Highlights from Alex Cruz’s interview in the Mail on Sunday

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There was an interesting interview in the Mail on Sunday yesterday with British Airways CEO Alex Cruz.

You can find it here.

It was billed as his ‘first major interview’.  Unfortunately, you can tell that the Mail had to agree to write a soft puff piece in order to get the story written.

(The irony is that the Mail is no longer available in British Airways lounges or at plane doors.  But who knows if it will reappear next week?)

For me, the red flags started waving when the newspaper writes (and this is not a quote from Cruz, this was written directly by Ruth Sunderland) – “engineers in Cardiff are retro-fitting 128 long-haul planes in the existing fleet with new interiors”.

Did she mean the 130ish strong short-haul fleet?  In which case, she purposely failed to mention that a toilet is disappearing, that the other toilet will be rammed into the back wall and reduced in width and that three extra rows of seats are being squeezed in, with all seats beyond row 12 having no recline.  Or did she really mean the 130ish strong long-haul fleet, which is not having any sort of new interior?

Other red flags include news of “fast” wi-fi and “big” snacks for economy passengers.  I’m also not totally convinced that the biggest “PR blow” in the last year was when Nicola Benedetti got a bit grumpy because BA refused to take her violin in the cabin because she hadn’t bought an extra seat.  I’m sure we’re all relieved that Cruz “says the row has now been smoothed over”.

The more cynical among you may have got suspicious by the first paragraph when the reporter arrives – by total coincidence – at the same time as Cruz is doing a shift ‘on the ramp’ at Heathrow, helping to dispatch a plane.  At least that hi-viz vest would have come in handy at last.

The only tough question comes over BA’s market position:

“We will continue to be a premium airline for the rest of our lives, there is no way around it” he says.  How does scrapping the free food on short haul fit with that? “Whatever we do, BA will always have a premium edge to it.”

There is one new fact revealed, however.  It seems that the new Club World cabin will have fewer seats.  This was not an inevitable consequence of having new ‘all aisle access’ seats and products such as the Qatar Airways Qsuite show that you can deliver an amazing product with a fairly high density.

Despite the above comments, the article is worth a read.

And, despite my own comments, I do fully understand that Cruz is in a difficult position trying to compete with low cost carriers whilst paying up to £44.91 (Istanbul for eg) to Heathrow in ‘Passenger Service Charges’.  It is also true, however, that the upside of having multiple carriers competing on most routes from London is that you can ‘do a Waitrose’ and focus on hoovering up people who are not obsessed with price above everything else including comfort.

The idea that the public can choose anything from a London bus to an Uber Mercedes S-Class to get to the airport, and stay in anything from a hostel to a 5-star grande dame when its lands, but has no interest in anything but a low price when picking their flight has always been ludicrous.

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  1. Whilst I am happy to fly BA when the schedules meets my requirements, BA have definitely lost its way with regards to Customer Service – or lack of it. There has been no mention of spending any money on the CS offering. A Department which is only open between 1pm-5pm, does not let you wait for your call to be answered but disconnects you, and takes at least 2 months to respond to letters is an appalling service from BA. Easyjet on the other hand, based on my experience, answer the phone promptly, allow you to wait, and once you speak to a person are helpful.
    I agree price is not everything, its the whole experience, and my view is if BA invested some money in a proper CS Department they would have more contended customers.

  2. BA cannot claim to be a premium carrier when it updates its planes to ram more and more passengers in at the expense of comfort, and doesn’t even offer a simple lightweight snack and drink to economy passengers.

    • Anthony Dunn says:

      Have you tried flying on some of BA’s foreign legacy competitors? Do they all provide free food in Y now? No. Have they all declined to install 10-across Y in their new wide bodies? No. Do they all provide flawless customer service? No. And do they all manage to generate substantial operating profits so that they are able to fund their reinvestment programme, fund their pensions deficit and move towards obtaining investment grade debt rating? Err, no.

      Oh, and before you ask, I am not (directly) an IAG shareholder, employee of BA or any of its suppliers, a relative of AC or any other BA employee or in anyway an apologist for either Walsh or Cruz.

  3. George Pepper says:

    IHG availability seemed to be much better this afternoon than in recent years. Managed to get the IC in Kiev and the CP in Belgrade. Hopefully in this new post-Weinstein world of ultra-feminism and equal pay,I’ll be able to get a bona fide female hooker discounted to a similar price that a man might charge… 🙂

  4. What happened to the full service airline that BA used to pride itself on being?

  5. Hear, hear Rob, your final paragraph sums it up perfectly…

  6. Please someone buy Señor Cruz a Mach 3 Gillette! His facial hair would make a hipster jealous…

  7. BA Website

    Trying to search for Avios reward flights, and I keep hitting a brick wall of Error messages on the Stopovers page saying “Something has gone wrong, Please try again later”.

    Is this a regular problem?

    • Every so often it has a bit of a glitch like that. I wonder if it’s when the redemption availability is updating.

  8. FirstClassLad says:

    I disagree with your ‘ludicrous idea’ comment. A £5 flight with Ryan-Scare will attract a large portion of the population, over the £50 [better] BA option…. despite the £25 Stansted Express train fare*, landing in a non-centrally located airport / paying for a taxi to get you to your destination and possible additional extras. Psychology is key. Asterisk is for the fact I have no intention to travel to that airport – ever 😀

    • I’m not one of those that will pay whatever to fly BA nor will I necessarily seek out the cheapest deal. I’m somewhere in the middle. We live SE London and work in the City. For SH I’m happy to pay a c£30 pp premium to fly from LCY over LGW and even more over LHR as time has a value. I’ll then put say a notional c.£20 value on lounge access with BA status. What it means is sometimes I fly low cost (mainly U2) or BA. Stansted security has improved over the years and it is quick to get there from the City.

  9. Richard Thomas says:

    I fly BA about once a week between LHR and TXL or vice-versa (normally Club, with Avios redemptions). I know that the overriding sentiment here and in other places is how much worse it has become. But if I objectively consider my experiences of travelling BA in the last couple of years, I’d say I was pretty happy with the service. I like the new vegan options on Club; probably 9 out of 10 times the cabin crew are attentive and friendly, the flights are on time, I find the new seats more comfortable than the old ones, and fast-track at T5 works well. It’s fun to bash BA, and I’m very tired of the new safety video, but compared to my experiences on most other European carriers I think it’s a pretty good service.

  10. We have flown Club World to Tampa from Gatwick three times a year for the past 6 years. BA is the only carrier with so many different configurations of the 777 and the times our chosen seats have changed because of an aircraft change is ridiculous especially as we pick seats to avoid stepping over people. Cabin service has gone downhill during these 6 years as well as CS which is all to keen to send you text messages about how good they are once you have walked into the airport. We are now going with American carriers who stick to one plane format even if we have to go through hubs. They cannot be any worse than BA or should it be Spanish Airways?

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