New BA Heathrow routes for Summer 2018 – bookable now with Avios

British Airways has announced further changes to its Summer 2018 schedule from Heathrow.

It includes two new routes.  This is what has changed:


Heathrow to Las Palmas – a new Saturday service, from 31st March 2018

Heathrow to Tenerife – a new Saturday service, from 31st March 2018

Both of these routes are already operating over Winter 2017 but it is now confirmed that they will continue into the new timetable.


Malaga increased from 2 to 8 per week

Reykjavik increased from 4 to 7 per week (photo above)

Faro increased from 2 to 4 per week

Pisa increased from 9 to 10 per week

Berlin increased from 45 to 46 per week

Warsaw increased from 14 to 18 per week


Barcelona cut from 53 to 49 per week

As always, these new routes (and the extra flights on existing routes) are bookable NOW with Avios.  You should still find at least 2 Club Europe and 4 Euro Traveller seats available on each flight, as tickets only sent on sale yesterday.  You can book at here.

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  1. I love this site and I love working night shifts.

    I have been considering an Avios booking to Malaga gain with the family in July next year but I was too slow with planning things, so all that was left was flights very late at night, Then this pops up and we are now booked on an afternoon flight from Heathrow at the start of the school holidays.

    Thank you Rob 🙂

    • Barry cutters says:

      I love this site too. I don’t love that I just lost $2000usd in a belizian casino 🙁

      • Barry cutters says:

        Wish there was a ‘delete comment’ button. -for those mornings when you wake up and not only have you done something stupid, but you have also broadcasted it.

  2. BC – Eeeek. I hope the booze was free…

    Interesting to see Iceland is increasing in popularity, tempted to head back next year, such a stunning place and the Hilton Reykjavik benefits for Gold/Diamond were great.

    • Increasing in popularity but not in a good way.

      • Hmmm, good point, might go off season (pre-Spring) again, ideally would like to go late summer, but bet it’s mobbed then..

        • We booked for late Aug next year with EasyJet from EDI the day the flights were released. Managed to get flights for under £200 for 2 of us. I did book the Hilton then cancelled as I felt it was expensive – managed to find a nice apartment in the town centre and plan to keep my HH pts for a future Hawaii trip.

      • Can highly recommend the Canopy by Hilton in Reykjavik. Had Diamond status at time of booking ( was gold when arriving at the hotel) and got upgraded to a suite. You automatically get breakfast at the hotel which was excellent.

        • I used my Hilton free night there several weeks ago. The cheapest rate was 140,000 ISK (over £1,000) for the night I stayed! I wouldn’t be so silly as to think I got £1000 of value from the voucher though… probably worth £100 at best. I did obtain my Icelandic spending money at a pre-Brexit rate of £1 to 200 kronur so things didn’t seem as expensive as they would have been otherwise.

          I had been upgraded to a suite too, but was downgraded again because the hotel was completely full and I suppose they’d rather give the suite to someone who paid the £1000.

          Breakfast was excellent, but this just means my status got no benefits at all. It didn’t even post properly for my stay count and had to chase/complain to get this corrected.

        • That’s why I cancelled my booking. The value was something like £1300 but felt it wasn’t worth that amount of money. Picked up a nice apartment for about £130 per night instead and kept my points for something better.

    • Barry cutters says:

      Yea booze was free, but they worked out some very expensive cocktails!!!

      Interesting read in the AA inflight magazine this month . Iceland suffereing because of mass tourism. County of 300k , had 1.5m visitors last year. Not enough hotels , people renting apartments via & airb&b can’t buy houses etc etc. local shops not got enough ‘real’ customers. Tourism Got them out Of the devastating banking crisis , but it’s also seen by some locals as having gone too far

    • Stayed at the Hilton last year, Diamond benefits saved a small fortune and the exec lounge was really good, was packed in the evening when they were serving drinks n canapés.

      Was however a very busy hotel, packed with American tourists. Really liked Iceland, hire a car and head off out of Reykjavik (which is full of tourists).

  3. Great to see the flights to the Canaries continue into Summer. I was on the LHR TFS last Saturday – CE was full – all 12 rows ! CSD told me he was expecting 43 on the way back.

  4. phatbear says:

    Re avios flight booking and more specifically seat selection.

    Ive just booked two business class tickets from lax to lhr using my avios 2 for 1 to upgrade. However it appears I have to pay £98 each for seat selection for the two us.

    Am i missing something as the last time i used avios, which was pre introduction of taxes etc, i thought seat selection was free.

    • Not any longer. Wouldn’t bother paying to be honest.

      • phatbear says:

        For that kind of money im not going to.

        Its frustrating that we are using miles to get out to sfo with virgin in upper and seat selection is free with them.

        Just got to hope some seats we want are free 24hrs before check in

      • I’m considering paying to guarantee a seat on the top deck of a 747 to NYC on a Club class 241 voucher redemption. Again it’s all about the experience of going upstairs like one of your last trips.

    • Lady London says:

      And just to annoy you, so far as I am aware British Airways is still giving their corporate customers (those who get their expenses paid 🙂 free seat selection immediately upon booking free of charge.

      • Genghis says:

        Yep. It’s the case at my firm.

        • Barry cutters says:

          Same- but to be fair corporates are very loyal. It’s big buying power that negotiates that deal. Plus bare in mind they are not booking these seats on points or at sale prices. Corporate return fares to east coast US are often over 2.5g. West coast over 3.5.

    • Mikeact says:

      Once again, it raises the whole question of loyalty, just what is loyalty ?

      • Loyalty is flying QR to get BA status (come say hi if you are in Al Safwa right now)

  5. Rebecca says:

    Slightly OT… We were planning on flying to Tennerife with Monarch in early Jan, luckily we hadn’t got round to actually booking the flights! Alternate flights are now rather expensive in comparison, should have booked BA immediately I know… Now it has doubled in price.
    Do we think there’s any chance of the Monarch slots being picked up by another airline before Jan or should we bite the bullet and pay the hiked prices? Its for a birthday celebration so we have to go.

    • Probably not, because it isn’t even clear at the moment if the slots can be sold by Monarch’s administrators or if they must be given back to Gatwick to distribute.

    • Keep in mind slots are not generally tied to routes. (Although their time of day can make them inherently unsuited to certain routes).
      So, even if another airline acquired the slots, they would need to elect to use them to Tennerife. Just because monarch used them for that does not mean they would.
      Quite apart from slots, the other big constraint on increasing services tomorrow is aircraft, and crucially crews. Solvable, but not over night.

    • Have you looked at package prices (if your accommodation isn’t sorted already)? If you’re travelling outside the school holidays you can normally get some good deals.

  6. I can confirm the Faro Club seats have gone quickly, very quickly.

  7. Are the LPA flights BA metal or IB/I2?
    Flew the route on a BA ticket but I2 metal earlier this year. Same free food and drink provision down the back on all three airlines!

  8. Following on from my earlier comment Cobalt (non alliance) has started flights LGW-LCA if you want to try a relatively new airline or just want to get away for the weekend.

  9. Good to see BA’s EDI-PMI direct flights back for Fridays over summer – presumably Saturday equivalent flights will continue to be Barrhead Travel charter flights on the same E190 aircraft as for some years now. Don’t quite understand, however, why doesn’t allow EDI travel to PMI through LHR on other weekend dates, or the direct BA flight out on Fridays and return through LHR other dates… I’d much prefer to pay BA direct and earn TPs etc…. Any thoughts?

  10. When trying to book a cash ticket on BA.COM for LPA in May 18, I get this message: “Sorry, there’s a problem with our systems. Please try again, and if it still doesn’t work, you might want to try again later or call +44 844 493 0787”. I also can’t seem to book an Avios version?