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Comments (114)

  • Lumma says:

    My current amex offers are similarly strange; Gold 2, BA 3, my ancient (red) credit card 32

  • Cuchlainn says:

    Amex offers are poor except for £5 off £50 spend at Esso on PRG and had to fight for multiple usage.
    Currently 32 offers on PRG and 1 on BAPP – Prezzo !!

    PS Still awaiting Tesco Premium / Curve cash transaction and interest refund….

    • AndyK says:

      I got an email from Tesco stating they will refund automatically. However nothing yet and I’ve been charged interest on Curve transactions in my latest statement

  • Paul says:

    Amex offers…… my offers have a similar spread with BA Amex offering little. To be fair I have probably signed up for just 2 all year, the Hilton offer and the Esso offer. They have, for me at least, been underwhelming.

  • Mark says:

    Currently have 3 on my SPG card which I am using at the moment to trigger a bonus and around 15 on my BA Amex which is sitting in a drawer and hasn’t been used for months!!

  • Tilly71 says:

    Slightly OT:
    When do avios points transfer over to your BAEC account from a new BAPP card? Had mine two weeks now and no points have transferred over, is it once a month?

    • Genghis says:

      Yes. About 4/5 days before statement date

      • Tilly71 says:

        @Genghis – cheers buddy!

        • Anna says:

          Tilly – yes once the first transfer has gone over you will know roughly when it will be each month, it’s the nearest working day to the specific date if you get my drift.

  • Anna says:

    OT but bits – has anyone now had their account closed and everything migrate to BAEC? My account is still open and I have moved my avios across to BAEC myself, however my upgrade voucher is still with I want to use the voucher around the end of August but presumably will need my account to have been closed in order to redeem it with avios from BAEC?

    • Anna says:

      To clarify – I want to use the upgrade voucher to book at T-355 for flights in mid-August 2019.

      • Anna says:

        Further to this, I’ve just managed to have a web chat with They said all the accounts will be moved by the “end of the summer months” but there’s no set date (not very confidence-inspiring). In the meantime, apparently, they can somehow get your avios out of your BAEC account if you want to make a booking with your upgrade voucher. I’m not convinced they can actually do this.

        Is it possible to move avios easily and quickly from a BA HHA to an account in case I end up having to do this when I use my upgrade voucher?

        • Chris Palmer says:

          Is that to say that if we don’t use our Lloyds Upgrade voucher by this summer, we lose it upon the migration to BA Executive Club? Has BA confirmed they will not honour the voucher?

        • BJ says:

          Anna, I moved 75k over from a BA HHA to my avios account on 14 June to book with a voucher for 3 June 19. Pulled them over using CMA at avios no problem at all. I then pushed my remaining avios back over to BA without problems.

          Similarly confused about avios closure. My partner received an email explaining closure but I heard nothing from them at all.

          @Chris, vouchers will move to BA after closure, you will have to call them to redeem.

        • Chris Palmer says:

          Many thanks for the clarification, BJ (slightly unfortunate set of initials…)

        • Anna says:

          Chris – yes in theory the upgrade vouchers will be unaffected, my dilemma is that I currently have no avios in my account to be able to redeem my voucher, I was counting on everything having moved to BAEC by the time I need to make the booking. The original information was that it would all be done by the end of July but that was clearly very optimistic.

          BJ – thanks for that, at a push I can move some avios from BAEC back to if necessary and hopefully book my flights at T-355. In fact, I might do a trial run now to make sure it works!

      • Callum says:

        As it says on the website, call up Avios to book if your account has been closed by then.

        • pauldb says:

          It’s probably worth making a note of your voucher expiry. It’s debatable whether there is going to be anywhere it will show on
          But yes for now I don’t see any urgency moving your own avios from – just leave them there if you have a voucher you may want to use.

        • Anna says:

          Nothing to do with the voucher – what I was trying to find out is can I make a redemption booking with it with avios my BAEC account if my account is still open (but empty). The avios chat person was really struggling to get this as well!

  • Frenzie says:

    I often fly the LHR-BUD route and the BA planes are constantly full.
    With 4 full flights a day, I often wondered why don’t they start a LCY flight.

    It is great to see LOT flyinf there now, however the prices are unnecessary steep starting at £200/ return flight.

  • Stu N says:

    OT – whoever was asking yesterday, Cathay Avios redemptions have reappeared in BA. Just need them to fix AA now and life would be peachy.