Bits: HFP Summer party, new SPG / Marriott O2 concerts, double Radisson Rewards points to 31 August

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News in brief:

Party ….

Thank you to everyone who came to the HFP Summer party last night.  It was amazing to see over 200 people in one space, all sharing stories – see the photo below (click to enlarge) taken during the raffle draw.  We will do a full article in a day or so.

And congratulations to Max who won the business class flight to Abu Dhabi!

Thanks again to Etihad Airways for their generous support of the event and for providing the raffle prizes.

HFP Summer Party

New SPG Moments and Marriott Moments concerts launched

Starwood Preferred Guest and Marriott Rewards have launched some new concert tickets for their suite at the O2 Arena in Greenwich.

This is not a bad place to see a concert, as Anika’s review here shows.  The food and drink on offer is excellent, albeit you are some distance from the stage.

This is a list of the concerts available, including some older ones which have not sold out.  Availability seems to be separate across both sites, so if one site is sold out, take a look at the other. The SPG Moments home page is here.  The Marriott Moments home page is here.

Pearl Jam – 17th July (Marriott site) – 60k Marriott per pair

Iron Maiden – 10th Aug (SPG site), 11th Aug (SPG, Marriott sites) – 15k SPG / 45k Marriott per pair

Walking with Dinosaurs – 15th Aug (Marriott site) – 45k Marriott per pair

Britney Spears – 24th Aug, 26th Aug (Marriott site) – 60k Marriott per pair

Kevin Hart – 1st Sep, 2nd Sep, 3rd Sep (SPG, Marriott sites) – 15k SPG / 45k Marriott per pair

Barry Manilow – 6th Sep, 8th Sep (SPG, Marriott sites) – 15k SPG / 45k Marriott per pair

Arctic Monkeys – 9th Sep, 10th Sep, 13th Sep (SPG, Marriott sites) – 15k SPG / 45k Marriott per pair

Remember that the Starwood Preferred Guest American Express credit card comes with a sign-up bonus of 10,000 SPG points.  These tickets will probably sell out before your bonus comes through, but you would have the points ready for when the next wave of tickets is released.  My review of the card is here.

Earn double Radisson Rewards points this Summer

Radisson Rewards – the loyalty scheme for Radisson Blu, Radisson RED, Park Inn and Park Plaza – has launched a double points offer.

It runs from yesterday until 31st August.  There are two snags:

the rules say that stays must be booked and consumed between 9th July and 31st August, so existing bookings may not qualify

you need to stay a minimum of TWO nights

You must register for the offer – but that is easily done by clicking here.

If you can work around the minimum stay and new booking restrictions, this could work out nicely.  You would usually receive 20 base points per $1 spent, which would double to 40 base points per $1.  Given that I tend to value a Radisson Rewards point at around 0.33p (0.44c) you are getting a return of 17.5% on your spending.

If you have Radisson Rewards status – and American Express Platinum cardholders get Gold status in Radisson Rewards for free – you would earn 45 points per $1 in total, meaning a return of almost 20%.

The registration page for the double points offer is here.

You can learn more about Radisson Rewards on the Radisson website here.  The photo above is a room at the brand new Radisson RED Glasgow.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Tom Devonshire says:

    OT: Amex Plat Travel Insurance. I had my phone stolen on holiday and want to make a claim. The claim form is asking for cost and I presume next step they will want a receipt. The phone is a pay monthly phone which I probably paid £50 upfront for, what cost do I put as obviously £50 wont replace the phone.

    • CountryKerry says:

      The cost to replace the device!

    • Maybe if you explain it’s on contract and show a copy of the contract receipt and a screenshot + web address of this type of phone being sold on a website? When I dropped my phone on holiday and claimed they paid up very quickly after I sent the repair receipts.

    • the_real_a says:

      You need to prove ownership, and then prove the replacement value. All perfectly reasonable. You can send your contract invoice and a print from Amazon for replacement.

    • xcalx says:

      I water damaged my phone on holiday it was only 3 week old I got 2 quotes from Iphone store. One for new one for refurbished. Amex paid out for new phone due to shorter guarantee on refurbished. great service.

  2. Does anyone know how long it takes for the welcome bonus of SPG AMEX to get credited into SPG account? Is it too late to apply for the card now if I want to get the points before 1st Aug?

    • Nothing happens on 1st August. Nothing happens for 2 reasons – a) the Marriott / SPG changes are NOT 1st August, they are ‘some time in August’ and b) the SPG Amex continues and points transfers after the switchover just get multiplied by 3x.

      Points go across 6 days before statement date so if you signed up now and had a statement date of the 10th, the first lot of points inc the bonus would go across on 4th August and will be in the account on 6th August, give or take.

      • Thanks Rob! Don’t know where I got the impression that the changes take place on 1st August. I’m 10K SPG points short to redeem the Travel Package so am hoping to get the points before devaluation. I’ve already maxed out on the point purchase.

        • Marriott has actually said ‘1st August’ at least once in communications, but this is apparently not the case and they are now downplaying any attempt to have it live by then. As long as it goes live before my Venice stays in August, since Marriott resort hotels do not currently give free breakfast but will after the switch!

      • pauldb says:

        Sorry but the SPG/Marriott thing has gone over my head. I have some SPG points from Amex that will probably be BAEC-bound but the flexibility is nice. Is the airline transfer option disappearing, and/or the 20+5k bonus?

  3. Bazinga says:

    OT: Have the Gold Credit Card, used the normal link to upgrade to Platinum a month ago. It was “accepted” but the Platinum wasn’t posted because I can’t upgrade from Credit Card to Charge Card. That is annoying, has anyone else had this experience? As a Gold Credit Card holder, can I apply for the Platinum Charge and earn the bonus points?

    • I think it was always assumed there might be issues trying to upgrade from credit to charge, what exactly was Amex’s response? OH has just applied to upgrade from gold charge to platinum charge, knowing it’ll probably be the last time we can do it and will probably have to apply for the Platinum from the get go next time and swallow the fee for a couple of months.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      No bonus as its per earning family and you have an MR earning card. you would get the 9k referral bonus from your Gold though.

      TBH whats the harm in holding both? gold is better long term for spend

    • Check comments from me earlier this morning. I too was refused…

  4. Andrew-a says:

    I’m trying to link my OH’s Amex reward account to SPG to transfer points across. It just throws up a message saying “sorry there has been an error!” , email address etc are all the same. The only difference I can see is on the SPG account she has no title but the Amex form asks for one. I have tried putting in Mrs but it makes no difference. Is this likely to be where its falling down?
    The SPG account is only around 7 days old.
    Any advice anyone?

  5. OT – checking my exec club account and Ive just gotten 4000 points for Q1 and Q2 short haul spring bonus avios. Does anyone know what it’s for? It posted just after a avios redemption flight if that’s got anything to do with it? I did have a paid return flight a few weeks back too

  6. Have Marriott ended the platinum challenge? I called them and was told that they no longer offer it as of june 11th.

    Similarly, has their online support team all given up? I got an automated response saying theyd respond within 7 to 10 days, 13 days so far and no response.

    • Yes, suspended (not sure if permanently or not) whilst the consolidation process is done.

      • Rob MC says:

        That was lucky I got accepted on the 4th June up until the end of September. Hopefully it works out ok

  7. Yorkieflyer says:

    Great Do last night, thanks Rob and Anika for organising and nice to be with such a friendly and diverse bunch of point aficionados. As an aside, a Lloyds upgrade voucher popped into Mrs Yorkieflyers Avios account, I guess a few days ago, not checked recently but when well short of the £7k spend, certainly at least £1k short. I wonder whether they are clearing the decks before closure by disbursing vouchers early?

    • My Avios Voucher just appeared as well! Though I think I hit the £7k spend last week

      • Roberto says:

        My Virgin 2 x PE voucher also appeared in the last few days too.. End of yearly billing cycle is many months away albeit the MBNA have ceased of course..

        • lev441 says:

          Likewise – they must have processed all the upgrade vouchers upon the MBNA closure date.

  8. BlueThroughCrimp says:

    Thanks for last night.
    Long trip home to Dundee for me, but managed to see the RAF flypast today. Bonus!

  9. CountryKerry says:

    OT: Lloyds Avios Cards…

    Just got off the phone with Lloyds as I was charged an FX fee for a purchase 🙁
    When I phoned, automation didn’t work so an agent asked for the card number. She then said;
    “So you have the Lloyds British Airways Mastercard. How’s it going today “.

    Thought it odd. I asked for more information and was told this is what the card is becoming and thought I should have heard by now as new T’s and C’s were sent out. She did advise me to telephone Avios as they are the link between Lloyds and BA. She gave me a phone number, and it goes to British Airways.

    Something happening soon, perhaps?

    • Memesweeper says:

      I’d be surprised if BA had two competing branded cards in the same market — and the BA Amex has years to run i’d guess. There’s probably an exclusivity clause in their contract too.

      It’s not unprecedented though — ANA in japan has cards with multiple issuers, all promoted alongside each other on the ANA website.

    • Hugo Goodson says:

      I have had a new set of terms and conditions arrive effective September including 0% fees with no mention of the avios rate changing.

      • Yes I posted earlier – they have no date for any changes as yet, and will give 90 days’ notice when they do.

  10. Peter K says:

    Just had a survey from Hilton about a new credit card. Two options suggested. Not sure how much I can say as think they said not to tell, but both more generous than current card. One offers more points and the other a free night for hitting a yearly spend target. Both still retained gold Hilton for £10k spend in a year.

    • What was the target for the free night?

      • Little birdy says:

        £15k for free weekend night and £20k for additional free night – however only on the “less generous” rendering of the card with only 1 Hilton point per £1 spend.

        • Looks good to me – you’d be getting a 2 night weekend break each year at (if you pick well) a top Conrad or Waldorf Astoria. Fancy a free 2-night weekend break each year at, say, Hilton Venice?

        • TGLoyalty says:

          Considering you could spend it at a hotel costing c50-80k a night the effective rate on the 15k spend is pretty good c4-6points per £1.

          Is the 2nd night at 20k total or further 20k ie 35k total?

        • I see it as £20k in total. This a country with an average salary of £27k …..

    • Interesting – a recurring free night option for hitting spend (a la IHG) would definitely be interesting.

    • Crafty says:

      Interesting read of the survey. I had the same survey and had a strongly negative read, my reason being that Silver status (offered as base) is worthless, and the only worthwhile benefits (Gold status and a free night) both required very significant annual spend.

      I was at pains to tell them that I, and many others, had engendered a loyalty to Hilton off the back of their previous, generous, card; and that a less generous card would feel like a kick in the teeth and likely engender the opposite!

      • Eh? The old card was the SAME as the first proposed version now – no annual fee, Gold for £10k spend, Silver for everyone, 2 points per £1, no long-term spend bonus.

        In fact, the proposed 5 points per £1 on Hilton spending makes the new card even better than the existing one.

        • Commenter says:

          I believe Crafty is commenting on the spend requirement to obtain a free night – very far from being the same

  11. Barry says:

    I used Marriott points (shared 45k with a colleague) and went and saw Quincy Jones at the O2 at the end of June. We arrived early, canapes were served in the private box. hot food was brought out just before the show. Open bar. the music was spectacular. lots of special guests in support of a true legend of music. it was a great night. the box holds about 20 people, but there were only 10 of us. great service from the hosts of the night. will be doing it again.

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