How to earn Avios points when your child flies

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Yesterday I looked at how to use both BA and Household Accounts as part of our ‘Avios Redemption University’ series.

As we’re talking about Household Accounts, I wanted to look at an extra quirk linked to these which lets you get around the rules on children being blocked from British Airways Executive Club.

As most people know, children cannot join British Airways Executive Club in their own right.

There is, however, no need to miss out on any Avios points when your children are flying on a cash ticket. They can become a member of a Household Account and therefore earn Avios and tier points.

But, of course, there is a snag if you are a member of a Household Account – you can only redeem your Avios for members of the Household Account or the six people on your ‘Family and Friends’ list.  That was a definite ‘no-go’ for me, since I often redeem miles for different people and needed full flexibility to redeem for anyone.


How do you get around this?

I took a slightly oblique route to get around these conflicting points.

My children sit in a Household Account with two of their grandparents. My wife and I each retain our stand-alone BAEC accounts.

This gives us the best of both worlds:

  • I can benefit from the Avios points when my children fly, via a Household Account with their grandparents
  • I can continue to redeem my Avios for absolutely anyone as required without being restricted by the ‘Family and Friends’ rules

How do you add a child to a Household Account?

First, you need to have a Household Account, which means deciding which adult BAEC member you want to be the head. If that person is not already a BAEC member, they need to sign-up.

Inside ‘Manage My Account‘ on, when you are signed-in, is an option called ‘My Household Account‘.  Click on this to start the process. You can then issue invitations to people who you want to join your account.

Once the Household Account is formed, you can easily add a child. The head of the Household Account will see an option inside ‘Manage My Account’ called ‘My Household Account’.  Click that to be taken to a summary of your HH account.  Select ‘Manage My Household Account’.  There is a button here called ‘Add New Member’. You can add a child during this process with no problem – the application will not be rejected if they are under 18 years old, unlike a standard BAEC application.

A loophole now closed?

A couple of years ago, there was one interesting tweak if you had a child who would not be flying with BA again for some reason.

Breaking up a Household Account led to the accounts belonging to any children being closed and the miles transferred to the head of the account.  However, a reader told me last year that this no longer worked and that the Avios held by the children were now lost.  If anyone has any further recent examples of this situation do let me know.

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  1. Phillip says:

    Worth noting this is for children of 2 years plus, and not for infants. Granted infants don’t really pay for a seat as a rule, although it is possible to buy a seat for them, but they still can’t join a household account until they are 2.

    • Jonathan says:

      Not true, my daughter was 6 months old when I added her to my HHA.

      • I think the rule is that you can add a child under 2 to a household account (I’ve done this) but they don’t earn avios/TPs unless they are on a cash fare with their own seat (i.e. a lap infant earns nothing)

      • They can be in the HHA but won’t earn any avivos until they hit 2.

        • Phillip says:

          Yes, I should be more accurate – they are not issued with a BAEC Account until they are 2, but can join the household account. Thank you.

  2. Rob, I have a HHA and want to use an imminently expiring 241 to take a friend to the Middle East.
    Does this mean if he isn’t in my HHA I can’t use the voucher for the flights?

    • You can add him as “Friends and Family” and you should be able to put him on your booking. Though there’s actually nothing to stop you adding him to your HHA and using your address for any correspondence relating to the booking (but everything is electronic now anyway).

    • Yes (he can be on your F&F list too).

  3. I have added followed the instructions to add my 2 year old to my household account using my email address. An email was sent to me encouraging me to open a BAEC for my 2 year old such as email address, phone number, home address etc. Is this the correct procedure?

    • Yes, it is the same form. Norwegian wanted the same off me when I opened a CashPoints account for my kids last week (yes, I am doing a Norwegian short haul!).

  4. We have a household account and my eldest wanted his own now he is independent so we filled in the online form and that worked fine with him keeping all his own Avios.

  5. Waribai says:

    Yes, my daughter has had her own BA exec account since she was 6 months old. She also sits inside our HHA. This set up was over 5 years ago now though. So, I can’t quite remember how I did it…..

  6. Very useful thanks Rob. Baby W is due just before the end of my TP year. I’ve qualified for silver this year, so if I notify them of the birth in my new TP year, hopefully I’ll have my silver status extended for another year (to 2020).

  7. Does anyone know a way to earn Avios on child tickets with Flybe? As I believe no Avios account can be created for kids.

    • Don’t forget the infant returning after their 2nd birthday gets a free confirmed seat on the return rule! The return seat they get full avios credit and status for! My 2 year old is bronze already!!

  8. Robin Henagulph says:

    Do your children live with their grandparents?
    “You can share your Avios with up to six people living at the same address as you.”

    • Waribai says:

      I think in reality it’s very difficult for BA to check whether HHA members are living together and so to an extent they turn a blind eye to this. If you look on FT, the only people who have had their accounts closed or audited are those who have significantly gamed the system.

  9. My daughter is on our family account but her points will be expiring soon and we have no plans to fly BA in the meantime. Is the best way to keep her account active to buy something via her shopping portal? Or is there another way to do it.

    Of course, the other problem is I can’t for the life of me, remember her log in details!

    • If you have made a redemption since she joined the HHA then her account has activity and her points will not expire.

  10. What are the rules about avios expiry regarding a HHA with a child? As long as one person flies, you’re all covered? Or each account has its own expiry based on its last transation?

  11. My 6 year old earned Bronze in December while my Wife and I sit back on Blue. It just worked out with the year end date for her account.

    Booked MCO for Feb and can’t justify the Business cost this time around even with avios and voucher upgrades. We are looking forward to using the business check in though with Daughter strolling up ahead of us holding her Bronze card in the air.

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