Bits: more on BA’s new CW and F seats, £400 back on £500 Bremont spend, London City and Sheraton get new logos

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News in brief:

More on BA’s new Club World and First upgrades

A reader sent me an interview with Alex Cruz which has appeared in a BA staff magazine.  There are a couple of interesting bits of news here on the new seats which I hadn’t seen before:

When an aircraft is taken out of service to get the new Club World seat installed, it will also get new First Class seats.  This will be “our best [current] First seat, upgraded slightly”, which presumably means the 787-9 version.

The new “brilliant” Club World seat will “address all the issues our customers tell us about with respect to the current seat: gate-to-gate in-flight entertainment, all aisle access … more and better storage and more privacy”.

This is the first time I’ve seen storage addressed in the specifications.  There was also this statement, which is actually less contentious than you think when you start to list out the alternatives:

I think across the Atlantic, we do offer the best First Class experience.

Bremont American Express offer

Get £400 cashback on a £500 Bremont spend

A new offer has appeared on quite a lot of American Express cards which could prove quite expensive for the company concerned.

British-based watch group Bremont is offering £400 back when you spend £500.  See if the offer is showing under the ‘Offers’ tab on any of your online Amex statement pages.

Here are the rules:

Save to Card to get a £400 statement credit on an eligible transaction of £500+ in participating stores & online at Bremont Watches by 16/6/19. Valid once per Card for the first 10,000 Cardmembers to save. Terms, location & payment restrictions apply.

You can spend either at or one of their stores.  Our City readers will find one in the Royal Exchange.

Here’s the thing.  Whilst Bremont primarily sells expensive watches, it also sells other items.  Cufflinks, watch rolls, watch wallets, key fobs, document holders, hip flasks, journals, pocket squares, ties, business card holders etc.  This is the online selection and you may find other items instore.

The Amex offer has no restrictions on what you can buy.  In theory you could pick up £500 of high quality bits and pieces and effectively get an 80% discount.

London City Airport and Sheraton get new logos

London City Airport unveiled a rebranding yesterday, designed to reflect the fact that it is now a leisure airport as much as a business airport.

The accompanying promotional video, see here, describes it as a “dynamic and game-changing new identity”.  You may have other ideas.

Not to be outdone, Sheraton also revealed its new logo – see below.

Marriott said, with a straight face, that it  “came from modern day town squares in Europe such as the Piazza del Campo in Siena, Trafalgar Square in London, and Plaza Mayor in Madrid, which function as places at the heart of the community where people gather and the city comes to life”.

New Sheraton logo

If you got the letter closing your Lloyds Avios Rewards Amex card, what should you do?
The result of the BA pilots vote on industrial action is not looking good ....
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  1. Now tell us, Rob, what is the HfP logo meant to say?

  2. Review of my first CW flight… Thought be interesting to share my experience (Sat in 10D on 787-9 so bulkhead/aisle seat with no one climbing over me)
    – seat good, narrower than I imagined, but got 6 hours sleep. Was knocked quite a few times by crew walking past.
    – cabin temperature all over the place. Hot/cold every 20 mins.
    – lack of storage, even worse when bed flat and difficult to reach drawer.
    – food – actually really impressed. Better than I expected for evening meal and breakfast.
    – IFE – disappointing content (better on most ME carriers in economy) and annoying not being able to watch at take off/landing.
    – crew really disappointing. No ‘welcome’ or offer to explain how to work bed controls, or what various bedding was in the parcel on the seat. Forgot my food order, then brought wrong drinks when finally arrived. Had to ask my name because her sheet was hard to read. Didn’t make me feel like a customer paying thousands instead of hundreds.
    – privacy screen – found this really bizarre. Woman in middle seat of 3 was with her partner the other side of the 3. Crew continually dropped the screen to serve woman in middle, passing food and drinks over me. Then once screen down, crew didn’t put it up again. Was so easy to realise weren’t travelling together and serve her from the other side, at the same time as her partner. I’m not one for privacy but sitting watching a stranger eat is very bizarre!
    – no WiFi!

    Overall enjoyed it – simply worlds apart from economy or even premium economy on 13 hour flight. An experience I wouldn’t be able to afford/justify if it wasn’t for this site&community, so thanks!

    Will be interesting to see how return flight compare on A280 and different crew.

    • if they crew don’t put the screen back up after serving somebody in the middle then you just press the button yourself and it goes back up. No need to see the other passenger for more time than it takes the crew to pass the food over. The button is on the top surface of the privacy screen.
      But unfortunately on BA you are aware of the passenger next to you even with the screen up. If they move around or slam the screen you can feel it. On something like CX you’re so far from the adjacent seat (when in the middle) that is makes no difference if somebody is sitting there or not.

    • Darren says:

      I think that’s a fair reflection of CW recently.

    • During food service I am happy to leave the screen down until it’s all finished, and I’m sure the crew appreciate this. I also can’t see how they would have time to explain the controls to 50ish pax in a J cabin, you can always ask if you can’t work it out. That said, I have noticed huge differences in the level of service in J – as mentioned on another thread, on the LHR to GCM route they seem to view pax as an inconvenience to tolerate (prior to offloading in NAS with all the booze!), but on my last 2 J flights to IAD and BOS they were superb, my own mum couldn’t have been more attentive to our needs!

      • Genghis says:

        If you’ve not flown CW before, normally the CSD comes round and asks you if all OK and if you understand the controls etc

        • Nick_C says:

          Didn’t happen on my first CW flight. Couldn’t find the light. Didn’t see the card explaining the seat controls until the next morning when it was light. Was mixed fleet.

        • Never happened on mine, how would they know it was my first time anyway? I just use the method of pressing everything to see what it does or, if I still can’t work it out, ask my 13 year old!

        • Genghis says:

          I got an intro years ago going to DXB and then my wife did heading to PVG (both MF, I believe?). Getting the data is easy.

        • I get that frequently, I guess they must think I look like a comped first time upgrade in a Primark polo and Asda jeans.I usually just smile and tell them I usually fly LH First via FRA and thank them for their assistance.

        • Darren says:

          That was a nice touch on my first CW years ago, I think they know from your exec club records, but maybe things have changed.

  3. Victor says:

    I think the Bremont offer must have been pulled

  4. OT: Skywards sent an email offering Silver tier status for 300 usd. Is this a good deal?

    • No

      • Michael says:

        Pretty sure Silver is the tier with lounge access? Free seat selection in Economy too, depends how much you fly them. They aren’t in an alliance though so isn’t very useful apart when flying them.

  5. Bremont offer still there for me

  6. I got the Bremont offer and popped into the Mayfair store yesterday. They didn’t look like they’re set up for hundreds of bargain hunters. I was hoping there would be bigger range of accessories than on the website but there isn’t. I didn’t buy anything yet. The watches start at £2800 or so.

    • If you had it on several cards you could ask them to split the payment over several cards and get the watch at a huge discount.

      • Just got it on one card but perhaps I could get together with other HFP readers and start a ‘watchshare’.

    • Darren says:

      I’d rather have the discount on their watches.

    • Was hoping that instore they might have had some nice belts. Nuts 🙁

      Unless you get this on 6 cards its pretty useless (or you genuinely want one of their watches !!) as their accessories don’t look that great 🙁

  7. Bremont (and many other brands of the Clark Group such as Monica Vinader) have very little substance beyond fancy marketing. Don’t be concerned, they are still going to make a profit even with this discount lol.

  8. Frankie says:

    OT. My Iberia avios account has a minus amount in it as I moved avios earned from the big offer last year to BAEC. If I close the IBERIA account will my minus figure disappear? Anyone know please?

    • Just saw your comment after I posted about closing mine, no way to say about the minus as account is closed.
      Will have to sign up for a new one to really know, my points that I moved to BA are still there.

  9. OT – I have become a massive fan of Wheely since the Amex promotion. I have now used the service over 15 times int he past 2 weeks and continue to receive the £25 Amex offer every time I spend over £25. Seems like a great deal considering it doesn’t expire until the 17th of May

    • SimonW says:

      I used it for the third time on Saturday night, and with tip I only spent £23.00. I was livid!! Great to know it is working for you after the third time too…..

      • Aw devastated! If in doubt don’t be afraid to ask the driver before he ends the journey. They can track the live price as the journey goes on.

        • That’s a good tip, thanks.

          I managed to price a journey at £25.20 (including 20% tip) the other night and felt very smug.

        • SimonW says:

          Great tip. I was looking at his phone but couldnt see the live price. Will ask next time. Brilliant to be receiving the £25 credit more than 3 times too.

      • I just tried to use it today, booked it for the ride home from work, thought it would be great to use it esp as it’s raining. By the time I left work, I was wondering why I hadn’t got an update and found it had been cancelled?!

    • illuminatus says:

      Re Wheely, imo it’s a no-brainer with the Amex offer for rides from London to Heathrow.

      Keep in mind though, that even if no ‘meet and greet’ option is selected, they would normally wait for you at the short-stay car park at the designated time – last time with doors already open for me, bottles of water stocked up and driver rushing to get my suitcase. But that also means a parking fee will apply, of which to their credit they warn in the app.

      ‘Meet and greet’ is really cool and necessary sometimes, but adds even more to the fee of course.

      Remember to check all your additional cards – we found the offer on 4 of our Amexes, which means 12 discounted rides.

      Finally, feel free to use H6CD5 to get 20% off your first ride, which stacks with Amex offer.

  10. Jovanna says:

    OT: I have an Amex plat. Currently put ~£1k through it each month. My partner has the supplemental card, with around ~£700 spend each month. I receive Amex offers on my card but there are never ever any offers on the supplemental card. None! Any ideas why?

    • It seems pretty random why any cards get offers. My everyday cashback card has between 30 & 40 offers on most of the time. My BA blue has about 8 and my Gold Card has 4.

      My wife rarely gets anymore than 4 or 5 on any cards she holds – whether supplementary or in her own right.

    • Odd. My wife has lots on her Plat supp.

    • OH and I both got the SPG around the same time in Feb. He’s got loads of offers, I’ve got 2, even though we’ve spent similar amounts. No rhyme or reason to it on any Amex cards as far as I can see.

      • Given that I get more offers than my wife and your husband gets more offers than you, perhaps AMEX are discriminating on gender lines.

  11. Well, that London City logo is awful (IMHO). Quite like the Sheraton one but not the pretentious crap that is supposed to explain it.

    • Andrew says:

      The problem is, that the brain can quite readily take jumbled letters and create a word, even if it’s mis-spelt or has letters missing.

      In much the same way that as soon as somone told me that a Norwegian Plane looks like an angry circumcised penis…

      Now a colleague has said “All I can see is DONALD”.

      That’s all I can see too.

    • I assume they are going to launch more flights to Sicily from lcy

  12. ankomonkey says:

    OT as Bits: Has anyone here flown Air Cairo? If so, are they decent? They seem to have the best routes to Marsa Alam in Egypt, so I’m seriously considering them out of convenience.

  13. ChrisC says:

    I can see someone at BA wondering if they can getaway with the current F seat on TATLs and a much better one on flights elsewhere where there really are much better F products available that BA needs to compete against.

  14. General Mayhem says:

    Offer not on either of my cards. Mind you I have but had one single solitary offer on either card for the past two years. Oh well….

  15. OT got a pe man to vegas trip booked for April on miles, no seats are showing as being choosable, any ideas? I’ve set up an alert on expert flyer but does this mean we may be downgraded?

    • Not necessarily. Some seats may be blocked out for late notice Gold bookings or booking with kids. You are more likely to be upgraded than downgraded from WTP.

    • Which airline, they all probably have different policies on seat selection?

      • Thanks Rob

        It’s virgin Atlantic Anna

        • ChrisC says:

          VS keep some seats blocked at the bulkhead for example and release then when OLCI opens

          VS don’t appear to overbook PE as much as BA does with WTP so expect to stay in PE!

        • Same happened to me last year.
          On the outbound leg, I actually selected a PE seat, but got upgraded at the gate which was a (nice) surprise.
          On the return, like you, there were no PE seats left. I got excited thinking I would be upgraded to Upper again, but no such luck. Magically a PE seat was available when I got to the airport.

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