Celebrate World Cup failure with £66 off a British Airways long-haul flight!

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To, ahem, commemorate England’s World Cup defeat last night, British Airways has launched a three day promotion.

Until midnight on 14th July, you can save £66 on any long-haul BA flight.

You need to use promo code STILLPROUD on the price quote page at ba.com.

(Edited purely because it read wrongly on the home page and Facebook stub!)

British Airways £66 World Cup ticket discount

Here is a summary of the small print:

Minimum spend of £300 per person required

Flight must be BA marketed and BA operated (no codeshares etc)

Valid for travel until 30th June 2019

Valid for all booking classes

Only one booking per Executive Club member

Cannot be combined with ‘part pay with Avios’

Full details can be found on this special page of ba.com – do check the full rules before booking.

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  1. Nick G says:

    Maybe rob is referring to BA not the England team

  2. Oxonkad says:

    I agree, the insult to the England team is at best a very poor joke.

    I’ve become irritated at some of the arrogant ‘journalism’ on HfP so I’ve decided to unsubscribe.

  3. Jovanna says:

    Went out last night, with friends. Had a lovely meal. Whether England are still rubbish or not, there’s more to life than football.

    • Spurs Debs says:

      To quote Bill Shankly

      Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it’s much more serious than that.

      If you don’t get footy that’s fine, but Rob must of known that comment would upset a lot of his subscribers.

      • I’m 47 ….. seen it all (except 1966 obviously)

      • Gooner flyer says:

        Typical Spud. Can’t spell or take a joke. You must “have” known the Spuds players would choke. Where was Kane last night? And Trippier wimped out early.

    • Callum says:

      Wow, thanks for that I had absolutely no idea…

    • Like the Tennis! That last set of Nadal vs Del Potro was a corker.. but it sounds like no one else was watching that!

  4. reddot says:

    The British sense of self-deprecating humour is one of our defining traits. Let’s take it a bit easy!

    • pauldb says:


      • +1 from me too.
        A joke is in poor taste if people died or were seriously hurt. We lost at a zero-sum game, people. Let’s have some perspective. Croatia won, we lost. Maybe just congratulate Croatia and move on.

  5. @mkcol says:

    So many people upset at the jesting “STILLRUBBISH” comment.

    You do know it’s only a game, right?

    • Spurs Debs says:

      No it’s not, it’s tribal it’s patrotic it’s about loyalty so much more than “ it’s just a game”

      That’s my lot on the subject for the same reason I don’t do social media I always end up rowing with footy fans, normally ones who support my team ????

      • Wivus says:

        Oh come on, you most of all must have know that as soon a a hint of Silverware was on the horizon the Spurs players out there would have turned into gibbering wrecks. 🙂
        Agree with the sentient though and long may it continue, even if the Prawn Sandwiches can be heard being eaten from the opposite side of my ground.
        Regards from the right end of the Seven Sister Road

      • Yes, but is that a good thing? Does it need to be tribal and patriotic? One of the reasons I enjoy the Olympics far more than the World Cup, is that the emphasis is on promoting peace and unity within the international community, rather than being tribal and patriotic. Surely that’s a better way to approach international sporting events.

    • There must be blame and Rob appears to have volunteered. Even more amused by the person who took the time to comment that they’re unsubscribing. Lol

  6. I believe it’s what’s commonly known as “a joke”.

  7. Philip says:

    Slightly OT, but does anyone know when the points from the BAEC Bonus Avios promotion (https://www.businesstraveller.com/business-travel/2018/03/02/british-airways-promotion-offers-16000-bonus-avios/) are going to drop?

  8. I’m not a football fan. However let’s just get this straight. They weren’t rubbish were they? They were actually very good – semi finalists in fact and the first team in God knows how long to break the curse of penalty play off. The first rule of comedy according to Ted Bovis in Hi Di Hi is reality. On that basis this is an exceedingly rubbish joke.

    • They beat every team their ranking said they would beat and lost to the team their ranking said they would lose to. End of.

      The mood of people over 40 is the same as mine as far as I can tell!

    • Patrick says:

      They were were lucky to be in the semi-final with mostly easy opponents.
      A bad showing against Belgium (maybe a revenge coming up, but would surprise me) and a pathetic performance against Columbia. Commentators got very ahead of themselves in the UK on that game, where Colombia was the only side that actually scored. And that problem came to bear last night as expected where “hurricane” really is just “Kanaldy”

  9. Aliks says:

    Lets run through the World Cup checklist:
    England get a new manager with some good ideas. Check.
    England get a couple of good ‘uns in their latest intake. Check.
    England put a couple of old stagers out to grass. Check.
    England do well enough against weaker opposition. Check.
    England fans get very excited. Check.
    English newspapers fan the flames for all they are worth. Check.
    England get knocked out by the first good team they meet. Check.
    England’s reputation gets trashed by the chattering classes. Check.
    England fans start fighting with other fans, bystanders, police etc HEY that didnt happen!!!!!! PROGRESS: lets hear it for Engerland! Engerland!! Engerland!!!

    Seriously though, its OK to show some emotion and slag off our own football team when they lose.

    • Duncan Stevenson-Price says:

      Self deprecating humour is a decidedly British thing.

      Though I’d argue that a minority of England fans exhibited some abhorrent behaviour.

  10. Duncan Stevenson-Price says:

    Minor correction, but presumably you mean 14th July (rather than June, in the past ????)

  11. Useless post, Rob. Talk about misjudging the mood of an entire nation.


    • You’re clearly not late 40’s either! Beating teams ranked below you and losing to a team ranked above you is exactly what you should have expected.

      • Callum says:

        You clearly know nothing about the World Cup. If rankings were so reliable there would be no need for a tournament would there!

        You expect a top 10 team to beat a team placed 50th, the team placed 10th isn’t necessarily going to beat the team placed 20th, and often doesn’t.

        • …. but you should not be surprised when it does.

        • The truth is England are average. We get excited with the MOTD pundits comments from players who didn’t get further than the Semi’s in a WC in their entire careers. The teams we beat have never been prolific on the World Stage. They played well as a team and had an easy route, any real competition and the results were as expected except to the delusional ‘we can’t take a joke’ crowd.

        • Callum says:

          Rob – There is a difference in being surprised between being surprised and being disappointed. Surely there’s something in your life you care about that isn’t perfect?

          By all means keep digging though. If your aim is to come across as an unpleasant miserable old man you’re doing a great job! (Relax disciples – note I said “come across as”, not “is”!)

        • You get a better grasp on life as you get older. You watch your parents die. You watch your children get born. You may watch your partner get gravely ill but recover. And when you’ve dealt with a few things like that you really don’t give a monkeys about a football match in the same way you did when you were 19. Especially when you’ve seen the same team fail at 10 major tournaments since you hit adulthood ….

      • Worzel says:

        Sorry Rob-you are out of order………..W.

      • Angus B says:

        Rob, I hate to say it but you’re coming across as a bit of a troll. I also get the impression that you revel in getting older and enjoy talking about ‘what an old guy you are’, when being in your mid forties is barely middle aged.

        • Well to be fair he has mentioned the possibility of dying early a few times… so I get where he is coming from in that respect, though I still disagree.

  12. AndyW says:

    What all the comments here show is that football, though only a game, is incredibly emotive for large numbers of people. As sad as it is I couldn’t sleep properly last night due to disappointment (and probably a load of adrenaline). However, it is only a joke, and people that are getting so worked up, and certainly those posting things close to insults, probably just need to chill out a little. Let’s get back to talking about airmiles and the like..

  13. @Rob – Book by 14th July not June 🙂

  14. ANDREW MORGAN says:

    Code not working on flights LHR – PVG

  15. Optimus Prime says:

    Almost 100 comments before 9:30am. This will make the Iberia promo thread look like a joke 😀

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