Celebrate World Cup failure with £66 off a British Airways long-haul flight!

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To, ahem, commemorate England’s World Cup defeat last night, British Airways has launched a three day promotion.

Until midnight on 14th July, you can save £66 on any long-haul BA flight.

You need to use promo code STILLPROUD on the price quote page at

(Edited purely because it read wrongly on the home page and Facebook stub!)

British Airways £66 World Cup ticket discount

Here is a summary of the small print:

Minimum spend of £300 per person required

Flight must be BA marketed and BA operated (no codeshares etc)

Valid for travel until 30th June 2019

Valid for all booking classes

Only one booking per Executive Club member

Cannot be combined with ‘part pay with Avios’

Full details can be found on this special page of – do check the full rules before booking.

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  1. Chris says:

    Panama, Tunisia and Sweden. Jeez, world beaters

    • Andrew25 says:

      Thank God we finished 2nd in the group because if we had won it we’d have been dumped out by Japan. Nobody would’ve been praising them then. We were all lead into a false sense of security, but at least finishing 2nd in the group allowed us to keep dreaming for another 9 days……right back to reality and the Brexit mess!!!!

    • NYC123 says:

      Italia 90
      Drew with Ireland
      Drew with Holland
      Beat Egypt by a single goal.
      A last minte win over belgium and a win against Cameroon before getting beat by Germany, wonder if moro…. yet look how people look back at that tournament.

      They did well, far better than anyone predicted so do one with your negativity.

      • Andrew25 says:

        You can’t compare the two tournaments because who we came up against in 1990 were much better than who we met in this tournament, but all the best to you.

  2. OT – Got an email from BAEC – :

    ‘For a limited time, as a member of the British Airways Executive Club, you’ll receive an exclusive 30,000 bonus Avios when you spend £3,000 in the first three months of Cardmembership – just be sure to apply before 31 July 2018, via the link in this email2.’

    • Similar to what Virgin are doing with new fee card – 33000 miles inc spend £100 each of first 3 month

  3. OT –
    A friend has asked me to refer them to the Amex Gold card. Assuming that I’d probably transfer the MR to Avios anyway, presumably it is better for me to refer from my current BA Premium Plus card than from my Amex Gold card?

    • Peter K says:


      • Genghis says:

        Why? I’d argue not. 9k avios vs 9k MRs, I’d take the MRs any day for the effectively free option of pluripotentiality of the points

        • I was going to cancel my Gold card soon after to churn it so I’d be looking to shove them into avios anyway was my train of thought

        • Mikeact says:

          ‘pluripotentiality’, have to get my old school dictionary out again.

        • Peter K says:

          My bad. I was thinking you get a bonus 18k avios for referring, rather than 9K ????

    • Aaron says:

      Do you get Avios for referring AMEX gold or MR products if you only have a BA card?

  4. Jeremy says:

    Like I said, you may not agree with what he said but it’s still just football and it’s certainly no reason for people to start being so rude to each other. He has an opinion, he’s allowed to have it and there are some facts to back him up and to caveat the team’s success. I happen to disagree with his opinion, but I can also see that even if he truly believes that the England team are still rubbish, the post this morning was more tongue-in-cheek than aggressive criticism.

  5. dicksbits says:

    Flight only? Not part of a holiday deal I take it or any add on

  6. O/T (as exciting as this thread is becoming)

    Any good annual travel insurance anyone here could recommend? Under 65, for me and the Mrs for Worldwide (no extreme winter sports or anything of the sort). We used to have Amex Travel insurance but I think they no longer offer it in the UK.

    On a side note, as an Amex Platinum cardholder, can I assume the travel insurance provided by the card is a substitute for standalone insurance? Would it cover a trip to the hospital? Wouldn’t want to unnecessarily spend on another product if I can already cover most of it with the Amex.


  7. OP is going through a churn cycle (taking a tip from the wisdom you often share on this site!) and about to cancel 🙂 definitely not incurring the full year. Have a trip to the US next week so might hang on a bit more…

    I had already gone through the insurance documentation through the website but wanted to hear any first hand experience from you savvy travellers…any feedback still very much welcome!

  8. Nick G says:

    I can’t believe 12hrs after my first comment people have been banging on about robs comment.

    Whether you agree or not with what he said its HIS website and he can within reason write what he wants. I assume all the pro England supporters will no longer visit the site then in disgust and never take rob’s advice in the future….then again I’m sure the same people will be back on here tommorow looking for that helpful hint or tip to gain more points.

    I think we all need to get a grip it is just a game and get back to what we all have in common and that is collecting points and receiving useful information that we can ALL share.

  9. mutley says:

    I read this site every day and have benefited from the info on it, for that I am grateful.

    I agree its Rob’s site and prerogative to say what he wants. The comment was misjudged yes, but hey. its one guys opinion.
    However, as a qualified football coach to a team of 12 year olds, I will not be telling them on Saturday morning pre season training, that the England team have failed or are rubbish. I will be telling them that the effort that the team put in during the tournament is something to aspire to. Winning is not the be all and end all. Are we rubbish by making a world cup semi final when Brazil Argentina, Germany, Spain etc did not?
    I’m guessing that Rob isn’t a football fan.

    • Waaat says:

      Yes, we are rubbish. We weren’t semi final material, and OBVIOUSLY ONLY MADE IT BECAUSE WE HAD THE EASIEST ROUTE WITH LOWER QUALITY OPPONENTS.

      Deal with it, please. A touch of reality and humility is what this island desperately needs (which will come one way or another *march’19 cough cough*).

      • mutley says:

        The reality is England are not rubbish. By the way I am “dealing with it” quite nicely thank you. My wife is Croatian, so equally happy that Croatia made the final. Additionally I had £50 each way at 28/1 on them at the start of the tournament.

        I shall collect my winnings with humility.

  10. Angus B says:

    Let’s all just remember these simple, black and white, binary facts.

    – Rob does not like (hates?) football.
    – Rob believes that once you reach your 20s then you become emotionless about football (if, in fact you ever liked or enjoyed it before that age).
    – Rob is glad (ecstatic) that the football coverage will soon be over.
    – There’s no evidence from this website that Rob like or enjoys any sport whatsoever.
    – Rob might in future claim to enjoy rugby or cricket, but doesn’t actually relate to either sport. However, his son probably plays these sports (or will do), and Rob would rather align himself to that.
    – Finally, and most importantly, Rob is good at helping us all with points collecting efforts.
    – Advice to Rob. It’s best to leave politics, religion, and perhaps even sporting allegiance or (non) interest off the website.

    • I go to at least 3 Premier League games a year!

      • Crafty says:

        But to be fair, you have previously said you like to go to the ones with lots of goals… not exactly the comment of a seasoned fan I’m sure you’ll agree!

    • Hold up – I said earlier it was a rubbish joke – but where did you get all of that from??! Where’s your evidence for 95% of your frankly bizarre comment?

  11. Diego says:

    OT but I was wondering if someone could help me.

    I am planning on using my avios for domestic flights in Japan. Checked them a few months ago and last time a week ago and there was plenty of availability! Then yesterday, when I was going to book them, all of them are gone from BAEC search engine! Could be an IT issue or you cannot book JAL flights with avios anymore? Should I just phone BAEC call centre (I’m in Japan right now)?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Diego says:

      Sorry guys. Somehow last week in Japan I managed to see the flights from the BA on my phone (connected to a Japanese mobile line and internet) but I cannot anymore or through my laptop. So I tried doing it through the explorer while in incognito and it works! Just FYI in someone encounters this in the future.

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