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Get 9,600 Avios or 10,000 Virgin miles for £40 with a new Tesco Mobile offer!

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It’s just like the old days …. a generous Tesco promotion to earn you a chunk of Avios or Virgin Flying Club miles via Clubcard!

(Back in the early days of Head for Points we would write about numerous Tesco offers every week.  There were so many that we ended up creating Shopper Points in order to move them off HFP.  With Tesco Direct and Tesco Wine now closed down, there is no chance of this ever coming back.)

This deal is with Tesco Mobile.

Tesco Mobile is offering a generous chunk of Clubcard points when you order a pay-as-you-go SIM card and sign up for a Rocket Pack.

A Rocket Pack is a package of data, call minutes and texts which last for a month.  There is no contract but your Rocket Pack will auto-renew unless you cancel it.  You get the points with your first Rocket Pack, so only one payment is needed.

You could move your existing SIM over to Tesco Mobile if you are not in a contract.  However, the smart thing to do is to:

order a new free SIM from Tesco Mobile

order a Rocket Pack

pop the new SIM in your phone – assuming it is not locked – and make a quick call to ensure it is treated as active

and then pop your normal SIM back in!

There are three Rocket Packs you can buy which come with bonus Clubcard points, each of which lasts a month:

Pay £10, get 3GB data / 500 minutes / 5000 texts and 1000 Clubcard points (2400 Avios, 2500 Virgin miles)

Pay £15, get 6GB data / 1000 minutes / 5000 texts and 1500 Clubcard points (3600 Avios, 3750 Virgin miles)

Pay £20, get 8GB data / 2000 minutes / 5000 texts and 2000 Clubcard points (4800 Avios, 5000 Virgin miles)

Note that no other value of Rocket Pack will trigger bonus Clubcard points.

Here is the small print:

Available to new customers only with purchase & top-up of their Rocket Pack SIM or handset. For purchases between 25 February – 28 April 2019.  Requires the linking of your Clubcard and Tesco Mobile phone number which can be done online at, points issued within 28 days of satisfying eligibility requirements. Points capped at 2000 depending on value of Rocket Pack purchased. Each Clubcard number is eligible to qualify only twice.  

As you can do it twice per Clubcard account, the maximum number of points you can earn is double the limits I mention above.

I have uploaded a photo of the T&C’s here.

If you are wondering why I have written down all the small print, it is because the Tesco Mobile website is up the spout.  

On the ‘SIM only’ home page (click here) you see this:

…. but that’s it!  When you click through, there is no more information.  Nothing.

All of the information I have published above comes from the Tesco Mobile concession inside the massive Cromwell Road shop, where I picked up a brochure and took some pictures of a promotional poster.

The rules make it clear that you can do this offer twice per Clubcard account.  This would mean, if you ordered two SIM cards and bought a £20 Rocket Pack for each, you’d earn 9,600 Avios or 10,000 Virgin Flying Club miles for £40.

(Lloyd makes a good point in the comments though. Whilst the rules say that you can do this twice per Clubcard number, are you actually a ‘new customer’ when you activate the 2nd SIM?)

Importantly, please note that the Rocket Packs roll over each month if you don’t cancel via the Tesco Mobile website.

And the situation gets messier:

The Tesco Mobile is screwed and does not allow you to insert your Clubcard number when ordering your free SIM.  Whenever I try, you get this error message (this is not my actual number but you get the same message regardless):

Looking at comments on HFP yesterday, this is a known issue.  (EDIT:  looking at the comments below, some people are getting it to work today.)  The call centre encourages you to sign up now to get your SIM and add your Clubcard number later via  You must do this BEFORE you order your first Rocket Pack.

I assume that if you sign up via a Tesco Mobile concession in your local store this is not an issue.


What we have here is an excellent offer which allows you to pick up 9,600 Avios per Clubcard for just £40.

However, the Tesco Mobile website is messed up in multiple ways.  Not only is there no mention of the offer, apart from the banner ad above, some people can’t enter your Clubcard number whilst ordering your free SIM.

You may want to persevere now.  Order a free Tesco Mobile SIM via the website here, link it to your Clubcard after you’ve registered it and then order your first Rocket Pack.  You will still have met the terms of the offer as your Clubcard will be linked to the SIM at the point of ordering the Rocket Pack.

On the other hand, you might want to take the view that, as the offer runs to 28th April, Tesco Mobile may get things sorted out and perhaps you should wait.

PS.  For clarity, whilst this article discusses taking Avios or Virgin Flying Club miles with your Clubcard points, my current preferred Clubcard redemption is Uber credit at 3 x face value.  I’d rather swap 2,000 Clubcard points for £60 of Uber credit than 4,800 Avios or 5,000 Virgin miles.  You would also have the option of taking £60 of credit.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. I purchased a £20 Rocket Pack on 16/03 and 20 points hit my clubcard account dated 16/03
    No sign of the 2000 yet??

  2. Richard says:

    Got a text message on one sim card saying “Great news -your 2000 extra clubcard points will be added to you next available Clubcard statement. Nothing as yet on sim 2 other than to say clubcard registered with number. Phone calls been made with both cards.

    • Shoestring says:

      First Rocket pack only – wasn’t that in the rules?

      • According to Rob, it was limit 2 per customer!

        • Shoestring says:

          T&Cs say 1 per customer

          If you got 2 you had to use different clubcard a/cs

        • Look at Rob’s uploaded photo of the T&Cs – it clearly states ‘each club card number is eligible to qualify only twice’.

          And to prove that, I’ve just had 4000 points posted to my only Clubcard account this morning, same number ….

        • Shoestring says:

          then nice one Stu R

    • MS Kirk says:

      I bought Rocket Pack 18/3 and received a text yesterday from Tesco moblie:

      ‘You get 2000 extra Clubcard points with your latest Rocket Pack! ‘

  3. Are you able to use the DATA allowance in EU?
    T&Cs seem to mention only UK minutes, text and data.

    • TheSkintTraveller says:

      Can you use the credit to donate to charity?

      • Good idea. Let me know if you find any which work. Is it tax deductible too?

        • TheSkintTraveller says:

          Just Read on Google that you can use payg credit to donate to charity.

        • Tilly71 says:

          Didn’t work Rob to pay Cancer research using the text number to donate, got 2 x replies saying didn’t go through.

      • daniel m says:

        You need to use the £20 PAYG credit to buy the Rocket Pack – at first I was also thinking what a great promo, add £20 to account, then use the £20 to pay for something (some utilities can be paid by text for example). But seems here you have to buy a ROCKET pack, which lasts for 30 days only.

        • Mary Berry says:

          That’s right – just like the article tells you… (slow hand clap)

  4. ive had no texts on 2 sims despite activated and rocket packs added 14/3

  5. 4000 Points now posted from one rod with a double hook. Waiting for another rod’s catch. If all goes well, I will attach the second line to my rods and do all over again. Happy days.

    • Shoestring says:

      is that different a/cs though?

      9600 Avios for £40 is pretty good

      (but not as good as 10000 for about £15 🙂 )

      • Actually one Tesco account with two linked clubcards. So I think I can use it again for the second line/sim. And it could be 12800 Avios for a grandfathered rate member.

    • bb0118 says:

      Rods – clubcard numbers?
      Hooks – rocket packs?
      Angler – clubcard a/c?

    • Andrew Howard says:

      I have 2 clubcards linked to one account. I got 2 SIMs and registered one SIM to each clubcard. I then Bought a £20 rocket pack for each and I’ve been credited with the bonus 2000 points for each. If I understand your post, I can purchase a second £20 rocket pack for each SIM and I will receive another 2000 bonus points for each. Is that correct?

  6. bb0118 says:

    I’ve got multiple clubcard numbers on 1 a/c.
    I used the same clubcard number for 2 sims – as it’s 2 per number apparently.
    The 1st sim used has received the txt with the 2000 points, the other – nothing as yet
    No points added to the pot so far.
    Both sims had rocket packs added 7 days ago.

    • Rod – account (single clubcard or more clubcards [hooks])
      Lines – uses of said account.
      It took 7+ days for the first ones to post.

    • bb0118 says:

      4000 added this morning 🙂

  7. Antonio Mateos says:

    Is it 2 per clubcard number or 2 per clubcard account?
    I’ve got one account with 3 numbers…

    • bb0118 says:

      As far as we know it’s per account

      • I’ve received 2 x 2000 using the same clubcard number. Have just done 2 x £20 rocket packs for my wifes clubcard and will do a single £20 rocket pack on the other clubcard associated with my account in the week to see if another 2000 are forthcoming, if so I’ll report back and then get a second pack for this number too. The T&C state each clubcard number twice not each clubcard account so fingers crossed. if it works i’ll ask my wife to get a tesco debit card with another clubcard number for another 4000 points.

        • TheSkintTraveller says:

          Thanks, just remembered I’ve a seperate clubcard no for my tesco credit card, will use that one also.

        • bb0118 says:

          Andy, well done for going ahead with the wife’s! This is the case with me, 2 sims on one number but have 2 more numbers on the acc. Fingers crossed it works – as if it does, the wife is ordering new sims!!

  8. Added Rocket pack today, when will I see the 2000 point in my account? Also, I top up using voucher, so do I still need to cancel next month? They don’t have my back details. As I understood the Rocket pack is a rolling contract. Thanks.

    • TheSkintTraveller says:

      How do you cancel the rocket pack? I paid by card, I clicked on cancel in my account but never received a confirmation email. Can you text to cancel?

    • Took a week for the points to show in my account, may have a received a text sooner to confirm, but didn’t see it as apart from putting the sim in the phone to receive the code to log in online to register the clubcard and then adding the top up voucher by dialling 4444, i’ve not used the phone since

  9. Matt B says:

    Im a little, confused, would appreicate some help!

    So I ordered my sim and put it in a spare phone this evening. I went to the tesco website put in my phone number and it sent me a text with a pin I used to get login.

    I then entered my clubcard number, but when i tried to top up it sent me to another part of the tesco website where it says I need to create an account? Is this just a way of creating a permanent account and do I even need to do it?

    Can I just go into tesco, buy a £20 top up at the till, then ring 4444 to use this top up to buy the rocket pack? I rang that number earlier and it just said I cant top up for the first time over the phone.


    • Yes you will have to go into Tesco and buy a £20 Rocket Pack, the first top up cannot be done over the phone or online. Once you have the top up voucher, call 4444 and it’s an easy automated process to apply the voucher to your account. you will quickly receive a text to say the rocket pack is active etc.

      • You can top up online. I never got a confirmation text but a check of my clubcard showed the points posted a few days later.

        • Tilly71 says:

          I managed first SIM top up online, 2nd gave me problems with payment cards so popped down the local PO, paid amex for a top up voucher.

    • MS Kirk says:

      I was able to do my first top up online.

      Create an account and then ‘Top up now’. There was 2 different ways to do this – giving bank details or using a card ( I used a card) You buy £20 and then go back to the ‘Welcome to My Tesco mobile’ page. (the one that you entered the mobile no in and they send you a pin)

      Your top up balance will show there. Choose The Rocket pack option and then choose which one.

      This did take me a while to work out but I got there in the end.

  10. Optimus Prime says:

    Do you need to get another SIM to get the second batch of 2000 points or can you buy a second Rocket Pack for the same SIM next month?

    • The terms stipulate ‘new customers’ and ‘first Rocket Pack’ so I am using new sims for each

  11. Wongster says:

    The relevant £20 Rocket Packs – can we buy them in store?

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