Mobile bank Monese launches exclusive partnership with Avios

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The globally-connected banking service Monese has launched an exclusive partnership with Avios.

Back in December we wrote about how Avios Group had joined a £60m funding round for Monese and asked whether this was going to lead to an Avios earning partnership.

This week we got some answers.  Monese and Avios have announced that users can now link their Avios account to their Monese account and see their Avios earning and spending in the app. For now you cannot earn and spend via Monese, but watch this space …..

Monese and Avios

What is Monese?

Monese is a globally connected banking service that was founded in 2013 by Norris Koppel.  It aims to simplify the process of getting a bank account in Europe.  It’s a ‘mobile app only’ bank that gives users a £ and a € account allowing them to bank like a local across the UK and Europe. Accounts can be opened within two minutes with a photo ID and a video selfie.

The company launched its banking product in 2015 and has currently 800,000 users in 30 countries and supports 12 languages.  Customers are currently moving $3 billion through their Monese accounts each year.

How does Monese work?

There are three different plans to choose from.

  • Starter – FREE
  • Plus – £4.95 / month
  • Premium – £14.95 / month

Click the enlarge the image below which outlines the benefits of each plan:

What are Monese’s key feature?

Monese accounts are linked to a contactless Mastercard that is accepted in 200 countries and territories. Users can make unlimited transactions with their card, but depending on the plan there might be charges for ATM usage and foreign exchange transactions.

Monese accounts can be operated like a traditional current account with your salary paid in.  If you don’t want to do this, you can also top up your balance from another bank account or with cash using PayPoint or over the counter at a Post Office.

Introducing the new Avios partnership

This week Monese and Avios launched the first stage of their partnership.  Users can now link their Avios account to their Monese account and track their Avios earning in the same app as their banking balance.  This includes Avios earned from flights, via the e-store and any Avios earned from credit cards.

The app currently lists your last five Avios transactions and Monese is working on increasing this.

Monese Avios

What does the future hold for Monese and Avios?

In the coming weeks Monese will introduce further benefits for Avios collectors. There will be various earning and spending opportunities including earning Avios for referring friends to Monese and earning Avios by paying for items with your Monese debit card.

Customers will also be able to send Avios to their friends as long as they have a Monese account.

Norris Koppel, CEO and Founder at Monese, says about the Avios partnership:

“We are delighted to be announcing this partnership with Avios, following our successful Series B fundraise. We serve a fast-growing and incredibly international audience who travel the world for study, work, family, or retirement. We’re proud to offer customers a smart, portable and seamless way to manage their lifestyles, as well as their finances. We know that these customers would value an easy and simple way to track and maximise Avios alongside their finances and travel. In the coming months, our Avios offering will become even smarter and stronger and it will help our customers make better decisions, wherever they may be in the world.”

Do I earn Avios and tier points on reward flights?

Andrew Crawley, CEO, Avios Group, believes:

“Partnering with Monese is a significant move to making it even more convenient for customers to track their Avios while on the go. As Avios can be collected and spent in over 190 countries, we understand the need to have a banking account that’s as mobile as its customers. We look forward to working with Monese on our exciting plans to make collecting and spending even more rewarding.”

You can sign up for a Monese account via the App Store for iOS here or the Google Play store for Android here.  You can find out more about the company on its website here.

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  1. O/T I want to book an Easter weekend break, not particularly fussed as to destination but flights are generally quite expensive. I want to see if there is any BA reward flights, where is the best place to check and can I find out generally the reward availability to any destination (so I don’t need to specifically look/scroll through each destination)?

  2. OT, no bits:
    I just tried to apply for Amex spg before I close plat and got this at the end of application:

    We are unable to provide a decision at this time. We have recorded all the relevant information and will finalise your application as soon as possible.

    We’ll send you a note in the post or email within the next 10 days to advise you of the decision.

    Thank you for your patience

    Is this because I put my Amex Plat number in on one of the questions that asked if I currently hold an Amex? Or is it something else?


  3. Curve have notified me they will close my account due to my address being isle of man

  4. OT: Resurs Bank has launched a new BA AVIOS credit cards in Sweden

  5. O/T but no ‘bits’ today, one for anyone that was able to get any of the recent £100 economy flights as part of BA’s centenary.

    Have you been able to upgrade said flights via Avios or cash….?


    • stevenhp1987 says:

      Yes you can, if there is availability. Cash upgrades are very expensive due to the difference in the fare…

      • Mine to WTP is £179 to Abu Dhabi which I’m considering…

        • stevenhp1987 says:

          We’re flying to Cape Town next month and it’s coming out £3,215.22pp to upgrade to WTP… Which I would never consider. If it was £179pp like you, I’d consider it…

        • £206 to upgrade to WTP flying to Rio hence I am also considering it. I have the option online/app to upgrade but always fails at final point….will need to phone to see if there is in fact availability.

        • Lewis King says:

          Yeah I wouldn’t bother for that to Cape Town… but you are going to CAPE TOWN I AM SO JEALOUS! I tried so hard for those tickets 🙁

        • @Stephen, it mostly depends on load-factors. 179GBP is probably a POUG (pro active upgrade offer) which BA use to lure you in. The price you quoted sounds like you’re asking for a quote for an upgrade through the “normal” channel, so you’re paying the price difference between the 100 pound fare and a WTP return ticket…

  6. Will this be better than earning avios from Tesco Mastercard club card?

  7. You probably should have saved this advert for when there was something interesting to offer.

    A current account that you have to pay £5 for, pay for foreign usage, pay for ATM withdrawals and pay to pay in cash!? How ridiculous!

    • Totally agree….£1 per ATM withdrawal, why would I want to do that.

      • I just hope they gave him a decent sum of money to make it worthwhile!

        It’s not a good sign that they seem to think people on this site would fall for their rubbish product though – do they know their clientele at all?

        • Shoestring says:

          That’s what a lot of banks charge in Europe – fees per transaction that we get free of charge in UK

          so if Monese is a European product, people in other countries won’t see it as expensive

        • It’s very expensive but banking in the UK is filled with fees in general. In a lot of countries in Europe current accounts and all transactions including ATM withdrawals are free and unlimited. Only loans and insurance have fees/interest associated

      • FlyingChris says:

        Not that this product is of interest personally, but I haven’t made an ATM withdrawal in probably over a year. Can’t even remember the last time I actually paid cash for anything.

        • Milkman? Massage + ?

        • Obviously Curve was not for you either then, what a missed opportunity.

        • No cash? Lunch at a local cafe? Tip for a maid at hotel? Car park that doesn’t take cards?

        • Was out with a mate last week and he has gone totally cashless. Was surprised as he is not usually at the cutting edge. I thought cutting out coins, which I’ve done, was radical 🙂

        • Lady London says:

          His butler carries it for him 🙂

        • FlyingChris says:

          OK – I tell a lie – when I worked near a branch of my bank, I used the £200/month on Curve to withdraw cash, walk 30 seconds & deposit it back into my account. Otherwise no point in carrying it around. Too easy to lose coins – have a slimline wallet with just a few cards & a £20 note for emergencies (e.g. cab if can’t order an Uber etc) – but otherwise everywhere I go takes card.

        • Must say I only need cash for the canteen at work – everything else I use card!

    • I’m guessing you have not just moved to a new country and are in need of a bank account ASAP. That is the target market, although they are happy accept UK residents who have always lived in the UK and are not planning on leaving 🙂

      Ask some of your domestic staff how difficult they found it to open a bank account when they arrived in the UK.

      • illuminatus says:

        + 1, it is a nightmare to open a bank account for ‘new arrivals’ in the UK, so there is a niche for this product

      • Some of my domestic staff!? I know you live in a different world to me but Jesus Christ! Are you that out of touch, or did the joke go way over my head?

        There are other app based banks that are just as easy for new arrivals – though it’s crystal clear this advert is not targeting them so that’s a bit irrelevant.

      • I like how the target audience of this site is affluent City workers when it suits the narrative, but also ‘domestic staff’ or serial Now TV box purchasers when not.

      • But there is HSBC Passport for example. I opened one 15 years ago without any credit history. All they asked was a copy of my passport and an address in the UK and it was processed within 15-20 minutes. I guess some people don’t do enough research before moving to a new country…

        • Lady London says:

          That was 15 years ago. Since then the jobsworths have made it progressively more difficult for ‘real’ people. It’s a nightmare for many real people’s needs.

        • HSBC Passport, which he mentioned, is when HSBC will give you an account because you bank with them in another country. Which is hunky dory if you bank with HSBC in one of the few countries they are still in but not for anyone else.

        • Fyi, I didn’t bank with HSBC in my country and still got Passport account. I admit, perhaps, it got more difficult, but I know at least of dozen people who moved in last 3 years who had no problem opening an account.

      • Compared to where things were in 2000es, it is infinitely simpler to open a bank account in the UK.

        Today’s bank accept simple letters from your GP and employer in the absence of other proof.

        Opening the account with Revolut/Monese/etc does not create a record with Experian, and therefore, you will still be absent from the radar and find most credit being unavailable.

        If you plan living in the UK, you do need “a proper” current account at an established bank.

      • I don’t doubt that this may serve a small percentage of people’s needs but having moved countries a few times I have always found it pretty easy to open a bank account, granted I haven’t needed to open one in a hurry in the UK and I have kept an international account as a back up but my experience has always been that it is just a case of go down with ID and a willingness to hand over your money.

        What I don’t really get is the benefit of having your Avios transactions alongside it, my balance doesn’t change so much that I can’t keep up with it on the BA app or Award Wallet. Obviously I wish them well as any company that is looking to fill a gap in the market should be encouraged, but from the Avios point of view this strikes me as being more “because we can” than “because its good for our customers”

    • “Ask some of your domestic staff…”

      LOL, we don’t all live in castles Rob 😉

      • The days of only the landed gentry having staff have long gone. In the street where my brother lives he guesses nearly half have help, including him and he’s a part time manual laborer. One of the lesser published but priceless benefits of having help is when you’re away they look after the property.

        • Daft idea, better just to sign a letting agreement with somebody and charge them over £1k/month or whatever the rate in your area is. When you do that a few times over there’s ample time to take care of all your own stuff and buy a castle too.

      • Andrew L says:

        Just asked all of my domestic staff…..and the wife says it’s a rubbish product! 🤣🤣

        • Asked my wife as well – probably shouldn’t have said domestic staff, now I need somewhere to live – hopefully the butler will let me lodge with him!

  8. OT: Can i use my curve card to buy premium bonds? They have a pay with debit card option when buying on their website. Be handy to earn some miles through that if possible.

  9. A Nationwide Flex Plus account and Nationwide Select Credit Card seems a far better option than this.

    I have far more confidence in Nationwide than these e-money firms.

    For £13 a month you get:

    Fee free ATM withdrawals worldwide with the debit card
    Fee free purchases wouldwide with the credit card
    Worldwide family travel insurance
    Worldwide family mobile phone insurance
    UK & EU breakdown cover
    3% credit interest up to £2500
    5% regular savings account (up to £250 per month)
    £250 interest fee overdraft

    • I have the same and not planning on leaving them!

    • It’s a great product and I have it. My guess is that this site doesn’t cover it because Nationwide has a chav image.

      • Andrew L says:

        The travel insurance offering from Nationwide FlexPlus is much more comprehensive than that pointless offering that Curve negotiated and that got coverage here.

        • You can’t review travel insurance sensibly, no-one does it. This is because the key thing is willingness to pay. Some insurers try to avoid it using every means at their disposal, others do not. Axa has paid numerous Amex Plat claims when we clearly and openly broke their rules, for example – many cheap insurers would not.

  10. Quote: “Customers are currently moving $3 billion through their Monese accounts each year.”

    Sorry Rob, not impressed. When I was an office Junior, in a medium sized bank branch in the early 1990s, £100M would pass through my branch’s books every single day.

    Besides, “Mon Ese” sounds like an intimate lubricant or haemorroid cream.

  11. I think this signifies the end of this site as we knew it 😳

    • The day that we have to pay subscription, because of no ad income, that would be the real end.

    • Said the same thing when Uber was introduced as an alternative to a chauffeur. The whole country’s going to the dogs….

      • Andrew L says:

        At least a chauffeur knows how to get to your destination, bloody Uber drivers don’t withoit you giving them turn by turn directions!!

  12. luckyjim says:

    I don’t understand why people are complaining about this article. It is clearly an advertorial and is flagged as such. It is not the first and won’t be the last.

    I would much rather have this than articles which seem to be offering impartial advice but are peppered with sponsored links.

    • Or those blogs which seem to just write gossip articles about people on planes…and why they love expensive alcohol just because it costs a lot….

    • Exactly. Some people seem to think they’re owed a service.

      Unless I missed the line that said I HAVE to open one of these accounts?

    • It won’t be … two more next week 🙂

    • There’s a difference between advertorials which Rob would otherwise back (The Virgin credit cards spring to mind, arguably Curve) and ones which are clearly terrible products not suitable for any of the target audience of this site. This clearly falls into the latter category. More such articles would start to corrode the good reputation HFP has worked hard to create.

  13. I just had a call with them for a business bank account. Very disappointed with the call as they don’t seem to know their own product.. like their how much the are fees, restrictions etc.

    • there is no excuse not to know your product that your selling unless you are no good at your job

  14. Anyone paying £15/month is either very stupid, or very smart but not up anything good.

  15. illuminatus says:

    I can’t understand all the negativity towards HFP above. This is clearly marked as an advertorial – how difficult is it to just ignore it if it is of no interest to you? Indeed Monese offering is very lacking, but this is the reason they need to run an advertorial here instead of Rob doing a proper article in the first place!

    Rob, keep up the good work and many thanks for your website, some people seem to feel over-entitled.

    • All a blog site has is its reputation. if you don’t see how promoting an offering that is use your own words ‘very lacking’ and not worthy of a proper article devalues that reputation, then…..

    • Running this implied an endorsement. As I’m sure you are, I’m very financially savvy so know it’s a (currently) poor product. Not everyone is however, so some may be influenced by it – which raises questions about the quality of advice that is offered here (it shouldn’t because it’s almost invariably great otherwise, but it does).

      That being said, it is clearly marked as an advert, doesn’t really matter if people are influenced into signing up (it’s not a good card, but it’s unlikely to be detrimental to anyone) and Rob needs to pay his domestic staff somehow, so I don’t personally have any issues with it.

      • I need £100k per year to pay the (about to be) two full time HFP staff and our office rent, before I pay myself a penny to pay anyone else ….

        • While I’ve always thought your overheads are a bit ridiculous for a three short articles a day blog (though it’s none of my business really), that was my point! You need money to run the site so it makes sense to have these advertorials.

      • It maybe a poor product to you but not necessarily to other people, which is why not every product is suitable for everyone. This product is incomplete until all the features are released though so I won’t pass judgement yet…

        • I would argue that a £1 ATM fee being worse than a £0 ATM fee isn’t subjective and is the same for everyone. What aspects of the account am I missing that are better for some people that doesn’t already exists elsewhere?

        • None

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