Bits: good BA Club World US fares from Leeds Bradford, BA call centres reprieved

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News in brief:

British Airways Club World US deals from Leeds Bradford

(EDIT:  these fares no longer seem to be available)

BA is currently selling some interesting Club World fares from Leeds Bradford!   You can fly to Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia and possibly other US cities for £1,500.

You need to book 28 days in advance and stay away for a Saturday night.

Here is a typical deal from January, showing a £1,526 fare:

Leeds Bradford bargains on British Airways

For comparison, the cheapest price on the same dates is:

From Manchester: £3,072

From Newcastle: £3,070

From Heathrow with no domestic connection:  £3,054

All very odd, but an attractive deal if you live within driving distance of Leeds Bradford.  Our review of the Yorkshire Premier lounge at Leeds Bradford, which you’d get to visit, is here.

These deals are all bookable at here.  Thanks to Sean for this.

British Airways call centres receive a short-term reprieve

As we have mentioned on Head for Points before, the British Airways call centres in Manchester and Newcastle have been ‘under consultation’ for some time over their future.

The decision was due this week.  Staff have been told, however, that it has now been pushed back until the New Year.  The official reason given is that Carolina Martinoli, the new Director of Brand and Customer Experience (the most powerless job in BA, as the previous two occupants – both of whom left quickly – have found), is too new to the role to take an informed decision.

Capita has put an outsourcing offer on the table but it isn’t clear if this involves moving the operation to India, as happened with the BMI call centre.

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  3. Sandra Pace says:

    If Club World is booked from Leeds Bradford do you now get access to the lounge in both directions at Heathrow? The last time I flew BA (about 12 months ago) from Leeds Bradford in Club World, because there was, at that time anyway, no actual Club World on the LBA/Heathrow and return flight I was allowed in the lounge with no problem on the outward journey as my onward flight ticket showed Club World but on the return I had to argue with the desk to be allowed into the lounge as the last leg from Heathrow to Leeds only showed an economy flight. They let me in grudgingly after I pointed out to them that my booking was in Club World but there wasn’t actually a Club World flight to fly on from to/from Leeds!

    • You would now, because it books into Club Europe for the domestic leg. Domestic CE didn’t exist a year ago.

    • LHR lounges have been notoriously bad on this front – they used to give out compo for those affected if you complained after but hopefully less of an issue with CE connecting flight.

  4. Josh Warrell says:

    I’ve just had this “Tesco Clubcard auto tip promotional offer” appear in the VA Flying miles statement does anyone know what this might be?

    • the real harry1 says:

      sounds like 1000 bonus miles when you opt for auto conversion Tesco points —> Virgin miles

  5. Have these fares been pulled already? Can’t seem to find anything…

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