Coming soon: redeem Avios on Fiji Airways with more new partners promised

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The oneworld airline alliance, of which British Airways is a core and founder member, has announced the launch of oneworld connect.  This means new airlines on which you can earn and redeem Avios.

oneworld connect has the potential to be very interesting indeed.  It allows smaller airlines around the world to partner with oneworld but without having to go through the complex process of becoming a full member.  I imagine it is possible that Aer Lingus may go down this route.

Fiji Airways will be the first oneworld connect member.

Fiji Airways joins oneworld connect

Unfortunately, oneworld has made oneworld connect more complex than it really had to be.

Let me explain how it works.  Each airline joining oneworld connect has to be sponsored by at least three existing oneworld members.  As it happens, Fiji Airways has four sponsors:

  • British Airways
  • American Airlines
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Qantas

The reason I stress the names of the sponsors is that different benefits apply depending on whether you are a member of a sponsors frequent flyer programme or not.

Fiji Airways joins oneworld connect

This is how it works:

For holders of frequent flyer accounts with sponsoring airlines:

  • Through check-in of bags and passengers
  • Earn miles
  • Redeem miles
  • Earn tier / status points
  • Lounge access when flying the oneworld connect member

For holders of frequent flyer accounts with other oneworld airlines:

  • Access to priority check-in desks when flying the oneworld connect member for Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby members
  • Priority boarding for oneworld Emerald and Sapphire members

Here it is as a graphic:

oneworld connect rules

What this means is that, as a British Airways Executive Club member, you will be able to earn and redeem Avios of Fiji Airways, as well as accessing their lounges if you have British Airways Gold or Silver status and are flying Fiji Airways.

However, if you are – say – a Qatar Airways or  Royal Jordanian frequent flyer member – you will not get these benefits.  Qatar Airways and Royal Jordanian are not sponsoring Fiji Airways into oneworld connect and so their members do not get any mileage benefits.  All they get is priority boarding and priority check-in.

In future, you may find other airlines joining oneworld connect with are not sponsored by British Airways, which means you won’t get much in the way of the benefits.

Fiji Airways joins oneworld connect

Where does Fiji Airways fly?

Quite a few places, surprisingly.  Here is their route network.

It appears that they fly to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Singapore, Honolulu and a number of destinations in Australia and New Zealand.  Tokyo is being added next month.  This may make them an option if you are trying to find a round-the-house routing to Australasia.

The airline has a fleet of 18 aircraft including five long-haul Airbus A330.

When does this partnership launch?

We don’t know.  “A date will be announced in due course” said the release yesterday.  We’ll let you know.

You can find out more about oneworld connect on its own new website here.

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  1. jameslon says:

    This will interesting for getting to Fiji (e.g. from SYD TO NAD) where cash prices even for economy can be high (I suspect because of the monopoly on this route?)

    Any ideas on the Avios redemption rates for the Fiji Airways routes?

    • Prins Polo says:

      Definitely no monopoly on the routes to Fiji. From Sydney, for example, you also have Virgin Australia and Jetstar.

  2. filipino_chino says:

    Amazing news!

    Been wanting to get to NAD for some time…..

    • callum says:

      No big deal, but just so you both know, the airport code for Nadi is NAN not NAD (which is a tiny airport in Colombia).

  3. Nice to see the article on GuestReady states it’s sponsored, surprised it’s comments appear to be disabled.

    • Given what happened last time, it’s hardly surprising Rob wants his paid content to be comment-free! On balance I think this is probably the best alternative – as one of the complainants last time, for fairness and balance I’d like to thank Rob/Anika for listening and inserting the lines about sponsorship, it does bring clarity about the subject and (in my view) that’s a good thing.

      • To be honest, we’re not listening to you 🙂

        GuestReady is a sponsored article. Flat fee, no cut on any business, they see and approve the content. The article you were moaning about before was a standard HFP article with a few affiliate links in it and no different to any other HFP article in that regard. All sponsored articles we’ve ever run have had the same disclaimers.

        • Schooling says:

          Can you confirm we have seen the last of the masturbating man from Mayfair?

          • Unless they rebook, I think so – although Anika deals with the ads and I honestly don’t know off the top of my head what it booked.

      • OK, my interest is raised. I’ve stuck “masturbating man from Mayfair” in the search box with no results. What on earth!?

    • xcalx says:

      Yeah I wanted to comment on the ” earn airmiles ” This is well out of date Only Qantas gives miles now. Delta stopped miles in November 2017 and virgin Elevate miles ended when Alaskan took over.
      We have an airbnb in Leeds run by ourselves 5 Star for everything, superhost etc. We have noticed that the properties in our area run by management companies get the worst reviews and least bookings.

  4. James A says:

    Always have been a great option for AA miles redemptions.

    How very strange that if they are not a ‘sponsored’ airline from your program then you can’t redeem miles with them.

    • callum says:

      Well I assume that’s the whole point of being a connect member. If all the airlines wanted to allow this then they could just become full alliance members.

    • This will be because the members can’t agree among themselves which carriers to include and not to include, so there’s a halfway house where some hold them as ‘friends’ and some merely ‘acquaintances’. It’s really clever actually, makes a way of expanding the alliance without necessarily having to satisfy everyone. It might get confusing, but is a clever way around a problem and good that they’re trying to find one.

      • James says:

        And also without holding the new airlines to the same standards and practices as full members do? Call me cynical.

  5. Charlie T. says:

    Re: Through check in of baggage – I was under the impression that BA weren’t doing this for full OW members? Or have I misunderstood?

    • Doug M says:

      I thought that was on multiple tickets, through checking fine on a single ticket, no?

    • You would need to be on one ticket, so I assume BA will set up an agreement so its tickets can be combined with Fiji ones.

  6. David S says:

    Flew to NAN from SYD last year in economy since J class prices were going for silly prices. The rules at the time were if you booked it through Qantas, you got oneworld recognition. So as BA Gold, got access to Qantas lounge in SYD and got avios and tier points. However on return, no lounge access since there was no Qantas lounge in NAN but still got tier points and avios. I suppose with oneworld connect, you will get lounge access and benefits now just booking with FJ code alone.

  7. Marcw says:

    This feels more like a mentoring scheme. I guess after a few years, they’ll be able to become full oneworld members. Oneworld has had bad experiences lately: Mexicana de aviacion, Malev, Air Berlin.

  8. pauldb says:

    I’d expect the redemptions to price exactly like any other partner redemption: distance based.

    We were meant to fly FJ WLG-NAN-HKG on an AA award last year: creative routing required at the end of the Christmas holidays. Both their SH and LH J looked pretty good. Unfortunately their plane couldn’t land at WLG, but they were probably more flexible than a larger airline might have been rerouting us WLG-AKL-HKG on NZ.

  9. Gabriel says:

    Something is missing: “The oneworld airline alliance, of which is a core and founder member”!

    • Nothing is missing. As we have mentioned various times, some Adblock software and browser combos are now removing hyperlinks from the text. You need to whitelist HFP.

      • Gabriel says:

        Sorry, it seems I missed the other mentions. 🙁

      • Would be really nice if you could put a * next to all affiliate links [and there are an awful lot of them on this site, aren’t there] … and provide a set of clean links too, just like MoneySavingExpert does it.

        Full disclosure and all that 🙂

        • But no-one apart from MSE does that. And the reason is that, technically, it is unbelievably complex because links come and go and you can’t add or remove the asterisks which would be across 6,000 HFP articles.

        • Callum says:

          I don’t care about the asterisk (if I see a link I assume it’s an affiliate link – and so it should be), but it may be worth having a pop up like others sites do with adblock users.

          It should stop the daily comments about it – and I was equally confused when it first happened. I thought your editing skills had just suddenly gone downhill!

          • I agree, I need to think about the best way to deal with it. The problem is that it is only a few browser / blocker combos that trigger it. Of our 15,000 daily site visitors it is only impacting a handful – not the 20% or so you would expect it. Oddly, neither myself nor the guy who writes the link management software we use can replicate the issue even if we use the exact same combo of browser and blocker.

  10. sunguy says:

    As much as Im overjoyed at access to new airlines, I can see this becoming really messy – if there are say, 20 connect members, all with different sponsors makeups….

  11. Dave Barron says:

    OT as no “bits” today – I’m very confused by some of what is showing me (not helped by AA flights not showing in terms of Detroit).

    Advice is sought on route options to either Chicago, Toronto or Detroit in April 2019 for visiting wife’s family (Eater holidays). Toronto is normally the cheapest option by some margin. Travelling would be 2 adults and 2 kids (aged 3 and 5). Now my youngest is over 2 the costs are much higher so Business isn’t viable for me and there’s no premium economy availability using Avios for 4 of us so sadly economy is probably likely. Newcastle is my local airport but would consider alternatives – have even looked at Dublin but the savings aren’t massive for economy when you factor in connection and probably a hotel. The cash price economy via Newcastle is an eye watering £2555 for all of us.

    I have a 241 available plus approx. 200k Avios. Via Newcastle I believe the cost should be 160k Avios plus £1043.84 excluding the 241 – so therefore 120k using it. However despite being UK Peak dates when I search without the 241 is shows a cheaper cost of 80k avios plus identical taxes for the 4 of us (a mistake? – Why does this show as cheaper minus the 241? Am I missing something? If I book would this be honoured by BA?

    Also when researching Dublin then I notice the 241 isn’t valid as outside the UK! Although the outbound leg would be off-peak from Dublin – different calendars I assume?

    Thanks in advance – and too much to hope there is another BA spend offer on my BAPP anytime soon to offset some of the taxes?!?

    • Is it not 80k Avios each way rather than return?

      • Dave Barron says:

        I thought it was 40k each return but that’s not what total cost is showing as on booking screen. Clearly says 80k for 2 adults and 2 kids plus £1000ish taxes

    • marcw says:

      Are you aware that there’s currently a 50% off LH flights with Avios sale on? So should be 20K per person rtrn peak.

      • Dave Barron says:

        Yeah the pennies just dropped on that one! Cheers

        • Dave Barron says:

          Having only briefly read Rob’s article the other day I hadn’t realised that North America was part of this sale!

    • Slim Jim says:

      Bloody yanks and their “eater holidays”…….no wonder they’re supersized!

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