No more Avios points from Shell as Shell Drivers Club is axed. The shake-up in petrol loyalty continues.

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There is a big shift underway in petrol station loyalty at the moment.  By Summer the whole landscape will have changed.

I will get to the news about Shell in a minute.  Let’s recap on what is going on elsewhere:

Texaco Star Rewards withdrew as a Virgin Atlantic transfer partner – this has already happened

In June 2019, BP is withdrawing from Nectar.  The company is apparently planning to launch a stand-alone loyalty scheme.

At the same time, Esso is withdrawing from Tesco Clubcard.  At present, you can earn Clubcard points (which can be converted to Avios or Virgin Flying Club miles) when you buy petrol or in-store items at Esso garages.  This Head for Points article explains the complex earning structure.  Esso will then join Nectar.  This is a little surprising, since Nectar is now wholly owned by Sainsburys and the main Esso retail partner in the UK is …. Tesco.

How can I still earn frequent flyer miles from petrol purchases?

This is how I expected the situation to be from June for Avios collectors.

You would need to buy your fuel at a Tesco-branded filling station, where you would earn Clubcard points which can be converted to Avios.  You could also fill up at a Shell garage, earn Shell Drivers Club points, and convert those to Avios.

However, it looks like it won’t work out like this.

It looks like Avios is losing Shell Drivers Club

Shell has been emailing people in the last couple of days to announce a new scheme called Shell Go+.  Confusingly, Shell has already launched loyalty schemes called Shell Go+ in a number of countries, but the structure is entirely different each time.  The Canadian version is a partnership with Air Miles.

Looking at the email sent to UK members of the to-be-closed Shell Drivers Club, it looks like bad news.  It seems that it will no longer be a points-based scheme.  And if it isn’t a points-based scheme, there is nothing to convert to Avios.

Shell Go+ will offer benefits such as:

  • 10% off hot drinks
  • 10% off Jamie Oliver purchases from the Shell deli
  • A fuel discount after 10 visits (a visit = £10 of fuel bought or £2 spent in the shop)
  • £3 discount when you buy 300 litres of Shell V-Power fuel

If this is correct then the ‘where can you earn miles from petrol?’ position will have got a lot simpler to understand:

For British Airways Executive Club members:

Shell – no, from whenever Shell Go+ launches

Esso – no from June, you’ll no longer be able to collect Clubcard points to convert to Avios

Tesco – yes, Tesco-branding filling stations will still allow you to earn Avios via Clubcard

For Virgin Flying Club members:

Texaco – no, Texaco Star Rewards partnership ended in 2018

Esso – no from June, you’ll no longer be able to collect Clubcard points to convert to Virgin

Tesco – yes, Tesco-branding filling stations will still allow you to earn Flying Club miles via Clubcard

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  1. OT, Is it reasonable to get an bus replacement for my flight from santander to Madrid? I wonder if anyone has persuited them for more. I’m leaving it as I haven’t taken the flights yet.

    • Lady London says:

      @Doug Can you explain? how has this come about?

      • Many have booked santander to Madrid flights recently for iberia promo. Those might be receiving emails for cancellations as these flights must be empty. They are replacing the flights with buses.

        • Lady London says:

          It’s a long ride from Santander to Madrid and I am sure the whole day will be organised inconveniently. Are you only due a refund though?

          Shoestring are you there? Is this an EU261? Can Doug just get his money back (I’m sure of that) or can he also get Eu261 duty of care etc. if he chooses to go on a different day when Iberia is still running the flight he booked?

          Doug have you been given more than two weeks notice of this, or less? I think that matters.

  2. ScienceTeacher says:

    OT: But possible caution to people… Had both by MBNA and Lloyds cards blocked this weekend.

    I had no idea, but, Lloyds Banking Group actually includes MBNA. They have found a discrepancy during routine checks on my two accounts; the addresses do not match. (One says Flat X, the other says Apt. X).

    Need to go to a Lloyds Branch tomorrow with proof of address. Argh.

    • Lady London says:

      Why not close at least one of your accounts while you’re at it? Perhaps after a gentle comment about your surprise that this apparently discrepancy could not have been handled by phone…. and then mention how short of time you are generally and really if it has caused such a problem as to require a personal appearance in branch, well perhaps we’ll just close the offending account shall we?

      You are after all, the customer.

  3. Julian says:

    Sounds very unreasonably pedantic indeed if its Flat X and Apt X at the same address but entirely typical of the bureaucratic and over zealous manner in which Lloyds go about things and/or the lack of ability to use common and sense or discretion which they allow to their staff. Lloyds made me first go through a fresh credit check and then forced me to go to branch for an interview just to change from the fee free Legacy Lloyds Avios Duo card to the £24 per annum exchange rate fee free version with exactly the same credit limit.

    By contrast MBNA have always been the exact opposite and have always used 0800 phone numbers for customer service, can’t wait to cash advance money direct to your bank account (rather than just taking over existing credit card debts) and have always had really helpful empowered staff. Unfortunately Lloyds have now bought MBNA (from Bank of America) presumably because they have lost a lot of their own credit card customers through their over cautious and bureaucratic interactions with their customers.

    As I also have an MBNA and a Lloyds credit card I rather fear what may happen when Lloyds spot that my credit limit on my MBNA credit card (which I took out when I had a much larger salary) is over five times the one that they have been willing to let me have on the Avios Duo credit card…..

    • Shoestring says:

      Barclays made me do a silly interview in branch for nearly 25 minutes to get my current account if it makes you feel any better.

      Good job I got 6 lounge passes out of it.

      • Julian says:

        Had you already been a current account customer with them for 8 years at that point though, as I already had been with Lloyds in terms of their Avios product. Or indeed a collector of Avios through a credit card (having previously had the NatWest Gold Plus card) for around 24 years at that point in time. Stupidly Lloyds even made my Member Since date 6 years newer by treating the changeover to the fee paying Avios Rewards account as being a completely new and different customer.

        I actually also had to go through a lot of very silly paper form filling and signing last Wednesday to set up an Executors account at NatWest along with another NatWest customer executor and my sister (who wasn’t an existing NatWest customer). Despite getting two of us to put our cards in a card reader at one point to check who we were they they then still got us to fill out paper forms on all lines in handwritten ink, whereas they should have been able to populate them entirely from their computer and possibly just needed a signature (if I am a separate legal person with them as an Executor than when I am operating my own accounts.

        Other organisations like MetroBank make these things simple (including issuing credit and debit cards in the branch on the day), which is of course why they are growing and these Luddite banks are not…………………

      • Lady London says:

        And then you closed the account, right, Shoestring? 🙂

        • Shoestring says:

          No because I still might need another 6 lounge passes @£16.50 each (includes No1 T3). You get them fresh again every year. Account is free as I am no longer signed up to Travel Plus Pack. Which has quite a good travel insurance & RAC car breakdown insurance associated with it.

          I might need it, no ongoing cost until then. Minimum cost to get 6 lounge passes is 6 months @£16.50.

  4. This is bad news. I buy a lot of Shell (fussy engine, also 13 mpg) so this was a nice little earner for me. I’m really not keen on using supermarket fuel, even the high octane stuff. I had a problem with an engine previously, and BMW claimed it was down to bad fuel. It was nice to be able to produce ALL the receipts for Shell V-Power.

    • Lady London says:

      What do you have @Gary Sharp, that only does 13mpg? is that a Rolls Royce?

      Agree with you about Shell V-Power if you want to keep an engine long-term.

      • Shoestring says:

        He’s got a BMW. I guess the 7 or 8 series are quite thirsty, or the bigger 4X4s

  5. Ollie says:

    Unlikely to effect UK residents unless on holiday, but don’t forget earning at Repsol via Iberia Plus.

    • @Ollie Firstly, it’s “affect”. Secondly, it’s a completely different model. They have not even disclosed how much the voucher will be after the 10th visit! Unless, you have insider information?
      Call me an old comic, but I can only think of one reason to change the scheme and ain’t to make us richer 🤔

  6. Fenny says:

    This is a bugger. I buy very little petrol, but occasionally fill up at Shell if there’s a good offer for extra points. What I do get from them is coffee on the way back from visiting the parentals, or use the car wash. The Shell Club points auto converting to Avios drip feeding into my account keep my collecting live.

    Nothing else from Shell is worth actually going there. I wouldn’t touch the Jamie Oliver stuff unless I was starving.

    • Lady London says:

      Lucky for you @Fenny the margins on coffee and, to some extent, car wash are phenomenal. So you might expect even better offers on those if they’re dropping avios.

      • Fenny says:

        I only go for the avios. I can get coffee & car washes elsewhere closer / cheaper. It’s not even worth collecting their points for Waitrose vouchers for the amount of petrol I buy these days, as I get free WR coffee everyday anyway!

  7. Looks like I’ll be filling up £10-a-time from now on!

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