London City Airport and Sheraton get new logos

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London City Airport unveiled a rebranding yesterday, designed to reflect the fact that it is now a leisure airport as much as a business airport.

The accompanying promotional video, see here, describes it as a “dynamic and game-changing new identity”.  You may have other ideas.

Not to be outdone, Sheraton also revealed its new logo – see below.

Marriott said, with a straight face, that it  “came from modern day town squares in Europe such as the Piazza del Campo in Siena, Trafalgar Square in London, and Plaza Mayor in Madrid, which function as places at the heart of the community where people gather and the city comes to life”.

New Sheraton logo

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  1. ankomonkey says:

    OT as Bits: Has anyone here flown Air Cairo? If so, are they decent? They seem to have the best routes to Marsa Alam in Egypt, so I’m seriously considering them out of convenience.

  2. ChrisC says:

    I can see someone at BA wondering if they can getaway with the current F seat on TATLs and a much better one on flights elsewhere where there really are much better F products available that BA needs to compete against.

  3. General Mayhem says:

    Offer not on either of my cards. Mind you I have but had one single solitary offer on either card for the past two years. Oh well….

  4. OT got a pe man to vegas trip booked for April on miles, no seats are showing as being choosable, any ideas? I’ve set up an alert on expert flyer but does this mean we may be downgraded?

    • Not necessarily. Some seats may be blocked out for late notice Gold bookings or booking with kids. You are more likely to be upgraded than downgraded from WTP.

    • Which airline, they all probably have different policies on seat selection?

      • Thanks Rob

        It’s virgin Atlantic Anna

        • ChrisC says:

          VS keep some seats blocked at the bulkhead for example and release then when OLCI opens

          VS don’t appear to overbook PE as much as BA does with WTP so expect to stay in PE!

        • Same happened to me last year.
          On the outbound leg, I actually selected a PE seat, but got upgraded at the gate which was a (nice) surprise.
          On the return, like you, there were no PE seats left. I got excited thinking I would be upgraded to Upper again, but no such luck. Magically a PE seat was available when I got to the airport.

  5. Charlie Whiskey says:

    Quote: “I think across the Atlantic, we do offer the best First Class experience.”
    But only so long as you fly direct from the UK , and don’t go with Swiss, Air France or Lufthansa

    • Ah, missed your post before posting my own comment further down. Sorry about that

  6. Shoestring says:

    Another very good Virgin Wines offer

    £47.88 plus Postage I guess £7.99 = £4.50 a bottle for 12 very drinkable wines. (I prefer the red case!)

    & if it’s your first Virgin Wines order you get 3000 Virgin miles (=£30).

    Just ‘resign’ from the Discovery Club after delivery (quick phone call) if you don’t want to order a full price case once a quarter.

    • Is the 3000 miles offer still around, I can only find mention of 750 miles?

    • Just emailed them, the standard case would attract 3000, this offer would only be 750.

      • Shoestring says:

        aha! I guess they make the rules

        we got 3000 several times in the past so can’t complain if they are trying not to lose quite so much money on the loss leaders 🙂

      • @Craig. They’ve offered 3000 bonus miles regularly for the first purchase in the past, no reason for them not to do this again in the future so hold out for that rather than the 750 for your first purchase.

        • Shoestring says:

          I had a check and 3000 on first case seems to have disappeared as an offer for now

  7. I thought LH offered a very good “First” product? Never flown it just what I’ve picked up on here. They also fly across the Atlantic.

    Or is BA better than LH?

    • Michael says:

      Apparently LH’s first product is quite impressive with the porsche taking you to the plane and dedicated first class terminal and apparently it’s quite good at Air France. I’ve not flown any of them but have read this reviews. I’ve not flown BA F either but given the choice I’d pick Lufthansa.

      • I think Alex is basing this on carriers flying directly from the UK. Air France, Lufthansa and SWISS First Class dumps on BA First from a great height.

        • Michael says:

          And how many carriers actually fly an aircraft with an F cabin to the UK from the US. I count BA and American.

        • Ah, so its not what he says but what you infer from what he is saying that makes it less contentious. Interesting way to go about things.

          • Because very few airlines flying from the UK to North America DIRECT even have First Class so BA is not up against much competition. When we start looking at the Middle East and Asia then obviously BA starts to look bad.

        • Froggee says:

          And, at least for me, Rob’s comment was sponsored by British Airways who have the main banner ad on this page and also the top right one…

    • Yup, the best IMO, more about service than anything else, and the only decent breakfast I’ve had in tbe air in 30+ years.

  8. I need 4 one way tickets from TLV to London in April. (Going out on BA Avios- but no return availability)

    I have plenty Amex points- but what options do I have if wanted to book the inbound one way flight as a reward on another airline?

    Also open to perhaps having a full day (one night) sightseeing in a European city on the return.

    • Just fly direct with Wizz/Easyjet – they are cheap and it’s only 5 hrs…

    • It’s Passover and Easter in April so reward availability likely to be very limited. You could try Iberia to Madrid (more saver availability on Iberia direct), KLM, Air France, Star Alliance etc.

  9. Alex D says:

    No watch off for me on any of my 4 cards, which is odd as i tend to get quite a few, around 30 on my BAPP and 20 or so on my Gold card

  10. Scott W says:

    From the UK to the US non-stop it is only AA and BA that have First, so it’s hardly controversial. However, if you look at all airlines flying Trans-Atlantic, then not only Lufthansa, Swiss and Air France, but also Singapore Airline (FRA-JFK) knock BA far behind. The 787-9 First seat is, to be fair, not that far behind the European competitors, but it is the ground services that leave BA far behind.

    I can see the new CW seat being a bit like how AA differs between business and first – which isn’t very much.

  11. On singapore flight now and just dropped my phone in the first suite and cracked the screen . Phone is working for time being but is not safe as the glass is sharded.

    Does anyone know if my amex plat card insurance will cover me ?

    Not a great start to my holidays .

    • I also have Curve black so Does this come with gadget insurance?

      Any advice on what my best options are would be much appreciated .

      • In the short term, find some sticky-back plastic or a screen protector – that will at least keep it usable rather than getting splinters in your fingers.

        Next time, fly on a private jet with a nice thick-pile carpet, to cushion the fall…

    • Do you or anybody in the family have Nationwide FlexPlus? Just got rid of my ipad today after a week of misery, at times I would happily have cracked the screen on it intentionally 🙂

      • Doug M says:

        Surprised at this. Apple, overpriced, but very usable devices. What didn’t you like?

        • Personally I can see the benefit of the Apple ecosystem for folk that like it, but coming from Android I find iOS quite dated (we have iPads at work) – the keyboard is frustrating, esp predictive text, and I find the homescreen grid quite clunky compared to the customisation available on Android (esp around widgets, etc.). I do like to tweak and tinker with things though, so I know I’m probably not their target audience!

        • iOS; it’s utter crap, so laborious and frustrating in comparison to android. Used Apple years ago and liked them, there main selling point was always that they were so user-friendly, designed for idiots. They’ve now obviously lost the plot.

    • Are you travelling solo? Also any witnesses?

      • What’s that got to do with it ?

      • I got a report from stewardess as she took photo on my phone prior to the damage and so was witness to the damaged caused.

    • Indiacharliepapa says:

      Amex covered my cracked screen repair taking off a £50 excess. I dropped mine on the street in NYC. flight or accom must have been booked in the plat card. No witnesses or proof needed in my case.

      • Are you mean Amex plat travel insurance covers only for the holiday paid via the card but not other cards?

        • Genghis says:

          Some items in the insurance have a requirement to pay by Amex issued Amex (not just Plat), assuming option was available.

    • Louise says:

      Is it a single crack? Apple cover single crack as manufacturing default

      • Is samsung just had it fixed under warranty last week due to screenburn . Dropped it loads of times prior and never broke .

        Im thinking maybe it was not maybe fitted back perfectly .

    • there is hardly an insurance against stupidity and clumsiness…

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