Singapore Airlines announces a mild KrisFlyer devaluation

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Singapore Airlines announced a modest devaluation of its KrisFlyer loyalty scheme yesterday.

This is relevant because KrisFlyer is a transfer partner with American Express Membership Rewards, HSBC Premier and Heathrow Rewards.  Singapore Airlines also restricts access to its premium seats to its airline partners, so your best of trying something like the amazing new A380 First Class Suite is via KrisFlyer.

(You can see our review of a tour of the new Singapore Airlines First Class Suite, including a video, in this HFP article.  The official website highlighting the new A380 is here.)

Overall the news is not too bad from a UK perspective:

Star Alliance redemptions are unchanged.  This means, in particular, that the ‘sweet spot’ redemption of 25,000 miles for a one-way Business Class ticket from the UK to the Middle East remains.

Premium redemptions between the UK and Singapore increase modestly.  One-way Business Class redemptions increase from 85,000 miles to 92,000 miles.  One-way First Class redemptions increase from 115,000 miles to 125,000 miles.

Premium redemptions on the New York to Frankfurt route increase modestly.  One-way Business Class redemptions increase from 65,000 miles to 72,000 miles.  One-way First Class redemptions increase from 76,000 miles to 86,000 miles.

Premium redemptions on the Manchester to Houston route increase modestly.  One-way Business Class redemptions increase from 65,000 miles to 72,000 miles. 

Singapore Airlines First Class suite

KrisFlyer is introducing some new features too:

It will be possible to upgrade from Economy to Business Class again.  When Premium Economy was introduced, this functionality was removed as only ‘one category’ upgrades were possible.

The ‘last minute’ redemption deals which have been trialled recently have been made permanent, although those are of little use if you live in the UK unless European routes are included.

The website will be changed to show redemption availability +/- 3 days, instead of just for one day at a time

Waitlisting for redemptions will only be possible up to 14 days before departure.  Unsuccessful waitlist applications will now be cancelled at this point.  KrisFlyer is claiming that this is a positive change as it lets you have more certainty over your travel plans.

The KrisFlyer website is here although at the time of writing it has not been updated to include this new information.

The new redemption chart – which kicks in for bookings made from 24th January – is here.  The existing reward chart is here.  The chart for Star Alliance redemptions, which is not changing, is here.

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  1. pointsarb says:

    O/T Currently planning our first family holiday to Bali over Easter and looking for best hotel suggestions on points please. Was thinking either Hilton Bali, Conrad Bali, or Intercontinental Bali as I have IHG & Hilton points to burn.

    Does anybody have any useful data points on these 3 properties please?

    Also, any recommendations from HFP readers on worthwhile things to do for our 2 kids ages 7 and 5 would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance!

    • Genghis says:

      Wife and I stayed at Conrad Bali in 2017 for 7 nights, paid cash, from memory $140 / night (so v expensive on points). As diamond, good upgrade to suite and the area around the Conrad Suites pool is very pleasant. Good breakfast in the Conrad Suites lounge (main restaurant hectic) and OK afternoon tea. Evening cocktails pleasant in the bar near the reception before we headed for dinner. Staff were excellent. The beach area isn’t the best, but normal for Bali. Good restaurants in the area a short taxi journey (some will collect for free) / walk.

      We also spent one night at the RC. It had recently opened. Hard product was absolutely fantastic but soft product was severely lacking. It’d be interesting to see if it’s changed.

    • Can’t go wrong with a full day at the waterbom waterpark at their age and probably your age.

    • I stayed in the IC Bali last year. It was very good – especially in the Club bit. Lots of cocktails and canapés available during the happy hour. Breakfast was very good. The club pool area also nice as were all the staff. We stayed in a duplex suite which will now have been refurbished. It’s an easy ride to the airport and Seminyak if you want to go there. I’d go back to the hotel if I wanted to go back to Bail. If you like seafood/fish then there are plenty of restaurants actually on Jimbaran beach of an evening. I wasn’t knocked out by Bali on the whole to be honest. It’s a long way to go for a start and the beaches are a bit sub par. I also thought it was relatively expensive particularly in comparison to the rest of SE Asia. Weather at Easter (when we went) was also hit and miss but ok.

    • The Bali bird park is great and there are some wonderful temples around Ubud (watch your belongings – the monkeys like to steal). Hire a driver to take you to see some of the rice paddies – they are just stunning.
      The beaches are prettier around Dreamland, but if you want to see truly beautiful beaches, you’re better off on the Gili islands, just off Lombok.

      • pointsarb says:

        Thanks Leo, Cat

        Cat, any recommendations for hotels in Gili or Lombok that might suit HFP’ers?!

        • Hey Pointsarb, sorry, I forgot to check back for replies!

          The last time I went to Indonesia was a decade ago (it has been far, far too long…), and I was travelling on my own (on Gili Trewangan – the backpacker island). Any attempt to recommend a hotel would not be much use, but I suspect Gili Air is still your best bet with a family. I had a quick search, and Gili Air Escape, Gili Air Sanctuary Villa and Resort and Anahata all look lovely, but I haven’t stayed at any of them! Have a read around.

          I hope you have as fantastic a time there as I did!

  2. Keith Taylor says:

    OT but I tried 3 times yesterday to reply without success.

    Re Amex Gold; is it not better churning it every 6 months rather than hanging on for the annual bonus? 20,000 MR points twice a year (+ 9000 referral bonus) is 58000 in say 16 months and only requires a £4000 spend. Keeping one for a year is only 39000 (20000+9000+10000) which requires a £15000 spend and around 14 months.

    • Depends on your monthly spend keith. Some folks here put 7 figures through their Amex cards every year. You are also forgetting about the double points on offer for overseas spend and also on airline purchases. In addition to this, I believe the “offers” are better targeted when you hold the card long term but that’s IMO. A lot of new card holders may not have received the Amex travel offer for example of spending £600 and getting £200 back.

      • Keith Taylor says:

        If I could afford to spend 7 figures a year on an Amex card, I’m not sure I’d be too fussed about saving a couple of hundred quid here and there Neil. Churning gets us one or two 241 CW flights a year which we really enjoy, having never been business before.

        • If you can spend 7 figures a year on an Amex why would you need a 241!? I appreciate you have never flown business before but a 241 is only valuable on BA. I much prefer CX for redemption’s.

        • Presumably anyone putting £1 million through an Amex annually would be running a business? Or has found an incredibly lucrative manufactured spend secret…

          But yes – if anyone is spending upwards of £1m for their personal use, they definitely shouldn’t bother reading HfP for tips on how to grab £5-worth of points here and there!

          • There are numerous people I know who spend £1m+ personally and read HFP, some of them my ex-City colleagues.

            The key point, as I stress again and again, is that if you can afford to pay for 4 Business Class tickets to California for a family holiday, then Avios are MORE valuable to you because it is a real saving. And anyone who made that sort of money through their own hard work won’t turn their back on such a saving.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Personally I think its better to hold the Plat for a few months either side of December.

      35k for joining plus 180k if you can make 10 referrals for £450 plus all the other benefits.

      • This is a fantastic idea! I just wish I had 10 friends…It’s a shame my 2 dogs don’t have a credit rating despite having several Heathrow reward cards

        • TGLoyalty says:

          they have mor than 5 cards you can refer yourself for 🙂 might take more than 6 months and cost more than £225 but its still possible.

          Personally friends and family referrals has been possible lately

    • I assume your example involves referrals from friends/partner as you couldnt self refer when churning since your MR account would be closed. Also I’d say it would take most people 8-12 months to get those points rather than 16, im including the time it takes to get the card and spend 2k either side of the 6 month wait. What is missing is an additional 2k points for being referred. So 44k pts (20k+2k)x2 for you and 18k pts for partner = 62k pts between you. Not including the actual points you get for spending ofcourse.

  3. Flying Club Europe today for the first time to Berlin. Previously flew F to Mumbai so got to experience The Concorde Room, which was incredible, but have to say the Galleries South Lounge this morning is calm, clean, quiet. Not nearly as bad as I’d been made out to be believe it would be!

    • Genghis says:

      The CCR is “incredible”? Wowsers.

      • Well, only ever flying economy before that, I would say yes. Everything is relative and subjective though right, Genghis?

      • I thought the CCR was excellent when I was there last month.
        Very good drinks. Good restaurant. Spacious. Quiet. Comfortable.

        Why don’t people like it? What are you expecting?

      • Must say I was disappointed with it when I visited for the first time a few months ago – OK service, very crowded (hardly a seat to be found!). Back for a few more visits later in the month, will see how it is then.

    • CCR is a pleasant place to spend a couple of hours. Food is good but not amazing, decent drinks selection, though sometimes table service can be a bit slow. For a lounge before you fly it is nice, but for me, nothing that really makes it special.

    • Not sure if first time to Berlin too or just first time in CE, but enjoy if so! Great city. I did one of the free walking tours last time I was over – guide had a history degree and gave an amazing tour! Lots of great stuff to see and do. Worth prebooking for Bundestag too (free) to save queuing.

  4. O/T Amex points complaint.
    My wife had the SPG Amex card in August, after the SPG/Marriott conversion had taken place but Amex didn’t send over to SPG three times the base amount of points as they should have. I had numerous conversations with them who promised they would send the correct amount over. Still nothing happened and we put a formal complaint in. After five weeks of receiving an acknowledgement letter we had still not heard anything. Yesterday I spoke with a representative in their executive relations department who said that my wife wouldn’t get anymore points and accused my wife of “gaming” because she only had the card for 58 days before cancelling the card and that Amex wouldn’t make any money if all customers were like her ! The rep said that it was in the terms and conditions that Amex reserved the right to not pay the bonus. My view is that they did pay the bonus but did not multiply it by three. In short my wife received 15999 points and not 38000 points. I

    • I’d say be a bit careful here. Amex are aware of people gaming the system and iirc from their T&Cs they have the right to pull/ban/blacklist you if they suspect you are gaming the system. You may want to take the view of short term pain for long term gain. We don’t win them all.

      Recently, we had a self referral not post (18k MR from plat). We rung up CS and explained this. Amex CS turned around and said self referrals are not permitted even though we know that they work as they have done for most of this year. Do we want to kick up a big fuss and risk being blacklisted for gaming? No.

      • Andrew M says:

        I can’t believe that you called up to query not getting self-referral points in the first place. But there we go.

      • Yeah self-referrals definitely can’t be expected and personally I wouldn’t have phone them to discuss! I’d say this is a bit of a different situation though – clear programming error with the change to Marriott points value after SPG merger.

      • Richard says:

        That’s asking for a blacklisting !

    • Amex have been pretty harsh in dealing with their SPG/Marriott screw up. It took a couple of months and a formal complaint threat, but I eventually got mine tripled and also a 30k Marriott points (i.e. 10k SPG) goodwill gesture.

    • I was in the same boat but I gave up chasing the missing points. I kept the card as I wanted it for the shop small promo and voila the bonus points appeared automatically sometime in December.

    • Pretty shocking reply – are you taking the matter to the ombudsman?

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Anything in the T&C’s about minimum term for holding the card?

      Honestly I never cancel a card for points i haven’t got yet and if i do close it I expect the points are now lost.

      Complaining about not getting a self-referral – AMEX reviews can have your accounts closed and close off a route to some of the best cards on the UK market. I really wouldn’t have dreamt about picked up the phone.

    • rams1981 says:

      Why did you cancel before sorting out the points. That’s your own fault I’d say. My points were all sorted out and got monetary compensation on top.

  5. OT – Virgin CC companion voucher… how quickly does this normally post? I just hit my 20k target. Does it post on the next issue of my statement? or is it a few days after hitting the spend target?

    Also, is it actually visible on my VA account or is it one those “invisible but on account” vouchers that can only be seen internally when you ring up?

    • Genghis says:

      Mine posted once hit target. Comes as a line item on VFC statement, “Reward Qualification”. That’s it.

      • Ok. Thanks. Wonder why mine hasn’t posted yet.

      • Thanks for posting this Genghis. After reading I thought I’d check my VFC statement and mine appeared on Christmas Eve. Of course, I’ve no idea if I’ll actually be able to use it as I’ve already booked our summer flights.

    • IIRC posted with next statement. Shows as a line in your VS account activity statement – although take a note of the date as you can only go back a few months on this! I’ve still got 4x E to PE upgrade vouchers from previous card plus a new one from this, can’t see me using any of them given they’re pretty poor value vs cash whenever I’ve looked at them – didn’t factor them into benefits of the card though and these extra bonus miles on the Rewards+ card have been far more valuable, paying for half the cost of my ANA F redemption!

  6. Relieved to hear the Star Alliance redemption hasn’t changed. Excellent value!

    • The last time this happened the Star Chart changed several months later.

      • Did it? Perhaps I should put through some speculative bookings just in case. Thanks for the head’s up JP.

  7. RIccatti says:

    I do find substantial deterioration in Krisflyer availability.

    Most likely it is because SQ blocked redemptions to the upgraded Suites as novelty. SQ also controls First/Suites very tightly — last year on every of my redemptions (SYD, SIN, LHR) I was the only person travelling in the cabin and that was booked nearly year before that.

    Krisflyer situation is almost that you have to book at T-355 (or whichever the correct daycount for fares release). There is also the trick of Saver-level redemptions not being available at all throughout the year, only via unreliable Waitlist. Waitlisting can work so you can snatch that First redemption, however that being 4-2 weeks before travel, you are very unlikely to get deals on hotels/linked travel.


    • On the upside if you get the seat it’s pretty amazing – had entire Suites cabin to myself on one SIN-AKL leg and only 1 or 2 other pax on quite a few other flights.

    • I find the best hotel deals can be had in the days immediately before arrival, when they flog off the unsold inventory.
      That said, admittedly I tend not to go anywhere when there’s a conference, event or similar running.

  8. TGLoyalty says:

    You can’t hold the two BA cards at the same time.

  9. Genghis says:

    Remember any earned cash back is only paid at anniversary.

  10. Chelseafi says:

    O/T can I book a hotel reservation for FH&R for end of the year and still churn my amex plat? Many thanks

    • My impression is that it varies a bit by hotel – some insist on payment being on Plat card at checkout, others any Amex, other don’t care at all. You could always churn and take it out again before stay?

      • Never had a hotel insist on payment by Platinum but all have insisted on some sort of Amex, which is in line with T&Cs.

        • Agree re Plat (and the rules say ‘any Amex’) – sometimes you can slip another card in if the check out person is not familiar with FHR.

        • Cool – I had it once (somewhere in the USA, can’t remember which hotel!) where they specifically asked for the Platinum card.

          • I am currently in a hotel on the FHR rate. Rate rules in the confirmation say: “ALL RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE BY

          • Sounds good – this was a few years ago, not sure if they used to be stricter then or was just a difficult hotel. I couldn’t be bothered arguing it anyway, had plenty others before then where I paid on PO MasterCard at no fee!

  11. As its bits,
    My wife had a new (couple of months old) BAPP, we did the usual add a supp (me) for 3k of points after receiving it, but in the offers today its showing add a supp and earn 3k. My question is can you add a supp for yourself, i suppose on the excuse of splitting work and private expenditure?

    I’m presuming there is no additional cost beyond the 1st free supplemental card.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Normally those offers are only for the first supp and you’ve already had that. I would check the T&C’s

      Also I don’t think you can add one for yourself but you can always try.

    • Yep, no cost and often earns the bonus points – just comes with ‘A/C’ on it (for ‘additional card’)

      • PS worked out very well for Amex Travel offer – got the £200 off £600 offer on main and A/C Plat cards. Need to work out how to actually use now!

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