Celebrate World Cup failure with £66 off a British Airways long-haul flight!

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To, ahem, commemorate England’s World Cup defeat last night, British Airways has launched a three day promotion.

Until midnight on 14th July, you can save £66 on any long-haul BA flight.

You need to use promo code STILLPROUD on the price quote page at ba.com.

(Edited purely because it read wrongly on the home page and Facebook stub!)

British Airways £66 World Cup ticket discount

Here is a summary of the small print:

Minimum spend of £300 per person required

Flight must be BA marketed and BA operated (no codeshares etc)

Valid for travel until 30th June 2019

Valid for all booking classes

Only one booking per Executive Club member

Cannot be combined with ‘part pay with Avios’

Full details can be found on this special page of ba.com – do check the full rules before booking.

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  1. Rob – the book by date should be 14th July?

  2. Callum says:

    I know I may need a sense of humour bypass here, but it does make me slightly irritated how people make disparaging remarks about things like the English football team being “so rubbish” that they’re only 3rd/4th best in the world etc. Would you say the same to your child if they weren’t top of the class!?

    Its this general miserableness that really puts me off the UK more than pretty much anything else!

    • England is NOT the U.K. merely one part of it. Whilst the STILLRUBBISH handle may not be accurate the confusing of “England” with “Britain” is bloody irritating to those of us who are not English. BA does this by being London centric and focuses on England almost exclusively. I cannot recall them ever supporting a team or individual from any of the other 3 nations.
      The general miserableness is also not shared north of the border! That’s a very English trait!

      • Yawn

      • pauldb says:

        Really? Who’s confusing England and Britain (you seem to be confusing Britain and UK). Would you prefer BA to make the offer England only … by birth or location??

      • Callum says:

        Huh? When did I say England was the UK? And it certainly is a trait shared by those North of the border (and in the North of England – no matter how much friendlier they like to think they are!) – case in point…

        In fact, you’re even more annoying North of the border, what with the huge chip so many of you have on your shoulder about England being more important than you (we’re not special, there are just more of us – get over it already…).

      • Lisa C says:

        Also “British” Airways is a brand name.
        It’s owned by a Spanish company.

    • England are ranked 12, not 3 or 4. They were beaten by the 3rd ranked team Belgium and the 20th ranked team Croatia. Beating the 21st, 24th and 55th ranked teams, and getting past the 16th ranked team without scoring a goal is hardly a record to get excited or proud about. No doubt many will celebrate the increase in England ranking resulting from progress to the semi finals on the back of this mediocre performance. Stil, England can only play the teams placed against them so that’s fair enough. Had England been drawn in any other group than their own, I doubt they would have got past the group stage. Given the vast difference in population and investment in the game compared to those of the opponents they played, STILLRUBBISH is more apt than STILLPROUD.

      • Johnny Tabasco says:

        Football international rankings are simply not a true gauge and always have never been taken seriously. Anyone who knows anything about the sport knows this.

        • Yes, I see your point. Many probably believe England are consistently ranked much higher than their skills, aptitude and attitude merit. I doubt your views will remain the sane if England can match Belgiums current ranking in the near future.

      • Callum says:

        What a bizarre rant. Aside from the point already made that the rankings aren’t really taken seriously, you start off by going on about the rankings as if they’re sacrosanct then dismiss people for thinking England has improved by going up the rankings after this tournament.

        So which is it?

      • Crafty says:

        “Celebrate the increase in ranking”? What…?

        Have you ever even met a football fan?

        • Oh yes, I forgot, England cannot celebrate rankings so long as Germsny remain above them. However, I am sure that if England overtake Germany in those rankings many England fans, led by the English media will celebrare that in a similar fashion to which they celebrated the Germany exit.

          Why do so many take all this so seriously in England? Most people north of the border don’t hate the England team or English people, far from it, we just enjoy teasing you about it 🙂 Let’s face it, most visitors to Scotlabd are from England and I am sure it’s probably true in the opposite direction too. I am sure that the vast majority of visitors in either direction feel welcone and return home with only positive experiences which is the way it should be.

      • +1

    • Andrew says:

      Quote:- “Would you say the same to your child if they weren’t top of the class!?”

      I work with a few “Tiger Mums” – anything less than a 100% pass for their children is terrifying to see.

      To quote Sir Cameron Bridie, Chairman of Air Scotia, “A loser is not a winner and never will be!”

  3. Catalan says:

    STILLRUBBISH is not very funny Rob. I’m sure others would agree it should be removed.

    • Rupert says:

      Agreed. Talking your language – you’d happily settle for a top four airline? If you don’t care for football why comment?

    • Frenzie says:

      No I think STILLRUBBISH comment is fair on this occasion.

    • +1

    • Frank says:

      Agree – Totally unnecessary!

    • Sussex bantam says:

      Too soon rob. Way way too soon

    • Peter K says:

      I think England surpassed what everyone expected before the tournament and well done to them for that… But a lot would agree that they did not play amazingly well throughout, most goals were from set pieces/penalties rather than open play and last night they passed back to Pickford more than they troubled the Croatian ‘keeper. They played very negatively and it did remind me of England teams of the past in that regard.

  4. I hope this rubbish airline gives the rubbish team of overpaid “stars” a lift home!

  5. Sundar says:

    Hi Rob,
    Did you mean 14 July ?

  6. Sam Wardill says:

    Would have thought they could at least offer £1966 discount.

  7. Marsha says:

    I’m afraid I’m with those that feel the STILL RUBBISH comment is unnecessary. It’s actually juvenile and regardless of your thoughts on the England team and their progress in the World Cup, adding a personal snipe is not very professional.

  8. STILLRUBBISH is totally appropriate.

    For BA

    Not appropriate for a young group of players that will improve mentally, tactically and physically and need guidance.

  9. KBuffett says:

    It’s BA that are STILLRUBBISH.
    Not the England Football team.

    • Yep. Very poor choice of words.

      This group of young sportsmen deserve so much better. They gave the country some hope when t needed it most and played way above expectations.

      Poor show. Though I think it’s simply a lack of understanding of the sport and what they have done.

  10. Volker says:

    Clearly yet another topic Britain is divided on…

    • Callum says:

      If you ignore the people who hate England because it’s England, I don’t think there’s much division in this regard!

      While I don’t expect people uninterested in football to care, making disparaging remarks about a group of people who put in tonnes of effort (far more than it takes to write a blog post…) and brought joy to millions of people all for no monetary gain (yes I know the amounts they receive from their clubs more than makes up for that!) is uncalled for and spiteful.

      • Peter K says:

        Players do get paid for intentional matches. Most donate it to charity though because they earn so much anyway they do not need it.

        • Callum says:

          They all donate 100% of it to charity as far as I knew?

        • Sussex Bantam says:

          The England team have all donated their match fees to charity for many, many years. Although I would agree this isn’t exactly a measure of their altruism gven their other income !

  11. Andrew says:

    And on the HFP home page the strikeout doesn’t show so it says to enter promo code STILLRUBBISH STILLPROUD – which even BA might take offence to as it suggests that the promo code they are using. Only when clicking on the full article does it show the strikeout.

  12. Chuckstar says:

    STILLRUBBISH … Rob, that is pathetic.

  13. Sussex bantam says:

    Rob – one team wins the World Cup. Literally every other team in the world loses. To describe those as ‘rubbish’ is pathetic. It shows a complete lack of understanding of the sport and whilst I understand you might not care very much some of us really do. You should change this and apologise

    • the real harry1 says:

      yep let’s make Raffles take the blame for being personally responsible for England getting booted out of the World Cup, we’ve been looking for a scapegoat since last night and now somebody’s volunteered! 🙂

      • Sussex Bantam says:

        I’m not looking for a scapegoat. I thought we did great and far ahead of expectations. We should celebrate that not take the mickey. Not even the tabloids are looking for a scapegoat this morning.

    • Really! Why are people like this. Apologise, why, because you don’t agree or didn’t like the comment or and have a different view. Pathetic.

      • Sussex Bantam says:

        Why feel the need to insult our sports team after their most successful tournament in 28 years ?

      • Callum says:

        It has nothing to do with “not liking” a comment. Its an insult and incredibly rude. Rob is normally perfectly pleasant (except the odd occasion when some snobbery shows through!) which makes it all the more jarring.

        Look at the reaction the “in crowd” here give if anyone dare says anything even slightly uncomplimentary about the site or Rob… If you insult something people care about then you irritate or annoy them.

    • When you’re my age you will take it less seriously ….. very unlikely I will live long enough to see England win a World Cup, I accepted that when I hit 40 🙂

      • Sussex bantam says:

        I’m exactly the same age as you Rob and support Bradford city. I long ago realised it was very unlikely that either of my teams would win anything.

        In some ways that makes this tournament even more of a success. We performed well, played with pride, won and lost with dignity. For a while we gave the country a chance to dream until the reality of a decent Croatia side with a couple of world class players hit home

        Branded that as a ‘failure’ and ‘runnish’ is pretty unfair

        • I agree with your sentiments but the idea that beating Panama and scraping past Colombia is somehow up there with the 1978 Dutch team for example …..

        • Sussex Bantam says:

          I know the media (and the country) got excitied but I’m not sure anyone was comparing Jesse Lingard with Johan Cryuff…

        • Dougie Forde says:

          The 1978 Dutch team that Scotland beat (and no-one else beat over 90 minutes)

  14. Tilly71 says:

    STILLRUBBISH – thought this was BA’s new slogan! ????

  15. Its only a game !

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