Book now – Hilton has launched its Winter Sale for weekend stays into mid-2019

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Hilton has launched its Winter Sale with decent weekend deals across Europe, Africa and Middle East.

Full details are on the Hilton website here.

The sale offers up to 25% off the standard Best Available Rate if you are a Hilton Honors member.

That said ….. basing the ‘25% saving’ on the Best Available Bed & Breakfast rate is not exactly fair. Sale rates are non refundable so it is cheeky to compare them to a refundable rate but these deals do usually offer a saving on the usual ‘advanced purchase’ price. Full pre-payment needs to be made at time of booking.

Hilton winter sale

This rate is only available for weekend stays between 2nd November 2018 and 29th May 2019 and must be booked by 31st January 2019.

Included is, for example, the gorgeous Hilton Paris, which Anika reviewed here, for £201 per night instead of £269 on 15th December 2018. As I said above, £269 is actually the ‘refundable’ price so it is not a true comparison, but the difference between the refundable and non-refundable price is usually only 10% or so. During sale periods it is, in theory, larger.

The 25% savings are for Hilton Honors members only. The normal sale discount rate is 15%. If you aren’t a Hilton Honors member – very unlikely I admit if you are a regular HFP reader! – you can sign up when booking your stay.

Sale offers will work alongside the current Hilton Honors bonus points promotion. You earn double base points on all stays up to 3rd January 2019. You can find out more in this HFP article and you can register here.

Hilton winter sale

Don’t forget Hilton’s generous status match offer

If you have top or mid-tier status with another hotel loyalty scheme, Hilton will match it for 90 days and give you an opportunity to keep it for longer.

Details of how you can claim your status match are in this article. You will keep your Diamond or Gold status until March 2020 if you successfully complete the challenge.

Top-tier Diamond status comes with guaranteed Executive Lounge access and (on request) late check-out at most brands. If you have status elsewhere that you can match, and can pick up a sale deal at a property with a decent lounge, you should get a good deal.

Full sale details and the booking site are here.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. I am currently Diamond and have been accepted for a status match. If I only manage four stays will I be eligible for Gold? Thanks

  2. Genghis says:

    “Top-tier Diamond status comes with guaranteed Executive Lounge access and 4pm check-out at most brands”. I thought late check out is subject to availability and a time is not specified?

  3. Hilton have a points sale on also. 100% bonus on buying 10k points and above for me (amount is personalised)

    yearly cap on points buying is also increased

    • My account is saying I’ve reached my purchase limit even though I’ve only bought 15,000 (with 12,000 bonus) – is this right?

      • My OH’s account is offering 80% bonus. I might go for this as the Embassy suites in Manhattan which I quite like for next May is 70,000 points per night but over $500 cash price.

        • Genghis says:

          Aren’t you better off with Conrad for 80k? Breakfast worth 10k for Gold+ for two but I guess it depends where you’d like to be.

        • Genghis says:

          Apologies. Lack of knowledge on free breakfast for all at ES

        • I’ll have a look at the Conrad. Embassy suites have really big rooms for NYC though, plus in room coffee machine, fridge etc.

        • Conrad is all-suite, so the rooms are large there, too.

      • It should be 80k per year (excl bonus) but it’s currenyly 160k

  4. I booked some Hilton hotels for next August a couple of weeks back, all of them are weekend stays but not one is cheaper in this so called sale.

    • The sale is for stays until 29th May!

    • That’s the usual pattern IME but this time I got caught out; I had a booking that is cheaper in the sale, thankfully only £8 and only one night.

  5. Sorry if this is a daft question – I’ve looked at a few dates in March for Syon Park, and it’s pricing up very differently depending on whether I book for 1 person or for 2 people. Have Hilton always done this and I’ve somehow never noticed?

    • I never book for one, even when travelling alone. That way you can invite friends or colleagues for meeting over breakfast and to the lounge. Booking for 1 adult and 1 or more children can also a pitfall as I found in the past booking for my sister and her kids.

      • As I understand it the honors programme extends your benefits to an second person in the room at the same cost. So I nearly always book for one! In Japan for example, redemption rates are higher for two than for one so you can make savings and use the honors rulebook (not that it was ever questioned – even allows you to add in additional guest names on your reservation).

        • Can anyone else confirm this? If I book for one, will I get away with bringing a second person along at breakfast (and to the spa) or will they tell me off?
          I normally book for 2 for this reason BJ, but I don’t want to pay loads more to be able to bring a friend if I don’t have to!

      • Teacher says:

        ‘tell me off’ ?

        its not a primary school, its a hotel.

  6. I currently have 115k Hilton points and will be Diamond next year. Looking at purchasing another 110k using the 100% bonus offer to give me 225k for $550. In the past I managed to get 5 nights at the Sorrento Palace for this, what do you all think the chances of achieving the same for Malta would be?

  7. Brighton Belle says:

    I had 10 bookings. Not one is cheaper in the “sale”. I hoped the Amex £50 offer might help but my next EU destination city Prague isn’t included. You really have to check your intended destination will trigger the £50. Plus many UK hotels don’t have a Biz Lounge so you won’t get much as a Diamond over and Amex Platinum Benefit Gold. Some hotels might offer a drinks voucher instead if you’re lucky. On 3 separate stays at the Brighton Metropole they refused.

    • Jovanna says:

      Use the ‘Stay Feedback’ in the App to complain. I complained about the queue at reception, at Brighton, tocoolect my room keys. Plus they messed up with room service. Manager refunded half the cost of my stay.

  8. Slightly related, doubt I will have enough stays to maintain Gold past the spring, but I’ve spent more than £10k on the Visa, how do I check that takes precedence over the qualifying stays?

    • When I fist got the visa I wasn’t given Silver but contacted CS and they amended it, so you could always try that route. I’m gold via Platinum till March 2020 though, that can be a better way!

      • Thanks, will maybe phone them, they’ve been good to me in the past on retaining status, it’s certainly encouraged me to put vast majority of bookings with them.

      • Mr(s) Entitled says:

        I’ve just updated my status (I was already gold) via this route last week. Is there a way to check if my gold expiration has been reset to Mar 2020? All I can see online is my progress for 2018/19 and what implication that has.

        • There doesn’t seem to be anywhere online where they display this. I contacted CS about mine as they were doing some sort of offer of nearly 2 years membership when I got Amex Platinum. They emailed back saying that my gold status runs till March 2020 so I’ve kept the email in case the status disappears before then!

        • Mr(s) Entitled says:

          Thanks – I’ve sent them an email.

    • Mine didn’t show up anywhere but auto adjusted correctly from diamond to gold

  9. I think calling ‘Hilton Paris’ gorgeous is stretching it significantly, there was nothing gorgeous about it when we stayed there for a night on Oct 27 in Executive room. The only nice feature was the lobby bar, the rest was quite shabby and with a very average and vastly overcrowded breakfast – can’t imagine what’s it like in high season.

    • Genghis says:

      My wife and I really enjoyed Hilton Paris Opera last year in a Junior Suite. The lounge was busy in the evening but the breakfast was very good with a slice-your-self iberico ham leg.

  10. Don’t forget to try the public sector discount code of PR11PN

    • I’ve never found an available hotel for that offer!

    • RussellH says:

      Do they check for you actuallly working in the public sector? Would they accept a public sector pension?

      • The hotel may ask for your ID and refuse to honour the rate if you can’t produce it.

      • I use the code often. Have never been asked for proof. It also comes with breakfast incl so you can switch your preference to bonus points instead of bkfst as your status benefit

  11. If I am IHG Ambassador, does that match across as a status match , and if so, to what level do we know?

  12. Have been tracking the prices of a Seychelles hotel – it’s become more expensive in this sale. Lowest bookable rate was previously €309/night, now it’s €316/night. The sale rate is B&B but I would have had breakfast free anyway as I’m Gold. The standard advance purchase rate is no longer available to book.

    Unfortunately I also only have the 80% bonus on points. Probably would have been a buyer at 100%.

    • Me too. The pre-sale price for my dates was €273 for standard room on Hilton Honors rate. Bed&Breakfast was €309. Then on Monday the breakfast rate jumped to €341. It is now showing €333 for room only and B&B is now at €273. It makes no sense and it’s seems it’s just a way to confuse the customer, so they book a higher rate. I am gold, so don’t need breakfast either. I also only have 80% bonus on my account and the other half as well. I would actually buy them if it was 100% and finalise my stay, but in the end I might ditch Hilton and go with another option.

    • My advice, for what it’s worth, don’t bother with the Hiltons on the Seychelles. Go to Praslin and La Digue – they’re absolutely stunning. Find a fabulous Airbnb, or one of the many gorgeous hotels on Then go to Raffles on Praslin and order the Wagyu beef burger, or Domain de L’Orangeraie on La Digue, if you fancy a lovely day by a stunning pool, with a fancy restaurant. Otherwise go to anse Volbert, anse Georgette and anse Lazio on Praslin, or anse Pierrot, Anse Source de L’Argent, Anse Cocos, Anse Marron and many, many more on La Digue. Trust me, the beaches at all three Hiltons don’t even come close to being a patch on any of those beaches, nor do any of the nearby beaches.

      • dgsupersonic says:

        Hi Cat, any top picks on alternative hotels?

        • Depends on budget – if feeling particularly flush, or on honeymoon, go for Constance Lemuria or Raffles on Praslin. Le Domaine de La Reserve looks stunning. If you want to go for a B&B, l’Hirondelle looks lovely, I really liked staying at Aquario villas the year before last – it’s dirt cheap and very pleasant, quite close to anse Volbert and its very easy to get to anse Lazio from. Les Lauriers is supposed to be great too, and right by anse Volbert (it’s not the pin-up stunner beach of the island, but it comes a close third after Georgette and Lazio).
          For La Digue Casa La Deela looks lovely, and is close to the nicer beaches on the island. I stayed at Rising Sun, which was cheap and cheerful, and right in the thick of things, and Jml apartments, which I wouldn’t touch with a bargepole again! Make sure you go to the Bellevue restaurant – it’s gorgeous! The sunset views are stunning, and the food is divine.
          Have an amazing time! I can’t even describe to you just how beautiful it is over there!

      • Thanks – We were hoping to try out the Hilton Labriz for the “private island” feeling (the proper private islands are out of our budget!). We’ve visited Seychelles before and we spent most of our time on Prasin and La Digue, so maybe we will do that again. Really loved La Digue in particular. We did enjoy a two night stay at the Hilton Northolme last time using our free Visa nights. But as you say, not great for beaches.

        • Thanks Cat. We booked 5 nights already on Praslin in a villa with direct beach access. A bargain of £25 per night after transfering CC points to The full
          price was nearly £300 a night. We are going to do a day trip to La Digue from there. Then we will spend 4 nights on Mahe. We’ll be renting a car on both islands as we like to explore. I was thinking of going to Doubletree rather then Hilton Northolme. The beach looked terrible at Northolme. Would you not recommend DoubleTree at all? We are just looking for a good base with a beach if we feel lazy in the mornings. Is the beach not good at all there? Don’t want to spend too much on accommodation. Also not looking for private island feel.

        • I honestly can’t emphasise enough just how easy it is to feel like you’re on a private island on La Digue Gavin (and Meta – seriously, La Digue is regarded by most people as the most beautiful, it’s worth spending a few nights to explore, especially if you like bouldering and hiking). My favourite beach is the incomparably glorious anse Pierrot, which requires a bit of a swim or a wade with a dry bag to get round the headland, but most days I had it to myself (during peak season), with the occasional hiking / bouldering group coming back through. I travel with my hammock, so I’d string that up between palm trees for when the sun got too intense around noon. Go and come back within 2-3 hours either side of high tide. If anyone wants to see my photos of anse Pierrot or other beaches, let me know, and I can get Rob to swap email addresses, or you can temporarily befriend me (Cat Downie) on Facebook, and I’ll tag you on the photos. Seriously, these places need to be seen to be believed…

        • Oh, and the Doubletree is pleasant enough, but if you’re on your way back home after La Digue and Praslin, it will look like Skegness beach in comparison! Your standards will be forever changed, and all future beaches will be ruined!
          I got back to Mahe 24 hours before my intercontinental flight (in case of storms and boat cancellations, it seemed sensible) then spent the day at the Doubletree for a spa and lunch package. It was nice, but not a patch on the beaches I’d seen beforehand. The massage was good.
          Also, Les Lauriers is great for dinner, and *DO NOT TAKE THE FERRY FROM MAHE IN AUGUST*. Unless twin prop flights terrify you, fly to Praslin – the seas are mad in the summer, and video the approach into Praslin Airport – its breathtaking.

      • That’s very useful info. Thanks. Lots of food for thought. At the moment we only have one way flight from Mahe to Praslin sorted and was waiting on finalising booking accommodation… This is mainly points funded trip and we’ll be flying CW with Lloyds voucher on the way there and on the way back we are going to Ras & Abu Dhabi from where we’ll fly Etihad 1st class apartment. This is entirely thanks to the tricks learned on this site over the last what 10 years?

        • Wow, it does sound like you’ve planned this perfectly! It’s incredibly difficult to get award seats to or from the Seychelles (if you didn’t have a large enough stash of miles when BA launched the new route)!
          Which villa are you in on Praslin?
          Ooh, one other bit of advice – all beaches are public access, but if you want to go to Georgette (and you should, I have video footage of my friends swimming with 3 dolphins when they turned up just metres from one of the most glorious beaches in the world, it had just finished raining and we had journeyed there in the rain, hoping that we would have the place to ourselves for an hour or so. As it turns out, it was just the 6 of us – 3 humans, 3 cetaceans), you either have to hike there on one of various trails – wikiloc is great for finding the way, or you need to book with the Constance Lemuria. They only allow a small number of people to walk through their grounds to the beach each day – phone to book a week in advance.

  13. Any idea when Asia properties go on such a sale?

  14. I hate Hilton sales, because they always put the BAR up and rates which are based on discounting that then cost more. Shows what a big scam it is!

  15. Any idea if I might trigger the £50 off £250 Hilton Amex offer with prepaid stays for next year, given they should take payment immediately? Granted, the offer terms state “Book, pay at hotel checkout and stay by 31 December 2018.”

    • It will be fine if the payment is taken now, but the hotel may try to be ‘helpful’ and not actually charge you immediately.

      • Just call to ask and they will for sure charge! Its often possible on a Flex too.

        FOM I know, is well aware of Amex promos.

      • Okay great – was just slightly concerned by the “stay by 31 December 2018”, but I guess they can’t/won’t try to tell…

    • Brighton Belle says:

      Booked 2 advance purchase in London for next year. Billed to my Amex card and the £50 rebate credited about 5 days later.

  16. OT but Hilton related: Which hotel would you recommend in Istanbul? We are 2 adults and 2 kids. I am a Diamond so interested in one with Executive Lounge but there are quite a few. Just staying for a couple of nights.

    • johnny_c-l says:

      The Conrad is nice with decent lounge and a reasonable location. Not sure about Hilton Bosphorus as I’ve not stayed there, but location is good so worth checking out. Doubletree Sirkeçi is great location for the main sights but don’t think there is a lounge.

      Hilton Maslak lounge is outstanding with brilliant staff however the location not good if you’re there for tourism.

  17. I am Hilton diamond and have been for a couple of years, but I don’t have status with another programme – Is there any way to get this extended to 2020 with the status match? As I’m not sure I’ll hit the stays next year.

    Although this is great for those that don’t currently have status with Hilton, it’s not particularly rewarding for those that at loyal, I do appreciate that this isn’t the aim of the promotion…

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