Bits: 3600 Avios with LEGO, non-stop to Jakarta with Garuda, Flying Blue 100% ‘buy miles’ bonus

News in brief:

3,600 Avios with LEGO

As we covered on Shopper Points on Tuesday, there is a VERY generous LEGO deal running again this week on Tesco Direct.

As you can see on this page, you will receive 1500 bonus Clubcard points when you spend £75 on LEGO Friends before Sunday.  That is worth 3600 Avios or 3750 Virgin Flying Club miles.

Even better, code TDX-YGHR gets you £10 off a £75 Tesco Direct spend.  The snag, though, is that you need to spend £75 after the discount to get the 1500 Clubcard points.

The LEGO offer runs until the 19th but the money-off code expires on the 17th.

Garuda 777

Non-stop to Jakarta with Garuda

From 31st October Garuda Indonesia’s London – Jakarta flight, which currently routes via Singapore on the return, will become a non-stop service in both directions.

The service will remain a three-class service operated by a B777-300ER flying this route three times a week. Rob reviewed the Business Class seat here, back in the days when the London flight continued to Amsterdam and you could book that leg separately!


Flying Blue 100% ‘buy miles’ bonus

Flying Blue, the Air France / KLM loyalty programme, is running their most generous bonus promotion yet for anyone who is looking to top up their account.

Until 25th September you will get a 100% bonus when purchasing more than 4,000 miles.

Non-elite members can buy up to 75,000 miles per year, Elite members can purchase up to 100,000 per transaction, with no annual cap.

At the top end, buying 100,000 miles with an extra 100,000 will cost €2,750.  Even with the 100% bonus this still works out at 1.38 Eurocents per mile which at the current conversion rate (1.24p) is not a massive bargain unless you have a very definite plan for them.  If you only want to top up your account, of course, this is a good opportunity to do so.

If you are interested, the link to buy miles is here.

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  1. Do you mean Jakarta to London? I flew GA direct to Jakarta some months ago, the Singapore stop was only there on the inbound (due, I believed at the time, to restrictions with takeoff weight at CGK).

    • And isn’t it called Garuda Indonesia rather than Garuda Airline?

      • Yes and yes. This article was actually a draft but due to the site crash yesterday went live before we could amend it.

        • The page is still acting up for me. Trying to read the comments but it keeps scrolling up to the section with the video ad, very annoying.

        • Google is serving those. I have blocked them but it takes 24 hrs to take effect.

  2. OT- Amex Platinum

    If you upgraded from PRGC to Amex Platinum and charged fees at anniversary date of PRGC, how is the pro-rata refund calculated?
    From the date of fees being hit or from the date you upgraded PRGC to Platinum?

    I am thinking whether to cancel now or wait until I am able to refer Mrs Roger and bag the referral bonus before cancellation.

    • The PRGC fee will be from the date you were charged it until the date you converted over to Plat.

      ie fee charged on 1st Sept and you upgraded today. You would receive a refund of the £140 – (14/365 * £140) or around £134 back. Then you will be charged the £450 for Plat, although for upgrades that can be quite slow to be charged.

  3. I think I read someplace that Garuda are removing their first class cabins.

  4. As per FB site… “Elite members can buy an unlimited number of Award Miles”.

    Per transaction appears to be capped at 100,000 miles.

  5. RE : GA But the routing has always been JKT-SIN-LHR-JKT. Or is the inbound now non stop ? Didn’t think that could happen due to restrictions out of JKT ?

    • Garuda first had to lengthen the take-off strip to comply with current weight regulations at CGK in Tangerang

      JKT refers to two airports Cengkareng and Halim

  6. I can never understand why airlines charge so much for airline miles. Does anyone EVER buy miles at the standard price more than just a few thousand to top up for a reward seat? Even with 100% bonus rates, I cannot think of a time when it has been good value to buy them.
    Isn’t it time they had a good hard look at the pricing structures? Then bonus miles would be attractive.

  7. Why is it nearly always Lego which attracts this offer?!

    • the real harry1 says:

      I think it’s easy effectively direct response marketing that genuinely drives sales for Lego

      for a given marketing investment (paying Tesco for the points & the opportunity), Lego can see a measurable positive impact on sales entirely attributable to the promotion – marketing bods love this kind of thing

  8. the real harry1 says:

    here’s one that might appeal if you have the free £5 credit @ Amazon for topping up @ PayPoint (with your Amex card in Co-Op for example)

    6 bottles of wine for £13.72, minus your £5 credit = £1.45/ bottle – free delivery with Prime

    no Prime? free delivery over £20 so 12 bottles for £1.87/ bottle

    go thru HFP link top of page to pay your subs 🙂

    anybody need the link for the free £5?

  9. Wally1976 says:

    OT – does anyone have any experience of the lounges at Budapest airport? We’re going to be flying from terminal 2B to LHR T3 with BA. With our Priority Passes (from Amex Platinum) I believe we have access to the Menzies Aviation Lounge, Skycourt Lounge and Platinum Lounge (Non-Schengen) although not sure which of these we can actually physically get to! Any info on these welcome.


    • The BA lounge is in the non-schengen area (never tried the others tbh) and is pretty poor – quite cramped with most of the seats taken up usually (if you’re leaving on the 17:20 anyway). Food relatively non existent, but there is sparkling wine in the fridge. Don’t plan to spend more than 20 minutes there really.

      • Wally1976 says:

        We’re flying economy so we don’t have access to the BA lounge. We’re on the 13:10 flight on a Sunday if that makes any difference!


        • Wally1976 says:

          Also, to be clear, we have no status.

        • groovejet says:

          Took the 13.10 on a Sunday a couple of weeks ago. The Platinum lounge is the lounge for BA as well. After security there is a large shopping and dining area, which is where the Menzies lounge is located (I presume Skycourt lounge also but I didn’t notice it). You then go through a passport check to get to the 2B gates and a few more shops, which is where the Platinum Lounge is located. So I think you should be able to get to all of those lounges, but agree with Renwaldo comments that the Platinum lounge is nothing special. It had self service drinks (soda machine, beer, wine, spirits) and a few snacks (crisps, yoghurts, very small buffet of hot appetizers, etc.). We had to ask someone to move so 4 of us could sit together, i.e. it was busy but not completely rammed. Didn’t try the other lounges so unfortunately cannot compare.

        • Wally1976 says:

          Thanks for the info groovejet 🙂

    • I wouldn’t bother with the Skycourt, very cramped and poor selection of food and drinks.

  10. Bits OT – used Curve to withdraw from ATM in Amsterdam yesterday, underlying Lloyds card set to EUR and can confirm processed as such with no fee applied. Handy now Monzo may be going soon for fee-free abroad, although so far the £200/month free option is well ahead in the poll 🙂

  11. OT
    Can someone please advise how to get the extra points from the Marriott social media scheme.
    I have liked and re-tweeted; perhaps the points take longer?

  12. I’ve flown Garuda Indonesia before and found the onboard service to be excellent, but my oh my, has anyone ever used their website!?!?! It’s DREADFUL and the customer support it APPALLING. And as for their frequent flyer programme’s website, even worse.
    Their website is easily it’s the worst I’ve ever used, it’s so much easier to use an OTA. The site is SO bad I actually reconsidered my booking because I thought, surely if they can’t get the website right how confident can I be that the flight will be any good as it all relies on ‘technology’.

    • Axel Heyst says:

      I use my Amex MR points on Garuda. You can book through KLM website and I’ve rarely had problem getting seat availability at short notice.

      Flying Blue invariably has much lower mile redemption in SE Asia than BAEC. I checked Hong Kong to Jakarta in J. Cathay/BAEC was about 35000 miles while Garuda was 25000 in Flying Blue.

      Should be more on Flying Blue on HFP to interest a European ans SE Asian audience

  13. OT – A new Eurostar offer has popped up on my Plat this morning:

    Eurostar – £20 cash back when spending £60
    Save to Card to get a £20 statement credit on a transaction of £60 or more online and at participating stations at Eurostar by 16 October 2017.

    Annoyingly I booked myself and the wife a round trip to Paris during February half term just a couple of weeks ago, but may be of use to anyone else planning a trip.

  14. OT: Flush sale from BA with one way flights to Europe starting at £30, if anyone is interested…

    • Flush ha ha 😀

      • Upon closer inspection it does look like a flush sale to me – many cities have very limited dates with ‘sales’ price.
        On a separate topic: I wish there was an Edit Comment button somewhere here…

  15. Wally1976 says:

    Anohter OT – sorry! We all know BA reward seats are released at midnight GMT T-355 days. Is there anything similar for Virgin Atlantic? (I appreciate they don’t guarantee reward seats on every flight like BA do.)


  16. OT Sorry if it has been mentioned but it looks like Avios ‘instore’ offer has been boosted to include new ‘stores’ like Byron burgers, Chef and Brewer, Fayre and Square……

  17. and no Pizza Express but Prezzo instead.

  18. OT @Rob: are you still holding the amex nexpctar card and is their a referral bonus on that? I would like to apply for both that and SPG by end of the year but ?y thinking at the moment is to delay tne nectar card in hope nectar up it to 40k again this year.

    • No, don’t have one. Whether we will ever see a big bonus on this again now that Amex is being forced to toe the line on 0.3% interchange fees is a different matter ….

      • Ok thanks, I guess your right so I’ll just get DOG one first and hopefully the 20k nectar offer in December.

  19. the real harry1 says:
  20. Hi Rob, I just wondered if a family member can transfer their Amex mr points to my ba account without it being a household account? I’m a novice as I’m sure you can tell!!

    • No, sorry.

      • But Iberia might work…

        • Oh great thank you, i’ll look into it. My sister has 24k mr points from her gold card that she’s happy to give away as she’s closing her Acc. If I can transfer them to an Iberia Acc I can then use with the others??

        • the real harry1 says:

          get her to open a British Airways Executive Club a/c free and transfer the points to that

          then she can join your household account @ BAEC

          or @ if she/ you set up that instead

        • The Iberia route comes from me accidentally entering my IB+ no when transferring MRs instead for my wife’s and the points came to me. This was a few years ago, we had same surname and address so no guarantee it’d work.

          I’d use the BAEC HHA route as TRH1 suggests. My MIL is in my HHA (different surname, different real address though my address on her BAEC) so I can use her avios.