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British Airways to move into Terminal 8 at New York JFK in 2022

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The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey announced yesterday that British Airways is to move from Terminal 7 to Terminal 8 at New York JFK in 2022.

British Airways moving to Terminal 8 JFK

This is part of a $13bn improvement project at the airport.  Low cost carrier JetBlue will be expanding from Terminal 5 to cover the space currently occupied by Terminal 6 and Terminal 7.  British Airways and American Airlines will be operating out of Terminal 8, which is to be expanded at a cost of £250m.

This isn’t going to happen overnight, clearly, but it is a little odd that it is happening at all given that BA is in the middle of spending $65m upgrading its facilities in Terminal 7, soon to become a heap of rubble.  See the image above of the new passenger area.

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Comments (171)

  • Dan says:

    OT – when do the Amex referral bonus post?

    • Grant says:

      Normally around the time the new card is dispatched. Most of the time I know the card is on the way because the points arrive in my account.

    • Rob says:

      Within 48 hours of acceptance usually.

      • Dan says:

        @Rob I’ve called them and they’ve ‘accepted’ the application early this week. Haven’t heard correspondence from them since, still no points though,

  • Ammar says:

    Quick Qs:
    1) With the AMex Travel Spend £200 get £50, does it have to be one transaction or cumulative?
    2) How long from application acceptance for Amex Platinum does it take for Priority passes to arrive, travelling on in a couple of weeks?
    3) Anyone managed to get madlives booking with Marriot points on the 5 night for 4 offer? IF so which one?

    • Sam says:

      1. Cumulative.
      2. Very quickly. Sometimes before the Amex arrives.
      3. Can’t help with that one.

    • Lee says:

      3. Yes, spent this Christmas at W Maldives with points, booked for next Christmas at Westin, all with 240k points.

      • Ammar says:

        Thanks Lee – did you book the Westin/W online or via the phone?
        Also, how was the W Maldives? DId you get much of an upgrade there? Also is 5 days enough to enjoy or not much else beyond sand, snorking, relax and eat?

        • Lee says:

          Online, get upgrade from beach villa to overwater villa as PPE. 5 days was okay for us as combined with spent New Year at Dubai. Snorkelling was amazing at W, way better than Conrad and Six senses.

  • Kiran says:

    OT – one of the cards linked to my Curve card has expired. I’ve received a new one, but can’t see any way to update the expiry date/CVC code in the Curve app. Is there a way to do this or do I need to remove the old card and add the new one (I’ve already tried adding the new one but come up against an error – presumably because the same card number is already linked).

    • Alan says:

      i had to remove and add new one

    • Allycat says:

      I’ve had the same issue, needing to update my debit card which was coming up for expiry and had received the new card. I tried deleting the old one and adding the new one, and it just pulls in the old expiry date. I then tried deleting it, rebooting the iphone, leaving it overnight and then trying again but got the same result. Seems like a bug to me. I will report it and see what happens.

      • John says:

        Yeah it seems to not work if you have added the same card before and done a certain set of actions which I can’t figure out. This is a problem because Curve isn’t responding to emails (and the “support ticket” system isn’t working either)

        • Thomas Howard says:

          They’ve not even updated the website to reflect their recent issues, Metal cards are still being sold with Amex functionality.

  • Mark2 says:

    I recently asked whether Nectar points could be used in Sainsbury’s to buy other gift cards.
    The consensus was no, but I have just returned after spending my wife’s 24,000 from an Amex card. I bought a £50 John Lewis gift card with some other stuff and paid with Nectar points with no problem.
    Incidentally, you need to make a purchase at the store and flash the card before you can use the points for anything.

    • Lawro says:

      Interesting. Also been waiting to find a good use for my Nectar points. Any idea how many points were required for the £50 JL GC?

    • BJ says:

      Consensus was wrong then Mark, this has never been a problem. The only issue is that it was necessary to have used your nectar card in the store in question before trying to redeem points for a giftcard.

      • John says:

        Or redeeming points for anything.

      • Mr Dee says:

        you need a previous visit to the store before you can redeem for gift cards? has anyone experienced it not working and then worked on the second visit in that case?

        • Shoestring says:

          I think it’s to hinder/ slow down somebody from spending your Nectar points when you accidentally drop the card – gives you more time to report the card lost

          in effect, a Nectar card with points on it is a form of cash, no checks done or passcodes needed to spend the balance

        • Mark2 says:

          Yes, told it was in T&C by staff but did not check. Actually for any purchase using points inc petrol.

        • Mr Dee says:

          Thanks for clarifying

  • Neil says:

    OT – Plat charge card, does anyone have the link to apply for the Plat credit card (Spend £500) get 2,000 MR I think it was.

  • BSI1979 says:

    How long should it ordinarily take for Tier points earned via QR to credit to my BAEC account? I made sure to include my BAEB number at the time of booking and am not a privilege member….


    • roberto says:

      TP’s on Partner Airlines can take up to four weeks according to the BA blurb.

    • marcw says:

      It only happens on Wednesday. So if it didn’t happen yesterday, it will happen next Wednesday.

  • John says:


    Was collecting 5 avios for each £1 spent instore on Caffe Nero – through Avios then BAEC – one of several outlets where you registed your Masterard or Amex online then earned miles without thinking about it.

    These have stopped crediting, and I can’t find details on BAEC or Avios e-shop pages (there’s a ‘not available’ message on Aer Lingus.

    Asked about this before, and somebody replied saying I was wrong and in person earning was still active.

    Is it, though? And what about Tyrwhitt?

    • Allycat says:

      Tyrwhitt worked for me last month when I bought a suit and some shirts online. Not automatic via registered CC and you have to remember to put BAEC number at the bottom of the order form before checkout, it doesn’t store it / fill it in for you

    • Rob says:

      Tyrwhitt is totally separate because you have to hand over your BA number in-store and they credit the Avios manually.

      No idea what is happening with ‘instore rewards’ to be honest.

  • The Original Nick says:

    OT:, Can anyone advise on the nicest PP lounge to visit at LHR T3 please. My parents will be there Saturday morning around 10am. (departures)

    • Shoestring says:

      You can only choose between No1 & Club Aspire, both perfectly OK – could do both if they felt like it. Horses for courses, I much prefer No1 as it’s a lot lighter with windows etc but in truth there’s not a lot to choose between them, both perfectly good standard. If they’re travelling at anything remotely busy time, you’d better pay £5 each to reserve them a place @No1 online