600 easy FREE Avios with ‘Rewards for Thoughts’

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One of the less known avios.com and British Airways Executive Club partners is market research group ‘Rewards For Thoughts‘.  They are offering a generous 600 Avios points just for signing up and completing one survey.

You can find details on ba.com here.

Avios Rewards for Thoughts

It seems simple enough.  Once you sign up, you will be emailed consumer surveys on an occasional basis.

You will earn 25 Avios for every short survey you complete and 50 Avios for every long survey.  The points will post within five days, they promise.

To be honest, I doubt this is worth your time for such a small number of points but you could always do them on the train in the morning or in front of the TV.

However, when you complete your first survey you will receive a bonus of 600 Avios points.  This is more like it!

Whether or not you cancel your membership after the points post from your first survey is up to you.  It is worth joining and completing one survey.

You can join via this page of the BA website.

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  1. I filled in a few of these surveys a couple of years ago. You very quickly get bored and I suspect most people will just clicking boxes at random to get it over with.

    How do these survey companies make any money given their data is likely so poor?

    • Absolutely – I gave up doing surveys around a decade ago. The consequential marketing nonsense was quite tiresome.

      Besides, what on earth is a bloke like me supposed to say when asked “how does this make you feel?”. I don’t waste time with “feelings” over service delivery on public transport as I shuttle between Edinburgh & London.

      Data quality… We caught one of our temps (covering mat leave) replying to a telephone “business survey” by a well known polling firm. Cross-referencing the inbound number with call audio logs over a 6 month period – the content that was being registered against our firm’s name was utter rubbish. Checking with peers at other firms, they were identifying similar issues. Essentially published “surveys of business leaders” were being sourced from what would have been known as “office juniors” in the olden days, on one occasion by the security guard on a Bank Holiday.

    • I’ve done various reviews for good 10 years now – they are good. Apart from minuscule amounts of points, you can win more substantial prizes from time to time. I once got 60,000 Miles and More points which were enough for a completely free business class return flight to Greece. So, don’t underestimate these!

  2. I’ve tried signing up so many times. I never receive the activation email they say they have sent.

  3. It’s not free, you are trading time for money. Or in this case, trading time (most valuable commodity) for something of virtually no value.

  4. Negative comments don’t surprise ne, I also had a bad experience. I triead the avios version of this offer some time ago. I completed the firsg survey as required but no bonus points were awarded. Several emails to CS did not help so I never did a second survey.

  5. Linda Phillips says:

    As I am retired, I have lots of time for surveys and have amassed quite a few points with both Rewards for Thoughts and E-Rewards about 20,000 this year alone, I can manage a couple each day. Keeps the old brain active.

  6. I abandoned erewards as every time I tried to complete one of their surveys, I was told I wasn’t eligible!

  7. I use erewards signed up for via Virgin which gives you access to transferring your pts to Hilton and IHG as well as other things. As the IHG pts earned via erewards are no longer classed as qualifying I send them via Virgin to help save up for 10K miles to transfer to IHG to qualify for Spire.

  8. The e rewards are less frustrating as if after the first 10 questions they decide you are not suitable you still get a few points. With Rewards for Thoughts you can spend a few minutes for nothing. If I have no research to do for my next trip these are okay if my husband has football on the TV.

  9. My problem with the “Rewards for Thoughts” offering is that the invitation email will say something like “Earn 50 Avios in 10 minutes” – then when you click through to the survey it transpires that all of a sudden the estimated completion time rockets – at which point I generally abandon them.

  10. Graham Walsh says:

    Or they just crash out or time out issues. Some platforms are just really crap. Find that using Chrome is better.

  11. This survey is not right for you.

  12. I’ve netted 60k avios from e-rewards this year. It’s a major part of my strategy.

    • I too amass large ereward balances over 6 accounts then transfer to Iberia at 8000 to 3000. I am a 99 year old unemployed man with no income and under £10,000 to invest. Quite happy to pick up 50 and 25 points for a few seconds of time.

    • anonymous says:

      Thats nothing, I’ve netted 160k Avios from surveys this year – its my entire life.

      • Whenever I’ve done these surveys in the past (just for the sign up) they seem to take forever. What’s the ongoing general points / time ratio?

        • Just failed 7 surveys 6 x 50 and 2 x 25 points just short of 100 Avios ( 37.5 A / 100 Ereward) all but one failed with age 99 Male so only a few seconds per survey the other needed one extra click to inform them I worked in Market Research that ended the survey. That’s my strategy unless the occasional 10,000 point one comes along.

    • I do e-rewards as they have such a wide range of possible redemptions. Where I have points balances that are likely to expire, transferring points keeps the accounts alive. I mostly go for IHG (now via Virgin), but Hilton and AA are also useful.

  13. @Rob – the advertised 600 avios is a con. I have wasted 20 minutes filling in my personal details before being eligible to complete a survey, and I have now attempted 7 surveys and everyone says “this survey is not right for you” or “we already have enough responses”.

    • Just pass on the longer ones and wait for a 5min 100 to 200 point one to come along.

    • Likewise…..so annoying . Same with IHG Opinion surveys which I just delete….never seemed eligible for a survey and the reward points were rubbish for all the effort involved, not to mention the trawled data collected before telling me I was ineligible.

  14. E-Rewards via Nectar Card is worth a look.
    Usually earn 45-50£ a month and only need 1000 points to qualify for the £5 credit to Nectar card.
    Posts the next day and you can transfer as many times as you earn rather than only once a month..

  15. Arrrrrrgh. I fell for it AGAIN says:

    Every time these come up I spend/waste a good hour answering 100 questions, to be told that it’s not the right survey for me, etc – and not get ANY points. Every single time. Unless every one else is having different experiences I really think this BS should stop being pushed on this site. I love everything else on Head For Points – but this is maddening!

    • I signed up this morning and got 625 avios in about 10 minutes (that’s assuming it transfers to my avios account ok.) Planning to sign up to e rewards tomorrow.

  16. Similar experience to most with this. It is not “600 Avios just for signing up”. It is 600 Avios for SUCCESSFULLY completing your first survey. On and off I have spent around two hours today answering nearly a thousand questions and yet each time, often 5 to as much as 15 minutes in, told that this survey is not for me. Result:

    They send emails inviting me to take part in another survey each time I have finished pointless from the last. It is a con.


  17. johnny_c-l says:

    I believe the Rewards for Thoughts programme is the worst out there.

    I don’t object to the use of screener questions but RfT seem to keep you hanging on for such a long time before a rejection it seems like exploitation.

    E-Rewards for comparison at least offer a token gesture for rejections that take a handful of questions. I’m surprised this isn’t acknowledged in the article.

  18. I signed up and have successfully completed about 4 surveys so within a few days, I have an extra 725 Avios in my BA Exec account. I also use eRewards to get points to exchange for Avios, the difference being that it takes me about 4 months to get enough points to exchange for 2000 Avios, so having used both, I would actually recommend the Rewards for Thoughts system so far!

  19. Simon Parker says:

    This does seem to be a scan – 40 minutes to fill in your ‘profile’ and then EVERY survey you take gets the response that you have earned your 600 bonus, but then says the survey didn’t qualify.

    They are obviously keeping the data and getting you to fill out surveys for free!

    ROB – please can you print a follow-up, telling people not to waste their time over this.
    I’m VERY disappointed you printed this without vetting the system


    • Stevie G says:

      If you persevere you will eventually be granted a survey….. and earn the 600 points. You need to have time to spare and be very open to share your details though…..

    • This has run for years and some people are very happy with it. It isn’t a ‘fly by night’ scheme that has sprung up out of nowhere. I have been writing about it since 2012 when HFP started.

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