar Airways and Hilton.  I say ‘appears’ because they don’t appear on any of my cards or those of my wife.  They definitely do exist though, judging by reader emails.

This is what you may – or may not – have showing on the ‘Offers’ tab of your American Express statement page:

£80 cashback on £800+ spend with Qatar Airways by 30th September (3,000 registrations only, must be a £ booking made on their UK site)

3,000 Avios or Membership Rewards points on a £250 Hilton spend by 3rd November (25,000 registrations only, selected hotels in UK / Europe only, does not apply to prepaid bookings)

Details of other current Amex cashback deals with Melia, Small Luxury Hotels of the World, Red Carnation, Thistle and Guoman can be found here.

Thanks to Derek and Simon.


Tesco Clubcard / Virgin Atlantic 20% transfer bonus now official

I have now found some official confirmation that the Tesco Clubcard / Virgin Atlantic transfer bonus is ‘official’ – see this page of the Virgin site.  Many readers had been receiving a 20% bonus on their transfers but it wasn’t clear why or how.

The 20% bonus will be added to all Clubcard transfers to Virgin Flying Club made before 13th September.

This means that you will receive 300 Virgin miles per £1 of Clubcard vouchers transferred, instead of the usual 250.

You will also receive 1,000 bonus miles if you amend your Tesco Clubcard account to automatically send your points to Virgin each quarter.  I don’t recommend this, because it means missing out on offers with other partners, but you could turn it on as long as you remembered to turn it off again!

Details of the Virgin / Tesco relationship are here on the Virgin Atlantic site.

You can make transfer via this page of the Tesco Clubcard site.  Neither of these pages mentions the bonus but you will definitely receive it.

Virgin Atlantic

How to add an icon to your HFP comments

You probably noticed, when reading the comments to a HFP articles, that replies from Anika and myself have the blue HFP logo next to them.  Some other posters also have their own avatars which appear by their comments.

If you want to have your own logo next to your comments, it is easy to set up.

What you need to do is go to and create an account using your email address.  You can then upload your avatar to Gravatar, by going to ‘Add an Image’ under ‘My Account’.

There is nothing else you need to do.  As long as you give the same email address in your comments that you use with Gravatar, your image will automatically appear next to your comments in the future.  It may also appear on any other WordPress-driven site you visit, depending on what comment software is used.

Feel free to post a test comment under this post if you want to try it out!  Your avatar is active immediately once you have registered.

(Want to earn more miles and points from credit cards?  Click here to visit our dedicated airline and hotel travel credit cards page or use the ‘Credit Cards Update’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Sarah Gregory says:

    Hi, still getting to grips on best credit card for spends. I have the Virgin White card and the Tesco Credit card. If I was going to spend say £4,000.00 which card would get me the most Virgin miles (taking into account the Tesco clubcard bonus)?


    • Genghis says:

      Running the numbers on your existing cards, the Virgin White card would earn 0.5 x 4000 = 2,000 virgin miles while the Tesco credit card would earn (assuming non-Tesco spend) 1/8 x 4000 = 500 clubcard points x 3 = 1,500 virgin miles (but you won’t get the points until the next Clubcard vouchers post, unless Tesco change things before then).

      If you’re after Virgin miles specifically, look at the Virgin Black MBNA card (you can hold the White and the Black at the same time). The Amex earning rate is excellent (2 points per £1). Take a look here Only trouble is that there is an annual fee of £140 and the sign up bonus is currently only 18,500 miles (it’s been 25k recently).

      • Sarah Gregory says:

        Thanks Genghis, but forgot to say that the spend would be on my Amex Virgin White card where I get 1 mile for £1. The spend would be non-Tesco related. Does this change things?


        • Genghis says:

          Apologies. I assumed Visa spend for some strange reason. So £4k on the Amex White would be 4k Virgin miles, a lot better than the Tesco credit card option. But you would earn 8k on the Virgin black (while the 18.5k sign up offsets the £140 fee). Only you can decide if it’s worth it.

        • surely the answer here is get the AMEX gold card? free for the first year £4k spend on the card would activate your sign up bonus, ask Rob for a referral. Therefore you’d get 4k+22k is recommended = 26k amex spend? or if you’re up for getting a amex platinum you’d get 4k miles for spend plus 35k is referred, therefore 39k plus if you know a big spend is coming up then you can be in and out quickly, its £450 fee but pro rata refund, therefore even if it takes you a month it will only cost £37.5 plus you can boost your hilton/marriot/spg to gold status in the process.

        • Sarah Gregory says:

          Thanks Genghis, need to pay the amount tonight so won’t be able to get the black card but thanks for the heads up, definitely worth thinking about. Will go with the Virgin Amex.

          Thanks Mark, but we have just cancelled our Gold card as hit out 1 year anniversary (cancelled so didn’t have to pay the annual fee) so wouldn’t be able to apply for another yet and as above I need to make the payment tonight.


        • ah no worries! if you’re a couple don’t forget to recommend each other every 6 months and bag the referral points.

        • Sarah Gregory says:

          Thanks Mark, will do.

    • Virgin White: £1 = 1 mile (Amex) or £2 = 1 mile (Visa)
      Tesco: £8 = 1 clubcard point, 250 cc = 625 miles (or 750 with a 20% bonus)

      Virgin is accumulative and is based on the total balance at the end of the month, whereas Tesco is based on each individual transaction…

      By the time that the points actually hit your account, the conversion bonus is likely to have disappeared

      • Sorry, must have opened the page before lunch and so hadn’t seen the posts above!

  2. OT – Creation IHG Black card free night for £10k spend. I phoned yesterday and was told it will be generated with my August statement (anniversary was July). Today I was told, firstly they only do the financial side and I should call IHG. After being put on hold I was told they are sent automatically and I should call IHG. I’ve now put in a complaint. Does anyone know how it does work?!

    • I had a similar situation to yourself, with IHG and Creation blaming eachother for several months.
      My voucher magically appeared soon after I threatened going to the ombudsman. But there was no explanation as to why it was so late or what caused the delay.

  3. Johnny_c-l says:

    Congratulations HfP Rob and Anika on 10,000 email subscribers!

    About time for another HFP party to celebrate…?

    • Great idea

    • We have started asking companies this week if they want to chip in a few quid to cover the excessive drinking of HFP readers. Three of the top six suspects already contacted. If we talk one round, we’re on ….

      Better than 50% chance it happens ….

      • Next year why not try and have a sponsored summer event during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe? Lots of Londoners here (part of your core demographic), but would also be for those of us that live up North 😛 Hilton sponsor the Udderbelly and have held events there for Diamond members (I went to one last year), so they might be up for it…

        • I’m travelling up tonight. Sleazyjet from BRS as Mrs W refused to go via LHR.

        • Enjoy – I’ve been to 15 shows so far this year, may be there again this weekend. Can highly recommend the wood-fired pizza in the Assembly George Square gardens!

  4. OT – what’s the current favourite for T3 lounge? Business only before some smartarse says GF :p
    No PP either, access is through flying BA J. If it helps it’s for a morning flight so breakfast time.

    • the real harry1 says:

      Cathay Pacific is in Oneworld, right?

      • I was in the Cathay Pacific lounge this morning! It’s still by far the best lounge in T3

    • Cathay

      • Thanks all, Cathay it is then
        I’m going to try my hardest to leave enough time for a ‘hop’ to AA, if only to see what it’s like as I’ve never been there. But will aim for as long as possible with some noodles!

        • barry cutters says:

          Don’t bother . Stay in Cathay lounge its much better . I’m in there about 10.15am. Happy to take you in the first as a guest if you want. Ask for Barry at the desk and I will pretend I know you .

        • Thanks Barry, that’s very kind of you, but it’s about the time I’ll be leaving the lounge. Next time though definitely 🙂

  5. OT – I’ve searched old comments but couldn’t find it. What was the deal with people getting a bonus when calling up to cancel Virgin credit cards?

    I don’t really want to cancel just yet… until I’ve received my vouchers anyway – is there any chance they could call my bluff, cancel the card and I’ll lose the vouchers?

    • Johnny_c-l says:

      Why not call them up and tell them you’re considering cancelling…then there isn’t a specific request to cancel so no bluff to call.

      • I told the lady on the phone last week that I had been offered a better deal from Amex! She countered with 5,000 points for £1k spend! You’ve got nothing to lose

        • Thanks. I’ll give it a try. 5k would be a nice bonus as we’re in between cards at the mo.

    • I was offered the 5k miles for a 1k spend about 2 weeks ago. Still need to spend a bit yet. Anyone received the miles yet?

  6. Frenske says:

    If opting for automatic conversion, will all your Tesco vouchers be converted to Virgin or Avios, including existing vouchers or just the vouchers you earn in future.

  7. Stevie in Glasgow says:

    Got my 10,000 virgin airlmiles and the 2,000 bonus miles, didnt get the 1000 bonus for automatically converting the airmiles but wasnt really expecting those anyway just chancing my arm 🙂 So swithing that option back to vouchers.
    Like Rob says its better to leave tesco voucher options open for where you want to use them and also there hopefully will be another 20% bonus for virgin armiles after the next tesco vouchers are processed.

    • Genghis says:

      For your 1k Virgin for autoconvert, leave it until a few days before the Clubcard cut off date and then move back to vouchers.

      In fact, this time though around 10 Oct move it to Xmas saver, top up by £200 for your free £12 (6% return but probably close to over 50% annualised). Your £212 can then be spent in Tesco (cannot be converted to avios / uber I’m afraid).

  8. Stevie in Glasgow says:

    Many thanks Genghis will give that a try.

  9. Hmm. I transferred 20 quid of clubcard vouchers to virgin and only got 5000 miles, but I did get the 1000 bonus for setting it to auto-post to virgin. Unless of course that 1000 is the 20% bonus on the conversion and the other doesn’t take effect until the next quarter (to stop someone turning it on and then off again straight away!)

  10. Testing gravatar