Bits: Luxury Travel Diary auction deals, £8000 of free BA flights for joining a supercar club!

News in brief:

Luxury Travel Diary auctions ending soon

The Luxury Travel Diary site dropped me a line about a wave of its auctions that are closing within the next 48 hours.

Most of the items offered tend to go for far less than the standard retail price. Included are hotel stays, travel equipment and various gift vouchers.

Interesting options closing either today or tomorrow include five nights at the Jannah Place Dubai Marina, three nights for five people in a luxury apartment in Belgravia, London and two nights glamping for four people by the loch of a Scottish castle.

The five nights stay at the 5* Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort in Halkidiki, Greece looks like one of the most interesting auctions in Europe, although this doesn’t finish until the end of September.

It’s worth taking a look at the different auctions. Not everything will work for you, either in terms of location, length or dates, but you’ll probably find something of interest if you poke around as there are about 160 different items.

Auto Vivendi

Get £8,000 of BA flights for joining a supercar club!

This is, I admit, one of the most niche British Airways offers we’ve ever covered.

Auto Vivendi is a London-based supercar club.  It owns 11 cars, from a £115,000 Range Rover Vogue through to a £320,000 Lamborghini Aventador S, with 2 x Ferrari, a Rolls-Royce, 2 x Aston Martin, a Mclaren and 2 x Lamborghini inbetween.  The full list is here.

When you join you receive a set number of credits.  These are generally enough to get you 25 days of car use over a year, although that will vary depending on the cars you borrow and the days of the week you take them.

Standard membership is £18,950 per year plus a £1,950 joining fee.  Until 29th September, new members will receive £8,000 of British Airways flight credit as an extra bonus.

There are no restrictions on how this credit can be used, except that it will expire after 24 months.  You can book flights for other people as well as yourself and they will earn Avios and tier points as usual.

The offer doesn’t appear on the Auto Vivendi website but has been emailed to their database and is almost certainly available to anyone who enquires about membership this month.

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  1. OT. 5% off TfL for the rest of Sep just appeared on my BAPP

    • PalCsaky says:

      £100 off £1000 spend with Thai Airways on both my Gold cards. offerId=E12CA6FF7BB6F0DFDC08609AC77C0C44

    • Not showing as an available offer for me ??

    • Was using the 2% cash back on my HSBC card for PAYG, but this is definitely better!

    • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

      Few other newish ones for me:

      Spend £30 or more, get £20 back

      CLARIDGE’S, THE CONNAUGHT & THE BERKELEY (assume this works in the restaurants too)
      Spend £75 or more, get £25 back

      Spend £100 or more, get £15 back

      Spend £60 or more, get £25 back

      • Offer is only rewarded when you dine and spend at Claridge’s, The Connaught or The Berkeley by 31/10/17.Offer valid on restaurant or bar spend only.Room booking are excluded from this offer.Payment is required in full on the American Express Card to which the offer is saved.

    • Saved and already used this morning for my normal commute. Nice bit of money back this month for going to work.

    • Anyone got the TFL offer ID code pls ?

    • Caleb Wong says:

      Any chance you can give me the offerId for Amex 5% off TfL? 🙂
      Thanks for your help.

      • the real harry1 says:

        I could but then Amex would have to kill me

        • Caleb Wong says:

          I think the offerId doesn’t link to your account but just the offer? No? 🙂

        • the real harry1 says:

          well, I could screw up and give the other one that identifies me!

          not trying to be unhelpful but there’s been some discussion here that we’re all better off overall if we aren’t quite so obvious about it (myself being one offender 🙂 )

        • If you add me on Twitter I’ll send it to you: @genghis1232

  2. PalCsaky says:

    Copy the link of any yet unsaved offer from your card, paste into Word and replace the offer ID with the one above. Then copy this amended link and paste to browser window where you are logged into your Amex account. Press enter and offer will be saved to your card.

    • the real harry1 says:

      ah thanks

    • Do you need to change the offer source id as well, as I keep getting offer can’t be saved to card message when I try it with just replacing the offer id.

      • PalCsaky says:

        Leave the sourceID as it is. It’s specific for your card. Only change the offerID. It won’t work if the card is not eligible for the offer. For example I couldn’t copy Thai offer onto my BA Amex. I was however able to replicate the Everyday spend offer for 1000 avios from my BA card onto my Gold card using this method.

        • the real harry1 says:

          did you get the offerID you were after on the £20 Everyday Spending offer (500 MR points extra)?

          I have it

        • PalCsaky says:

          No, I didn’t. I got them mixed up in previous post. I replicated the amazon offer but not the everyday spend offer as I haven’t got the code. Would appreciate if you could share.

        • the real harry1 says:

          sure, I’ll send you a PM (other site)

          no need to publicise my ID 🙂

    • How do you get the initial offer URL? On Amex site, I hovered over “Save to card” and then “Copy link address” – tried and got this message:
      Unable to save offer at this time – please try again later.

      • the real harry1 says:

        right click on Save to card
        copy link location
        paste to Word
        extract offerID

        now go to alternative card without the offer
        same process on any offer
        but replace the required offerID
        then paste to address bar & press enter

        I think! working on it right now

        • the real harry1 says:

          would appear to be the offerID for 1000 Avios for £25 spend @ Amazon

        • the real harry1 says:

          it seems to have worked 🙂

        • I am getting a message stating “Unable to save offer at this time – please try again later.” when I try it on both my Plat and my BA card 🙁

    • the_real_a says:

      Seriously?! Get a room guys… not on an open forum

  3. Hmmm… anyone got a business hiring out cars for weddings etc??

  4. the real harry1 says:

    managed to get my free exit seat last night on return to UK – no self check-in machine trick at this out-station but just asking nicely was enough (on a HBO ticket as well!)

    O/T – BOB European flights – I did ask the cabin crew what the official position is on giving cups of free hot water to people requesting same in the galley

    the BA line is – yes – you can always have free hot water – it’s heated to 95C – you need to bring your own tea bag/ coffee sachet & cup & can get as many refills as you like

    another good reason to filch from the kettle tray in hotels 🙂

    • Wally1976 says:

      A couple of people in front of me did this (ask for free hot water) on my flight on Saturday with no problem.

      Incidentally it took nearly 2.5 hours for them to do the BoB round on the way back from Paphos (took about an hour on the way out) and by the time they got to me (row 21) they’d run out of most things!

  5. £20 back on £30 spend on Financial Times on Amex.

  6. OOH! £25 for £75 spend at CLARIDGE’S, THE CONNAUGHT & THE BERKELEY! Amex pushing the boat out this morning 🙂

  7. Sgt Major says:

    I take it not many people biting for the supercar club offer? Could Phil and Abigail tell us a bit more about this club? Such as the wine tasting and how the different tiers work…

    • I wish I could afford to be part of the club, but as a motoring journalist I get paid a pittance. Fortunately I do at least get to play with cars as a day job, so it’s not all bad!

      As far as Auto Vivendi goes, they’ve been around for a long time (before 2014 they were known as Ecurie25) and I’ve everything I’ve ever heard about them has been mostly positive. If you are thinking of joining, then I do know the team at AV will be happy to spend time with you personally and discuss all the options. If you do join, don’t forget to take me along one day 😉

  8. Actually finding the luxury car offer intriguing. We’ve dropped BA biz class for Norwegian and the money saved pays for chauffeured exec car to/back from airport/hotel. Thanks Rob, we don’t hear about these type of offers very much on HfP but potentially there is a market.

  9. OT: I’m trying to price up a return LHR-GLA-BRR using the Loganair codeshare agreement that apparently went live on Friday. No joy. Does anyone know whether it’s not loaded into BA’s system yet or – more annoyingly – whether Barra isn’t on the list of codeshare routes?

    • There is some back-end issue for LHR-GLA flight redemptions. They dont show up. Had to call & book, but didnt get charged booking fee. So might be related issue…

      • Thanks!

        Tried calling but they have no options: the BA agent suggested I book with Flybe (which I can’t as the codeshare agreement with them has ended, but even if I could is odd advice!).

  10. mark1980 says:

    I’ve gone off the Luxury Travel Diary since their auction for a couple of nights at the Conrad Algarve a few months ago. They basically kept extending the auction time by 30 mins to drive the price up. They did it about 6 or 7 times and it ended up going for over £100 more than the price at the original ending time. Poor form I thought…

    • That is standard – SPG online auctions works that way. It stood sniping software automatically placing a winning bid at the last microsecond.

      • Brought back happy memories of the Airtours Auction site back in the eighties. I won two auctions for very little money, before they made me change my username. Your username used to appear at the top of the auction as the latest bid. My username was AUCTION CLOSED. It really worked and no more bids were made. Airtours honoured the bookings.

        • 10/10 for initiative 🙂

        • Mr(s) Entitled says:

          80’s? Can’t imagine you faced much online competition.

        • Your right. I got my dates wrong, it was 2001 just before My Travel took over. In the eighties I was booking holidays on Ceefax and Teletext. Happy days waiting for page 65 out of 90 to reappear. Got some great priced flights every year to Orlando from £59 to £99 return. Once booked a friend MAN- Orlando Sanford for £29 return

        • Managed to get a couple of cheap flights to Rhodes from that site at about the same time. Parking the car at BRS cost more than the 2 return flights.

          Ah, happy days,

    • David2910 says:

      I’ve had good experiences. Used twice with great savings each time. Just know your price limit. The bidding extension can be annoying, but thats how regular auctions would operate, right? (Not ebay auctions).

    • Good to know- thanks for sharing!

    • i’ve often wondered why ebay don’t extend (even just for a few mins) after each bid. it’s what happens in a real world auction, and would take the advantage away from the bots !

      good to hear that Luxury Travel Diary are implementing this.

  11. David2910 says:

    OT: am I missing something here? Trying to use avios to SYD. The BA route (if I were to plan far enough for it) in biz is 250k avios off-peak. The multipartner chart equivalent distance (20-25k) is 240k (and gives me 4k miles to cover extra internal flights on Qantas). So unless I had the 241 (and could get seats, and was off-peak) I should never be flying on BA?! Presumably cancellations are more favourable at least? (E.g. if I cancelled a 4 leg multipartner, would I pay 4*35 GBP to cancel or amend per person?)

    • Scallder says:

      You’d need 2 OW airlines if not using BA, or 3 with BA, but otherwise yes you’re correct, so go with Cathay and Qantas perhaps via HK and you’re laughing as you’d be getting better service, lower “taxes” as I’m sure neither of those charges extra surcharges, and as you say you’d have an extra 4k of flying miles to play around with.

      Afraid I have no clue about the cancellation, however if it was all booked as one ticket, then I would presume it would only be 1 x £35 charge (same as booking a return flight on BA and cancelling the whole thing – charge is per person, per booking, not per person per flight).

    • You need 2 OW partners to trigger that chart so would need to be, say, Finnair to Singapore (if they do that) then Qantas onwards. Agreed, though, there are deals there. May take another look.

      • Scallder says:

        Rob – also worth looking at the Asia Miles table for this as well, as there are some significant savings compared to BA’s table in Avios. 25k of flown miles for example in business (as per David’s example above) would be only 160k Asia Miles for 2 or more airlines exc Cathay Pacific and Dragon compared to 240k Avios for the 2 ex BA.

        So using Asia MIles, could perhaps go via LAX on AA and then Qantas to SYD, and then even route back via HKG on Cathay I guess, although that would be 23.5k miles as opposed to 21k via HKG, so less to play with in that band (although 25-35k miles flown in biz is 190k Asia Miles, so still coming out well ahead against Avios).

        • david2910 says:

          I looked into Asiamiles too – I’m a member of marco polo/asiamiles (cathay FF club) – but even so i see very limited availability throughout the year (mostly ‘full/waitlisted’ or ‘closed’). in some cases, I can’t find flights on cathay metal through asiamiles that are available through avios…

        • Scallder says:

          That’s interesting to know. Pretty shocked that there are flights available for Avios but not Asia Miles even on Cathay metal! Also as Asia Miles have a 3 year expiry (albeit that you can for a small fortune extend miles for another 3 miles), perhaps easier to accumulate the Avios required over a longer period if need be.

    • the_real_a says:

      The real advantage is to get your internal flights for “free” – so into perth – sydney – Newzealand (south) – New Zealand (North)

      • Internal Oz (QF) and Oz-NZ (QF) would be OK but internal NZ flights seem to be sewn up by Air NZ (*A carrier) so don’t think they’d be an option?

        • the_real_a says:

          Yes my bad – you would be limited to Quantas internal flights and onward (once) to NZ only. BUT since these can be booked as one way itineraries, you can take a completely different route on the way back, starting elsewhere in NZ 🙂

        • Indeed so. Can then use to get cheap internal flights (with lounge access if you have *A Gold!)

  12. O/T. I see in the “Best of BA News” in this month’s Club magazine that the bonus avios on BA package bookings is being reduced to 1 avios/£ from 2 October. This is under the headline “More ways to earn bonus Avios on holidays”. As you currently earn 2/£, looks like another great enhancement.

    • Hadn’t seen this, thanks.

    • Sods. I have a BA Holiday starting on 2 October – I hope existing bookings are excluded from this enhancement!

      • I’ve got one booked for next Feb. Our e-ticket has 2x bonus avios specified, so hopefully it will be honoured for existing bookings.

        • BA taking away something that was in place when you booked your ticket but that they removed before you took the flight? They wouldn’t do that! Next thing you’ll be saying is that they would remove the complimentary food and drink on a flight with minimal/no compensation offered to those who booked before the change…….oh, wait.

  13. Wally1976 says:

    OT – anyone got the Amex offer code for the 500 Avios for ‘everyday spend’ please? (Or did I hear someone mention you could get 1000? Just come back off hols and catching up!). Saved it too hastily to the one card it was offered on. Thanks.

    • the real harry1 says:

      you can still get it from the offer you saved – right click on it, inspect element

      • the real harry1 says:

        fairly sure it’s the first one (‘SHOPPING ENROLLED’) ie beginning 3E2…49E’) and not the second one (‘RETAIL ENROLLED’)

        but not sure & obviously one is a unique identifier (to your card) and I wouldn’t want to go giving my unique identifier to Amex 🙂

        you can simply try both

    • Just be aware – I spent £20 with WH Smith but one item wasn’t available so they only put £15 through. I’ve tried again with a £20 gift voucher, they can’t split that!