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Bits: 40% ‘buy Hyatt points’ bonus is a great Mallorca deal, large number of £1 Europcar rentals available

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News in brief:

40% bonus when you buy World of Hyatt points means a good Mallorca deal

Until 23rd May, Hyatt is offering a 40% bonus when you buy World of Hyatt points via this link.

This is as big as World of Hyatt bonuses get.  It is also the most generous, with the full 40% bonus kicking in with a purchase of just 10,000 points.  Last time they offered 40% it only kicked in at 30,000 points.

It comes after a turbulent time for the loyalty programme, with its CEO leaving amid much criticism of the new benefits package and ludicrously high (given Hyatt’s small footprint) qualification requirements.

The deal is obviously worth a look if you need to top up your account.  It may also be worthwhile if considering a stay in a top tier Park Hyatt such as the ones in Paris or Sydney, where buying the points may be cheaper than paying cash.

The bonus is staggered:

30% bonus on purchases of 5,000 to 9,000 points

40% bonus on purchases of 10,000+ points (the annual cap is 55,000 points pre bonus)

At the top end, you are paying $1,320 for 77,000 points (55,000 plus a 22,000 bonus).  That works out at 1.71c – or 1.22p – per point.

Park Hyatt Mallorca is a great way to use this

The new Park Hyatt resort in Mallorca is a location where buying points may make sense.   Prices for cash are still a little scary – rooms from Euro 484 (£422) in August 2018, or Euro 550 (£480) if you want a cancellable one.  A redemption at 20,000 points per night (£244) would be a great deal.

But …. it gets even better.

For the first time since it opened, Park Hyatt Mallorca is offering ‘points and cash’ rooms in August.  Instead of paying €484 or 20,000 points per night, you can book for 10,000 points plus €114 per night.

This takes the cost per night down to (£122 for 10,000 points plus £99 for the €114 element) £221 per night.  More importantly, it means that you can book a full week using the maximum 77,000 points you can buy under this offer.

£221 per night for a 50 sq m room in a brand new 5-star resort in Mallorca in August is an outstanding deal.  The Park Hyatt is actually fairly cheap for cash at £480 per night because it is still new – the St Regis Mardavall is €800 (£700) per night for a cancellable room in the same week.

The Hyatt ‘buy points’ site is here.

Save 50% of Park Hyatt Mallorca by buying points

Europcar vastly increases the number of £1 car rentals available!

This is one of those odd little deals which has been running for a while – at least two years – but which you won’t know about if you are a new reader, and may well have forgotten about otherwise.

Europcar offers one-way UK car rentals for a flat fee of £1, including basic insurance.  Most are for trips to Heathrow or Gatwick.

This is not a marketing ploy.  The company is trying to save itself money by using you as free labour to get cars back to their original location or to re-allocate vehicles across sites.  Why pay a truck to haul a vehicle across the country when you can find someone willing to pay you £1 for the privilege?!

The Europcar £1 rental page is here (this may not work on mobile).

Historically availability under this deal has been spotty.  In the last few days, it seems that literally hundreds of vehicles have been added and are available for booking.

You need to pay for petrol, of course, so this is not necessarily cheaper than taking the train.  You also need to complete the journey within 24 hours of when you collect the car, and of course you need to get yourself to your nearest Europcar depot in the first place.  That said, I’m sure there are occasions when this could work out nicely.

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  1. “The new is a location where buying points may make sense.”

    Is it my PC that is missing random words this morning? Same issues in the previous thread.

    • You got an advert protection type addon in your browser?

      • RussellH says:

        I have noticed this over the last couple of days too. Temporarily disabled Adblocker X and hey presto, the links are back!

        I do not know if Adblocker has got (less) cleverer, or if HFP has done something to annoy it, but it now seems that having disabled Adblocker, Ghostery is working harder ;-(

        • Lady London says:

          I gave on Ghostery. It was very tiring as it was very obstreperous and kept identifying perfectly normal sites as a problem

    • Your ad blocker removes links, and we have huge amounts of links. Turn it off.

      I think we have the best sub-editing in the business to be honest 🙂

  2. OT Curve – is there any way to use it to pay a company which only accepts bank transfers? We have a substantial roofing job coming up and i’m reluctant to pay Billhop’s fee on such a large payment.

  3. OT. Does anyone know how long after hitting the £10k spend on the Hilton card Gold status appears in the App. Thanks in advance

    • @mkcol says:

      Oh I was wondering this too, just in case I can’t make my Diamond challenge required number of stays.

  4. OT – Long shot…can anyone suggest how i can use Amex membership rewards points to get to Kiev on 26 May from UK. Would be looking to return on the 27 May. I’ve also got a pile of Avios. Alternative is any cash routings for less than £600 return !

    • Sounds like Star Alliance territory. Do a Singapore Airlines site check – 1:1 conversion, probably Lufthansa routing?

      • JamesB says:

        No idea about Finnair but worth a quick look given the 50% transfer bonus on MR. They might also still be operating longhaul aircraft on some LHR rotations.

    • check your dates on expedia – there are plenty of flights e.g airbaltic for around 170 one way or 260 return

    • Lady London says:

      LX used to have some very competitive pricing for LED and I think same should apply for Kiev. I’d definitely sooner be on one of their planes than LH although I am sure both are OK

  5. OT – AMEX question – I have upgraded Gold to Plat but done that before end of free year for Gold , so havn’t been changed Plan fee yet ( I assume they will change it at end of gold year ) , planning to cancel soon as have too many other amex cards , so wondering what will happen if a) I cancel before plat fee vs b) cancel after , e.g. in case b – would I get pro rate refund staring from fee change date or only from Gold from Plat upgrade date ? So basically thinking if it would make sense to cancel before gold year end or wait a bit more for Lounge use and then pay fee only for months after Plat fee charge ?

  6. OT
    Does anyone know how to find what food will be served on a flight please?
    Alternatively, has anyone flown on BA0215 LHR to Boston at 1830 and can tell me what is served. I assume that we can have lunch in Concorde.

    • Sussex Bantam says:

      You should be able to pre-book your food from LHR so that will tell you what the main choice options are.

    • I would expect the main meal to be served an hour or so after departure, followed by a lighter meal close to arrival. If less than a month away you should be able to see and select main course options for the initial service via manage my booking online.

  7. OT. I have the plat and I am trying to self refer to the BAPP but it only offers me the AMEX Gold CC or Green Card.
    Have they pulled that now? Or is it an IT error with the new change?

    • I had the same from office pc but when tried at home had full list of cards , so I suspect as I probably go via US VPN at work they restrict that by region somehow

    • JamesB says:

      Somebody reported yesterday or day before that this was a chrome issue if that helps.

  8. Only used Europcar once for this and it was all fine except I forgot to pay dart charge! I was let off the dart charge penalty as first offence but not the Europcar £40 admin charge. So it cost me around about what the rental would have been! That will teach me.

    Still its a scumbag money making scheme from the big firms. My local independent hire firm have Dart charge account and if you go through it they simply take the £2.50 crossing fees at the end of hire.

  9. There are definitely some strange ones in the Europcar £1. I have seen Hayes to Heathrow. The two locations are about half mile apart (max 3-4min drive). Surely, the cost of moving a car between those 2 locations is cheaper done directly by Europcar staff!

    • Lady London says:

      Er… nope.
      There’s also the opportunity cost of having those staff not around to do other things if they have to leave the depot to go move cars. Even locally.

  10. Crafty says:

    OT: Flying BA F from JFK tomorrow. No status, no priority pass nor currently active Amex Plat. BA app says F lounge closed.

    Do we really have to go to Club Galleries as they direct, or does our F ticket give us any better alternatives?

    • If the Concorde Room is open (not sure if that was being refurbished) you should go there. The F lounge is for Gold Card holders, not passengers flying F.

  11. O/T new SPG at the o2 have been released, pretty wide ranging concerts from the muppets, iron maiden to Britney spears.

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