Flybe launches a ‘double Avios’ promo – and learn about their new loyalty strategy

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Flybe is launching a new ‘double Avios’ Black Friday promotion today.  I sat down to discuss it with Flybe’s new Head of Loyalty, Oliver Ross, last week – I know Oliver from his previous role at Avios – and he also shared some ideas about how he sees Flybe’s frequent flyer efforts developing.

How many Avios do I earn with Flybe?

Before I get onto Flybe’s Black Friday offer, let’s remind ourselves of how the earning rate has changed recently.

From 1st October, you are now earning 50% more Avios on most Flybe tickets.

Historically the cheaper ‘Just Fly’ and ‘Get More’ ticket types on Flybe earned 2 per £1 / €1 spent. ‘All In’ flexible tickets earned 4 per £1 / €1.  That distinction has now gone and all tickets now earn 3 Avios per £1 / €1 spent on the fare (excluding APD).

This new rate applies to ALL flights taken from 1st October irrespective of when you booked them.  If you receive the old rate of 2 Avios per £1 then you should drop Flybe a note.

As well as the base fare, you can also earn Avios on whatever you pay for hold luggage, standard and extra leg room and preassigned seating.

3 Avios per £1 is generous, in my view.  On routes where Flybe and BA compete at London City, you are likely to earn more Avios taking Flybe given that the cheapest British Airways economy tickets only earn 125 Avios!  You won’t earn tier points on Flybe however.  You can find out more on the Flybe website here.

Flybe double avios promotion

Earn double Avios with Flybe’s Black Friday offer

From today, earning with Flybe is twice as attractive.

You will earn double Avios (6 per £1 on the ex-APD fare) on all bookings made from today, Sunday 18th November, to midnight on Sunday 9th December.

You must travel between tomorrow (Monday 19th) and 31st January 2019.

Given how few Avios you earn on most British Airways economy flights these days, especially for non-status members, this could work out well.  A £200 return ticket should earn over 1,000 Avios after the APD adjustment.

Unlike the current British Airways ‘double Avios’ offer, which we covered here, you do not need to register for the Flybe offer.  More importantly, you are not restricted to just 10 flights.  The Flybe ‘double Avios’ covers every booking you make before 9th December as long as you fly before 31st January.

You can see where Flybe flies from your local airport on their route map which is here.

How do I make sure I get my Avios?

You cannot use a British Airways Executive Club number with Flybe.  It must be a 3081-style account number of the sort which works at  You can then use ‘Combine My Avios’ to move them into your British Airways account.

If you still know your (now closed) Avios Travel Rewards Programme number, you should be OK using that for a limited period until the accounts fully disappear – the points will flow through to your British Airways account eventually.

If that is not the case, or you don’t want to risk your points disappearing in transit, you can open a new Avios account via Flybe.  This will not be closed down and it will allow you to continue using the platform.

You can sign-up at this page of the Flybe website.

Due to IT issues on the platform, you MUST use a different email address to the one you used for your old Avios Travel Rewards Programme account.  This will not stop you being able to transfer points to/from Iberia Plus or British Airways Executive Club.

If you already have an account via Vueling Club or Aer Lingus AerClub then you can also use that 3081-prefixed account number to collect Avios with Flybe.  Alternatively, open a new account via the Flybe link above – this will have the advantage of ensuring you receive Flybe Avios newsletters.

Flybe double Avios promotion

What is else is Flybe planning in the loyalty space?

When I met with Oliver Ross last week he was keen to talk, in broad terms, about what is planned for 2019 as part of the loyalty strategy he is developing for the airline.  He has only been in the job for a few weeks so the exact details are still to be firmed up.

Firstly, he was keen to let HFP readers know that Flybe’s crackpot retro-claim policy for missing Avios will be changed!

The current system gives you a 10-day window to claim missing points.  You can only claim between 30 and 40 days from your return flight.  This is not a cunning plan to stop you getting your points but an IT shortcoming.  Flybe is moving onto a new IT platform soon and this restriction will then disappear.  You will soon be able to claim missing Avios for up to 6 months after travel.

Secondly, another upside from the new IT platform will be the ability to add your Avios number at more stages during the booking, MMB and flight process.  This should ensure fewer flights need retro-claiming.

Thirdly, Flybe is taking more control of its loyalty marketing.  If you are a registered Flybe customer with Avios, you should now be receiving monthly newsletters covering special promotions, new partners and developments at the airline.

Longer term, there is going to be a separate loyalty recognition element launched during 2019.

This will allow you to earn status with Flybe – whilst continuing to receive Avios on your flights – and receive special benefits.  Oliver and I had a long discussion over what may and may not work well here (feel free to post your ideas in the comments if you are a Flybe regular, he will read them) given the nature and size of the airline.

For clarity, as Flybe is not in oneworld, there will be no benefits when flying British Airways for Flybe top tier members.  We did, however, have an interesting chat where I suggested that it could benefit Flybe to give some equivalent benefits to British Airways Gold and Silver members when flying with Flybe.  This is not unheard of – you may remember that Aer Lingus, before it was bought by BA’s parent IAG, used to allow British Airways Gold members to use its lounges.

There is a lot going on at Flybe on the Avios and loyalty side, which we will cover on Head for Points as it rolls out.  In the short term, don’t forget that the double Avios promotion is now live at and valid for bookings made by 9th December for travel until 31st January.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. I have flown 11 round trips on Flybe this year and IIRC only one of them has auto-posted the Avios – the rest I’ve had to retro claim despite providing my Avios number at the time of booking. If they sort that, I’ll definitely hang some flags out!

  2. I have the same problem with FlyBe, having to retrospectively claim the points in the ridiculously difficult time window.

    Admittedly I’ve not tried too hard, but I haven’t been able to find anyone at FlyBe who can explain why this keeps happening and what if anything they are doing about it.

    • +1 (and hat tip to Rob for the fine use of the word ‘crackpot’ – cheered me right up I can tell you)

  3. The IT system may mean that’s the only simple way for them to add Avios, I can’t believe it forces them to do this though.

    Surely the only way that can be true is if the only way Flybe can verify who took their flights is in the 30-40 day window. I.e. until a month afterwards they have no idea who flew with them, then ten days after that the data is deleted forever.

    • Mr(s) Entitled says:

      Agreed. I’ve a lot of time for Flybe but whatever corner they have painted themselves into with their IT I can’t imagine there is no other solution. Only perhaps solutions they are unwilling to implement.

      Given their known and notorious inability to credit legitimate miles the article reads like it gives them an easy ride on this point. I hope over the discussion it was pushed back harder.

      Great news that there is a fix on the way however and 3 points per £ (6 per £ in the promo) is worthy of attention. If you ever get them.

    • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

      I also strongly suspect that there’s a relatively low number of root causes preventing the points from posting. Assuming that they are retaining the data they need, I would have thought that they could have set up a batch process to identify accounts with missing points and credit them ‘manually’. Not an ideal technical solution compared to fixing the underlying issue(s), but at least makes it right for the customer.

  4. Oliver, welcome to your new role and i do hope you can make a difference, as a regular loyal customer (over 100 flights per year for the last 4 years) here is what I would like to see;

    Reinstatement of the rear steps to all planes – removed to save fuel costs, however on flight from London City to Exeter you always need to add ballast so there was no need to remove the rear steps, it also takes a lt longer to board/disembark so would speed up time

    The Flbye App to let you check in directly rather than redirect you to the website

    No-one I know who flies witth flybe (there are about 20 regulars who fly to London, Manchester and Jersey) care about the avios points or about loyalty programmes so I would not launch one as it caters for the minority not the majority

    What they care about is the flight sales, you will see there are many people who when the last sale was on (October) booked 6 months worth of flights, therefore i would focus on something like a coffee shop, book 10 flights and get 50% off of your next flight booking, the loyal customers would appreciate that

    Do not make it the responsibility of the customer to phone up and make a claim when the flight is cancelled email them straight away and let them know they are getting compensation, I now use a compensation company as dealing with flybe customer services is too painful

    I have many more suggestions and if you wish please do reach out to me (you will see I fly every week from Exeter to London City)

    • You are probably right, I think most people fly flybe because they have to rather than because they want to. With BA you can kind of play a game of where can I go (provided you live near London) but I doubt anyone looks as the flybe destinations from their local airport and chooses one randomly on a whim

      • You can if you live (say) somewhere near Southampton. Less so admittedly if you’re in Doncaster.

    • pretty damning that you use a compensation company because FlyBE customer services are so awful !

      have you ever dealt with Iberia ?!

  5. Mark LLL says:

    Yes, the avios from Flybe flights simply do not post.

    Personally, have given up and no longer expect any points from Flybe/Stobart. I do not enjoy chasing up missing points and so they become forfeit.

    I do wish Oliver Ross all the best of luck, and hope it goes well for him and the airline.

    Fifty percent more / three avios per pound is good but when the points are routinely shy about making an appearance, such loyalty as could have been generated may instead perhaps be replaced by an increased distaste for the brand.

  6. We are flying in a few weeks on ba exec club avios flight with Flybe. Of course, I have lost the link that says luggage is included… Can anyone offer assistance?

  7. And what about the rubbish credit card……assuming the one in my drawer is still valid ?

    • Any news on the credit card ? Will they continue with it longer term

      • Didn’t seem to be any plans. One option I suggested would be a white label Lloyds card, basically the same as the normal Lloyds Avios Mastercard but with a Flybe logo, Flybe getting paid for sign ups and with a tiny residual based on spend.

        • 18 November 2018 at 11:25
          I notice that my Lloyds Avios Rewards Amex card is still working fine and that I have not yet received any letter from Lloyds giving me a termination date for it despite staff on the dedicated product change enquiry line originally telling me it would be axed and replaced by the Mastercard only version of the product in early November.

          So there seems to have been an indefinite stay of execution for at least the paying Lloyds Avios Amex customers for the time being. Perhaps they are discussing alternatives with Amex such as offering us an attractive conversion deal to the Amex Preferred Rewards Gold card instead?

        • I struggle to see why Lloyds would ever agree to do that…

  8. Introducing Reward Flight Saver on FlyBE flights would really add value to Avios redemptions.

    • I agree completely with this suggestion. Redemptions on flybe are close to pointless (pardon the pun!) but I would actually be very willing to spend Avios on them if they offered better value through lower charges.

      I also think they should make more of their catchment area. The fact SOU has a station on main lines (to Reading, Waterloo via Woking, as well as the south coast) means that it’s almost as easy for a lot of people who would normally not think twice about flying from Heathrow, yet there’s no promotion or even acceptance that this is the case. Yes the airport is a dive and desperately in need of modernisation, but it is quick, efficient and has a lovely PP lounge.

      • Agree. If heading to the south coast we often get a train to SOU, take the 60 second walk to Hertz and go from there. Easier than driving from London.

      • Lady London says:

        I am in London catchment area and could use flybe from SOU relatively easily using train connections. SOU has a reputation for being a nice airport, and efficient, and easy to reach. But every time I’ve looked at flybe the “taxes” as there is no RFS, have meant I’ve looked at cash fares instead, but found better value elsewhere for both miles and cash.

        I don’t travel at peak periods for the flights I’m looking at using flybe for, though. So I do have a number of alternatives.

        If Flybe would do RFS or something similar for very offpeak flights then I’d make a point of trying out SOU on 2 routes with them. A key reason is the lack of “big airport” hassle once I get there.

        • One of the issues of SOU is the privilege of paying more for your flight…..still worth going via LGW or LHR IMHO.

        • Shoestring says:

          I can get my head around London people *choosing* to be carless on money/ parking grounds.

          As we own 5 cars, I can’t really emphasise, though.

          Don’t you feel that you are left somehow impoverished, as in: you can’t just roll up to the car & go somewhere fun/ new/ interesting?

          Cars = freedom.

        • Shoestring says:

          Another proof that Cornwall is better.

    • Cuchlainn says:

      Hear hear from the currently soft Brexit side of the Irish Sea – extensively use Flybe from BHD for EMA and daughter at Uni in Loughborough. If booked early enough on Avios it comes in at 9K Avios and £55-65ish return. Cash price is crazy for such a short hop so RFS needed please.

  9. On my most frequent route they directly compete with Easyjet who offer GBP 6 To check in my cabin bag and also I’m a member of flight club. I can also use the price guarantee. With similar times I’ll therefore always choose easyjet. Flybe need to address this to win back my custom

  10. Ive always had trouble with avios crediting to my account when using Flybe. Isn’t there a time frame in which you have to have claimed by or they are gone?

  11. Slightly ot
    How does British airways birthday promotion work
    I got an email wishing me happy birthday offering a vague promotion. When I go to link it says it’s unavailable and I’m not eligible.


    • Is it you logged into BA? Try logging in first, then clicking the link. A number got 2018 avios.

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