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How to get Avis Preferred Plus status from your Priority Pass

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Here’s something I didn’t know.  If you have a Priority Pass airport lounge access card, you can claim Preferred Plus status with Avis.

American Express Platinum – who may have supplied your Priority Pass – comes with standard Avis Preferred status, but this is one level higher.

Avis Preferred Plus usually requires five Avis rentals in a year and €1,000 of spending.  The benefits are not huge:

priority car availability

a free extra driver on every trip (already a free benefit if you book via the BA Avis website)

a complimentary vehicle upgrade whenever possible

voucher for a free European weekend rental after your 3rd rental

You can find out more about the different Avis status levels on their website here.

You can claim your Preferred Plus status by following the link on this page.  There is also a notional ‘20% discount’ for Priority Pass members although this may not beat other partner rates such as the BA one.

Comments (174)

  • Anon says:

    My experience of refund from BA is abysmal.
    Cancelled flight followed by downgrade. Multiple emails to chase avios owed and taxes. Finally after six emails avios sorted. Continually ignored request for difference in taxes back. Phoned up, eventually agreed to sort out. Several weeks later still waiting for 15£ to hit my account. Pathetic from BA. Of course no compensation, but why should I have to fight for overpayment to be returned. It’s theft otherwise…

  • Bagoly says:

    Most of mine have been OK, but I had one where the cash came quickly but the miles took multiple chasing, Customer Services claiming that it was “with the Avios department”, and in the end I got back 10,000 less than I should have done.

  • Paul says:

    I was Avis Preferred Plus last year, and got the ‘upgrade’ two out of four rentals, subject to availability seems to mean no by default in some places, however still worth a go. Tried the link from Priority Pass, but apparently my email address already exists in database, good, and promotional code was not recognised, not so good. I’ll try emailing Avis, see what they say…

    • Mark says:

      ditto re trying to use the priority pass promo code… I will also call and post what the advice is as soon as I know…

    • AT says:

      Would be very interested to hear if it is possible to link an existing avis account to the priority pass Plus level.

  • Aliks says:

    I book cars reasonably often but have almost never found Avis, Hertz etc to be competitive with the consolidators like or HolidayAutos. The difference in prices quoted is often 40% so any special Avis deal that comes with a credit card barely makes a dint.
    Am I missing something or is Avis only for when the company is paying?

    • Claire says:

      Try booking Avis through the BAEC, booking direct is always dearer for some reason.

      • David says:

        When you factor in the free additional driver (assuming you need one) booking as you say through is usually a winner. Avios too!

        • Worzel says:


          We burnt some miles on Avis car rental-Zante, June this year. Despite a free additional driver specified at the point of booking, the agent at the airport office wouldn’t have it………

        • sunguy says:

          Never been an issue, plus (at least in the USA), your legal husband/wife is also allowed to drive anyway(with Avis)…….even if not specified on the hire agreement.


          You should have pressed it with Avis directly – and armed yourself with all the paperwork including a print out of the benefits page plus your Reservation confirmation

          The exact wording on the confirmation is:

          “Please note – although the cost is displayed, if you are an Executive Club Member you will receive one free additional driver per rental as part of your partnership benefits”

          Any Avis employee who cant be bothered understanding this requires to be told by their call centre to honor it!

    • swhostring says:

      Europcar gives you free cancellation up to 48hrs before rental (& is usually cheapest with a discount code/ c/b). C/b pays fast so even if you have to cancel you’ll have c/b in the bank.

      • George says:

        Where do you find these discounts for Europcar? Every time I’ve ever needed to rent from them short notice they’ve been looking at £300/day for a compact. I have a corporate rate with Avis which is good for Premiums but nothing has really beaten the retail ‘3 for 2’ weekend deal Avis do for me – £66 for a brand new Golf for three days is pretty good, in my book.

        • swhostring says:

          Booking at short notice – Europcar may not be cheapest. Book ahead and check for discount codes, you can always cancel first booking FOC.

          Try the £1 one-way deals, availability opened up a lot this year, I guess Europcar have worked out it’s saving them decent money on low loaders

          Site running smoothly today after initial 30 seconds set-up

        • Rob says:

          Yes, I mean – if you’re paying more than £20 per day for a UK car rental you’re doing something wrong. Even when Hertz wanted £100 per day over a recent Bank Holiday, an identical bookings via Hertz Australia and using the Amex Plat CDP code to remove the insurance got it down to £20.

        • Darren says:

          Last week I had an issue with Europcar, didn’t have my original card with me from the booking, had a bit a hassle with the collection staff who insisted that my booking was void and wouldn’t give me a car. They also said I wasn’t due for a refund as it was my fault.

          They wanted x3 of the original cost to take a car on a new booking. So after a quick search on my phone for a last minute booking I found Expedia we’re doing Europcar!!! for less than half the price they quoted!

          Got a shuttle from their site to another in the town and picked up the car, happy days.

          A few days later checking my Amex acc. had a refund from the original booking. All good in the end.

        • George says:

          @Rob – this is something I’ve never fully understood. I have Amex Plat and assumed it was to be used alongside the standard ‘CDW’ insurance on a rental, so I’ve never paid for topups in the UK/EU. Does it actually entitle me to remove the insurance altogether if there’s a valid route for doing this? I’ve had a dig through your post archives but not found a great deal about it.

          I’ve never really understood the limit so particularly when renting in the USA I always plum for the full insurance package lest I have a problem!

          @Swhostring – I love the one ways with Europcar, and use them whenever I need to get to an airport. For base-to-base though I seem to end up with £50 a day even when booked clear in advance, and then they always bring me out a tiny little Kia – a far cry from my (nearly) guaranteed Golf from Avis!

          Many thanks all

          • Rob says:

            There is a legal minimum level of insurance in most countries – except the US I think – which you cannot remove. Some firms tend to bundle in more than this in their base pricing and the Plat CDP should strip this off.

        • pauldb says:

          I always check my bookings on Orbitz which will give you US customer rates with no insurance, often cheaper. Never had a problem (bookings for US, Europe and NZ).

  • Memesweeper says:

    One thing to watch with BA cancellations is, although you can do them online, if you do so within 24 hours of your original booking you may be overcharged. Call up within 24 hours and your cancellation is often entirely free of charge.

  • Gumshoe says:

    Influential travel blogger gets good service from BA shocker.

    • Dumbshoe says:

      Oh you mean like the time his toddler son got denied boarding at Dubai? Eye on the ball there Gumshoe … PMSL

    • Rob says:

      We have never, ever, had anything from BA. Do you see us on the ‘party’ launch flights on new routes? No. Do I get free BA status as some journalists do? No. I’ve only been in Waterside once and that was just a mate showing me round.

  • Mrs M says:

    Virgin is atrocious. We had booked Delta codeshare revenue flights booked in J for the West Coast next year and had to cancel after Delta sent us the third major flight change – it took 26 days to get a refund. I was told the average is 45 days – it was only at the threat of making a chargeback on the payment that they relented and fast tracked the refund.

  • Waribai says:

    Agreed. BA for me have always refunded promptly. Virgin though we’re shocking when I cancelled a fully flex business flight. Cancelled online and didn’t hear anything not even an email acknowledgment. Phoned up a week later and it turned out the booking was still live. Got it cancelled then 10 days later still no refund. Called up customer service and was told that there was a backlog so I should be patient. 10 days later I was told the same again. By this time I was in warrior mode so emailed Craig directly plus the new incoming CEO. I then found the direct dial for refunds on that parents Disney forum. Once I phoned them up they were very quick and the money was back in a few days but the whole experience was a real eye opener for me!