Let’s be clear ….. avios.com is NOT closing. Your questions answered.

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A disproportionate percentage of my inbox in the last 6-8 weeks has been on the topic of the closure of the avios.com website.

Despite (or perhaps because of) the correspondence from British Airways and Avios on this subject, there is substantial confusion over what is going on.  I thought it was worth taking a bit more time today to clarify certain issues.

BELIEF:  The avios.com website is closing down

TRUTH:  The avios.com website is not closing down, and will actually become far more important than it is at the moment

The thing that is being closed down is the Avios Travel Rewards Programme.  This was set up to be the ‘Avios scheme for people who don’t fly’ and there was a hope that it would compete with Clubcard or Nectar.  It has failed to do this – not helped by the fact that BA doesn’t fly from the regions – and is closing.

Your 3081xxxxxxxx account will be closed very shortly, if it has not already closed, and the balance moved to a British Airways Executive Club account.

Going forward, avios.com is where members of Vueling Club, Flybe, Aer Lingus AerClub and other Avios-earning schemes – except for British Airways and Iberia – will go to manage their accounts and book redemptions.

questions about avios.com closure

BELIEF:  I have no way of accessing avios.com once my Avios Travel Rewards Programme account is closed

TRUTH:  Not true.  You can continue to log in at avios.com – and book flights and make other redemptions – using an Aer Lingus AerClub or Vueling Club account

AerClub and Vueling Club accounts use the same 3081xxxxxxxxxx numbering system as Avios Travel Rewards Programme accounts and you can log-in at avios.com using AerClub or Vueling Club details.  Set up a free account at aerlingus.com or vueling.com and test it out.

BELIEF:  I can’t transfer Avios to AerClub or Vueling Club (or vice versa) because they don’t appear on the ‘Combine My Avios’ dropdown menu

TRUTH:  This is not the case

When you use ‘Combine My Avios’, the menu option for avios.com actually refers to ANY Avios account which starts 3081.  As well as Avios Travel Rewards Programme, this includes AerClub, Vueling Club and indeed Avios South Africa.

To move Avios into AerClub, for example, simply use ‘Combine My Avios’, select avios.com as destination and give your AerClub number.

If you want to move between two schemes which use the Avios platform, ie from AerClub to Vueling Club, you will need to move them via BA or Iberia as an intermediary – you cannot move Avios directly between two different schemes on the Avios platform.

Flybe Avios collection

BELIEF:  I can no longer earn Avios from Flybe because my Avios Travel Rewards Programme account has been closed and migrated to BA

TRUTH:  This is not the case

You can give Flybe ANY Avios account which starts with 3081.  If you are flying with Flybe, open an AerClub or Vueling Club account, credit the Avios to that and then use ‘Combine My Avios’ to move them using the route above.

Flybe will launching its own Avios scheme in the near future which will work in the same way as AerClub and Vueling Club.

Avios closure Vueling Club

BELIEF:  I can no longer use avios.com to move Avios between Iberia Plus and British Airways Executive Club, which is often the only functioning route, because my Avios Travel Rewards Programme account has been closed

TRUTH:  This is not the case

Simply open an AerClub or Vueling Club account, which operates off avios.com as I described above, and use that as a ‘middle man’ when you use ‘Combine My Avios’

avios.com closure questions answers

BELIEF:  Avios sent to my old avios.com account will be lost now my account is closed

TRUTH:  This is not the case

Once you Avios Travel Rewards Programme account is closed, any Avios sent to it will be automatically sent to your BA Executive Club account.

Hopefully this clarifies most of the questions you may still have about the closure of the Avios Travel Rewards Programme.  Ask in the comments below if you have any other queries.

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  1. Change of topic but any idea when the new hilton credit card will be launched and when it does launch will the current one cease to exist completely?

    Also, I have spent over £10k this year on my hilton card but it shows my hilton status for next year as Silver- will they update this in the new year or do I have to let them know?

    • I doubt even Hilton knows yet as they are still sending out questionnaires asking for your views on proposed benefits package. It must be 2019 now.

    • RussellH says:

      > when it does launch will the current one cease to exist completely?

      I had both the IHG Barclaycard and the Creation IHG M’Card for a few months. Turned out to be a bad option as when the IHG Barclaycard finally closed there was a bonus sign-up offer from Creation offered to those who had just lost their Barclaycards.

      However, I do not recall a long period between the IHG Barclaycard being closed to new applicants and the card being withdrawn from existing holders, as we are seeing with the Hilton card. Maybe Barclays suffered more than they let on when they lost the IHG contract?

  2. OT – Marriott Breakfast.
    I am platinum in the old scheme and remain platinum in the new (thanks for nothing Marriott), but whereas I used to get breakfast AND a welcome gift, it now looks as though you only get one or the other? So many terms and conditions around breakfast/each chain, I am struggling to understand what is going on to be honest – It also still looks as though you get no breakfast at AC hotels or courtyard – looks as though there is some nasty changes creeping in? I thought they claimed benefits were being standardised in each property?

  3. Talking about avios and hotels (questionable segue coming) can I book hotels with the Iberia promotional avios or will that put me in negative equity as they suggest? Cheers.

  4. Off topic – but can the Amex gold credit card (only one available onlineto be applied for) be upgraded to the platinum?

  5. fivebobbill says:

    Follow your own referral link from BA and sign up for the SPG. If you spend £5k on it in 3 months you’ll have 48,000 SPG/Mariott points (£30,000 bonus, 3,000 referral bonus, and 15,000 for the additional £5k spend).
    If you spend another £670 on the card that’ll take you over 50,000 and be enough points for a free 2 night stay at a category 4 hotel.
    You’ll also pocket the referral avios from your BA account.
    All the while you’ll be eating well into that 6 month wait to re-apply for another Amex Gold…

    • fivebobbill says:

      Forgot to mention, the SPG card has a £75 pa fee, but is refunded pro rata if cancelled.

    • You can self-refer yourself for another different AMEX card and get the referral bonus?
      I’ve never heard of anyone doing that successfully before – did the points post for you?

      • fivebobbill says:

        Did for me, although I referred via BAPP, I would have thought it was much the same…

    • I thought Amex have stopped their 6 months wait and that you only get the bonus once in your life? Or has that not taken affect yet?

  6. I have a BA exec account but BA emailed to say they had opened a new one for me but I don’t know why and they don’t reply to emails, it sounded like it had something to do wit the Avios overhaul. I also have Avios account linked to my Aerclub account with the same 3081 number. I don’t know if I should be doing anything on these various accounts.
    O/T I have a BA 2-4-1 and am looking to get a second one so our family of 4 can use this together for business class flights. My question is can we use the 2-4-1 to also book hotel as with BA at the same time to save on cost of getting hotels separately. We are looking at the Caribbean, maybe Barbados. Thnaks fr any help.

    • Cuchlainn says:

      BA 2-4-1 vouchers only work for BA flights , not hotels / car hire etc. You must book BA flights (no other airline, even Aer Lingus / Iberia etc ) and those flights must originate in UK.
      Other than that good luck getting 4 CW flights to Caribbean.

    • No

  7. OT despite my SPG and Marriott accounts being previously linked, I now seem to still have two separate accounts and logins (and only Gold Elite in both, not Platinum) – should they not now be all in one?

    • No, for the full merge to go ahead you have to action it yourself.

      • Are we supposed to be able to do this yet? I can’t find any way to do it from the ‘Profile’ section.

        • Kinkell says:

          like you , (am still Gold….no Plat for me either !), and don’t know how / where to link accounts. Any one hep?

        • TGLoyalty says:

          They will send you a link. Think it was happen slowly so there aren’t too many happening at once

  8. hi raffles,

    similar to you i completed the marriott platinum challenge in july, and so became platinum elite. however, I have not been transferred to platinum premier elite in the new program over the weekend as I should have been, in the app or my online account. I have remained platinum elite. Are you in the same boat, or has your platinum elite mapped across correctly to platinum premier? cheers

  9. Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

    OT, but related. Changes coming to Flying Club:

    Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Group have announced the intention to build a brand new Virgin-wide loyalty programme, with unique and differentiated reward opportunities to reward customer loyalty across Virgin companies.


  10. So predictable the Amex > SPG is 2 MR for 3 spg/marriot now, I hope the transfer start as planned tomorrow

  11. On a similar (but unrelated) note, I received an email today from Virgin Red about the combination of VirginRed with Virgin Atlantic Flying Club. Interesting to see how this develops and how it may affect miles redemptions! Copied mail below:

    “We just wanted to get in touch to let you know about an exciting development we’ve been working on here at Virgin Red HQ.

    We’re always looking for more ways to improve and develop our offering further and, as a result, we will be bringing together Virgin Red and the currency of Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club – miles – to create a new Virgin-wide loyalty programme.

    A new company, Virgin Group Loyalty (VGLC), will be established to own and manage this exciting programme – ensuring the loyalty rewards you receive are truly outstanding. The new loyalty programme will launch in 2019 and we look forward to writing to you about the benefits joining the programme will offer closer to the time, rest assured you’ll be the first to know. ”

    • This is the text from Virgin Flying Club email I got today

      “As a valued Flying Club Silver member, I wanted to share some exciting news.

      Today we’re announcing that Virgin Group and Virgin Atlantic have agreed to create a new company that will launch a Virgin-wide loyalty programme, to reward customer loyalty across Virgin branded companies with unique and differentiated reward opportunities.

      The new loyalty programme will use the Flying Club currency, ‘miles’ and will bring you more opportunities to earn miles, with the result of getting you to Reward Flights sooner. The new loyalty programme plans to launch in 2019 and I look forward to writing to you about the benefits of joining this programme closer to the time.

      I want to reassure you that there won’t be any change in the way you interact with us or the benefits you currently receive as a Flying Club member. Flying Club will continue as Virgin Atlantic’s frequent flyer programme and will continue to use miles as its currency. You will still continue to earn Tier Points and earn and spend miles across Virgin Atlantic, Delta Air Lines and our partners as you do today. “

  12. David S says:

    I have an Avios Family account and they have created a new BAEC account for my wife (even though she already has one) but it has a zero balance. They haven’t created a new BAEC account for myself not transferred my share on my Avios balance into my existing BAEC account. So I can’t access my Avios points even though I need them and Avios say I wont see the points until the scheme closes but they either cant or wont give me a date. Any thoughts ?

  13. OT – How do I book a Qatar flight with Avios?

  14. Wally1976 says:

    OT – now showing as Marriott Platinum Elite despite only getting status through Amex Platinum (like lots of others on here) but wife is only showing as Gold. I am staying at the Gatwick Courtyard hotel tomorrow night with wife and our two children on a redemption – anyone want to take a punt on whether we’ll be offered complimentary breakfast and for how many of us?

    • Bonglim says:

      I am now as a platinum elite too…..

    • Wally is your SPG still linked to your Marriott?

      I now have two Marriott accounts.. one linked to spg at gold, and one not linked to spg at Platinum elite.
      I got an email a few weeks ago saying my accounts were no longer linked but I didn’t link them again as I didn’t think I had anything to lose.

      • Wally1976 says:

        I have two accounts too – an ‘SPG’ one as Gold and a ‘Marriott’ one as Platinum.

        Rob – I think we could do with an article on what’s happening here and merging accounts etc?

  15. Travelling Inspector says:

    I was surprised to be able to use my Lloyds AMEX upgrade voucher on Avios.com for a booking just the other day – for a BA flight obviously. I’d assumed that had all finished some time ago. My account remains active as I have AerClub membership linked to it, no sign of Avios having sent my modest stash over to my BAEC account.

    • Did you book online or call them?

    • I also successfully made a Lloyds upgrade voucher booking online last week.

      My question is that is it worth trying to earn another one (in 2018/19) with the upcoming closure of this card? My “year” began in May and I’ve barely used the card since.

      Alternatively, can I claim a refund on my annual fee?

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