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WARNING: all accounts linked to Flybe will be closed on 30th April

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Judging by my inbox, many Head for Points readers are not aware that they are at risk of losing a large chunk of Avios overnight on 30th April.

Most of you will know that Avios and Flybe are ending their partnership on 30th April.  Details are on the Flybe website here.

This is not a major surprise given that Flybe has been taken over by a consortium led by Virgin Atlantic.  It is likely that we see Flybe joining Virgin Flying Club shortly, although I don’t have any inside information.

Where you may get an unpleasant surprise is that is NOT following the same migration process that it used when the Avios Travel Rewards Programme was closed.  In that scenario, your balance was transferred to your British Airways Executive Club account, and if you didn’t have one then one was opened for you.

This is not the case here.

If you have an account which is linked to Flybe, it will be closed on 30th April and all Avios lost.

Full details are on here.

Avios accounts linked to Flybe are closing

Is my account ‘linked to Flybe’?

If you can still access your account, it means that it is either:

linked to Flybe, in which case you are at risk

linked to Vueling Club, in which case you don’t need to do anything

linked to Aer Lingus AerClub, in which case you don’t need to do anything

How do I find out which scheme my account is linked to?

Log in and click on ‘Your Account’.  Underneath the new set of menu options, you will see an airline logo.  It will either be Aer Lingus, Vueling or Flybe.

If you see this:

…. with the Flybe logo at the bottom, you are in trouble.  You need to empty your account via a ‘Combine My Avios’ transfer to British Airways Executive Club before 30th April.

One thing to note ….

If you have pending Avios coming into your account, they will NOT be transferred to your British Airways account.

The Q&A page says that you need to ring in a few months time, after you expect the missing Avios to have arrived, and they can look into your old account.  If the Avios did arrive, the call centre can transfer them to British Airways.  You will not be able to do any of this online.

This all seems unnecessarily complicated, to be honest.  It is possible that there are contractual reasons why Avios is not allowed to automatically move your points into a British Airways account.  On the face of it this looks like a cash grab by Avios given that Flybe will have paid them for the points you are about to lose.

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  1. My account is linked to both aer club and Flybe. How do I disconnect it from Flybe so that it stays open?
    Have to admit I didn’t read any of the comms about Flybe leaving avios as I didn’t really care. This all seems a bit messy! Thanks for the heads up

    • The FAQ is clear. If your account is also linked to Vueling or Aer Club it will not be closed and you won’t lose your Avios.

      • Andrew H says:

        I am in the same position, Adam. Both Flybe and Aer Club. But Fred is right, I think we needn’t worry. As long as we have Aer Club we should be fine.

  2. A good clear article. With the avios e store though most can probably call one month after the date of their last transaction by which time their avios are supposed to have posted. I wonder if the email notifications that avios have been received might still work even though accounts have closed, if so it would be very helpful. Only in the case of hotels (and some others?) should it be necessary to wait longer than a month to chase up the avios.

  3. I couldn’t see the “you’re a member of aerclub” on my mobile phone, had to log on via an actual computer to confirm, if anyone else is in the same situation.
    (it may well be shown somewhere on the mobile page but it wasn’t immediately obvious to me!)

    • Richard says:

      If you click on your account, the menu and scroll to the bottom you’ll see the logo (at least on safari anyway)

  4. I thought the Avios emails on this were pretty clear (got mine weeks ago). It suggests you open a BA account and move your Avios – suspect you’re right Rob that Flybe probably objected to this being done in the same way the other accounts were automatically moved previously. I can’t imagine Flybe are big fish for Avios anyway but it’s still a shame to see a regional airline leave Avios.

    • Julian says: have totally and utterly fouled up the suppose auto migration of my Avios account with them over to BA Exec Club in any case and none of what was supposed to have happened worked. But I wasn’t linked to any other schemes through Avios other than BA Exec Club.

      So the Avios from my Lloyds Amex and Mastercard are still turning up at an Avios account I can’t even view online any more and they have never transferred Avios to my BA Exec Club account automatically. They have only ever got there (to BA Exec Club) by me using Combine My Avios multiple times. Despite this more Avios continue to accrue in the account even though they definitely know which BA Exec Club account is mine. They still have a telephone process however to do Combine My Avios over to BA Exec Club on these old accounts.

      So probably not wanting to repeat the BA supposed Auto Migration process at Avios because they made such a complete hash of it and none of it was done on the dates promised or in the manner originally promised…………………..

      I’m starting to get worried if Avios itself will still be there to do the booking on the phone right up to the expiry of my second Lloyds flight upgrade voucher at the end of November this year.

      • Hi Julian,
        Think i’m in a similar boat.

        I stay away with work a lot, but have pending Avios dating back to august last year.

        I’ve been told by Avios i need to provide information showing which booking relates to each Pending Avios amount – i think it would take me days to work this out for the number i have.

        It’s not huge amount – 8 or 9 thousand, but still annoying as it all should have gone through.

        Suspect they’re waiting for me to give up.

        I still book and buy through and get the Avios i’m expecting – just these ones from a while ago that are causing the problem.

  5. Tracy Regan says:

    Until recently I could still log in to my Avios account but suddenly it locked me out. I phoned Avios but they wouldn’t help me reset my details saying I shouldn’t be using this account. A few weeks ago I was told I could still shop via the Avios eStore and I booked two Princess Cruises for 4 Avios per £. Princess Cruises are not on the BA eStore. My account is linked to Aerlingus but I can’t login to this either. I phoned Aerlingus and they told me to send an email. I’ve sent two emails, both of which have remained unanswered. My husband can still log in to with no issues. Any suggestions for sorting this out would be gratefully received.

    • Jovanna says:

      Yes, I posted about something similar in the comments section yesterday. I was locked out of my Avios account and unable to reset my log in details. I tried accessing the account via Aer Club but I was locked out of that too. I contacted Aer Club. They said I needed to create a new account and the old account would be deleted.

      I don’t have any Avios in the account but I have a couple of Lloyds upgrade vouchers. I called BA. They can’t see the vouchers and told me to call Avios. There was a recorded message on that number, telling me to call BA!

    • Julian says:

      Strange they wouldn’t help you as I was also locked out of my account recently but when I phoned and picked their Avios booking line option the person there was most helpful in pointing out Avios from my Lloyds cards were still being sent to them and offered to do a manual Combine My Avios herself and also sent a message to Lloyds to tell them them the Avios should be going to my BA Exec Club Account from now on.

      So I would suggest you pick the Avios booking line option and not customer services as sales people (there is a fresh income stream of tax charges etc on the booking) are usually far more helpful.

      • Julian says:

        I notice they have deleted the phone number I used only a few weeks ago (an 0370 one) off their website home page and are now only offering web chat and only up to 6pm at night via So I am starting to get worried about using my two outstanding Lloyds flight upgrade vouchers, that contrary to Rob previous told us have to be redeemed by booking through the now very hard to contact contact centre.

        Actually their phone number of 0344 is still listed at and allegedly still open until 8pm on a weekday but I only managed to locate that page using Google and there are no longer any links to it from the home page. So still worried about using those Lloyds flight class upgrade vouchers.

      • Julian says:

        Phone number is 0344 49 333 49 and open till 8pm at night on a weekday if anyone needs it.

      • Tracy Regan says:

        Thanks for your comments. Did they help you reset your login details for your Avios account? I was talking to an agent as I rang to change a booking made with a Lloyds Upgrade Voucher. I moved this from a peak day to an off peak day and I’m due to receive 35,000 Avios back. Three weeks have passed and I still haven’t got them!

    • Lady London says:

      Phone them and do it quickly in case thé Nice staff disappear. Phone support on was historically really good.

      • Julian says:

        It does seem daft they didn’t move the upgrade vouchers to the BA Exec Club and let us book online there.

        Surely the cost savings in staff on the customer booking line at would have been much more than the IT developer bill to add the voucher upgrading facility on to the BA Exec Club website?

      • Tracy Regan says:

        Everyone I’ve spoken to has been really nice but unfortunately I am still missing 35,000 Avios and can’t access my Avios or Aerlingus account. I’ll try again next week. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  6. Stu_N says:

    I have a FlyBe flight in mid April, I wonder if the Avios will ever appear? I’m running at about 50:50 for automatic postings with FlyBe, which makes the Avios mechanism more reliable then their planes. My is linked to AerClub so at least it should survive.

  7. ThinkSquare says:

    I’ve just found out the hard way that you have to use the “Your Account” link at the top of the page. If you use the “Go to your account” link further down the page, it takes you to a different screen that doesn’t show your linked airline. Very confusing!

  8. Not just Flybe. Ours were linked to Shell and Tesco. You need to check as even though the points were showing in our Aer lingus accounts they hadn’t actually been transferred, just showing. We needed to get Avios to manually transfer them over to Aer Lingus. If not you lose them.

  9. Chopin says:

    So I am only linked to flybe, what should I do to prevent the closing?
    Will open account at Veul or AerL now helps?

    • You can open a new account via AerClub BUT your existing account will still close. Not sure if AerClub would let you link your existing account?

      • Chopin says:

        Sure, I will try it now and report it back if that works

      • Chopin says:

        The linkage works, I just register a new account at AerClub and linked it to my existing Avios account(which only linked to Flybe), AerClub correctly retracts my Avios membership No. and I am using the exist Avios account and password to login AerClub smoothly.

        • That’s what we did but it didn’t work, it just looked like it had worked. I think Rob’s right in that there’s a query over linking AerClub. For the sake of asking via avios chat to confirm, I’d do it.

        • Steve O'Hara says:

          I’ve done this as well. But still shows I am a member of Flybe, and not aer club (or both). Worried incase account closes anyway and have to start again with another new aerclub account?

        • Simon Nicholas says:

          I have just done the same (opened an Aer Club account and linked it to my existing account). I then had a webchat with an Avios rep who says that it makes no difference and the Avios account will still be closed on 30th April and a new Aer Club account will have to be opened. She said that they are unable to “unlink” Flybe accounts and that all will be closed. Avios do not appear to have any formal processes in place for dealing with Lloyds vouchers but I was assured that they would effectively remain “in suspense” until use or expiry and the process will be to book by phone and the Avios will be debited directly from one’s BA Exec account.

  10. Does anyone else get this message at FlyBe’s website?

    “As you may know, Flybe has recently moved to a new software provider and as a part of this transition we will be moving existing customer accounts over to our new platform.

    Whilst we make these changes your account will not be accessible. As soon as your new account is ready we will contact you to prompt you to reset your password, so that you can access your new account.”

    How long does migration take?

  11. David says:

    My account does say it’s linked to Aer Club, but given the “success” (or not) of the migration to BAEC last time, I’m manually moving all my avios across to BAEC just in case…

  12. OT-ish: Booked one way flights from Buenos Aires to London via Avios call centre using a Lloyds upgrade voucher. The taxes and surcharges on their system priced in dollars and were £50 per person more expensive than the identical dummy booking via BA website. Agent agreed it was odd but said we should sort it out after securing the booking. We’ve heard nothing since. Anyone had this problem before?

    • Phatbear says:

      They surcharge if you were able to do the booking yourself online.

      I had this when i booked two one way flights to bangkok using an upgrade voucher i only noticed the surcharge the next day so i phoned them and they gave me the money back!

  13. Anyone know what happens to Flybe flights air miles if you have already paid for flights departing in August/ sept?

    • Your flight is fine BUT you cannot make any changes to it after 30 April. Your only options are to fly it or to cancel it entirely.

  14. Dave Pearson says:

    Not sure if this is covered elsewhere, but on the Iberiaplus site, it will no longer allow me to move Avios between my iberiaplus and BA Executive Club accounts. It will only allow one way transfers between BA and Iberia. The text from the Iberiaplus website says the following when I try and complete this request:

    Which way do you want to move Avios?
    You can only move Avios from British Airways to Iberia Plus – you cannot move your Avios back again.

    The only option that I can click on is: British Airways to Avios. There is no option available to move points the other way. I have 3,000 in Iberiaplus and 240,000 in BA EC. The box to enter the volume of points I wish to transfer is underneath the above message, so it doesn’t look like this ‘block’ is in relation to the volume of points to be selected (as I hadn’t even decided at that stage).

    Any help or comments really appreciated….

    • Dave Pearson says:

      Sorry, a minor mistake – I should have stated “The only option that I can click on is: British Airways to Iberiaplus.

    • Grant says:

      Use a Vuelling or AerClub account as an intermediary. IB > Vuelling / AerClub > BAEC.

    • Look at my article on Flybe Avios ending (last Saturday) and follow the instructions on opening an Aer Lingus account.

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