Marriott Bonvoy officially launches on 13th February!

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It’s official – the new name for the combined Marriott Rewards, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest is, as we revealed a few weeks ago, Marriott Bonvoy.

The programme will launch on 13th February although it will clearly take a while to update all of the marketing material, credit cards and the like.

Here is the new logo which we previewed a few days ago.  Marriott calls it “simple, bold and modern”.

Marriott Bonvoy logo

Marriott Bonvoy will launch with over 120 million members.  This is a huge number (Avios has 8 million members for comparison), equivalent to the population of Japan or Mexico.

Apparently there will be a “multi-million-dollar global media campaign” starting in late February to accompany the launch, so I need to get Anika onto Marriott’s advertising department ASAP 🙂

Marriott said:

“Marriott Bonvoy marks an evolution in travel because it represents more than a loyalty programme.  Marriott Bonvoy is a travel programme designed to bring to life our extraordinary portfolio of global brands in 129 countries and territories, while also providing endless inspiration for members to keep traveling and pursuing their passions.”

In practical terms, little will change.  The ‘big bang’ was in August 2018, when Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest were aligned in terms of features and benefits and the new terms and conditions launched.  The launch of Marriott Bonvoy is just slipping a new skin over the existing Marriott website.

The one change that has been announced is the renaming of two membership tiers.

  • Marriott Bonvoy Titanium Elite will replace Platinum Premier Elite for members who exceed 75 nights
  • Marriott Bonvoy Ambassador Elite will replace Platinum Premier Elite with Ambassador.  This is for members who spend over 100 nights per year and spend over $20,000, who receive a dedicated ambassador to oversee their bookings.

13th February will be the day when the Starwood Hotels & Resorts and Starwood Preferred Guest brands finally disappear.  You will still see the broader Starwood name around – Starwood Capital Group still exists and is still developing hotel projects.  It recently sold Principal Hotels in the UK to IHG and owns a 30% stake in Yotel.

Marriott has released a video to go along with launch of Marriott Bonvoy which you can see here:

I think this quote from a Flyertalk poster summed it up well:

“I like the video – it’s very Starwood, with no Utah-based Tumi-tugging Accenture consultants in poor fitting suits sitting in a lounge drinking Bud Light out of plastic cups in sight.”

You can find out more about Marriott Bonvoy on the Marriott website here.

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  1. Not a big fan of the name but I like the video! I wonder what the cards will look like.

  2. Any news on the SPG Amex? Will it hang around? Rebranded?

    • No idea. If it is staying it will be rebranded clearly. Or perhaps it gets dropped and the Creation Marriott Mastercard brought back?

      • OT but I added an the Creation IHG Mastercard to Curve today and it shows up in the app as the Marriott branded card. Amusing.

        • You can change it to the IHG one in the app.

        • Yeah has always done that due to BINs. I sent them the correct artwork a year or so ago and (if you’re not in the beta) you should be able to switch to it.

    • George K says:

      Would you hold on to the SPG Amex or cancel it at this stage?

  3. RakishDriver says:

    bon voyage SPG!
    I just wish we could have the future of the SPG Amex clarified – one last churn would be nice.
    Speaking of which, would be good to hear opinions on referrals from SPG amex; I’ll max out the Plat Amex referrals soon and wondering if the SPG 9000 referral points is really worth it and should instead consider other cards?

  4. Rob, have you written an article on Marriott travel packages since the schemes were merged? Did it make much difference to their appeal?

    • They are poor value now, not worth focusing on UNLESS you happen to have a specific need for a 7-night hotel booking and some airline miles. Nowhere near being the ‘no-brainer’ it used to be, under which you were effectively getting 1:1 into airline miles once you factored in the cost of the hotel.

  5. What a terrible name, yet another meaningless product of innumerous committees and approvals it went through

    • Agree, awful name.

    • Yes, and probably some pointless branding company, totally clueless about the hotel industry, and who’s employees have never stayed in a group property, attempting, clearly badly, to be ‘trendy’! 🙂

      IMHO, it’s a joke name! 🙂

  6. Any reason why the 3rd article appears much later in the day compared to the other 2? Its been happening everyday this week

    • TGLoyalty says:

      because there was an extra article yesterday it’s usually just 2 but i guess this is more breaking new aswell

      • Yes – I thought it was worth getting this up ASAP. The email system can only handle 3 per day, though, so there will be just two new articles tomorrow morning and the Bonvoy piece will be emailed then.

  7. Another lame program name, the only way they could have made it worse is if they had come up with new hipster tier level names like Hyatt’s “Discoverist” “Explodist” and “Gerbilist” …

    Rather than wasting time and money on rebranding it would be nice if Marriott could sort out their ongoing IT issues with the integration of the two programs…

  8. I may have missed it but I think I read that the Cat 8 launch date for “Bonvoy”. It was delayed I think I’d right in saying.

    • That’ll teach me to take a phone call in the middle of trying to write something comprehensible.

      Is that Cat 8 launch date delayed? If so any news on when it will be brought in?

  9. It appears hat I have been mis-pronouncing the name, not giving enough accent to the ‘o’!

    • Peter K says:

      I thought you meant one of the O’s in Bonvoy but now I’ve watched the (pants) video it turns out you mean in MarriORtt !

  10. OT – I have now hit my Curve 50K limit, and won’t have any meaningful credit for another 6 months – has anyone had any success getting this reset, perhaps by paying to go onto one of curve’s paid cards?
    If paying for a new curve card, is the paid card still a debit card, which is important?
    Is it possible to have the free curve account AND a paid curve account?

    • Apparently used to reset if the card was lost and reissued but no longer the case.
      Limits move across with upgrade to black AFAIK.
      Free and black are both debit cards. Other premium offerings not yet launched.
      Only one account per person.

    • Curve will extend the £50k limit on request, contact their support dept.

      • Hi Craig, have you managed to do this and by how much? I asked previously and was told that 50K was their top limit? Thanks Matt

    • Jeferson says:

      Are you guys using Curve with Amex to reach the spending for bonuses? Because I thought that wasn’t possible that AMEX was charging as cash withdraw, not transaction.

      • Amex top-ups to Curve are treated as a purchase.

        Remember that Amex, when it launches, works differently. You load your Curve with Amex and then spend on Curve. There is no direct link between the transaction and Amex, if that makes sense.

        • Jeferson says:

          Thanks for the quick reply. Did you register for that beta program and was selected? Because my understanding is that this is not widely available yet.
          I’ve ordered a free card, but probably will upgrade to black because of % fee if I’m selected.

          • Yep Amex support is still in beta – likely be a month or two yet I’d have thought…

          • More like a few days 🙂

          • They better have a massive update planned then, current Android beta has multiple regressions from previous stable version. Based on progress to date with each update they’ve released I stand by my estimate – whether they decide to wait until its ready or go down a Marriott/SPG route is of course another thing!!

        • Jeferson says:

          Thanks Alan for all the help as well 🙂
          I’ve signed-up to the beta, let’s wait and see then.. Cheers.

        • Genghis says:

          @Rob even with Curve’s reputation?

      • No, Amex shows as spend fine & earns points and counts towards spend bonus. You can’t withdraw from Amex wallet to cash though.

        • Jeferson says:

          One last question Alan, did you order the free one and when you got selected by the beta you upgraded to the Black card?

  11. I think everyone will continue calling it Marriott, which was probably the idea from the start.

    See PPE’s are moving to the new titanium title. Anyone want to hazard a guess if we’ll get a soft landing to Platnum come renewal time?

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