Send your children on the British Airways work experience scheme

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If you have a child at school or sixth form college (not university), British Airways is currently accepting applications for its Summer 2019 work experience scheme.

Positions are available at Heathrow (customer facing, operations, engineering, Waterside HQ), Gatwick (customer facing and engineering), Glasgow (engineering) and Cardiff (engineering).  There is also a gliding scholarship in High Wycombe available.

British Airways work experience programme

There were 600 roles offered in 2018 and BA is promising to increase the number in 2019 as part of its 100th birthday celebrations.  Each placement lasts for five days and will require a week off school.

You can find out more on the British Airways careers website here.  The deadline to apply is Friday.

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  1. Does anyone know the minimum age for applicants for BA placements?

    • Year 10 so around 15 years old – on checking the detail of the opportunities it looks like BA has restricted applications to certain postcodes ‘in BA’s local community’ unless you have a relative that works for BA. Very inclusive! And they wonder why they cant get a diverse range of applicants going in for non CS roles.

      • I agree – looked at the Glasgow opportunities for my son and would have been happy to travel for a week – but they are looking for weegies only. Appallingly restrictive.

        • Isn’t it better to offer placements to local youths rather than the children of helicopter parents chauffeuring them in.

        • @Scott it depends on who else becomes excluded as a result of the policy, e.g east and south east london with higher levels of deprivation and low social mobility. Lots of easy ways to bring in or promote to young people from these areas for example by offering travel expenses and working with target schools (with high free school meals/pupil premium)

        • Actually Dale, they are looking for Buddies – the post code is all PAxx.

          So Paisley Buddies, rather than Weegies! You could start a gang war with that mistake!

          As it happens, one of the postcodes is Scotland’s most deprived area. But I bet no-one in it has even heard of the scheme to encourage youngsters to apply.

          We’ve put it on my airfield’s Facebook page, however, since we don’t offer work experience, and hopefully the message will get through to folk via relatives from south of Glasgow.

      • Huh? There’s a huge amount of diversity around BA’s bases. Perplexed by that statement I just checked Slough as an example, 55% non-white. What exactly do you mean by diverse?

        Not to mention it’s completely normal for work experience at companies to be for those living in the local area. It’s simpler, it fulfills a desire to be seen to be benefitting/supporting your local community and, as is already mentioned, there’s actually a much better chance of diversity as they won’t be competing with wealthy privileged kids from across the country.

        • Sorry what I mean specifically is diversity of both income and ethnic backgrounds If you look at the employment, education and income data from those areas. The indices of multiple deprivation provides a good measure when looking at social mobility. Non-white doesnt mean diverse, Slough i think has a large population of indian background, every stat points to high acheivers and low unemployment. My point is that no one should be excluded especially if the recruitment teams at BA are looking to increase diversity.

        • Slough clearly is ethnically diverse. Which isn’t even relevant anyway as Slough is just one town within the large catchment area – which is irrefutably ethnically diverse as a whole.

          As to income diversity, you do know there are lots of poor people living within wealthy areas? The catchment area is sufficiently large for there to be both ethnic and income diversity. It looks like you’re just trying to find criticism for the sake of it. It’s completely normal for companies to take local students for work experience. I’m sure they’d hope many of them would want to go on to work for BA, but it’s not a recruitment fair.

        • If you’re talking about poverty, 33.2% of Hounslow’s secondary pupils get deprivation pupil premium funding. This metric is a strong measure of unemployment, poverty and social mobility (or lack thereof). 33.2% is pretty high. That’s 4660 secondary pupils – perhaps Easyjet could offer a similar program for the many thousands of deprived kids in SE & E London.

  2. A word of warning here.
    If you buy a WT+ ticket from Amex they sometimes sell you a BT class fare instead of the T class your ticket will state it is.
    This then means you can not upgrade it to CW.
    Extremely poor behaviour from Amex and there is absolutely no indication it is a BT class fare on any screens or any documentation you receive – it is only when you contact BA to upgrade that they explain what Amex has done to screw you.

    This is not a case of not checking the class of what you are buying, it will say T-class all the way through and even on the tickets you are sent.

    Appalling behaviour.

    • Heinztein says:

      Stupid question but what is bt class?

      • The Original Nick says:

        Bulk Tour. I’ve never had a problem upgrading to CW when I’ve taken up this offer in the past though so maybe James was just a little unlucky.

      • Probably means IT class. IT is ‘inclusive tour’ which is a discounted flight ticket which is ONLY meant to be sold as part of a package holiday. Some unscrupulous travel agents sell them to the public and charge the ‘standard’ website price which gets them a MASSIVE profit on what you pay.

    • They are equally crap with Virgin. Their choice of flights is appalling and they recent downgraded a semi flex ticket to non flex when I changed it.

    • James it sounds clear to me that you have been mis-sold and Amex should be forced to refund you.

  3. Starlight says:

    Rob, looking at my offers it seems Centurion members are getting a repeat of last year’s offer which is £400 off a £1000 spend.

  4. Can we be certain that Amex will do the cash back on cumulative spend rather than insisting that £600 should be on a single transaction? Have never done this and just wanted to err on the side of caution.

    • Shoestring says:

      Yes (probably) – always works cumulatively. Amex CS staff will tell you different, they are wrong so don’t waste your time asking.

    • I can confirm that from recent personal experience it’s based on cumulative spend, on the Amex travel website, you can’t book a OW ticket along with a hotel stay in the same transaction. Therefore, I booked a hotel and a OW ticket separately and the offer triggered. I did make sure that the offer would trigger by confining with Amex CS via live chat.

      • Yes, we had to do the same for my OH biz trip, it triggered fine. We have both those offers and hope to use them.
        Their hotel prices are nearly always more than other OTAs but that’s to be expected! BA flights priced ok tho.

    • I successfully did 2 separate hotel bookings on the last one of these that ended only a few weeks ago.. and got the credit. It didn’t come through immediately and I didn’t get the e-mail, but it did post within a week or so.

  5. Thanks Rob,

    Managed to grab the £200 off £600 spend option but it was the only one visible.

    Many thanks for the heads up,

  6. Does the Amex cash back also trigger on bookings made over the ‘phone or just the website?

    • Only website, the whole idea is for cardholders to start using the website for travel bookings and not call in.

      • Although there is one exception — last year when this promotion was offered I wanted to book a multi-city routing that was more segments than the online booking tool would allow me to type in. In this circumstance AmEx agreed to apply the promotion to a phone booking because it was impossible to make the same booking via the website.


    Excellent, thanks for reporting this Rob.
    Checked my cards and had the £200 off £600 spend on my Platinum card, and £50 off £200 spend on my Gold card.
    I used both these offers just recently when they were available.


    One thing that is important to note is that with flights, Amex travel online will often only show fully flexible fares. so (I’m guessing here as I’ve never actually had to do it) booking cheaper ones would probably require a call to them.

    • The offer only applies to online spend looking at the terms listed under it, so I assume if you called them you wouldnt qualify for the offer.

    • I’ve booked plenty of non-flex fares online with Amex Travel.

      • Me to, booked one of the Virgin sale offers yesterday on a normal economy ticket (non flex)

  9. I’m glad to see the BA work experience focuses on wearing a hi-viz vest (as per photo) – I wonder if there are sessions with Cruz himself on how best to wear one, especially in an office during an IT crisis 😛

  10. Off topic: has anyone else got the bonus 1000 Avios for buying Avios via Clubcard under the recent promotion? They should’ve posted by 13th December at the latest according to the T&Cs, but still waiting for mine…not sure who to contact.

    • Quite a few people have mentioned not getting the bonus, including me! I imagine the Clubcard dept would be the one to chase up, I haven’t got round to it yet though I have been chasing Tesco generally over quite a few mistakes recently.

    • No! Will chase up today. The promo was from BAEC so will need to chase them I would assume.

      Has anyone received the 1000 Virgin miles from auto converting Tesco – offer was until 14/12.

    • I transfers £150 from my daughters account to Avios on 30th November, still no sign of the Avios 😡

    • I have transferred from my CC account to 3 BAEC accounts (same surname) which surprisingly worked. Still waiting for the 3 x 1000 bonus Avios

    • I’ve not had mine, and I specifically came trolling the comments today to see if anyone else had the same issue. Time to contact BAEC.

    • Further to this, a lovely chap from Tesco just called me about issues with my grocery delivery yesterday and I mentioned the bonus avios – he is looking into it and will get back to me!

    • I contacted Tesco Clubcard last week who said “nothing to do with them” and to contact BA. They gave me a phone number which turned out to be a reservation line anyway some 45 minutes on the phone registered my complaint and told it would be 7 days before I receive a reply. Does anyone have a direct line for BA executive club customer services?

      • The lovely Stuart has just called back and said that Tesco staff have had a memo stating that there has been a technical issue and that the bonus avios should be posted by Friday.

        Bonzo2 – it sounds like you got someone who just couldn’t be bothered!

      • Response from Tesco re 1000 bonus points.

        “I’m sorry, we’re experiencing a delay in processing Avios points due to an issue with the data flowing from our system and the Avios system.

        They will be added as soon as this is resolved.”

        That was last week and haven’t heard anything since.

        Kind regards
        Customer Care

  11. Nate1309 says:

    OT Looking at booking 4 nights at RC HK on points. Points are split between wife/my accounts. Would you book 2 nights each and try and link after? Or is there a way to combine the booking?
    …. I can’t stay the extra night for 5for4 sadly.

    • Book 2 nights each and then email the hotel to combine the booking! Never had an issue doing it this way before

      • When you make the booking, guest services will drop you an email offering Club access and a room upgrade for approx HK$2,000. You could get them to link the bookings at that stage.

        We took this offer when we stayed and were upgraded to a spectacular harbour view suite. The lounge is excellent and we could have quite happily lived off the food offerings – breakfast was spectacular. Might be a different proposition for a longer stay though as it’s around £200 per night and I’m sure the normal rooms are more than adequate.

        When you do stay, make sure you use the pool and visit the terrace at Ozone if it’s open – it’s a great hotel.

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