Bits: £20 Eurowings Amex cashback, Etihad sale, double Qatar miles, Avios / Charles Tyrwhitt offer

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News in brief:

£20 Eurowings cashback

American Express has launched a cashback deal with Eurowings.  Eurowings is the Lufthansa-owned low cost carrier which now flies all of Lufthansa’s UK flights which do not go to its Frankfurt or Munich hubs – Berlin, Hamburg etc.

If your account is targeted and you register (see your online statement page) you will get £20 back on a £100 Eurowings transaction.  You need to make your booking by 19th March.

Eurowings American Express cashback

Etihad launches its January sale

Etihad has launched its January sale for departures from London and Manchester.

Business Class pricing starts from £1719 to Abu Dhabi.  Bangkok is £1799 and Australia is from £3149 return.  Full details are here.

However ….. if you have an American Express card – and who doesn’t on HFP? – you can book via this special link and get an additional discount as long as you are travelling before the end of June.  The saving is 10% of base fare, which will be under 10% after adjusting for taxes and charges.

Sale bookings must be made by 19th January.  You can travel until 3rd December except for short black-out periods over Easter and the last week of August.

PS.  You might also want to look at pricing out of Stockholm.  Much of India and Asia can be found for around €1,400 in Business Class – although the need for two changes means that this is only for the very dedicated!

Etihad January sale

Double Qatar Airways miles – including qualifying miles

Last weekend we covered the current Qatar Airways offer for new members to Privilege Club.  Join via this link and you’ll receive up to 5,000 bonus miles when you credit your first flight.  You also get a 50% discount on the number of qualifying miles required for status.

Interestingly Qatar Airways has just launched a new offer which gives double Qmiles and double status points for Business and First Class.  Economy passengers get a 50% bonus.  It isn’t clear if these offers double up.  Can you earn double status miles and also be promoted to elite status under the ‘50% lower threshold for new members’ offer?

Here are the rules – you need to register via the Qatar Airways website where you will find full details:

  • This offer is applicable to Privilege Club main members.
  • Booking period: 7 January 2019 to 28 February 2019 [which means it will cover the big Qatar Airways sale which I think launches next week]
  • Registration period: 7 January 2019 to 5 March 2019
  • Travel period: 7 January 2019 to 31 August 2019
  • To be eligible for this offer:
    • Members need to register for this offer on or before 5 March 2019 by logging into their account at and selecting this offer from “My offers” on your dashboard menu.
    • Members whose travel date is before 5 March 2019 should register at least 24 hours prior to travel.

Charles Tyrwhitt Avios offer

New Avios-earning Charles Tyrwhitt promotion

Avios partner (you earn 4 Avios per £1) Charles Tyrwhitt has launched a new discount code.  This covers shirts, suits, ties …. the lot.

The code you need online is UKD1.  You save:

  • £5 on a £50 order
  • £10 on a £75 order
  • £15 on a £100 order

The website is here and you need to order by 29th January.  You can also earn Avios in their shops, although this offer does not apply – just tell the staff your British Airways Executive Club number at the till.  I’ve seen grumbling from some readers about Avios not posting correctly for in-store purchases although it clearly does no harm to try if you are buying anyway.

How many tier points does each British Airways route earn?
Virgin Atlantic to unveil consortium bid for Flybe today?
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  1. Got rather excited just now when a small box from Amex was delivered by the postman. It was BA Premium Plus branded whith images of friends enjoying themselves so I thought I had been sent a gift – but imagine my disappointment upon opening to find that it just had some printed referral cards in it!

  2. OT. I made a couple of plat 18k referrals on Dec 26. They arrived on Jan 3. Are they counted as referrals for 2018 or 2019?
    On the cards the expiry date is 12/23.
    Many thanks.

  3. OT – 10k points from the virgin life insurance offer hit my account last night, time to cancel.

    • Yes, mine too. Weirdly I only know thanks to Awardwallet. When logging in to my account they don’t actually show in the transactions on my account, yet the total went up by 10k!

      Now to figure out how to cancel!

      • See comment from Genghis – VS does weird ordering in their system so if you scroll down to June you should see them. They also posted as 7.5k+2.5k rather than 10k. Agree AwardWallet very handy!

        For cancelling I just cancelled the D/D for now – can call them later if issues but at least that means no more taken. Ended up paying 7 subs as last one came out early, but still worked out at 0.0009 per mile, which is acceptable 😛

  4. Nigel Williams says:

    I’ve been hearing that Amex are classing the Gold Credit and Plat Charge as “differing products” and therefore someone on a Gold credit can apply for the Plat and *still* receive the welcome bonus. I know this breaks the traditional ruleset for Amex, but…

    1. Anyone here done that successfully (Applied for Plat whilst holding Gold credit)?
    2. Any reason to believe it woudlnt work for the opposite (Self-refer for a Gold credit from Plat) to get the gold welcome bonus?

    • Complete rubbish, because the trigger is not the product but whether you have a Membership Rewards account.

      • Nigel Williams says:

        My thoughts – but there are incidents out there on the web of Gold Credit users getting the Plat welcome bonus, as there is no current “upgrade offer” on the credit version of the PRG so they are honouring it.

        TBH the 18K self referral for me is enough, I just need a new Amex bonus to point my sepnding at (since I dont want to churn the Plat)

  5. Henry T says:

    OT – I think I am right that if I hold a platinum card and refer someone and they decide to apply for a different card (say BA, Nectar or SPG), I would still get the 18,000 referral bonus? Please could someone confirm?

    • Genghis says:


      • Henry T says:

        Thanks – and I suspect I know the answer to this, but are you able to refer to yourself…?

        • Steve-B says:

          Technically you can do it. Some have been successful getting the bonus, others have not, but obviously not in the spirit of the offer so entirely at your risk. Anecdotal evidence suggests that Amex are tightening up on this.

        • I’ve had 100% success so far doing approx twice per year.

        • Generally works but don’t go complaining to Amex if it doesn’t!

      • Indeed – I’ve always viewed it as you’re bringing them the business, it’s not your fault if the person taking out the card changes there mind as to which card to opt for.

  6. James carp says:

    OT: I purchased some tesco Christmas saver and tried the trick of using some to purchase an item and then returned it for a refund into clubcard vouchers, however, they put the refund onto a gift card.
    How does one use this work around to be the refund into points so can purchase avios?
    Any help gratefully appreciated.

    • You took a punt and lost, looks like you gotta cut your losses and do your best with the GC

    • Genghis says:

      From recent reports now not possible. You pay your money and you takes your chances.

    • Scallder says:

      Haven’t used any of mine yet, but reckon I won’t bother trying now. Although between my wife and I the £744 should pay for our petrol for the year.

      • Jeremy I says:

        Ahh a shame – Im in the same boat and will now need to find something to spend the vouchers on… not the end of the world and happy to have taken the risk.

        By the way, on topic, I havent found any ex-ARN destinations on Etihad in business which are as little as 1400 EUR except Delhi. I would be very grateful if anyone could post any decent ex-Scandi Etihad deals they come across. I have found very cheap ex-Bud to Tokyo fares but nothing else.

  7. Benylin says:

    OT: Email from BAEC to my parner saying sign up to BA blue amex and get 10,000 pts on £1k spend in 3 months.

  8. Curve – I was charged for my “free” £1000 Amex topup this month. Complaint submitted.

    • the_real_a says:

      Who charged you? Did you receive a cash advance fee from AMEX?

    • Just to clarify – you’d waited for 31 calendar day since your last 1000 topup, topped up on or after the 32nd, and were charged the 0.65% fee?

      • 30 days. But only waited 10 days between Nov and Dec topups and was not charged. Also (as with previous topups) it confirmed there was no fee for £1000 and there would be a 33p fee for £1050, but pending charge on Amex now says £1006.50

        • I think they’ve had issues with the spend calculator and also think the second fee free topup was a happy fluke.

    • Did you wait for 30 days from last top-up to elapse or did you do it more recently (but in Dec)? It’s works on a rolling basis like all their limits but really needs a proper tracker – see discussion at (only available to beta testers)

      • 30 days exactly this time, but previous times were 30 Nov and 11 Dec and was not charged.

        There is a sort of “tracker” though. On 9 Jan app said there would be a fee for any amount then on 10 Jan £1000 became free again, so I pressed the button but was still charged.

  9. O/T Following-on from Rob’s recent Wyndam status-match article, I did my Wyndham status match from IHG Spire Elite at the end of Dec and have just cross-matched to Caesar’s Total Rewards to get Platinum status until Jan 2020 (no resort fee’s, $100 dining credit, 2 x free tickets to certain shows each month, priority lanes, free upgrades, free valet parking, comp rooms etc…and also free 4 night stay at Atlantic Bahamas (just pay resort fees).

    Have a Vegas trip booked for Feb so will report-back how much value I squeezed out of this!

    Btw, link to match your status is here:

    • Mentioned yesterday but I think you may have to match again after 31st January as you will drop back down.. status seems to go 31st Jan to 31st Jan regardless when you hit.. hopefully it will last til next year but I emailed and asked and they said this year.

      • Thought the same ref the date but checked some Flyertalk forum posts and they were saying status matching in Jan gave you a whole year which is what I have…Diamond until Jan 31st 2020.

        • Steve S says:

          Me too.
          MY TR
          UNTIL January 31st, 2020

          Still trying to find the 2 free nights offer in Dubai that seems to have disappeared

  10. OT: Can I book LATAM flights through

  11. Damn it! Just booked a Eurowings flight to go to Cologne for a wedding in July, on Wednesday!

  12. OT: I have the hotel statuses from a previous Amex Plat. None of the statuses seems to have fallen in the 8 months or so I didn’t have a Amex Plat. Have a new Amex Plat now, is there any need, point or benefit from trying to click through the links again? Would it in some way extend the life of these statuses, to be specific Hilton and Marriott. I assume what status I have with IHG is from their Premium card. Mostly this doesn’t matter as I seldom book direct, but never know what might change. I’m right in thinking that the SPG/Marriott thing reduced the value of the Amex status, as in no breakfast and no benefits on 3rd party bookings?

    • Just wait until you drop back then use the links to reupgrade. Correct re SPG/Marriott.

      • Although in fairness the previous SPG Gold never had a breakfast benefit anyway, there was just a short crossover period post-merger where it was a little more generous?

  13. OT: Can BA eVouchers be used to pay for seat selection or are they restricted to flights only?

  14. O/T – trying to reduce the cost of a 1-way car rental LAX to Vegas…..anyone know of any member discounts that reduce/eliminate 1-way fees? I’m top-tier with a number of car rental agencies but can’t seem to find a decent deal for 8 days in early Feb.

  15. O/T: Quick question – I presume it is possible to change an Avios booking on a Qantas flight in Australia by paying a small fee, as with a BA flight from the UK?

    • IIRC would still be £35 change fee so given the small cost of QF redemptions within Oz you’d probably be better cancelling for refund of Avios (no fee to pay as covered by cash component you give up) then paying for a new booking?

  16. O/T just applied for my first SPG (or what was) card and input my new combined Marriott/spg number when applying…has this worked for other people or do you have to set up a new account and then merge them?

  17. Follow on OT to my this morning’s Marriott Cancun Resort

    Having spoken to hotel, they will indeed charge resort fees of ~$210.
    I have an option to change booking to Westin Resort and Spa in the same hotel zone.
    This is the same category 5 hotel but same number of points needed and online it shows availability.

    I do not want to move my booking just for the sake of resort fees but can anyone offer any advise whether between Marriott and Westin which one should I opt for?
    Staying with family – 4 people.

    • I’d be very careful re touching a travel package booking, esp if it’s an old cat one. Lots of talk of reps mucking things up and it taking ages to sort. If you definitely want to change then they need to detach booking first before cancelling stay. Probably worth having a look/posting in the massive FlyerTalk Marriott TP thread as lots of expertise there.

  18. O/T Just saw this on M&M website. Not sure it was mentioned here before.

    Join Heathrow Rewards now and you’ll receive 1,000 Heathrow Reward points when you spend £80 or more in one day at Heathrow and use your Heathrow Rewards card. Remember to add promotion code LH2019 when you register to qualify for this offer, or use the link below. Valid for sign-ups until 31 Jan 2019.

  19. OT does anyone know any way to find ‘sold and fulfilled by amazon’ products on amazon? The products I want are sold by different companies but shipped by amazon, want to make use of the 15 off code.

    • Gin and Tonic Please says:

      You used to be able to filter for it on the LH side, but I think that’s now gone. Can’t see another option I’m afraid.

    • When it says ‘show other sellers’, click. If Amazon is not the cheapest they show the cheaper firm instead by default but you can switch.

  20. OT Bits: just to confirm a data point. Booked IHG credit card reward night a few weeks back – cancelled it today and the free night voucher immediately reappeared. Note this was done whilst still within the voucher validity period.

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