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New GWR rail lounges opened in Truro and Penzance for sleeper passengers

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New GWR rail lounges have opened in Truro and Penzance.

We had a bit of a spurt a couple of years ago reviewing rail lounges across the UK.  My favourite is the GWR First Class lounge at Paddington reviewed here.  Here are reviews of Virgin Trains Manchester lounge, Virgin Trains Liverpool lounge and Virgin Trains London Easton lounge.  The old Virgin East Coast lounge at Kings Cross – which is unchanged under LNER – is reviewed here.

New GWR lounges at Truro and Penzance reports via Twitter that GWR has opened two new lounges in Penzance and Truro.  These are only for sleeper train passengers and have a lounge with showers & complimentary tea, coffee, juice and snacks.  This is all part of the new look Night Riviera Sleeper service which you can read about here.

There are some photos from seat61 of the Penzance lounge here.

Comments (53)

  • Amit says:

    Has anyone tried the sleeper? How is it?

    • John says:

      It’s ok if you get a new carriage, a bit expensive even on advance tickets

      • Alex Sm says:

        My partner and I went to Cornwall a few years ago on a seater train and back on a sleeper. The price was the same – £35pp each way, so I guess a bargain, no?
        I was impressed that each passenger had a seat in the lounge AND a berth in a compartment in an adjacent carriage! Also, as we arrived at Paddington very early (5am), we were allowed to sleep until 6am, then they served a FREE breakfast and we had to vacate the train by 7am. Then we could go to the lounge (Rob recently reviewed it here) to have another cup of coffee with a biscuit. Even saw a government minister there waiting for his train. In summary: the trip was a great value and great service. Hope it is still the case!

    • flyforfun says:

      I went on the Cornish Riviera service a long time ago, so I’m hoping it’s had a make oversince. Bunk beds in the cabin a loo at the end of the carriage. Preferred that overnight journey to Penzance than the 5 hour day journey back up that seem to just drag.

  • Graham Walsh says:

    Who actually needs a membership card? Waste of time.

    • The Original Nick says:

      I see them as a form of ID which could come in handy.

    • Andreas says:

      +1 haven’t used a bag tag in years either

    • Marcw says:

      In this digital world, probably no one,

    • Shoestring says:


    • Wivus says:

      Come in useful with the icy mornings arriving and my old windscreen scraper having more divots than Poulters back garden.

    • h2d says:

      Two spring to mind for me: Get a lot of push back with the free upgrade for GGL on HEX without the card, and I have been to a few overseas lounges where they demanded the physical card as well as my digital BA ticket

      • Graham Walsh says:

        Wow, never knew that. Will chuck into my bag then. Just come home and my silver card arrived along with my Eithad luggage tags.

        • Lumma says:

          I had to show proof of my silver status when entering the Cathay lounge in T3 a couple of weeks ago as American Airlines boarding passes don’t show the frequent flyer number in full.

          I could’ve shown them the in app card I suppose but this was easier at the time

        • Nicky says:

          Yes I received my Etihad luggage tags this week, was really surprised as I had forgotten all about them. Turned up on the same day as my new silver card – but noted the absence of the silver luggage tags from BA: another cutback?

    • Chuckstar says:


    • Lady London says:

      Can be useful at outstations if systems are not showing the correct information or if a sub-contracted check-in person does not know how to find it in the systems. USA in particular.

    • ChrisC says:

      Physical cars is handy when your phone battery has died on you or you don’t want to wave your phone about or give it to someone to look at and risk them dropping it.

      Was very handy when I was at ORD and used it to show I had access to AA Flagship check-in. The door minder took my card to check with a colleague i certainly wouldn’t have let her take my phone.

    • AndyGWP says:

      I’ve had US lounges who have wanted the physical card before from me

  • David S says:

    Does this mean that at long last BA have moved to only 3 tiers of cards ?

    • ChrisC says:

      BA hasn’t longer issue physical blue cards for a while now. Same as many other airlines – no physical card sent to basic members but you can print one off from your BAEC account.

      The tiers have remained the same

  • Eduardo says:

    I’ll make sure I carry a handkerchief with me to cover up my card

  • Chris A says:

    So sorry that this has probably been asked a million times but I can’t quickly find the answer…do you get the 20k bonus when upgrading from Amex gold credit card to platinum charge card (as was the case when gold was a charge card)?

  • Nick says:

    “With the help of Cornwall council”…
    How does Harry feel about his taxes being used to pay for lounges to be built?!

  • Shoestring says:

    Don’t miss checking out the Ryanair sale, genuinely cheap on routes that often don’t get discounted much (mine for starters!)

    • the_real_a says:

      I also realised that skyscanner does not show any of the sale fares! So got a nice suprise at booking time.

      • Shoestring says:

        Glad you found a goodie! 🙂

        Shame about these kids or I’d have grabbed a couple of cheap returns, I priced them at under £50 rtn on useful dates (as cheap as £30) – when you can’t normally get them for under £140 (from Bristol).

        • Peter K says:

          The problem with Ryanair at the moment (as compared to the usual ones) is whether they are actually going to fly or if strikes will hit your flight.

  • MKB says:

    Virgin’s Liverpool Lime Street lounge has moved twice since your review. The latest opened a couple of weeks ago and is now upstairs by the departure boards where the pub used to be.