Up to 40% off British Airways short-haul flights for VitalityHealth customers

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VitalityHealth, previously PruHealth, is a life insurance, health insurance and investment business.

The reason it is of interest to Head for Points readers is that it offers discounts on British Airways short haul fares to members.  Full details are available on the VitalityHealth website.

The devil is in the detail when it comes to the flight discounts.  It is only included for free if you have a Personal Healthcare plan – other plans require a supplementary monthly payment which will negate much of the benefit.

You will receive a discount of 5%-40% based on your level in the plan (the more healthy activity you log, the higher your level)

You can claim the discount 1-2 times per year based on your level

For flights leaving between Sunday and Thursday, there must be at least two nights between the outbound and return flights. For flights leaving on a Friday or Saturday, there must be at least one night between the outbound and return flights

Only the plan holder receives the discount, not your fellow passengers

Short-haul only

Economy only

Your initial impression might be a bit ‘meh’.

However, for once, the small print actually makes the deal more attractive.

The discount applies to the FULL cost of the flight, including the taxes and charges. A Platinum level member receives 40% off the headline price which is not bad.

The discount applies to ALL ticket types, including fully flexible tickets. This can represent a substantial saving – at the most extreme, a fully flexible Euro Traveller ticket to Moscow is £1300.

This offer probably works best for someone who is self-employed and has to book the occasional fully flexible ticket. This could mean an annual saving of £250+.

The ‘average’ leisure traveller who gets up to the Platinum level could save over £100 per year – assuming 40% off two economy / Euro Traveller BA flights with an average cost of at least £125.

For a base level VitalityHeatlth member, it is pretty useless – a 5% saving once a year on a short-haul flight will save you £10 at most.

Vitality also gives discounts on Mr & Mrs Smith hotel bookings, although they no longer have a Eurostar partnership.  There are also plenty of other lifestyle partners which offer discounts or deals, including free Starbucks drinks – a full list is here.

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  1. This offer also applies to customers with vitality life products that have on average much smaller monthly premiums than the vitality health products and therefore may offer better value for money.

    • How much do you pay, if you don’t mind me asking? Am pretty active so am interested in this if it’s good value.

    • Man, £41 for two? What sort of stuff do you have covered? I just got quoted and it’s £56 for just me! £106 for me and my partner. No pre-existing conditions, unlimited out patient, no extras etc.

  2. Matthew says:

    Also worth noting you can’t book a flight outside your plan year. Which actually becomes restrictive so for example if your plan year ends April 2019, you cannot book a flight for summer 2019 for example until after your plan renews in April 2019.

  3. Pawel Siewko says:

    I’m platinum with vitality so 40%off but you don’t get the same price for flight which is on BA page, flights are 20% more expensive…
    I booked flight for Giblartar and in the end I got around 20% discount compare to BA.com so up to 40%off is just PR thing

    • This is not really correct. You only get the 40% discount off semi flexible tickets. So what you see on BA.com may not be the same class as what Vitality sells.

    • it’s the same thing with the Eurostar discount – the 40% off doesn’t apply to the best fares, so you end up with a lower discount

  4. The discount is amazing value if you have to travel at less than 2 weeks notice or at peak periods, ie: bank holiday weekend. Economy tickets for flights at decent tctimes can be £500 return, with discount is £300. Given that you get tier points and Avios on these flexible tickets, suddenly the value is not bad. Also, these tickets fall in the fare list that allows free same day changes. Which again, is great if you want to maximise your stay and take a later flight (which might have cost more, originally)

    • One thing to bear in mind, if you don’t buy the fully-flexible tickets, you can’t do the same day change of flights. We were caught out on this when we used the discount for an ex-EU flight…

      • Well, I did the same day change on a semi flex ticket. Also, how did you get the discount on an ex-EU flight? I thought flights MUST originate in UK? You can’t even search for a departure outside UK.

  5. Charlie says:

    Not sure I agree with above. I’ve just checked to be sure and you get a perfect 40% off the lowest price currently on BA.com. You can choose non-refundable HBO or with a checked bag. Or you can choose a flexible ticket with checked bag, free change and cancellation (and unlimited stopovers according to the rules). And it is 40% off the total including BA charges and government fees.

    A bonus is also my last flights to Italy at Easter booked into H class. 10 TP each direction and ‘full avios’ not the 125 for the lowest buckets.

    • Charlie says:

      Most annoying point about the whole thing, and it’s written in the T’s and C’s, is you can’t use Amex to pay.

      • Thanks Charlie.Some good insight there.
        Can you also use part pay with Avios as well to bring price down further? On regular BA flights they often give way over 1p value.
        I am crawling up thru Vitality’s tiers but Plat seems a way off. What’s best way to supercharge points?
        Bummer re Amex though. You could use a Virgin Atlantic plus card to pay which gets you 1.5 Fm per £?

        • Charlie says:

          You can’t online at least. I don’t know if your ring them whether that would change. Also I did try to upgrade using Avios in MMB on BA.com but it just kept saying to make contact with the travel agent that booked the flight to discuss this. I never bothered calling BA and in fairness the flight was totally rammed anyway so there just may not have been space.
          Supercharging points – do your medical and send in any details of further appointments like dentist. One bonus is you carry over 10% of your points from year end to next plan year. Nice head start.

        • Best way to supercharge vitality points? Get a FitBit and tie it to your dogs collar. Small children also work well…

    • And the most important thing is that now they have a FULLY-FLEDGED working website when you can book all the fares in two clicks – previously it was a very tedious booking process involving a call which I personally hated but 40% discount was still a good incentive to speak to them and bear with them as their systems were mysteriously slow exactly on those days when I called them…

  6. Also you can your children for something like £4 per month. Just choose the lowest possible life insurance. That way they can get the discount for BA, at the same level as the parents (up to 40%) Also they get a free cinema ticket too per week.

  7. For me, the discount means i can book a bit last minute on a couple of occasions a year and i know the flight cost will always end up being somewhere between reasonable and cheap.

    The discount is an honest 40%, it’s a shame i can never do anything with the ticket though as i do tend to prefer a cheeky upgrade to Club Europe where possible (for food, lounge and seat mostly)

  8. Would this discount apply to sale fares as well?

    • I would imagine so, I don’t see how it would work otherwise.

    • Charlie says:

      It does. The FlyVitality site appears to scrape the prices from BA (including fees, etc) and then simply subtracts 40%. I’ve seen fares for £20 ish one way when BA has a short haul sale.

  9. If we buy a joint life insurance policy, would both me and Mrs W get the discount on BA flights?

  10. Vitality isn’t bad if….

    They didn’t hike their premiums up a ridiculous amount each year
    They didn’t have free coffee from a rancid coffee chain
    Virgin & Nuffield were consistent with their gym offerings.

    The savings on flights at peak times is a good perk if you manage to get to Platinum which takes a while even if you’re very active.

    • Their whole business model encourages you to keep active and fit. If you get anything less Han gold or platinum, yes, premiums shoot up. But if you achieve platinum which is pretty easy to get within 6 months of your first year, then retain it forever (bit like BA tiers) then the benefits (if used) are greater than the premiums. I keep a spreadsheet and my premiums are less than the benefits I get. Yes, it’s rancid coffee, but does the job to boost your energy levels before a workout, you get 50%off trainers at the till, so no fiddly voucher coses. Mr and Mrs Smith 25%off is a great saving. 25% Ocado discount off healthy foods (nuts, veg, fruits etc) plus free delivery, 40% off ba flights. Free Apple Watch. Free cinema tickets every week, plus 50% bikes. Of course, worh shopping around for competitive premiums, but I found them very competitive.

      But like Avios. Not for everyone. But for quite a few savvy ones. Once you reach platinum it’s likely you will stay platinum.

      • I can assure you we did keep fit, reached platinum & the premium went up quite a bit. Given we’re early 30s I was thought it was too much and way beyond inflation so quit. Yeah the perks are nice but can live without and will review

        • Still s good deal if you have gym membership. My 50pct off at Virgin is worth £450. If you’re going to have some insurance that meets their categories and use /gym/BA/ cinema/ Smith hotels etc it’s the best deal in town surely?

      • You don’t need a spreadsheet – they sent you emails every 6 month with half-yearly and yearly savings. Here is my the most recent one:

        Your Vitality Statement
        30th September 2017 – 4th August 2018


        Virgin Active gym membership


        Healthy food at Ocado

        Cineworld cinema tickets

        Vue cinema tickets


        British Airways

        • if only I’d get those emails. They cannot figure it out why I don’t get them. My O/H gets them, but not me. 🙁

  11. I don’t have life insurance but have our mortgage insurance through vitality.
    We have just reached platinum, haven’t considered the BA flights yet, so thanks for the article Rob.

    Our premium is £37 a month but with the £250 cash back, reduced gym cost and free coffee and cinema I’ve been pleased so far

  12. My partner and I use it quite extensively (we are on a joint insurance plan partially paid by my employer if it is important) – to get a 40% discount of FULL price of the ticket at least twice a year is NOT peanuts. We are saving about £150-200pp annually – peanuts or not peanuts? Very useful for buying expensive tickets to go home for Christmas or if there is a last-minute personal trip and you don’t want to pay premium prices. Often makes otherwise highly unattractive BA suddenly competitive – a wise move by BA to get in partnership with Vitality I guess…

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