£1,050 British Airways Club World flights to Durban

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As part of its occasional ‘Dream Tickets’ promotions, British Airways is running a 2-4-1 offer on Club World tickets to Durban.

Full details are on ba.com here.  You must:

book by 1st March

travel between 1st April – 31st May or 1st July – 31st August

both passengers must travel together at all time

Dream Tickets British Airways Durban

The cost will be £2,099 for two tickets which is EXCELLENT value, albeit that you are heading into Winter.  Availability is limited so there is no guarantee you will see seats at that price for your chosen dates.

You can use ‘part pay with Avios’ to reduce the cost further but you’re getting well under 1p per point so I don’t recommend it.

If your ultimate destination is Cape Town or Johannesburg, remember that you can redeem Avios for direct Comair flights from Durban to both cities.  Full ‘Dream Tickets’ details are on this ba.com page.

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  1. fivebobbill says:

    On Hilton 5 for 4 on points.
    I’m looking at 5 nights in Abu Dhabi / Dubai, 19th – 24th of April. The reward total is indeed coming up as 5th night free in a standard room, but when I look at an Exec room the 5th night points are being charged – an extra 50,000 points.
    Can I assume the 5 for 4 only works for standard rooms?
    Also, I’m a Gold member and trying to balance the best value v cash, but would like lounge access if possible, so what are the chances of an Exec room upgrade in the UAE if I was to pay cash for a standard room?
    Grateful for any suggestions – also Gold with Marriott and Radisson as well btw, via Amex Plat, so doesn’t have to be Hilton.

    • 5 for 4 is only on standard rooms with Hilton, you are correct.

    • Yes. It is only for standard rooms. I almost always got upgrades to exec level or higher with hilton in the UAE. Gold as well. You mention other chains – could you be more specific as to what your needs are so that we could help you further? Marriott and Radissin will not upgrade you to lounge access with gold sadly.

    • It works on ‘Standard Room Redemptions’. The Exec Room will be a ‘premium room redemption’ which is where Hilton pays the hotel the full cash rate and simply charges you the cash rates x 0.3p, give or take, in points.

    • fivebobbill says:

      Thanks guys for all the replies, decided to have a splurge and book the Jumeirah Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi, £200 back on the Amex Plat made it almost reasonable…
      Treat the missus and keep all the points for next time.
      Thanks again

      • Nice hotel (reviewed it a couple of years ago) in great shape and with a decent little beach and pool for a city centre hotel.

      • Is this the £200 off £600 amex travel offer? If so does this mean you have prepaid for the hotel?

        • fivebobbill says:

          Yes the £200 off £600 offer. My card was charged in full immediately (needed to be as the offer ends 28th Feb).
          However my reading of cancellation is that it can be made up to 3pm local time the day before arrival, whereby you will be charged a 1 night fee, After that you are charged a 1 night fee plus taxes & fees – roughly another 20 – 25%

  2. O/T I have seen mention of booking internal US flights using Avios. Is this only through the BA website? When searched yesterday the amount of Avios seemed high in comparison to what I thought I had previously read.

    • It may be possible via American Airlines if you have an account with them, I’ve only ever booked via BA. Don’t forget flights are charged by sector so short trips might appear relatively avios-heavy.

      • You can book AA flights with Avios. Easiest to find availability via AA.com – you are looking for Mile SAAver flights – then book via BA. Min is 7,500 Avios for shorter economy flights (don’t look at the AA miles, the miles needed are usually different). It can be very good value as the taxes are so low and they are genuinely taxes and government agency charges. We paid 7,500 Avios and about £5 for internal flights that were selling for >$250 per person so all good.

        You can also book Alaska flights which gives you good options for the West Coast; Rob has written “how to” articles for that but its all offline.

      • You can only book using Avios via BA. AA website can be handy to search for ‘SAAver’ availability though.

    • Lady London says:

      Look online but don’t hesitate to call BA to book. For routings not showing on BA site. Done it many times. You can still check availability of saver tix on AA website before calling BA to use your avios to book. Don’t forget you can also use AS with avios that way. Can be very useful some routes. You can request waiver of phone booking fee if something you booked couldn’t be booked online.

      • If I remember correctly some US dom routes are cheaper with Iberia. Might be worth checking

    • Problem in US is that First class redemptions are 4x the Avios price for coach.

  3. OT: BAPP – earnt the 26,000 bonus avios for spending £3,000. My first statement hasn’t been generated yet. However, the ‘avios to be transferred’ is literally 26,650 (£650 was the last transaction that hit the £3,000 bonus) The other base avios was taken away. On the BA Amex avios statement it says ‘Avios (-)5400’ which is all the base avios and ‘(-) 3000’ for the supp card. Is there any reason for this? The avios hasn’t been transferred yet and don’t think it should have as my first statement hasn’t been generated?

    • They’ve transferred across to BA (your statement will be generated in a few days). All perfectly normal.

    • Avios get transferred a few days before the statement date. You did not spend the £650 to hit the target and get the bonus avios in time for this sweep. They will go across next month.

    • Fair enough, thanks guys, will look at my avios balance in the next few days. How long does it normally take to reach the BAEC avios account once transferred?

  4. jeremy i says:

    O/T – what would people recommend for x4 nights over Easter in Berlin? The Pullman? The Hilton? Wardolf AstoriaA? So difficult as there seems to be lots of choice. We’d like a nice large pool and hopefully breakfast included (Hilton Gold and an unused 200 off 600 amex travel voucher).

    • I was very disappointed with hilton. No upgrade as gold at all but still tried to upsell me. Breakfast average, dumpy tiny room. Location excellent though. Consider Sofitel K-dam. Excellent upgrade as gold.

    • Unlike Adam, I’ve only ever had a great experience at the Hilton. Lovely large rooms overlooking Gendarmenmarkt, excellent breakfast and a really good, spacious lounge with decent food options. Don’t know if there’s a pool, though.

      If you use Amex Travel, you may not get status benefits at any of the chains, though.

    • I’ve enjoyed the IC, Waldorf, Hotel Indigo and Hilton in Berlin! All good in different ways. Be aware if using Amex Travel offer you’re very unlikely to receive status benefits or points though (you might get lucky but can’t bet on it) so may be worth looking at a highly rated non-chain option that includes breakfast?

      • Jeremy I says:

        Thanks all. Yes I was thinking I’d use the amex travel if not booking a hilton (ie, the only chain i have status in).

  5. These 2-4-1 deals are quite irritating for those of us who need to travel alone 🙁

    Those of you in pairs, enjoy though 🙂
    Good fare.

  6. Shoestring says:

    O/T Anna I think you were asking for a decent case of wine, here we go for £55 delivered (and they gave me a free bottle on top as I reviewed a previous case)

    New Virgin customers get 3000 Airmiles, existings get 250. They are happy to let lapsed customers try the club again, don’t forget to cancel (easy) if you don’t want to continue after this case.

    • Thanks Harry, will have a look. The Majestic wines are good but not enough to earn my unquestioning loyalty!

      • Shoestring says:

        Anybody wanting the Virgin Wines deal – and remember, it works out £2/ bottle & change if you are a first time customer so get the 3000 Airmiles – it was only 97 cases left this morning so don’t delay.

  7. 1nfrequent says:

    O/T but thought it was of interest to those who use cabs/car services in London – deal on my BA Amex with Wheely – spend £25 in a single transaction and get £25 back up to 3 times. Looks like it’s a private car company. May be of interest to some here.


    • Yes, it’s like Uber. Decent deal if those are the terms. Not many cars though so quite a wait to get one in my (admittedly historic) experience with them.

    • I have just had a minor stressful episode with that offer – at first glance I thought it referred to luggage sales and we have just replaced all ours lol.

  8. Anyone book the virgin reward flights to Tel aviv yet?

    Looks like flights only loaded from 1 November. Nothing in October at all? What gives?

  9. anyway to make the Amex Travel booking over the phone and claim the credits?

    Need to make a combined flight/hotel booking for 4 people. Total cost £2600 – ideally want to split over 4 amex cards (for the £200 off each)

    • No, needs to be online.

      Tried to use this yesterday and it was a joke. Need flights between Athens and Corfu. Amex Travel website claims that no airlines fly this route!

      • Also find the Amex Travel website sh**

        Poor poor selection of hotels. Forcing me highest room category (ie suites) as soon as I add a child, same issue with flights (tons of mainstream carriers missing)

        Whats the deal here? No wonder they can throw those 200 credits around..

        • tried to use this yesterday too, tried to book a hotel but kept glitching saying need to verify address, despite it passing the amex security key. Called up and they couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working but could only offer to book online. Still have 8(!) pending tractions for this booking but they confirmed none of these will be processed, did get the email to say I had redeemed the offer but I know this won’t clear as I won’t have completed the booking.

        • Can’t book easyJet flights online with Amex.

      • Sadly Amex Travel website is pretty useless – on the phone they can be OK but dreadful online. Basically only use them when they have an offer on that requires me to use it!

        • Charlieface says:

          Wasn’t too impressed with their phone service either.
          After booking a 85min. connex in Lisbon on TAP they emailed a few weeks later to say the first flight was moved 10min later so it falls under 90min MCT (it was already shorter??). 2 weeks of back and forwards calls and emails and them refusing to rebook on any other airline (regardless of EC261) eventually they just confirmed the same flights anyway.

      • Had a similar thing, booking flights from LHR to BODRUM, flights showed on the website, tried to book kept erroring. Online chat and multiple calls, with multiple excuses and asked to call back on different days. Eventually complained as had to book through Turkish to get the same price as advertised by Amex Travel. And got 2k points. Win some you loose some!

  10. Some Hilton spend £250, £50 back offers just appeared on BAPP and supp.

  11. Is there an exceptional hilton in Paris that is worth it?
    Or in fact what would people choose for a weekend in Paris from any hotel (chain or not)?


    • What’s your budget? Paris can be pricy. For work stays I go for Idol (independent) not far from the office. For leisure stays, I’ve stayed at Hilton Opera (good junior suite with cut yourself leg of iberico ham at breakfast) IC Opera (small room but great service) and Hotel du Collectionneur (big rooms and great breakfast). Going back now for leisure I’d try the Renaissance Republique on Marriott points.

    • Purely in terms of location, the main IC is a good choice. However, you really need lounge access with a large room, ideally junior suite. Classic rooms are unbelievably small (we’re almost talking ‘stretch out your arms and touch both walls’ small) and the restaurant is the most famous cafe in Paris and so charges €45 for breakfast.

      If you book via Emyr you will get free lounge access, worth €140 per night, on any booking which is a GREAT deal. The lounge here is excellent.

      We’ve reviewed Hilton Paris Opera too and, as Genghis mentioned, I stayed at Renaissance Republique last year which was surprisingly lovely including ‘no buffet’ free (with Marriott status) a la carte breakfast. Location is a bit off-centre but manageable.

      • Thanks for the replies will have a look – not much of a limit in terms of budget, perhaps happy to splash 500-1000 euro for a night.

        Will have a look.Thanks again.

        • If you have a high budget, the Four Seasons George V is generally seen as the best ‘city’ hotel in the world.

        • Lady London says:

          The Bristol used to be excellent and probably still is.

        • Shoestring says:

          Are we back to the Brassiere, Lady London? 🙂

        • RussellH says:

          Had a couple of nights at the Bristol as a competition win quite some years ago. Memorable in part as several African Heads of State were staying too – so far too many ‘heavies’ standing around in the corridors.
          But a great Hotel experience.

      • I can also recommend booking the IC Le Grand via Emyr, which will give you access to their excellent Club Lounge, and an upgrade from the small rooms as well, in addition to IHG points and any IHG/Ambassador status benefits you are entitled to. As Genghis says, their customer service is great. Especially the lounge staff.

        If you have a high budget though, why not ask Emyr for other recommendations to consider as well? I imagine he can book most, if not all, of the high end Paris hotels with special benefits.

    • Try Airbnb. You can get lovely apartments on the Seine for a similar price to a decent (not great) hotel.

    • We’re staying at the Moxy Paris Bastille in April. I’d be interested to know the thoughts of anyone who’s stayed there before.

    • Bonglim – don’t forget your yellow jacket 😀

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