Bits: Norwich Airport joins Priority Pass, LOT to launch Warsaw from London City, new BA dress code for staff travel

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News in brief:

Norwich International Airport joins Priority Pass

I’m not sure that I knew Norwich International Airport even had an Executive Lounge but it does and it has now joined Priority Pass!  (EDIT:  apparently the lounge was in Priority Pass in the past but did not immediately rejoin post refurbishment.)

Full details are on the Norwich Airport website here.

The lounge is open from 4am until the last flight of the evening departs.  It is aimed at KLM business class and status customers, Loganair passengers on Fly Flex+ tickets and selected Flybe customers travelling to Aberdeen.

As well as Priority Pass (free with Amex Platinum), you can also get in with Lounge Pass (two free passes with Amex Gold), LoungeKey (from a World Elite Mastercard), Diners Club International or DragonPass.  You can also pay on the door (£20) or book in advance via Lounge Pass.  Not that no children under 12 are allowed and there is a three drink limit!

If anyone is planning to visit and would like to write a short review for us, with a few photographs, let me know.

Norwich Airport Executive Lounge

LOT to launch new Warsaw service from London City

Polish airline LOT has announced a new twice-daily service from Warsaw to London City Airport.  This will launch on 7th January 2019.

LOT is acquiring 4 x brand new Embraer 190 aircraft which will used primarily on this route.

LOT is a Star Alliance member and uses Lufthansa’s Miles & More scheme as its ‘home’ frequent flyer programme if you are interesting in earning or redeeming miles on this route.

Your best option to maximise your miles when paying is American Express Preferred Rewards Gold.  This offers double points – 2 per £1 – when you when you book flight tickets directly with an airline.  Our review of Amex Gold is here.

British Airways relaxes the dress code for non-rev (staff ticket) passengers

According to cabin crew website paddleyourownkanoo, British Airways has decided to let staff chillax when travelling on a non-rev (ie free or heavily discounted staff travel) ticket.  This is in response to the more casual dress codes being adopted by fare-paying passengers.

In every cabin, including First Class, it is now acceptable for off-duty staff to wear:

  • jeans
  • t-shirts
  • casual shoes

For good or bad, you will NOT be seeing:

  • jeans that are frayed or have holes
  • “overly revealing” clothing
  • sportswear
  • beach clothing (including flip flops)
  • any kind of shorts or sportswear

The internal memo apparently suggests that off-duty staff on a freebie think of “fare paying customers and show sensitivity towards them.”

Of course you MAY want to consider wearing sportswear or flip-flops yourself in order that you are clearly identifiable as a fare-paying customer …..!

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  1. Stu N says:

    OT – just browsing Heathrow Rewards and noticed a free 1st upgrade on Hex for Premium members.

    “As a Premium member you can enjoy up to four upgrades to Business First with Heathrow Express trains each year.
    Find your upgrade code in your latest Heathrow Rewards quarterly statement. If you can’t locate your code contact Heathrow Rewards Customer Services.
    How to use your code;
    • Visit or the Heathrow Express app
    • Input your code in the ‘Promotional Code’ box
    • Select a Business First ticket, which will display at the same price as the Express Saver ticket
    • Check out and pay
    • Enjoy your journey in Business First with Heathrow Express”

    Looks like it will only work for full fare tickets so not as good as it might initially appear, and I personally wouldn’t pay anything extra for Heathrow Express 1st anyway.

  2. Paul Johnson says:

    I always wear short/flip flops when travelling, either First or Upper. Is that bad? I pay for most tickets but some are points. I’ve never even considered it until this article! Should I don my double breasted G&H next time? 🙂

    • the real harry1 says:

      When I flew out out to HK in CX business to start my first job after university, they sat me with an American new start counterpart – we’d both been given a generous clothing allowance for suits etc so not wanting to give a bad first impression we were both sat there like prize plums in our smart stuff – within a couple of hours various other travellers in the cabin had overheard us and introduced themselves as various senior officers in the bank, all dressed in track suits, shorts, T-shirts etc – first rule of travelling LH being to travel comfortably 🙂

      • Genghis says:

        +1. I wear PJs always now on LH, day or night. But bare feet in the cabin with a risk of cheesy feet? No thanks.

    • I fail to understand why ANYONE would wear flipflops for a flight. If the worst happened and you had to jump out and run across the tarmac, ending up barefoot having lost a flipflop would inevitably slow you down and probably leave you with injuries.

      Ok it’s rare, but it does happen, and I wish more people thought about what they might potentially have to do in an emergency. The most serious injuries when GVIIO caught fire in Vegas a few years back were burnt and scratched feet from running across the hot tarmac.

      • Nick_C says:

        I thought you had to remove shoes anyway before going down the slides?

        • “High heeled shoes must be taken off as they may tear the evacuation slides”
          Followed by Thandie visually demonstrating pink stilettoes and the creepy guy grooling. No mention of ordinary shoes… can you really see people having to wait to evacuate before they’ve unlaced their trainers?!

          For the record, I wouldn’t wear stilettoes or sandals on a flight either.

        • Lumma says:

          Not a fan of the BA safety video then? I think I’m on the new a320 with the slimline seats on the way back from Budapest on Wednesday. No TVs so won’t have to endure it

      • Callum says:

        Risk Vs Reward. The “reward” of wearing flip flops outweighs the miniscule chance of the plane crashing/catching fire for many people.

        I don’t doubt for a second you make similar, if not worse, risks with your life on a regular basis. Ever drive when the train would have been an option? CRAZY!!!!! Don’t you know you’re much more likely to die in a car crash than a train crash?

    • Lady London says:

      Yes it’s bad. Nearly as bad as shorts.

  3. RussellH says:

    We grew up in a railway family and got rail tickets at 25% of the public price, plus at least one free first class ticket to anywhere in Great Britain plus British Railways ferries. Latterly I got quite adept at working out trips from London to Scotland, back to London and then onward to Hoek van Holland, Calais or Dieppe.

    We had friends who worked for BOAC; we were amazed to discover that they had been to the USA, Australia, South Africa, Kenya, but never set foot in France, Switzerland or Italy. Obvious, though, when you thought it through.

  4. OT: is the amex chat working for anyone at the moment?

    • The Original Nick says:

      Amex chat can be a nuisance quite honestly. I much preferred the email system.

  5. Im told by my teenage daughter Armani or Nike Sliders are di rigueur in Business LH.

    If you call sliders “flip-flops” you are really showing your age HFP readers ????

    • Fully agree with your daughter, Axel.
      We should also differentiate between sliders and fluffy sliders please.
      I can fully accept sliders or flip flops (Havaianas), but sliders and socks is not a combo I can tolerate. ????

    • RussellH says:

      I have been told many times that Aussies call fli-flops ‘thongs’, which could conjour up a whole new concept of in-flight leisure-wear.

  6. So the only change is jeans now allowed in first.

    Apart from duty travel, staff travel is not a “freebie”

  7. Lloyds upgrade voucher – I have spent £7000 and confirmed on my recent statement – when should I expect to see the voucher? Am I right in thinking it will still currently drop in to my Avios vouchers section?

    Just a bit concerned it will fall in to the black holes.

  8. xcalx says:

    OT used the curve card abroad for the first time and have noticed a few hotel holds showing as paid, how long does curve take to refund the holds. Never noticed these holds going to payment on the Amex cards in fact never seen a hold show on Amex

    • Genghis says:

      Never use Curve as the hold, only the charge.

      • xcalx says:

        Thanks.First time user, didn’t realise. Will I have problems getting the holds released. I still don’t get this curve card, only using to build up a history to pay HRMC bills.

    • Dimitri says:

      Could take up to two weeks.

  9. Diydegsy says:

    O/T Does anyone know if there is a reward points chart for intercontinental hotels on this site or anywhere. I am looking at the Intercontinental da nang and I thought it was 35k reward points but looks like mow it has gone up to 70k a night, has this changed recently? I may have missed it as I know some hotels when up recently.

  10. Wildly O/T: I’m looking for a new business bank account for my Ltd company (coming to the end of the introductory free banking). I basically need to be able to receive internet banking transfers, pay internet transfers and set up a direct debit to pay off the business credit card. No cash/cheques etc.
    I’ve spotted that Starling Bank have a business account – has anyone got any experience of that?

    • Though on looking into Starling a bit more I see there can only be one person with significant control of the company, which doesn’t work so well.

    • Lady London says:

      Wildly OT @Matt: Metro Bank are getting less friendly than they were but for Business a lot of small businesses really rate them.

      • We use Metro Bank, no problems at all. Free banking if you keep in £5k. Not sure if they can handle direct debits as HFP doesn’t have any (the office rent goes on an Amex!).

      • Good suggestion, thanks. Less friendly?

        • Lev441 says:

          Metro bank is great! We have been with them since NatWest up their fees! They can do everything my old bank could do. The free banking is limited to 50 transactions per month and subject to keeping in £5k.

  11. “Of course you MAY want to consider wearing sportswear or flip-flops yourself in order that you are clearly identifiable as a fare-paying customer …..!”

    Unpacking my flip-flops from my checked bag as I post this!

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