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New list of IHG PointBreaks redemptions published on Monday

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IHG Rewards Club has released a teaser video on its Facebook page highlighting five hotels which will feature in the new PointBreaks list.

These hotels will be bookable from Monday afternoon UK time.  It seems at the moment that we won’t see the full list until it is officially published.

The 100+ PointBreaks hotels on the list will be bookable for the period 1st August to, probably, 31st October.  The cost will be reduced to between 5,000 and 15,000 points per night depending on hotel.

Holiday Inn Brighton Seafront

Here is the teaser list:

UK – Holiday Inn Brighton Seafront 

Jordan – Holiday Inn Resort Dead Sea

Qatar – InterContinental Doha

US – Hotel Indigo San Antonio Riverwalk, Texas

US – Hotel Indigo Orange Beach, Alabama

Another 100+ hotels will be revealed on Monday.

The inclusion of Brighton is just weird.  Why the hotel needs to reduce its redemption pricing for August is a mystery, although I have heard in the past that hotels don’t get much choice as to whether they go on this list or not.

I should also warn you that, despite a lobby refurbishment, the Brighton hotel is meant to be a mess.  A friend of mine booked in recently and instantly walked out after seeing his room, checking into the adjacent Hilton instead on the grounds that the HI “makes the Hilton look like Four Seasons George V [in Paris]”.  Just so you know ….

IHG One Rewards update – June 2022:

Get bonus points: IHG One Rewards is offering bonus base points on all cash stays between 18th May and 31st August.  You earn double points on your 2nd to 5th nights, triple points on your 6th to 14th nights and quadruple base points from your 15th night. Our full article is here. Click here to register.

New to IHG One Rewards?  Read our overview of IHG One Rewards here and our article on points expiry rules here. Our article on ‘What are IHG One Rewards points worth?’ is here.

Buy points: If you need additional IHG One Rewards points, you can buy them here.

Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from IHG and the other major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Offers’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.

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  • Ben Coyle says:

    O/T: re platinum car hire insurance, how soon after my rental do I need to lodge a claim with Amex? Getting charged for a scratch on a the wing mirror but told it might be 2 months until I find out the amount. Incidentally, also been charged 175 euros for a tank of fuel for a car i returned full (Only drove 63 miles in total!). I have some fighting with Europcar on my hands.

    • Ben Coyle says:

      Also O/T: Pretty much had a nightmare travel day yesterday. After the aforementioned charges at Europcar, our flight to BHX from STR was delayed 5 hours. We ended up cancelling our trip to Scotland as we would have missed our connection. What recompense can I get back from Amex for the delay? Presume as I ultimately cancelled the trip myself, I can’t claim for the hotel and car hire penalty charges?

      • Lady London says:

        PS remember to claim EU261 for your 5 hour delay assuming it wasn’t for a reason the airline really couldn’t control like genuine weather issues that affected all all flights. At about 250 euros that should go some way towards settling the refuelling bill Europcar has landed you with.

    • Lady London says:

      If you have the receipt for the fuel you put in then normally you’re fine rejecting such charges. It does help if your photographs of the state of the car when you took it include a shot of the dashboard with the mileage when you picked up and again when you left it in case of dispute on that front.

      If on the other hand you didn’t fill it up because you had only done 63 miles and the fuel gauge was still registering full then they’ve got you bang to rights. Hire companies are well aware that gauges often register full when the tank is down some way and so the next person hiring will not get a full tank’s worth.

      Due to this I’ve even made a point of filling up a hire car even if I’ve only done 20 miles and keeping the receipt. I personally always fill a little beyond the first click in case of standing in traffic etc. on the way back to the airport. Doing that costs a lot less than the outrageous charge per gallon plus possible service fee the hire company will charge you if you didnt fill the car back to full.

  • Derekh says:

    Am in Holiday Inn in Bolton while visiting friends. Nice lobby but dated rooms also. Only a lowly Gold member through credit card but was offered extre points or a drink on arrival. Took the drink option as had had a long drive to get here and we were thirsty. When went to redeem drinks voucher was told it was only for one drink, not one for me and one for my wife. Complained to front desk and they said that was IHG common practice now. REALLY!! All my other hotels whose points I collect , Hilton, Accor offer 2 drinks – one for me and one for my wife. Bad enough having to come to Bolton but only one drink – just proves what people on here say about IHG status being pretty poor is true.

    • Andrew says:

      With Spire they often give you 2 vouchers if you’re checking in with a companion. But each voucher is only worth 1 drink.

    • Jamie says:

      IHG has for the past few years always operated only one drink voucher per stay. If you are friendly then some hotels give two vouchers or mark ‘2x’ on the voucher. I always put down 2x on my reservation and sweet talk the hotel reception with a story of the later arrival of my partner who […] depending upon rapport with reception. On another note: it is BOLTON!!! Pints are only £1 up north for goodness sake!!

    • Gavin says:

      I always ask for one for my wife, as a gold I’ve never been turned down.

    • Robman says:

      This happened to me last week too in Portsmouth. I complained and was told that is the policy. I complained again based on being highest loyalty tier (Spire) and rep gave me another voucher begrudgingly.

      So seems like it is at least a UK policy. I will not worry about keeping loyalty status, the benefits are just not comparable to my main go-to hotel, Hilton.

      • RussellH says:

        I am pretty certain that one drink or extra points is the standard IHG policy. However, my experience is that in the USA you usually get nothing at all – no bar at any HIE, anywhere. Reno NV did offer a goody bag or 200 points; they showed me the goody bag, which was complete rubbish, so I took the points.
        Hilton give you absolutely nothing for being silver, so IHG Gold is far better. In Europe you can normally sweet talk the reception staff into two drinks vouchers, and quite a few places give you the extra points anyway, before you arrive.
        AIUI, it is IHG who pay for the free drinks on IHG vouchers, not the hotel, so as long as they do not hand out too many, it will be no skin off the hotel’s nose!

        • Lady London says:

          One thing I will say that’s positive about Accor is that they have always handed out the free drink voucher without me asking. Only once did they miss and a hint to the clearly new receptionist as I checked in got me the voucher handed immediately with a smile.

    • johnny_c-l says:

      At the HIX Watford Junction I tried to order a G&T (house gin, normal Britvic/Schweppes tonic) with a drink voucher and was asked to pay for the mixer as it counted as two drinks.

      Left a sour taste and never stayed there again although the duty manager eventually acquiesced after much debate.

      • Leo says:

        I’ve had the same at HIX.

      • Cat says:

        Surely a G&T leaves a bitter taste…

      • Lady London says:

        What’s your rating of the HIX at Watford Junction? I am thinking of using that for upcoming visit(s) to Milton Keynes as it’s right next to the direct train line 20min away. For such a strange town Milton Keynes has very expensive hotels so I was looking at that HIX. What’s your opinion of that hotel?

        • the real harry1 says:

          Now here we have a bit of history – I’m from around there, born in my parents’ cottage – one of five – Bucks born & bred.

          I was well into No Wing Airport and went there with my placard, I guess my parents were playing me for a patsy as I was about 5 but I guess my cherubic face worked – good old blondies! – as they accepted Wing Airport was never going to be accepted. Bucks is 100% Conservative, even the Labour voters vote Tory as they know which side the bread is buttered.

          Along came Milton Keynes. As a county, we accepted it, embraced it, went to John Lewis massive store and loved it to bits (ooh er that’s a bit Brummie).

          Milton Keynes always was a strange town. Ignore Stony Stratford angle. They planned it like some chessboard with shops/ houses/ roads etc all in some impersonal relationship, you wouldn’t do that these days if you wanted people to engage with each other as they live & shop for essentials.

          Anyway, enough said, been to a wedding today (my nephew) & filled the swimming pool, I’m on my hols yeah baby! 🙂

        • johnny_c-l says:

          Wasn’t keen on it Lady London, very noisy from the freight trains running in the night (granted I was in a room facing the tracks). Parking not straightforward as they share an adjacent units spaces after their staff leave. Rooms were otherwise good, breakfast a bit of a bun fight, personally I wouldn’t return.

          Hilton Watford is OK if showing its age (10 mins away), or HIX Dunstable is modern and not too far from MK.

  • TripRep says:

    OT, Hilton related. Another good stay at Dundee DoubleTree, staff v helpful. The place is rammed due to the Golf Open nearby. One of the £350 rooms I booked for 20k pts got upgraded to a deluxe, to book it on the morning of the stay was an astonishing £366. They also give Golds X2 drinks vouchers

    Got 3 consecutive stays at DT & Hilton over this weekend. Looking at availability, hoping to get upgrades at each.

    • Mr Dee says:

      Never seen a price so high, the rooms are kind of small and basic however the place and staff make it a lot better and for the points its not bad with free breakfast for gold memberships, can’t remember getting a free drink voucher though.

      Good if you have a Tesla though…

      • TripRep says:

        It’s free breakfast for all as its a DT.

        Off season / Winter rates can be as low as £55, awesome bargain for a hotel with a pool, free drinks vouchers, breakfast and combo with a Hilton bonus promo.

        And yes the staff are great. 🙂

        • BJ says:

          BT is free breakfast for all? Never noticed that before

        • RussellH says:

          > free breakfast for all as its a DT

          Never seen that at a DT, only at Hampton.

        • TGLoyalty says:

          DT’s don’t have free breakfast for all. That’s a gold perk or the individual hotel?

  • Andrew25 says:

    I wouldn’t stay at the HI Brighton again. This hotel highlights all the nasties rolled into one that you may find at a HI property in the UK. We stayed there in 2013 & thought it would be much improved now but clearly not. Says a lot about IHG If this hotel is still the same pit 5 years on, but doesn’t surprise me!!

  • Leo says:

    I’ve stayed in most of the bigger hotels in Brighton due to work. I have always skirted the HI as it looks plain grim. There is allegedly an Indigo being built but I don’t believe it will ever open. I stick with the Hilton.

    • Rob says:

      I know someone who finds Brighton hotels so grim that whenever he is working there he take the train up to Gatwick every evening and then heads back the next day ….

      • Pangolin says:

        I lived in Brighton for a year and almost spat my coffee out when I read that but I can understand where he’s coming from!

      • Lady London says:

        Ha. He should try Blackpool then.

      • Leo says:

        That however Rob involves the Russian Roulette which is Southern Fail more than necessary. Stick to the Hilton…. He says on-board another train back from the coast….There is a sense of no-one really trying in Brighton, hotel-wise.

  • BJ says:

    OT: Still no sign of a clubcard to BA conversion bonus, it is win a holidah to Rome this time.

    • Roger says:

      Got an email with Holiday to Rome (flights + hotels) on Tesco CC to BA conversion.

  • Zoe says:

    OT I’m away from home but want to apply for the new Virgin card. I did get the offer letter (have the old Mbna one) please could someone pop up the link I need. Thanks in advance.

    • Graham Walsh says: is on my postal letter

      • TripRep says:

        Anyone got a link to the 60k VS offer or is it locked to those targeted?

        • Rob says:

          It’s not locked but the bonuses are manually applied (I know who does it!) and they are being cross-checked against the list.

        • @mkcol says:

          60K VS offer? What were the terms of that, so I know whether to wait to be targeted or not.

          • Rob says:

            15k + 15k x 3 for spending £1500 x 3

            Need to get my Mrs signed up!

            Where Virgin went wrong with this promo is that the email they sent out only talks about one version of the other – eg my wife got an email inviting her to get the free card with a 20k bonus. Only when you click through are you told you can select either card and that Reward+ has a far bigger bonus (and is a no-brainer – pay £160 and get 40k additional miles).

        • Roger says:

          I have 30 (or 33K) offer, will wait until they send me a higher offer.
          Don’t want to use my credit score for such lowly offer. Happy with my IHG or might even apply for creation Marriott card once it reopen next month.

        • BJ says:

          @Rob, I cancelled my MBNA Virgin card in first quarter this year on assumption I would apply for the new card when it finally came from Virgin Money. Consequently I didn’t get an offer. Think it is worth writing FC a letter to request an offer or a waste of time?

        • Optimus Prime says:

          My wife has the 60k offer but when opening the link we see just 33k. Is it okay to apply or we’ll have to chase them every month?

        • TripRep says:

          Rob – if you have a contact for the VS 60k I’d love a referral, they are at risk of losing me to a BAPP offer instead….

        • BJ says:

          @Rob, thanks, I thought as much. Not worth delaying my BAPP churn with referral which is due shortly.

  • Dan says:

    OT – currently in Lisbon and due to fly back to LHR this evening. I can check in but can’t print / download my boarding pass. My wife and son, on separate tickets, have successfully managed to do this. These are CE avios reward tickets. Reason for separate tickets is needed to burn Amex 241 and Lloyds vouchers. I emailed for the tickets to be linked – had no reply but given same row on both flights with with and child allocated aisle seats. Reason for failure to issue boarding pass to me is an “irregularity on one or more of my travel documents and needs to be checked by BA at the airport before travel”. I have a UK passport with plenty of time to expiry. Am I being bumped for overbooking? Random check?

    • marcw says:

      It has happened to me previously as well. Sometimes they choose random pax to check whether there´s a match between the Passport/ID and the information introduced in the API, or they´ve detected a discrepancy.
      Nothing to be worried about, just a PITA to go to the check-in desk.

    • Dan says:

      Thanks both. I’ll relax and get on with my day! I have checked bags so no issue queuing for a printed pass.

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