Bits: £20 Eurowings Amex cashback, Etihad sale, double Qatar miles, Avios / Charles Tyrwhitt offer

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News in brief:

£20 Eurowings cashback

American Express has launched a cashback deal with Eurowings.  Eurowings is the Lufthansa-owned low cost carrier which now flies all of Lufthansa’s UK flights which do not go to its Frankfurt or Munich hubs – Berlin, Hamburg etc.

If your account is targeted and you register (see your online statement page) you will get £20 back on a £100 Eurowings transaction.  You need to make your booking by 19th March.

Eurowings American Express cashback

Etihad launches its January sale

Etihad has launched its January sale for departures from London and Manchester.

Business Class pricing starts from £1719 to Abu Dhabi.  Bangkok is £1799 and Australia is from £3149 return.  Full details are here.

However ….. if you have an American Express card – and who doesn’t on HFP? – you can book via this special link and get an additional discount as long as you are travelling before the end of June.  The saving is 10% of base fare, which will be under 10% after adjusting for taxes and charges.

Sale bookings must be made by 19th January.  You can travel until 3rd December except for short black-out periods over Easter and the last week of August.

PS.  You might also want to look at pricing out of Stockholm.  Much of India and Asia can be found for around €1,400 in Business Class – although the need for two changes means that this is only for the very dedicated!

Etihad January sale

Double Qatar Airways miles – including qualifying miles

Last weekend we covered the current Qatar Airways offer for new members to Privilege Club.  Join via this link and you’ll receive up to 5,000 bonus miles when you credit your first flight.  You also get a 50% discount on the number of qualifying miles required for status.

Interestingly Qatar Airways has just launched a new offer which gives double Qmiles and double status points for Business and First Class.  Economy passengers get a 50% bonus.  It isn’t clear if these offers double up.  Can you earn double status miles and also be promoted to elite status under the ‘50% lower threshold for new members’ offer?

Here are the rules – you need to register via the Qatar Airways website where you will find full details:

  • This offer is applicable to Privilege Club main members.
  • Booking period: 7 January 2019 to 28 February 2019 [which means it will cover the big Qatar Airways sale which I think launches next week]
  • Registration period: 7 January 2019 to 5 March 2019
  • Travel period: 7 January 2019 to 31 August 2019
  • To be eligible for this offer:
    • Members need to register for this offer on or before 5 March 2019 by logging into their account at and selecting this offer from “My offers” on your dashboard menu.
    • Members whose travel date is before 5 March 2019 should register at least 24 hours prior to travel.

Charles Tyrwhitt Avios offer

New Avios-earning Charles Tyrwhitt promotion

Avios partner (you earn 4 Avios per £1) Charles Tyrwhitt has launched a new discount code.  This covers shirts, suits, ties …. the lot.

The code you need online is UKD1.  You save:

  • £5 on a £50 order
  • £10 on a £75 order
  • £15 on a £100 order

The website is here and you need to order by 29th January.  You can also earn Avios in their shops, although this offer does not apply – just tell the staff your British Airways Executive Club number at the till.  I’ve seen grumbling from some readers about Avios not posting correctly for in-store purchases although it clearly does no harm to try if you are buying anyway.

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  1. Hi i would like to use Curve to take some money out at uk atm .

    Can anyone tell me if currently ihg creation are charging it as a normal transaction or if there treating it as a cash advance.

    Any info much appreciated

  2. Voltron says:

    OT – Just as a reference point that might help others, I found out why I got rejected for my SPG card, i initially thought there might have been a new limit as I had plat charge / gold CC / BA, but it was a school boy error of having too much credit limit.

    The best way I now use is that once I get a card for churning I immediately review the credit limit as for me personally, I always try to keep my overall credit limit to 100% of my salary, you can most likely get away with more as there is no hard and fast rule and everyone is different, but for me all of my churning cards limits are kept just above the bonus offer. Once I hit the sign up bonus I reduce down to nominal amount I.e. 1k of I intend to keep the card, or just cancel.
    I also realised that it takes time for the credit limit decrease / cancel to hit credit report so best advice is to just monitor your overall credit limit and credit utilization.

    • I’m no expert. However, if I were a prospective lender seeing your credit limits being cut to a nominal sum, my presumption would be that it was the card lenders not you making those choice and treat that as an adverse indicator.

      • Agree. My total credit limit is 2.5 times my declared income on credit card applications, but I don’t churn aggressively and have been approved for every card I wanted.

    • I had the same problem when I had 13.5k on a blue BA card that I never used and also 11.5k on my Virgin mastercard. I got refused for two cards recently and I presume this was my issue.
      I am going to cancel my cards and wait 6 months and take better care of my credit limits next time!
      I have to admit I was churning too aggressively!

      • you can instantly reduce your limit in your amex online account, if you wish to.

        • Agree. We do this all the time. It’s for security really just in case the card gets pinched. Never bothered us getting further credit cards or raising the limits later.

  3. A saving of £15 on a £10 order? Bargain!

  4. I do like the £15 saving on £10 spend

  5. Lukethetraveller says:

    Eurowings offer valid for UK departures only, so pretty much useless.

  6. I have bought a few items in store with Charles T and despite giving my exec club number , no avios have ever materialised . The first couple of times I rang CT and BA but they still didn’t turn up. Can’t be bothered any more ☹️

    • +1

      It is a farce, the store managers of Jermyn Street and Canary Wharf gave me repeated assurances that the Avios would post but they never did.

      Having said that, I placed an online order leading up to Christmas 2018 and those Avios posted within a day of the items being delivered.

  7. That ‘worthless’ site InsiderFlyer UK is reporting that Accor to IB transfers have been devalued to same level as BA

  8. OT – My dentist receptionist wanted to charge 3% for using amex. What is the law around this for amex?
    I know for Visa and MasterCard its now not allowed

    • It’s illegal.

      • Does anyone know where I can submit a claim in?
        They first tried to reject american express payments with a disclaimer but had a small shop logo on the front door , sneaky! When challenged they demanded a fee

        Btw this is in central london!

        • Genghis says:

          Complain to the company themselves referencing notices about the change.
          If nothing, trading standards.

      • yep it’s illegal but seems lots of companies still doing it. My accountant is charging no fee for debit card and a 1.8% for a credit card.

        Not too fussed as will use curve instead but will definitely point this out to them.

        • RussellH says:

          Perhaps your accountant assumes that all clients will be paying with a business card, which is perfectly legitimate

    • Mikeact says:

      Straight Amex or co-branded Lloyds/Amex ? Or should it make no difference ?

    • Be prepared for some pain on your next visit though if you complain.

    • I imagine that if someone makes an issue of this, they will just refuse to accept Amex any more.

      • Those shop small stickers are really hard to remove. A new window is probably easier

      • G Flyer says:

        My Dentist’s card terminal has a homemade “NO AMEX” sticker on it. I wasn’t paying attention one day and used my AMEX on autopilot, and discovered it worked just fine. I’ve ignored the sticker ever since, assuming it’s just a ploy to avoid higher interchange fees.

  9. Re Qatar sale. I was going to jump in and buy Stockholm to Singapore over the summer but just trying to sort out dates. Mention above of sale details next week. Not really kept an eye on Qatar sales in the past. Worth holding back to see what’s available before buying ticket? Thanks

    • It’s a gamble – Stockholm-Singapore offer is pulled the day before the sale starts.

      • Isn’t there a facility where one can hold Qatar flights for a fee? May be worth holding a Stockholm flight and seeing what the new sale has in store. Do we know what day the sale starts?

    • Are we confident’ish there’s actually going to be a Qatar sale next week? The last January one was pretty meh and I can’t remember Emirates stepping up with anything special to give QR an incentive to launch cheaper prices. Also, I got the impression that the 17th date has more to do with the new China tie up: possibly leaving Oneworld and forming a new loyalty scheme? So sale/launch prices just to China?

      • Could be. The Stockholm deals all end on the 16th though so it would tie in with that. Qatar hasn’t booked any advertising with us, which is the only way I would know for sure.

      • What, you think QR and CZ are starting their own alliance?

  10. OT_ Has anyone got any experience of staying at Marriorr Cancun Resort?
    I have booked using my Travel Package last year.
    Looking at reservation, even with MTP, I have to pay $25 + taxes (~$30) tax per night.
    So for a week’s stay I am looking at $210 in taxes.

    Other option is to cancel Marriott redemption and book via Amex Travel to use £200 off £600 spend.
    I am unlikely to use Amex Travel for any other use and fees are due very soon.

    Does anyone have any experience of cancelling Marriott Travel Package (new Category 5)?
    How many points refund, am I looking at?

    • I should say resort fees as opposed to taxes for above $210 per week.

    • Genghis says:

      You’ll get back the points you paid and then a MTP which if an old one should then be converted to a new corresponding category.

      • The trouble is old certificate was given an upgrade as a good will gesture by Marriott to be able to book new category 5 hotel from old category 5 certificate.

        Not sure if I was to cancel how many points will I get back.

    • Out of interest how much would the week stay cost you in cash?

      • £1200 or so – but looks like I will only get 45000 MR points if I was to cancel the TP.
        Doesn’t sound like a good deal.

    • I have booked the JW Marriott for summer, no mention of resort fee, is it just for the Marriott hotel?

      • on a dummy booking it does show this notice:

        A daily resort fee of USD 25 plus tax will be added to the room rate and includes Internet, fitness classes and more!

  11. Looking to book x2 economy tickets from LHR to Dubai for Feb/March, but desperately holding out for the Emirates sale. They seem to be the only airlines that haven’t announced anything. Does anyone know if they traditionally do Sales this time of the year.

    Someone mentioned Jan -Mar is peak for Dubai so it might not happen

    • The Original Nick says:

      @Bill, Oct-Jan is peak holiday times for Dubai AFAIK.

    • Steve S says:

      Just had a special fares email

      Book by 31 January 2019 for travel from 18 January until 30 November 2019.

  12. pointsarb says:

    Yes have stayed at Marriott Cancun resort. If you’re after a basic stay with no bells and whistles it will do the job. However, we now stay at JW Marriott next door which is much nicer and our now go to place in Cancun. Problem is there is a 15k per night points difference between the 2 properties so you need to weight this up. Also, I don’t recall paying any resort taxes on a points redemption at the Marriott properties in Cancun. Just back from JW on points actually and these taxes were definitely not levied. Can’t speak for the Marriott Cancun though if it has changed recently. Hope this helps.

    Sorry can’t speak for refunds on travel packages, I’ve used 3 so far but never had the need for a refund…..

    Enjoy Cancun if you go!

    • Cheers, I will bear in mind if resort fees are not charged on points stay.
      I hope they are not, but reservation do say resort fee is payable and was told so when I made the reservation over the phone.

      • pointsarb says:

        There should be no difference between treatment between travel package vs standard points redemption as far as resort fees go, well at least that’s been my experience anyway…..

      • Steve-B says:

        Indeed and if you do a dummy points booking it clearly adds resort fees and taxes which isn’t the case on other properties.

        All depends on whether you think you are getting a good deal over cash, factoring in these additional charges. Both of my recent Marriott redemptions have been north of 0.8p/pt which I have been happy with.

  13. pointsarb says:

    OT Used Curve to pay FX transfer on Azimo with underlying charge going to Virgin card. This has resulted in a cash advance fee and interest. If I use Curve’s ‘go back in time’ feature when the charge reverses will this reverse the cash advance fee and interest too or am I stuck with those?

    Does anybody know please?


    • Did the cash advance fee and interest hit your online dashboard immediately, or did you have to wait until your statement to find out about them? (Apologies for not answering your question… I am not sure)

    • when i used back in time feature in similar circumstances, the bank (natwest) rep said it did not matter as the cash had already been taken out, but as a one off good will gesture they refunded fee and interest.

      • pointsarb says:

        Interesting Alex, thanks. I will speak to Virgin Money and hopefully I have the same luck as you!

  14. OT – Got an email about Shop Small from Amex yesterday and couldn’t resist…
    Rob, than you again for your blog!

    • Mikeact says:

      Old news..alreday discussed.

      • Rude

      • Harsh

        • Mikeact says:

          Just arived back from hospital. Sorry, totally my fault…didn’t mean to be rude, in fact had positive comments to add on to my comments, but front door rang with Doctor waiting to come in, and then I realised that I hadn’t finished it but too late, while trying to find her on line prescription…again, apologies.

        • No harsh feelings whatsoever! You’re right, I missed the discussion yesterday.
          Also, wow, where else on the internet will you get an apology for such a minor faux pas…

    • AndyGWP says:

      haha – (at least it made me smile Mr. AC)

  15. Separate your bookings?

    • Joe Green says:

      Doesn’t help as paying 271 for 3 flights so can only triggerr 600 spend with all 3 tickets.

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