Get up to €60 of Accor hotel vouchers with a Europcar rental

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The best car rental deal of the week was clearly Virgin Atlantic’s new offer of a whopping 6,000 Flying Club miles with a 2+ day Avis rental.

If you find yourself booking a car from Europcar instead, there is an interesting offer with Le Club AccorHotels, the loyalty scheme for Ibis, Novotel, Mercure, Sofitel etc.

Accor Europcar offer

If you book by 31st January for rentals completed by 15th June, you will get:

750 Accor points for a 1-4 day rental

1,500 Accor points for a 5-7 day rental

3,000 Accor points for a 8+ day rental

1 Accor point is worth 2 Eurocents of credit towards an Accor hotel stay or 1 Avios point if you convert to Iberia Plus.  Do not convert to BA as you only get 0.5 Avios points per Accor point.

Full details are on the Europcar website here.  US and Canada rentals do not qualify.

Buy Avios points for 1.1p via Iberia Plus
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  1. Groupon is cancelling 2000avios purchase. Check your email inbox!

  2. Ruth4325 says:

    OT: I have a 241 booking in F on 22 Feb EDI to LHR to NRT and return on 28th HND to LHR to EDI I’ve noticed that all the LHR NRT flights (both ways) were cancelled this week. Prior to that it was the HND flights. I’m assuming these are tactical cancellations due to low flight loads, but it is making me worry about my own position. If BA cancels my NRT flight will they automatically put us on the Haneda Flight and what if that has to be in J or we need to move our EDI flight? As far as I understand it they can’t move us to a JAL or other one world flight as that is outwith the rules of the 241.

    Also, in general what are the 241 rules if the flight is proactively cancelled by the airline?

    • If BA proactively cancels then they will sort you out, even on a 241. I wouldn’t be too concerned.

      • If the best rebooking option is the JAL flight then they will put you on it with no problem. You’ll have to go to the airport though, the call centres don’t always have the same flexibility as airport teams. Also note that the joint business with JAL works in your favour here.

    • Joseph Heenan says:

      That’s interesting – I’ve got similar flights booked a little before you! Is there a good website you’ve been using for tracking cancellations etc?

      I’m surprised to hear flights are being cancelled on this route as even during the sale BA was pricing them for over £1,000 pounds more than the competition (at least in J – and that’s before you add in things like BA’s seat reservation fees) – hardly surprising if they have low flight loads!

      • Also out of EDI Joseph?

        You can use this website to track the past 7 days – Ruth4325 appears well informed; this isn’t good! Would be good to ascertain real life examples of what is happening passengers (esp in premium etc, e.g. being transferred onto JAL etc) Anything on Flyertalk Ruth4325?

        Do keep us informed guys & good luck.

        • Joseph Heenan says:

          I’m out of GLA.

          Thanks Jim, useful link.

          I can’t find anything on flyer talk – other than a post by Ruth4325!

          A relation to the 787 RR engine issues seems likely to me.

          At least on my dates there seems to be availability on the BA haneda flights and the JAL Haneda flight (according to ), so I don’t feel too worried. I guess there’s a chance of getting downgraded to J if there is a cancellation, but I shan’t be too upset if that happens – that was one of the primary reasons for booking F! At least as long as BA manage to seat us together…

      • Ruth4325 says:

        I’ve been looking on BA source and flight tracker, so they cancelled the HND flights for a few days and then the NRT ones…all of the NRT flights since Monday last week. They have had either NRT or HND running each day though. Phoned You First yesterday, not because I thought they would tell me why, but just to see if I could glean anything. The agent did say that there were no more cancellations expected at the moment that she could see for either HND or NRT. She said the cancellations had possibly been due to the impact of weather…not buying that one though…

        What’s the connection with the 787 RR engine problem?

        The flight loads show a quite full F cabin on my NRT flight, but at least 9 in J and WT. I’d really hate to be downgraded as haven’t flown F before! Options seem to be JAL (good to know that is an option) or the earlier Haneda flight if I can get them to reschedule my EDI departure.

        I’ve not had any info through Flyertalk, which is unusual.

      • Ruth4325 says:

        Apparently both the HND and NRT flights departed as scheduled today. Fingers crossed everything back to relative normality…

    • Is this perhaps due to the 787 RR engine issues?

  3. OK got the voucher, got the codes, got the right web page to redeem (the link is incorrect and needs end of address removed) but when I input the voucher codes nothing happens and it goes back to the input screen. Have tried conversing with Help on Groupon (in Spanish using a translator app) but no luck. Anyone else having issues or got any ideas?

    • Have you tried using Internet Explorer to input the codes? I had a similar problem just before xmas and solved it by rebooting the computer and using IE.

      • Have tried Chrome and Firefox – I don’t have IE but from another forum it looks like everyone has the same issues. Will try again later but it has been very frustrating this morning

      • Lady London says:

        Did all that and it’s not working.
        Thought I’ll give them a day or few to sort out their IT…. Sigh! why is it Iberia and Spanish Groupon promotions never work properly? despite months of chasing the last offer I purchased from them was never paid out.. I thought I’d give them one more chance this time and so far it’s not looking good. Maybe Iberia and Groupon are hoping for “breakage” so they get to keep our money for nothing if they take a few days to fix it and we forget to chase? Personally I’m wary of doing too much to get extra Avios now given comments by BA that sound like they are going money-value only.

  4. 30k star points is way too much for these packages considering how hard they are to get here, I redeemed one of these packages at 15k and think that’s my max. I hope this isn’t the future costs of all these packages.

  5. Concerto says:

    Groupon is really screwed up this time. Better to wait a bit or even just give it a miss this time. Somebody in Spain will give them hell for it and they’ll eventually sort it out. Until now, this offer always worked for me, managed to get this far without any major problems, except long waits. Doesn’t IT everywhere seem to be getting worse and worse?

  6. TripleB says:

    Initially the groupon site showed all packages as unavailable. After rebooting the pc – they all showed as available. Bought a 2000 one and am now having the issues many have previously had (although I have never had – I try to buy the 2000 pack every time it comes out) getting the voucher to convert. Have tried 4 different devices and 3 different browsers – no luck so far. Will try again in a day or so.

  7. I did the Europcar from Glasgow airport to Birmingham Airport one way for £1. I couldn’t believe it when I got a 1.2lr mini . It was a long and expensive petrol journey.

    However I was surprised I got 250 le Accor points credited to my account for my one day hire.

    • How far in advance did you book Mark please?
      I can only see seven days ahead after a long wait.

      • It was within 7 days I booked it was a last minute thing with a change of flight. You are right about the long wait thought it takes ages to load.

  8. Can somebody help me with this? How do I enrol the platinum supplementary card member for the hotel statuses? I remember that on the old amex site it was quite straightforward, but on the new one I completely fail to see any options of doing this (spg, primarily).


  9. Apologies for posting non related stuff. Looking for some help here. If one cancels the AMEX Platinum charge card, how soon after that does the free Priority Pass gets cancelled? Not sure how it works, does PP taps into a database every time you access a lounge?

  10. Is this possible (and apologies if a silly question)?

    Both my parents have their own Amex Gold accounts – they have triggered the bonus and have the points and want to close these (I can now gift them a gold card each from my Platinum). Can they transfer the points to an account where they are supplementary card holders i.e. my BAPP account?

    If not I suppose they will need to transfer to BA Exec Club before closing.

  11. Delbert says:

    OT but Accor related. Waited for the private sale to start which it did earlier this week. Have three hotel bookings that I need to make but what a miserable sale, no discounts whatsoever. Always managed to get some half sensible discounts in years gone by. I’m going to book anyway as we happen to like the hotels. Thanks for nothing, Accor.

    • Are you serious? Complaining because Accor won’t discount something you’ve just said you’ll buy regardless? Do you have any idea how business (and marketing) works?!

      • Delbert says:

        I now know how Accor marketing works, don’t I? Advertise a sale that’s not actually a sale.

        As I said, in previous years there were genuine discounts in the same hotels that I booked last night but not this year. So rather a pointless exercise advertising a sale in the first place.

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