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ENDS TUESDAY: Get 2p per point using ‘Part Pay With Avios’ for five days only

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British Airways has launched a generous tweak to its ‘Part Pay With Avios’ proposition, for just five days.

Until Tuesday 12th February, you can save £100 on a return World Traveller or World Traveller Plus flight when you redeem just 5,000 Avios during the booking process.

This works out at a very attractive 2p per Avios.

Full details are on this special page of

Whilst discounts vary by route, you would generally need to redeeem 14,500 Avios to save £90 on a British Airways long haul flight.  This is just 0.62p per Avios and is why we rarely recommend using ‘Part Pay With Avios’ for large discounts.

How does this deal work?

Until 12th February 2019 you will get £100 off a return long haul flight when you redeem 5,000 Avios.

This offer is valid on long haul return bookings departing from the UK for up to nine people on one booking.  The £100 discount is per person so a family of four would save £400 in total when redeeming 20,000 Avios. The maximum discount per person is £100.

The offer is only valid for long-haul Economy (World Traveller) and Premium Economy (World Traveller Plus) bookings.  It would have been good to see the offer extend to Club World tickets – a £100 discount would have not made a big difference either way on a £2,000+ ticket – but if you are happy with World Traveller or World Traveller Plus then this is a very decent deal.

You must book by midnight on Tuesday 12th February for travel between 8th February and 30th June 2019.  Flights to Abuja in Nigeria are excluded.  All flights must be on BA aircraft, including any connecting flights, with the exception of the flights that Air Belgium is operating on BA’s behalf (mainly to Dubai) which are fine.

You will earn the standard Avios and tier points for your flight.  It doesn’t make any difference if you use ‘Part Pay With Avios’ or pay entirely with cash.

No registration is required.  The offer will show automatically on when you reach the payment page as long as you are logged in and have at least 5,000 Avios in your account.

You can find out more about this ‘Part Pay With Avios’ offer on this special page of here.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. The offer is also not showing on long-haul to Moscow.

    • I thought Moscow was almost always on short haul aircraft these days? It is treated as short haul in the BA system, hence 40 tier points for CE one way (and RFS available on redemptions).

      • There is one flight a day on long-haul and it priced in PE as £350, but sadly no discount.

      • Both Moscow airports earn 140 according to BA. Don’t they call this mid haul, a sort of vague inbetween.

        • I’m sure Moscow is different Rob. You can book first on some flights. That suggests it’s legit long haul.

        • And funnily enough I also priced Amman which is exclusively on A321 and it is showing a discount
          in WT.

  2. Mikeact says:

    My son and his girlfriend have booked two seats to New York on this deal…£185 each + 10000 Avios, pretty amazing.

  3. Hi Rob, Is it worth it?BA return to Beijing Outbound Premium Economy Inbound First Class at 116000 Avious + £735? Thanks

    • Mikeact says:

      I’ve just noticed this topic was posted by Anika…….welcome back !

      • Her name has been on as much as ever recently but people rarely notice – it’s just that she’s not doing reviews at the moment.

        • When is your new recruit taking over from Anika then? I thought she had got married and moved elsewhere to live with her husband?

      • Peter K says:

        That’s very off topic Mikeact and Julian.

        • But not as boring as yet another post about the best way to churn an Amex card……

    • Surely that depends on how much the avios cost to earn – the taxes are around the same price you’d expect to pay for a premium economy ticket so you’re using £1160 worth of avios to upgrade one leg to first class.

      Maybe a cash premium economy ticket and upgrade to business using avios would be better value?

      Or fly Qatar business on a cash ticket for the value of the avios and taxes?

      • That particular deal doesn’t seem too great. If you’re valuing the Avios at 1p then you’re “paying” £1900 in total. You could EASILY get a business class return flight for that given the deals around, possibly even saving a few hundred quid. That will make the outbound leg far more pleasurable, although you’d be missing out on F returning.

        BA F facilities out of Beijing are rubbish though, I’ve done it.

  4. Thanks. How do you get this deal? Just checking BA the premium economy in cash is around £3200! Never mind business class return.

  5. Yes it is very high time for a proper forum to discuss things and then the selfish ones who only want to ever discuss how to churn their Amex cards yet again (which I am quite sure will be banned at some point by Amex due to how much it is costing them with the constant aggressive churners) can be stuck in the appropriate place.

    Today’s thread hijacking was particularly bad and cynical as the BA £100 off Part Pay WIth Avios long haul offer was a particularly interesting one and the discussion should have been entirely about which routes have the cheapest World Traveller tickets where the £100 reduction therefore makes the biggest percentage impact.

    • Shoestring says:

      Most regulars generally stick an O/T comment in Bits threads – you can’t expect a new face to do that – if there’s no Bits that day, fair enough IMV to stick your comment anywhere it might be of interest to others

      • Its actually Rob who’s responsible for the current situation by putting off implementing a proper discussion forum for so long and then also tolerating any amount of off topic posts in even specific topics rather than the Bits topics.

        But I really wish Amex would ban the churners as its obviously not a sustainable business model and it would be far more sensible to pay a more generous rate on spend on their Gold and Platinum cards and/or to introduce a flight class upgrade voucher with BA (or any other airlines it chooses to partner with) that either single people or couples can use and is comparable to the Lloyds one that is about to disappear.

        • Julian, what has your view on Rob’s model for the site and Amex policy got to do with 2p part pay Avios. I do with you’d stay on topic.
          I think Amex should reduce the earnings for high spenders, and increase the bonus for churning, ideally double bonus for self referral 😉

        • +1

        • Peter K says:

          So Julian wishes that things were all changed to make it better for people like him and if it makes it worse for others then tough? Good to see altruism is alive and well 😉

        • How does it make sense for Amex to ex-communicate Curve because people were using it for huge tax payments tp HMRC it doesn’t make money on but not to also ban constant Amex card churners who also don’t make it any money?

        • The churning is entirely within the terms and conditions as laid down by American Express.

        • Well, that’s Rob told. But seriously, Amex must be so glad to have someone fighting their corner against the aggressive and ruthless practices of pensioners and middle-aged public sector workers like some of us!

        • Why exactly do you think Amex churning is unsustainable given Amex have been allowing it for years, specifically crafted their conditions to allow it (it’s not a loophole, they’ve specifically designed their programme to allow you to do this) and have remained profitable throughout?

          Do you not think the actual reason for your objection is that YOU don’t like it and you want everyone to conform to how you like things? With my previous interactions with you, I’ve genuinely been unable to work out if you’re just a selfish person or are unaware of how you’re acting.

    • You should travel where YOU want to go (unless you are doing TP runs). There´s no point in telling me that with this deal you can get to NYC for £185 + 5000 Avios, if I have no interest in going to NYC.

      • Where else can we get to for £185 + 5,000 Avios that is cold as NYC at this time of the year and.or how far ahead are flights bookable under this offer?

        • I meant not as cold as NYC or indeed not as expensive hotel cost wise

        • Keep it on topic Julian. No one cares about your views on US city temperatures or relative hotel costs.

        • The point is you need to look destinations where YOU WANT to go – and you should do your own homework.

  6. That is very off topic Julian, and repeating yourself.
    As has been pointed out many times before no-one makes you read this blog/

    • The point is that chat and discussion is a very important part of what goes on at this website and at the moment it isn’t being properly structured or organised and that doesn’t seem to be to anyone’s advantage.

      • Shoestring says:

        Julian, on a scale of 1-10 where 10 is ‘extremely happy dealing with ambiguity’ and 1 is ‘very unhappy dealing with ambiguity’, be honest: where would you put yourself?

  7. OT: I do hope Julian keeps posting his whining little tantrums, it provokes some excellent & entertaining wit from the respondents, well played folks.

    • I’ve never tried to be rude to him, but as my post above alludes to, I have been wondering for ages whether it’s something he’s got any control over. In such case the taunting might be a bit unfair!

  8. Snowflake says:

    O/T (On Topic)

    Leave wee Julian alone

  9. journeying john says:

    BA drop prices to reflect declining service standards and reputation would be more accurate?

  10. I just booked a 2 for 1 BA voucher flight a few days ago. Sacrificed 98000 Avios – can I ask to rebook and be some points back?

  11. Sort of OT, is the reward flight calculator wrong? Looking at a biz class one way redemption and taxes work out £20 more expensive at checkout when compared with the calculator:

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