ENDS TUESDAY: Get 2p per point when you book flights with ‘Part Pay With Avios’ for five days only

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British Airways has launched a generous tweak to its ‘Part Pay With Avios’ proposition, for just five days.

Until Tuesday 12th February, you can save £100 on a return World Traveller or World Traveller Plus flight when you redeem just 5,000 Avios during the booking process.

This works out at a very attractive 2p per Avios.

Full details are on this special page of ba.com.

Whilst discounts vary by route, you would generally need to redeeem 14,500 Avios to save £90 on a British Airways long haul flight.  This is just 0.62p per Avios and is why we rarely recommend using ‘Part Pay With Avios’ for large discounts.

How does this deal work?

Until 12th February 2019 you will get £100 off a return long haul flight when you redeem 5,000 Avios.

This offer is valid on long haul return bookings departing from the UK for up to nine people on one booking.  The £100 discount is per person so a family of four would save £400 in total when redeeming 20,000 Avios. The maximum discount per person is £100.

The offer is only valid for long-haul Economy (World Traveller) and Premium Economy (World Traveller Plus) bookings.  It would have been good to see the offer extend to Club World tickets – a £100 discount would have not made a big difference either way on a £2,000+ ticket – but if you are happy with World Traveller or World Traveller Plus then this is a very decent deal.

You must book by midnight on Tuesday 12th February for travel between 8th February and 30th June 2019.  Flights to Abuja in Nigeria are excluded.  All flights must be on BA aircraft, including any connecting flights, with the exception of the flights that Air Belgium is operating on BA’s behalf (mainly to Dubai) which are fine.

You will earn the standard Avios and tier points for your flight.  It doesn’t make any difference if you use ‘Part Pay With Avios’ or pay entirely with cash.

No registration is required.  The offer will show automatically on ba.com when you reach the payment page as long as you are logged in and have at least 5,000 Avios in your account.

You can find out more about this ‘Part Pay With Avios’ offer on this special page of ba.com here.

We also wrote a full ‘Avios Redemption University’ guide to how ‘Part Pay With Avios’ works which is here.

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  1. OT; I need advice guys:
    I currently have the plat and need to cancel, but want to keep my account open to keep the points alive. Would it be a plan to apply for green charge card, then cancel plat, then upgrade green to plat, and get a reset referral counter ( and potentially get upgrade bonus)…? Thanks in advance.

  2. Could one both PPWA and also then UUA to Club World?

  3. What is the best way to prevent my reward points from expiring when “upgrading”? I want to go from the Gold Credit card to platinum and be eligible to the sign up bonus but was told that I need to cancel the gold card and wait for 6 months before reapplying for the platinum card to be eligible for the sigup bonus. However, the points I have with my gold card are only valid for 30 days post canceling

  4. Rebecca says:

    O/T I have return flights booked on Avios from Lima to Cusco with LATAM (saving me £290!!!) On the return, I’m connecting in lima and will be flying on a revenue flight that evening back to London, via Madrid.
    I know BA wouldn’t allow the bags to be checked through as there are different bookings, but are LATAM more accommodating? I have a very long wait as flights out of Cusco are prone to delay so I figured it was better to be safe than sorry. Anyone have any experience? I have lounge access in Lima as I’m in business (and have silver status with BA anyway) so would prefer to go and wait there rather than be stuck waiting to check in with a suitcase.

    • I’m flying there next month, I think latam will give you bags (I’m expecting that). Note that flights using latam peru are way cheaper than other agents as you can see via google flights.

      • No, LATAM does not through-check baggage on two PNRs. Tested this two years ago in a similar situation: LATAM domestic then BA longhaul.

        • Rebecca says:

          I’m LATAM domestic and LATAM long haul. Would that make any difference?

        • RIccatti says:

          All sensible Oneworld airlines backed down on this.

          Only BA (and on occasion Iberia) refuses BA to BA luggage ‘interline’ citing Oneworld policies..

  5. e-Rewards are now using BA Exec Club miles as their ONLY UK rewards partner and are no longer transferring to the Avios rewards platform!

    Even more Avios closures?

    • guesswho2000 says:

      Not even IB any more? I remember IB being a better transfer rate (2000 e-rewards to 750 Avios) than the 2000:500 with BAEC/Avios, but this was some years ago.

      • fivebobbill says:

        Iberia’s still listed in mine, and still 2,000 pts for 750 avios…

        • Some older erewards accounts still have the various partner redemptions, IB is definetely the best avios redemption route now 8k – 3k. The new rules apply to accounts opened up before avios closed recently and you could redeemed to Vueling / Are Lingus @ 2k a month.

        • Just discovered this myself and posted about it on today’s Bits post. Iberia don’t seem to have been offering e-rewards signups for at least a year or so.

      • RussellH says:

        Iberia, Flying Blue. United, BAEC, American, Eurowings, Virgin, Etihad all available on both my Hilton e-Rewards a/c and my Accor Hotel a/c.
        Both a few years old, though

    • And I discovered onky yesterday that they changed their redemption amounts per month, max is 1k avios per month instead of 2, hit on two accounts.

  6. I upgraded my Gold Charge Card to Platinum but I also still have a Gold Credit Card (I can’t seem to find it online now – it’s a lighter colour than the ‘normal’ Gold card)

    If I cancel the Platinum, would I retain my MR points by virtue of having still the Gold Credit Card?

  7. The only option on E-Rewards points redemption now is into BAEC regardless of any Avios accounts still held with AL, FlyBe, IB or Vueling although you could still combine Avios through the transfer process.

    I guess rewardsforthoughts will be next, taking the AL, FlyBe, or Vueling avios platforms off?

  8. Why didn’t all these OT comments go in the Bits thread today? This is getting very very dull.

    • Does it really matter?

      • Yes, I think it does. I think the wealth of OT comments just don’t belong in a thread where someone reading the comments might legitimately be interested in the topic at hand – eg, are there any especially good WT/WTP prices at the moment?

        • Mikeact says:

          It’s not for the first time, and it won’t be the last.

        • Some “regulars” on here decided that they should go in the “bits” article. AFAIK it’s not a rule of the site, and while people can moan as much as they want, feel free to ignore them.

        • If I’m asking an off topic question I would put it in the article that is the most closely associated with what I’m asking – I’d even wait until the next day if there’s nowhere to fit.

          If bits is all about hotel schemes and there’s one article about an airline and my question is about airlines I’d put the comment on the airline article (even if it’s a BA question on a Virgin article for example)

      • Slow day so bitch about where a comment belongs. Rob has said there are no rules regarding which threads you choose to comment in.

        • Mikeact says:

          So every topic may as well be a free for all.

        • What do you expect? There’s no search facility for comments, and on busy days it’s hard to find anything an hour or two later. Look at the recent Curve threads, it was hardly worth the effort if typing it was all moving so quickly.
          Why do you think that the perceived organisation deemed important by a few readers is so important. Lumma’s point that some threads are more relevant anyway has been ignored, and us having a to and fro serves no purpose whatsoever on any thread. Rob’s site Rob’s rules.

          • I am now looking more seriously at a Q&A forum because I’ve found some nice software that might work with our set up. This would allow some off topic stuff to be moved out.

        • Yes Mikeact, every article can be a free for all. It’s a small blog, I really think we’ll survive….

        • Rob, I think a Q&A forum would be a huge improvement. As some others commenters have said above, I basically lose interest in scrolling through them when they begin to go over 1 page. Much better to move ongoing questions about Amex churning, BAPP voucher usage etc. Somewhere else.

        • Yes it is very high time for a proper forum to discuss things and then the selfish ones who only want to ever discuss how to churn their Amex cards yet again (which I am quite sure will be banned at some point by Amex due to how much it is costing them with the constant aggressive churners) can be stuck in the appropriate place.

          Today’s thread hijacking was particularly bad and cynical as the BA £100 off Part Pay WIth Avios long haul offer was a particularly interesting one and the discussion should have been entirely about which routes have the cheapest World Traveller tickets where the £100 reduction therefore makes the biggest percentage impact.

        • Julian – I’d much rather read their off topic posts than your whining… If you want to discuss what the cheapest economy fares are then discuss them – no-one is stopping you.

          Not that I’d agree that’s an interesting discussion, if you want to know the cheapest WT fares then just go on BA’s low fare finder. No discussion required!

        • Rob – Out of curiosity, how are libel laws any different between an internet forum and a comment section on an article (or Q&A forum – I assume a forum in which only you can start threads in)? (If that’s even a question you can answer without having to write an essay!) To my non-legal mind, they are basically the same thing.

          • The law is the same, but a format which only allows you to post questions, which can be easily moderated for relevance, is far less likely to off on tangents.

  9. nick1066 says:

    I am hoping soon to use the “issued in error” Lloyds Avios Rewards from last autumn. Not sure if this deal is now better? Question: I have since spent the required £7000 on the card but have not heard about another voucher. Will they issue a second one in the same account year? Anyone had another? If so, how do I chase this up? Lloyds? Avios? Thanks.

    • Once a year

    • I was issued one in error 2 weeks before my anniversary date (same one as you). I have spent then by beginning of January another £7k and got another voucher within 2 weeks. It arrived in the form of email from avios.com, there was no voucher number or anything. My avios.com account is closed since November and even though I have opened Aer Lingus account before closure I can’t see neither there. I called and they confirmed I have 2 vouchers. I have to use the error one before April and I have until end January 2020 to use the other one.

      • I also had the same thing with a voucher issued in error around the time of anniversary (already earned one in the year). Just got another one after spending £7k.

  10. Lady London says:


  11. Mr(s) Entitled says:

    OTC (On Topic Comment) – what do they have against Nigeria?

    • If you look at the actual rules, it says ‘not valid for Algeria, St Petersburg, Morocco, Nigeria’. However …. three of those places are not even long-haul routes! It’s like saying ‘not valid to Amsterdam’. Which only leaves Nigeria, which is long haul.

      • ” All flights must be on BA aircraft, including any connecting flights.” plus Air Belgium for BA on Dubai flights. Just booked WT+ MAN-LHR-DXB for end of month. £100 off for 5k avios. Very happy. Thanks Rob !!

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