Review of the new Emirates First Class suite on a Boeing 777-300ER! (Part 2)

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This is the 2nd part of my review of the Emirates First Class suite on a Boeing 777-300ER.

Part 1 of my Emirates First Class Suite review, which ran on Tuesday and which you can find here, talks about how I managed to book this ‘unbookable’ redemption and what it cost.  Today I want to look at the suite.  In part 3 tomorrow I will look at the food and IFE.

You can take a look at the official website for the new suite here.

The new Emirates First Class Suite

I ran a few PR pictures of the suite in Part 1.  Here are a couple more, which give a far better view than my shots ever will.

The project is billed as co-operation with Mercedes, with the suites ‘influenced’ by the design and materials used on the S-Class.

Review Emirates First Class Suite Boeing 777-300ER London Stansted to Dubai

It is a 1-1-1 layout, with just six suites in total (there are currently eight seats in First Class on a 777 so, whilst this is a step up, the new suites are not Etihad-style huge).

The trade off for getting all this, apart from having to fly to/from Stansted, is that the Boeing 777 fleet does not have an on-board bar or a shower – you will need to pick an A380 route if you want those.  (For comparison, my review of the Emirates A380 First Class seat and shower from 2017 is here.   Do check out the in-shower action in the video …..)

Review Emirates First Class Suite Boeing 777-300ER London Stansted to Dubai

What you can’t do with the new layout is form a double bed with your partner.  If you travel with someone else, you will each be in your individual suites separated by your ‘floor to ceiling’ walls and door ….

Review Emirates First Class Suite Boeing 777-300ER London Stansted to Dubai

A reader called Alan sent me this impressive ‘fish eye’ photo that he took when he flew the suite and does a good job of fitting it all in (click to enlarge):

Emirates First Class Suite new with doors

Let’s take a look at some real photos.  This is possibly the coolest thing about the whole set-up (click to enlarge):

Review Emirates First Class Suite Boeing 777-300ER London Stansted to Dubai

Look through the windows in the picture above, taken just before takeoff.  You can see the walkway positioned outside the plane.  Except …. this is a MIDDLE suite in the 1-1-1 layout.  The three ‘windows’ are actually three TV screensThere is a camera filming the view from the side of the aircraft and displaying it on fake ‘windows’ in the middle two suites.  There are even blinds on the fake windows as you can see on the right.

It is just so loopy you can’t help but be impressed.  You won’t see anything more bizarre on a mainstream aircraft anytime soon.

My Emirates First Class Suite, 1K

I wasn’t in a middle suite.  I had 1K, right at the front with a real window:

Review Emirates First Class Suite Boeing 777-300ER London Stansted to Dubai

This was a MASSIVE mistake.  Directly outside your suite are the crew seats.  There were two crew members sat on these seats for much of the flight.  They talked … and they talked … and they talked.  On and on and on.

There is nothing I don’t know now about their personal lives, the working condition of Emirates crew, what you do if you find a couple getting, ahem, over-excited in one of the suites or the career plans of the two women.  It was very painful to sit through.  Five minutes would have been OK but I had it for literally HOURS during the eight hour flight back.  I was eventually forced to watch some IFE, which I rarely do, just to block out their voices.

There was one other problem about 1K, and about the suites in general, pre departure.  The plane boarded Business and First Class passengers from the front set of doors.  This meant that there was a lot of traffic, much of it curious, by my suite as the Business Class passengers came through.

The seat itself is fairly traditional although you quickly notice that the leather is of the highest quality.

Review Emirates First Class Suite Boeing 777-300ER London Stansted to Dubai

Note the iPad sized console which you can use to watch TV if you don’t want to use the huge 32 inch screen in front of you.  It also acts as a video phone if you want to call the crew.

Then it gets a bit odd.  You get binoculars:

Review Emirates First Class Suite Boeing 777-300ER London Stansted to Dubai

… your own flower:

Review Emirates First Class Suite Boeing 777-300ER London Stansted to Dubai

… and a very eclectic set of toiletries from a brand I didn’t know, Byredo, which wasn’t stuff I actually wanted – facial toner spray?  I’m not sure what happened to the Bulgari amenities promised when the suite was launched (EDIT: comments below suggest the Bulgari amenity kits are still available on overnight flights).

Review Emirates First Class Suite Boeing 777-300ER London Stansted to Dubai

The usual selection of snacks:

Review Emirates First Class Suite Boeing 777-300ER London Stansted to Dubai

There are no overhead lockers in First Class.  My bag went into this cupboard.

Review Emirates First Class Suite Boeing 777-300ER London Stansted to Dubai

There is also a wardrobe by the seat:

Review Emirates First Class Suite Boeing 777-300ER London Stansted to Dubai

This shot gives you a better impression of what you see in front of you from the seat.  Note the huge TV, the decoration on the back wall and the mini bar to the side of TV.

Review Emirates First Class Suite Boeing 777-300ER London Stansted to Dubai

To the left in the image above is a serving hatch.  It is open in the picture.  If you close the door of your suite, the crew will pass your meal to you through the hatch!

It is all completely bonkers, of course.  Here I am settled in with a glass of Dom Perignon 2009 (a reassuringly expensive £120 per bottle) which was available on free flow throughout the flight:

Review Emirates First Class Suite Boeing 777-300ER London Stansted to Dubai

If you look by the seat, you’ll see that the windows have curtains you can pull across! You have the automatic blinds but Emirates clearly decided that additional curtains added a homely touch.

Emirate First Class Suite in video!

I made a short video of the flight.  This will show you how the door and blinds close, amongst other things!  Luckily it doesn’t include any commentary from the two over-chatty crew members …..

If you don’t see the video below, click here to visit our YouTube page.  You can also subscribe to our channel via that page.

To be continued ….

In the final part of my review of the Emirates First Class Suite on the Boeing 777-300ER which is here, I will look at the food and drink available.  We’re talking £790 bottles of cognac and £250 bottle of wine – and those are shop prices, not restaurant prices.

You can find out more about the Emirates First Class product on the new 777 fleet on their website here.   There is also an official video on that page.

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  1. Lord Figgy Beaverhound says:

    “Directly outside your suite are the crew seats. There were two crew members sat on these seats for much of the flight. They talked … and they talked … and they talked. On and on and on.

    There is nothing I don’t know now about their personal lives, the working condition of Emirates crew, what you do if you find a couple getting, ahem, over-excited in one of the suites or the career plans of the two women. It was very painful to sit through. Five minutes would have been OK but I had it for literally HOURS during the eight hour flight back. I was eventually forced to watch some IFE, which I rarely do, just to block out their voices.”

    You are as bad as those saddos on Flyertalk who don’t complain at the time on the aircraft but whine about it online.Manup & do something about it at the time.

    • New Card says:

      So what do they do if a couple is getting overexcited…?

      • Exactly. Enquiring minds and all that……

      • Asking for a friend…

        • Frankly, if I were paying enough money/miles for a fully private suite in first class I would expect to be allowed to join the mile high club in peace…

        • ankomonkey says:

          Comment of the week 🙂

        • The Savage Squirrel says:


          If you’re “otherwise engaged” you won’t be bothering the crew with annoying and trivial requests, so if they’ve any sense they shoud let you get on with it.

          I also wondered if you still get the binoculars to stare at the TV screens in the middle :D?

      • How does a couple even get over-excited if they are separated by the floor to ceiling walls?!

      • 1nfrequent says:

        I suspect that it involves the binoculars given out to the other passengers …


    • I think it’s a fair point and some people don’t want confrontation especially if the people you are complaining to, and about, are also serving you food and drink. It’s a helpful comment which might persuade another reader to choose another suite…..

      • If you don’t want confrontation then I can highly recommend ear plugs. I never travel without them.

    • No – you shouldn’t have to listen to that all flight. it’s very irritating and especially if you’ve paid good money or saved extremely hard on points. Had it on BA in Club overnight when seated right next to the galley, luckily for only a short period of time though.

      • I suppose part of the issue comes from the floor to ceiling partion – can’t see the passengers so they must not be able to hear us…right?

    • Chrisasaurus says:

      This isn’t a one size fits all solution.

      There’s no way of making the point at the time without at least some residual tension and degraded CS experience resulting from that. You won’t necessarily be better off making your CS staff dislike you for the entire flight and no matter how tactful you try to be, that’s what will happen.

      CSD should, frankly, be aware of it at the time without needing pressing.

    • BA crew did the same on an overnight flight I was on, i walked into the galley and gave them my evil stare and the took some chocolate from the CW kitchen, one of them came to my seat to apologise for the noise. See, passive aggressive does sometimes work!

      Never mind the suites, i thought the shower room on the a380 would be where the action was.

      • Jill (Kinkell) says:

        Usual queuing at top of stairs outside a380 toilet before landing , and out popped a couple together who pleasantly smiled at us all!

  2. Bulgari amenities are provided in amenity kits on night flights – no amenity kits of day flights. The Byredo amenities are provided in addition in the console. Byredo is a niche brand found only in very exclusive department stores including Liberty.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      I still would have cleared it out. Who knows when it comes in handy.

      • Shoestring says:

        Good Valentine’s day present, especially if you pick up a rose from some graveyard

        • They also go on eBay for £20/£30

        • Regarding the amenity kits, I was talking to some people at a charity in Wandsworth last weekend. They collect airline amenity bags and contents and distribute to people at a homeless shelter. Earplugs, socks etc are all put to good use. I’m sure they aren’t the only charity that can usefully recycle, but if anyone is interested they are:

        • RussellH says:

          We have always collected the toiletries from the hotels we stay in – IIRC Rob does too.:-)
          as well as the very occasional non cattle class flight.
          We end up with more than we can use.
          These days, sadly, your local foodbank will happily take shampoo, soap, shower gel, toothpaste, toothbrushes…
          Start looking for your local foodbank at – if they do not point you to a local foodbank, your favourite search engine will help.

        • I I do this as well, but usually with shampoo / conditioner / body wash / dental kits from hotels. Most homeless charities collect them – my school collects warm clothes, toiletries and non-perishable food for Spires every winter, so I store them away, and then bring a big bag of hotel goodies in once a year.

    • IN First amenity kits are available on all long haul day flights upon request (as are slippers and pyjamas). Arguably, you should be proactively offered those because not everyone knows that; some crew are better at doing that than others.

      • And speaking of amenity kits, it seems QR have cut back on costs and no longer supply the nice hard-sided Brics kits, but a much cheaper looking pouch. Contents remains the same.

        • Been that way for sometime now, even for those of us who pay cash and don’t take stuff off the aircraft.

        • TGLoyalty says:

          What difference does paying cash make to taking stuff you are meant to take with you off the plane.

          The amenity kits will be destroyed if you don’t use them or only part use them

      • guesswho2000 says:

        Indeed, I got some pyjamas on a daytime SYD-CHC in F…and a birthday cake, which was a nice touch!

  3. 85,000 points + £359 and no free transfers… Emirates have let us down 🙁

  4. blot_bang_rub says:

    Good job you didn’t take the Steiner ‘amenity bag’ – you’ll probably find that is the pouch for the binoculars!

  5. If you were ‘paying’ for this experience why on earth didn’t you talk to the CSM about the chatty crew ?

    • MoanyMan says:

      Because he’d rather moan about it online.

      As for the boarding by front door, this happens on BA a lot as well, they even board with ECONOMY passengers from door 1L sometimes at AUH or DXB. At least on EK, you can close your door – another moan that can be resolved.

      • I was on a long haul 787-9 flight last week in First and they boarded everyone thought the front doors. Wish I hadn’t got on first. Meant no pre-flight drinks until the last people had boarded also.

  6. The virtual windows are a feature of new or refitted cruise ships, making inside cabins more attractive. There are future designs of airplanes which are windowless apart from virtual windows due to the cost and efficiency of eradicating passenger windows totally.

    • Chrisasaurus says:

      Which is peachy right up until the point you’re evacuating the airplane with one wing on fire and can’t see which one it is because the TVs are broken and the cabin is dark because there aren’t any windows…

    • There is/was a budget hotel in the centre of Birmingham that had 40″ TVs that showed live images of the Birmingham skyline around 12 years ago. It’s not exactly a luxury thing in my opinion

      • Hotel Gotham (which is high end) in Manchester has interior suites pitched towards the top of their range that only have virtual windows.

        • TGLoyalty says:

          All the feedback I see about this place is it’s terrible. Do you feel it’s worth the money?

    • The oval holes cut out of the fuselage also provides structural strength.

      • Absence of holes, I hope you mean. Holes cause a stress concentration factor meaning that the surrounding structure must be thickened to compensate. This increases weight, complexity and therefore cost. Look at military conversions such as the E-3 Sentry, they don’t have windows except on the emergency exit doors.

  7. Optimus Prime says:

    “There are no overhead lockers in First Class”

    BA F only provide them for window seats, or at least that was my experience when flying to/from Vegas last week on a 747 (first time ever in BA F).

    • How was the 747 to Vegas? booked on it for May in F and I am little worried.

      • This is a design ‘thing’. Some airlines believe that having overhead lockers in the middle of the cabin in Business and First spoils ‘the look’, so they remove them and make everyone use the bins over the window seats.

        • Optimus Prime says:

          That was my impression. We were lucky that a few passengers didn’t have a carry-on so I could put mine away. If they all happen to bring one, will you be forced to check yours in?

      • Optimus Prime says:

        The outbound flight was really nice. Seats, cabin crew, food, everything.

        Since it was our first time in F and travelling as a couple we wanted the middle seats. These weren’t available for the outbound flight and that was actually a bless… we got row 2 and I got the impression that not only do you get overhead lockers but also more space to leave your phone and other things next to you.

        On the way back we got row 3… Rookie mistake – should’ve done some research before or at least pay more attention to the other seats during our first flight… No overhead lockers and less space to leave things by your side. Also I was unlucky and the crew member serving my side was kind of lost. Maybe he was new but he didn’t start serving breakfasts when some people from the other aisle had already finished theirs (yes his colleague was attending the other side, it wasn’t him working the full cabin by himself).

        I have to say I didn’t get the impression the F cabin was old, maybe it’s been refurbished. I was expecting the worst after reading some comments about the 747. IFE also looked okay to me (read reports of rubbish screens. Maybe other cabins?)

        What it is a joke is the lounge at LAS… especially after having been to Cathay First Lounge in T3!!!

        • thanks, my only other F with BA was the 787-9 so I think I’ll have to adjust my expectations. I have heard the lounge in vegas was awful and I believe the amex lounge is too much of a faff to get to. I’ll try and get a late checkout and get to the airport as late as possible.

          I’m looking forward to the Cathay lounge in T3, with the flight being quite late I am planning on having a look around all the OW lounges just because we can.

        • guesswho2000 says:

          I flew BA F SIN-SYD a couple of weeks ago, I really like it. Yeah it basically is a really good J, rather than a decent F product, but the crew were great. I always like flying BA for the English cabin crew, I miss that sometimes!

          Concorde bar at SIN was also a novel experience, loved the fact it was practically empty, but the feel of the place (and darkness) was great. Plane wasn’t a 747, was a 777 obviously, but the cabin is much the same. I always sit on a window, so don’t notice the absence of OH bins, but actually did on that flight, as the guy in the middle seemed puzzled by its absence, and was searching for space around our (window seat pax) stuff.

          Agree re the lounge in LAS though, “The Club” is a hole. I head for the Centurion instead, much better.

        • Thanks @genghis

        • You can get to the Centurion lounge at LAS but it takes about 20 mins via the shuttle train and a walk.

      • Jeff de B says:

        BA F isn’t brilliant but it is vastly superior to their Club. Sounds like Optimus Prime was unlucky because the crew / passenger ratio is good and generally the F crew is a redeeming feature. The seat is good, there is overall lots of space and you can eat when you want rather than when it suits the crew. Food usually better out of LHR, but safest to choose simpler things that they can’t ruin. IFE not so good; if you plan ahead, iPad resolves that. The real standout is BA F wine, in the Concorde Room and in the air. As well as some well known wines, they often have unheard of wines from small producers that are invariably excellent. We do two F trips each year with BA using Amex 2 for 1 and it is generally very positive. Just returned from Buenos Aires which has no F and that first BA long haul Club trip in a while reminded not to do it again…

        • Optimus Prime says:

          The crew issue happened only on our way back to London, going to Vegas the crew was perfect. Even when they found out it was my birthday they ‘wrote’ happy birthday with chocolate sauce in my dessert.

          I always bring my iPad and it was more comfortable to watch something on it in First than it is in Club World. Guess it has something to do with the tray height.

          I don’t have an opinion about the wine because I don’t drink it :-). Champagne was nice though.

        • For booking an F redemption in BA (Lhr – nyc) what’s the best strategy, try at midnight at 355 out or use reward flight finder?

        • @Ed Use reward flight finder. No guarantee of F availability anytime.

        • No guarantee of F but NYC seems to have the best availability. I booked last July for F outbound on my birthday in May, we were extremely restricted with dates and times but got exactly what we wanted with no problem. As I’m flying my first F to JFK on my birthday and JFK’s birthday (the late president, not the airport), I am hoping the crew will be really nice to me!

  8. no-one should have to put up with crew talking all night.
    I would just politely ask them to be quiet and explain that I’m trying to sleep and they are keeping me awake. Should do the trick 🙂

  9. AmyFace2018 says:

    Byredo are an exceptionally nice brand that do some really ‘interesting’ perfumes. I certainly wouldn’t be upset to get amenities from them 🙂

  10. Was this great pic with champagne taken by one of those chatty stewardesses?

    • Was indeed 🙂

      They may be unemployed now. After Jamie moaned about the crew in his recent Qatar review, Qatar asked me for his flight details so they could ‘have a word’. I genuinely didn’t know the details, as it turned out, because he was on holiday.

  11. I always sit in 2K and I usually say to the crew that I can hear every word when they sit there and talk, really could do with the curtain to suppress it as on the overnights your woken by the galley noise or talking even with the suite door closed.

    The shoogle of the seat on take off, landing and turbulence is also annoying, all because it slides sideways.

    The sideways slide is to make it into bed mode, but really why does it slam itself into the wall and into the side table for sleeping, there is a bit of a design flaw and they could have added a nice side bench actually allowing the bed to be wider.

    Mercedes are good at car seats but no experience in beds, shame it was not tested out by real people before throwing all the money into it, some minor tweaks would have delivered a far better experience.

    It’s not stopping me though, I’m on it this Sunday, it’s just embarrassing arriving in a dirty grubby terminal at Stansted

    • Got seat 1K booked for tonight’s STN-DXB flight. Be interesting to see how the crew noise is. Got my ear plugs with me given the above feedback 🙂
      Only one other passenger so can always swap seats if needed.
      Interesting thoughts on the side bench!

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