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Alex Cruz speaks about the new British Airways Club World and First Class seats

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Alex Cruz, the Chairman and CEO of British Airways, gave a speech at a UK Israel Business event yesterday morning.  I went along and I know a few other readers were there too.

The main speech itself did not contain any surprises in terms of strategy announcements – not surprising, since UK Israel Business is not the platform you pick to announce big news.

During the questions – which were very polite and, coming mainly from UK Israel Business members and not members of the frequent flyer community, slightly bizarre in places – he did reveal some interesting information about the future of Club World and First Class.

The new British Airways Club World seat

It is well known that a new Club World seat will be introduced next year on the A350-1000 fleet as they come into service.  We also know that this will have aisle access for every seat and, via a comment made at World Travel Market last year, will have a lower seat density than the current cabin (ie fewer seats).

Cruz joked that 23 years ago British Airways unveiled the world’s first flat-bed business class seat – “but the bad news is that we still have it”.

He said that ‘2-4-2’ is no longer competitive.  This means, almost certainly, a move to some form of 1-2-1.  Remember that even little Aer Lingus has a mix of 1-2-1 and 1-2-2.

There is a mock-up cabin now built, containing test seats.  British Airways has drawn up 11 ‘red lines’ of features which it insists are included, down to proper storage for water bottles and spectacles.  “More privacy” is also a key consideration.

“It really is something else” he said.

There is an implication here that this will not be a fully off-the-shelf product.  This would also fit with a comment that (to paraphrase) “the delay in rolling out the new seat quickly will be entirely down to the inability to get them made fast enough”.

The new British Airways First Class seat

BA has stated numerous times that the current 14-seat First Class cabin on the 777 fleet is no longer relevant, but that there is definitely a long-term future for First Class.

Cruz said that (to paraphrase) “the new Club World seat will be so fantastic that we will have a serious problem with First Class”.

The answer is “to conceive the new First Class experience of the future”.  As the seat itself will no longer be a key differentiator between the cabins – because the new Club World seat is so good – there will need to be a full revinvention of First Class.  The implication is that this will only be partly about the seat and partly about everything else in the process such as food and service.

(It is fair to say that some of the most respected First Class offerings, such as Air France and Lufthansa, do not – by any standards – have the best seats in the air.  They make up for it in other ways.)

This will be a slow process unfortunately.  He talked about the long process of getting certification for a new product which implies that it will be something totally different and not a tweaked version of someone else’s seat.


As I have written before, Cruz – in person – comes across very well.  He has no entourage, he is willing to stop and chat to everyone and he is open and convincing about what he wants to do.  That doesn’t mean that he is always right, of course, but you can see where he is coming from.

Let’s dig this article out again in 12 months time, when we should be able to compare the reality of new Club World with the rhetoric.

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Comments (46)

  • Sussex Bantam says:

    I confidently predict that if “dig this article out again in 12 months time” nothing will have changed Rob ! Given how long it has taken to roll out a new pillow I’m not sure any of us will be alive to see this new seat…

    • VP says:

      ” Given how long it has taken to roll out a new pillow I’m not sure any of us will be alive to see this new seat”
      that sure made me chuckle:)

  • Tomasz Skrzypczak says:

    This guy should be gone long time ago. IAG obviously want BA economy to be like Ryanair, first class to be like business on any other airline and business – I don’t even know what it is with that seats layout. I would never spend that much money on BA flights in premium cabin. Sad because I am a fan of BA and living in UK, I would like BA to be a industry leader but it’s not and won’t be for a long time!

    • John says:

      New seats… Same crap reliability Same filthy planes Same huge additional charges Same inadequate ground service Same high priced fares Same pared through the fat to flesh and bone on board service
      It could hardly be worse it really? It’ll take more than the gamble of possibly getting a new seat sometimes to get me spend with the charlatans currently in charge of what was relatively recently genuinely the best.

  • Definitas says:

    All of my redemptions are to the US (or internal flights within the US). It’s all about the 2-4-1 in CW for me. If I am doing a redemption I choose AA or VA depending on destination both of whom have way better seating which we can choose at the time of booking without being extorted to pay several hundred pounds (we don’t have status). On our last two flights from ORD we were in a tired old 747 with dreadful screens and both of us had broken foot stools on both flights meaning that the flat bed was anything but flat. I am certain that nobody in their right mind would put up with such a shabby product if BA didn’t have such a monopoly. Given that they are not a British company, it must surely be time that they were made to remove the word British from their name

    • Mzungu says:

      “Given that they are not a British company…”

      I seem to remember when the multiple tail fin designs (disaster?) were introduced, they made a point of the designs originating from many different countries and cultures. I think I remember quite clearly the statement made at the time was ” We are not a British company, we are an international company headquartered in Britain”.

      So, why not remove the “British” from the name then??

  • ChrisC says:

    What were some of the ‘bizarre’ questions he got asked?

    • Rob says:

      One person wanted to know how the 787 can automatically fly around turbulence (er, it can’t ….) ….

  • Chris says:

    Is there a review of a BA First Class flight anywhere on the site?

    I am using 2 x 2-4-1 vouchers to go to America, and I have 4 of us in Business class.
    The option of upgrading 2 of us to first class has opened up.

    Is it worth the hassle to split up the family – 2 adults & 2 Children ( age 6 & 8) to experience First class?

    • Rob says:

      What aircraft?

      • Chris says:


        • Rob says:

          Biggest F cabin at 14 seats so better for kids as less private and exclusive. My concern would be the kids running back and forth to see each other and annoying other people.

        • Chris says:

          Thanks Rob, same thoughts as me.
          Plus an experience shared with others doubles the pleasure.
          we will all enjoy travelling in business together.