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Tesco Clubcard dropping Uber – the best Clubcard redemption is going away

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The best use of Tesco Clubcard points at the moment is probably Uber and Uber Eats credit.  At least, I think it is and that is where I have been sending my points for the last 18 months.

Living in London, Uber credit is as good as cash to me.  It makes no sense redeeming £1 of Tesco Clubcard points for 240 Avios when I can get £3 of Uber rides instead.  This would mean I was ‘paying’ 1.25p per Avios if I took miles instead, and I don’t value them anywhere near as highly.

Unfortunately, Tesco and Uber are parting company.

Tesco Clubcard dropping Uber

As you can see on this page of the Tesco website, you need to convert your Clubcard vouchers to Uber by 10th July.  Nearer the time we’ll do another piece on what is best remaining Clubcard deal.

It is ironic that I found out about this literally 10 minutes after leaving a meeting where I had highlighted this as a great example of an ‘added value’ redemption which genuinely made Clubcard, and therefore shopping in Tesco, more attractive.

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  1. OT bit (posted late last night but I guess few would see): 2000x 30day free trial of FlightClub premium service at M Lewis site

  2. Bossman81 says:

    As well as additional flights to Mumbai, are BA likely to add any additional flights coming back the other way?

  3. Definitely going to miss this offer, used it for Uber Eats too for the first time this weekend.

    Max £1k in credit possible but vouchers valid for 6/12, so can stack things up a little with that at least…

    • New Card says:


      • Shoestring says:

        6 months’ expiry

        • blenz101 says:

          Perhaps someone can confirm but it says the Clubcard voucher you exchange has to be used within 6 months. i.e. applied as credit to your Uber account.

          Once the credit is within your account as “Uber Credit” I don’t think there is then an expiry (at least from reading the Uber website) but it isn’t 100% clear.

          Any thoughts?

          • Yep, no expiry once applied – obviously if Uber go bust then you’ve lost the cash but hopefully not that likely.

        • Shoestring says:

          you have six months from the point you made the swap to redeem your Uber voucher as credit on the app. The expiry date will be clearly shown on the Uber vouchers.

      • 6 months 🙂

        • New Card says:

          I guess the main Q is whether what blenz101 says is correct? If the credit doesn’t expire once it’s in your Uber account, then there is definitely scope to stock up… (Not sure why anyone wouldn’t just apply the code to their Uber account straight away once they get it, so not sure why 6 months would ever be relevannt)

          • AFAIK Uber credit has no expiry, it just sits there. There is just one combined pot of credit. At one point I had £10,000 of credit from sign-ups (I was the top Google link for Uber in the UK at one point) and none of it ever expired, we must ran it down naturally.

          • Interesting, I thought it was capped at £1k.

          • Credit is capped at £1k but the sign-up bonuses went into a separate pot.

          • Ahh, thanks for clarifying.

          • It doesn’t expire once added. As I explained though there is a £1k limit on Uber credit so the six month expiry would mean you could cash out of Clubcard points before they’re dropped as a partner but then still top up your account after they’ve been dropped as a partner.

        • Shoestring says:

          not very helpful

          main Uber faqs says different credits have different expiry dates, date will be clearly indicated

          somebody would need to ask Uber direct (I wouldn’t trust Tesco CS on this)

          or just look at your existing Uber credit that you got from Tesco points conversion and tell us what it says about expiry

          • As I’ve said there’s no expiry once applied. My suggestion is for those that have maxed out their credit.

        • Alex W says:

          You spent £10k on Ubers? Wow!! I would love being driven around everywhere, I hate driving.

          • To be fair I think the nanny spent most of it running the kids around, and we only used Exec and Lux.

        • How long did it take to spend £10k on Ubers?! Do they not have the tube in west London?

          • We ran it down over a few years. This was before we had the HFP office, so I used to take one into Mayfair in the morning if I was working out of The Arts Club or the Virgin Money lounge, and the kids would get them from school in the evenings. If the kids have clubs you often end up collecting one child, taking it home, waiting, going back to the school, collecting 2nd child, taking it home. Quite a few kids at our school have a chauffeur so picking mine up in an Uber Exec was still a bit downmarket 🙂

        • The tube is for poor people

        • Michael says:

          How the other half live Rob – I used to walk home from school to my terraced house and eat a tea of potato waffles and cripsy pancakes! In fact, I still do, just from a train station instead…

        • The Savage Squirrel says:

          “At one point I had £10,000 of credit”

          I always wondered why you didn’t own a car. Now it makes sense!

        • Crafty says:

          Did you do Uber referrals from HFP (I wasn’t around back then to remember) or a separate interest? Very lucrative!

          • I wrote about it a few times, but the real volume came one of the articles being highly ranked by Google.

        • Crafty says:

          I have a USD5 credit in my Uber account from what feels like 3 years ago if not more. It can only be used in the US which is why it’s just been sat there. So I think this indicates that if Uber credit ever does expire, it takes a really long time to.

          • I have $12 flagged as ‘customer support’ and $3.61 marked as ‘gift card’ which have also been there for ever!

        • Lady London says:

          Worked with several gazillionaires in London who use the tube and generally avoid taxis. Chauffeur would be the next step and the clever ones avoid wherever possible as they like to keep a low profile.

  4. ASEAN Traveller says:

    Hi Rob. Love the site. Just a quick observation: you keep referring to the QR 787’s as the -9. I thought they only had -8’s in their fleet (until deliveries commence of the -9’s later this year)?

    • Andrew says:

      They also fly A350-1000 on the Singapore route and they aren’t listed as one of the aircraft types above. And crucially all A350-1000 have QSuite.

    • Correct, they only have 787-8 Dreamliner. Not so sure about the 787-9, but it seems (or apparently), Qatar Airways refused to take any 787-9 delivery from the Charleston Boeing factory, due to lack of quality control…. …. …. just browse the Sat. New York Times…. more info in there.

    • Could be right ….

      • Michael says:

        They deffo don’t have any -9’s. I have a feeling though Rob is reprinting info from what Qatar have told him directly though.

  5. With fixed value of uber credit, tesco points look very much like nectar points, that Rob is critical of.
    I personally think this offer was too good, so not surprised at all it is being scrapped.

    • Shoestring says:

      Tesco points are far more flexible & not bad value for Avios/ Virgin miles, esp with a +20% promotion when they get reduced in cost to about 0.8p/ point

      Just can’t seem to earn many Tesco points any more! Nope, I’ll probably pass on the mobiles

      Nectar’s saving grace seems to be the occasional £200 Sainsburys promotion, when they are worth 1p not 0.5p – and there’s an occasional Ebay offer where you get half your Nectar points back again, though I admit I haven’t used either yet so struggling along with 0.5p valuation

      • Shoestring says:

        woohoo on 150 points so far this Q

      • I used some of the Christmas saver vouchers ( only managed 2 of the 3 £300 accounts in December) to buy mobile credit works out exactly the same as the saver deal. They were not keen to take the voucher at first but relented.

      • Shoestring says:

        Once Uber disappears, we might have some logic in calling Tesco conversion to Avios/ Virgin miles much *cheaper*. I have no use for the restaurant offers or anything much else in their panoply of Clubcard offers, which tend to be the 3x offers. Is there anything of wide appeal left? You can always get vouchers for the same restaurants so the 3x always was a con.

        Whereas I resisted this logic in the past, you could reasonably start to argue that the fair comparison is £2.50 of groceries vs £2.50 of airline points.

        250 Clubcard points = 600 Avios

        +20% on promo – 250 points = 720 Avios

        nominal £2.50 = 720 Avios, therefore 0.35p/ point

        Any takers for the logic (once Uber disappears)?

        • I have used for Rail card 3x. Cruises 3x Uber3x ( now working after 2 months of calls to Uber support)

        • Annual ticket to legoland is a good deal, if its your type of thing.

        • Charlieface says:

          Europcar is a good shout. The 15% discount off rack rate isn’t the best around but it’s not bad so very close to 3x.

        • Lady london says:

          I thought someone said Europcar is gone from Tesco?

      • Brighton Belle says:

        My local Boots still has 3v cards on the peg.

    • I’d have no problem with Avios having fixed value, if that value was 3p per point (which is the equivalent here).

      • Michael says:

        I see Hilton is a Clubcard Partner (UK & Ireland only though I think) – whats that redemption value like?

        • x3 – every £2.50 of CC vouchers converts to £7.50 of Hilton vouchers

          • We’ve done a few article on this. You are only offered the ‘Best Flex B&B’ rate, divided by 3. It is therefore ‘genuinely’ 3x if you would otherwise book a flexible rate and don’t get breakfast via status. If you would otherwise book an Advanced Purchase Room Only rate then it is a noticeably worse deal. Stays do earn Hilton points.

        • Interesting – I just assumed it worked like a gift card that you used instead of cash.

        • Lady London says:

          Nope – many of the offers need to be checked carefully before buying as they restrict you to higher fare classes or more product than you’d normally want. Also some things like Railcards 10-20% discount easily available elsewhere. So multiplier is really 3 on very very few.

          Remember Tesco will be getting commission on your purchase as well guessing 10% or so.

        • Shoestring says:

          Europcar is gone (unless you still have a token) – but Eurotunnel 3x is still there for now, I did redeem once for a cheap return crossing but can’t be @rsed to drive these days

    • Alex W says:

      Don’t forget an extra point per £4 for using the Tesco Pay+ app.

  6. OT – We have a BA Holidays booking coming up soon (east coast USA), flights and car hire. We are not actually going to need a car after all – if I were to “forget” to collect the car on arrival, would anything bad happen? Any recent experiences?

    • Shoestring says:

      People have said there isn’t a no-show fee for car rentals when taken out as part of a BA package

      Definitely not the case for UK no-shows – so check the T&Cs

      • Michael says:

        Am i right in thinking BA holidays are sometimes cheaper when you chuck car hire in?

        • Flight-only can be cheaper if you chuck in a car. It shouldn’t make a ‘flight and hotel’ cheaper.

      • Nothing explicit in the general Holidays t&cs or the additional terms on the rental voucher, but just wanted some real life experience.

        • There have been a handful, one or two, reports of certain locations charging a Euro 50 fee. It is certainly the exception rather than the rule though and, as the car rental company is paid anyway, probably easy to challenge.

    • sunguy says:

      Personally, Id pick the car up and just return it early…..that covers all angles…

      Depending on your first hotel, most have free parking unless you are in the downtown area….and you can get you and your family (and more importantly your baggage) to your first hotel for “free”….

      • Think I’ll risk it and report back. Parking would be expensive and driving would require me to stay off the sauce on the flight which ain’t happening.

      • Some rental companies have Early return fee.

    • Charlieface says:

      I would call them directly to cancel the booking. Don’t call the airline or travel agent, they may cancel the whole package.

      • Phil T says:

        I did a flight and car booking for last week with BA in Munich. Never picked the car up and never heard any more about it.

  7. Yagamimo says:

    I can’t find the ARN-BKK fare for SEK 15700… just SEK 17333. Anyone else having this problem?

  8. OT – at the weekend I booked 3 x F award seats to Miami originating in Manchester and was “charged” 18,000 avios for the connecting flights. I’ve just spoken to BA (in the UK) who have refunded the avios and said they shouldn’t have been charged in the first place but it may have been because the booking was for 3 people and normally the system doesn’t allow this when a 2 4 1 is being used. I wasn’t aware of this but maybe it’s allowed if the 3rd person is a child?

    Also – the very nice CSA told me that BA have a phone-only offer at the moment giving 15 avios per £1 on hotel bookings which is worth knowing. I’ve booked Hilton hotels twice now with BA and still got free breakfast due to gold status, BTW.

    • No, it’s a technical error affecting all domestic connections, discussed a couple of days ago. If it is not fixed yet they will book over phobe for correct avios fee-free.

      • But you run the risk of the seats not being available if you book by phone. I must have missed the discussion even though I posted at the weekend about being charged the extra 18,000!

        • True, always book if and when we can 🙂 It was at the end of the pinned BA avios pricing trial article.

    • LewisB says:

      I also had a CSA tell me this but when I emailed Rob he informed me that it’s always available –
      The prices are pretty good and comparable (mostly) with the other large third party sites. Sometimes a little more. I’ve spent around £3500 cash on hotels through that link over the past few months (lots of traveling this year). That’s roughly 52500 avios bonus plus 5250 from the BAPP. I don’t particularly care for hotel benefits so it depends what you’re after. Annoyingly the transaction didn’t go through as a ‘BA’ payment so I only got the 1.5 avios per £1 not £3.

      • LewisB says:

        *not 3 avios per £1

      • Not sure how this works with chain hotels but I usually check it out for independent hotels and it has never worked. Always came out costing over 1ppa versus cheapes mainstream OTA even before factoring in other opportunities to get something back. I keep trying though, there is always a first time.

    • No it’s definitely doable – did 241 + additional redemption seat open jaw and mixed class (C/F) on outbound/inbound recently for 3 adults.

      • I don’t think I’ve ever booked for 3 of us with a 2 4 1 before, we usually do 2 award seats and one cash booking, however Florida/Caribbean prices at Easter are astronomical so I was absolutely delighted to get 3 avios seats on the same flights!

  9. Luthar says:

    OT – I need to do 60 nights in hotels this year. I’ve got no status and not many hotel points. Which brand is best these days for earning status and points?

    • Simple question with a very complicated answer…depends where you are going, what your budget is, whether mostly single night or multinight stays, what you want to do with the points etc

    • Rob has reviews of the various hotel loyalty programmes. I suggest you do a search on here and read them. Should give you a bit of an idea what best suits your needs.

    • Go to our Hotel Promos page, each scheme has a 2-part article on its pros and cons.

    • Alex W says:

      If you want free breakfast go for Hilton. Take out an Amex Plat to get free gold status.

      If you want lots of points go for IHG. Take out the IHG Premium credit card and get free Platinum status.

      Or better still, do both!

      • Luthar says:

        Thanks everyone. Based on the hotel promos currently going I’ll go with Marriott for now as I’ve missed the boat on Hilton and IHG promotions. I’ll be getting Amex Plat too to get my status level to gold immediately.

        • Relaxo says:

          Not sure I agree with your choice. There will be new Hilton & IHG promotions coming up soon. These have historically been a lot more generous than miserly Marriott. Marriott gold does not get you much, Hilton Gold does.

        • Luthar says:

          Relaxo – thanks for that. I’ll hold my horses for now. Starting my first stays in early May. I’ll use Hilton for now just to take advantage of a good Amex offer I have.

        • I’d agree with Alex and Relaxo re Hilton and IHG.

          The IHG premium card gives you IHG platinum, with a free night if you reach a spending target. You should be able to status match to Hilton to at least Gold but likely Diamond based on IHG platinum. You might need to show an IHG stay first though. HfP has articles on the Hilton status match,

          IHG platinum can be useful, especially in continental Europe, but Hilton gold probably has better benefits in terms of breakfast and the occasional lounge upgrade as well as room upgrades.

        • IHG premium credit card gets you 20k points, good earning rate plus platinum status, plus free night if you spend enough. Stay IHG first 1 or 2 times and use those stays along with platinum status to do Hilton status match challenge. Eight Hilton stays then gets you Diamond so you don’t need amex platinum unless you want it for something other than Hilton Gold. Thus, after just 9 or 10 stays you are both IHG platinum and Hilton Diamond so are well set to exploit full potential of future IHG or Hilton promos, whatever works best. If you want to focus on just one scheme (not a good idea IMO) then I would definitely recommend Hilto way ahead of the others provided their is goo coverage in places you need to stay.

        • @Lyn, sorry, was typing st same time you posted 🙂

    • Memesweeper says:

      I have or had some status with all the major brands. Hilton has been the stand-out for being actually useful. I’ve got Spire Elite with IHG and it’s basically useless.

      Are you looking to acquire free nights for a future holiday while away on business? The and IHG schemes are pretty good in that respect. Saving enough for a free night in a nice place takes longer with Hilton in my experience. Also credit is more useful for a family when booking leisure travel as you’re not restricted to basic rooms.

    • Crafty says:

      Think about what you are redeeming for and where. Since Marriott acquired SPG I would argue it has by far the best portfolio of 5 star hotels (at least, in Asia, where we like to go).

      Hilton was previously my chain of choice and probably remains the best all rounder in terms of both earning and redeeming potential.

      Radisson is easy to earn but I have reduced my valuation to 0.2p because redemptions always seem to be prohibitively expensive.

  10. Michael says:

    These extra Mumbai services sound like well timed slot sitters to me.

    • The Jet slots have gone to Etihad, although it seems they will lease them – BA may have taken one.

      • Michael says:

        I meant BA have just pulled 4 extra slot pairs out of nowhere to operate to Mumbai with. Sounds like they have to fly them or they’re going to lose them, so have decided to make the best out of the situation.

        • I get a feeling that, if they haven’t done a deal with Etihad, they simply cancel a few European flights. No-one really notices.

        • BA reduced LHR-HEL from 2x daily to 1x daily last month. That’s 7 slot pairs a week.

    • BA 51 LHR-JNB & BA50 JNB-LHR operated on a B787-9 is being dropped four times a week and this aircraft is to be used for the additional LHR-BOM service for the rest of the summer period.

  11. O/T – I don’t have a Star Alliance account with any airline (only have BAEC and Virgin FC) but have a 2 hour flight on Asiana (operated by Air Seoul) later in the year from KIX to ICN. Any advice on which Star Alliance airline to open an account with to credit the flight to?

    • Michael says:

      Depends how much star flying you’re planning to do in the future. Perhaps Singapore Airlines as you can top them up with Membership rewards in the future.

      • If you have no other Star plans, Miles & More will at least convert to Heathrow Rewards so you don’t get nothing… But Star expiry rules are all rather draconian, so sitting on a small pile and seeing what happens is unlikely to yield any return.

    • Think about whether it’s worth it… of course it depends on cabin/fare you are travelling in and whether you have plans to fly StarAlliance in the future. Otherwise, just forget about it.

    • Alex W says:


    • Air Seoul is not in star alliance. Can only credit to Asiana.

    • Lady London says:

      Where to credit dot com. AS seems to have its fans due several very interesting linkups. If you can fly 4 segments on them and think you have a future in Star Alliance Aegean is still worth a look. The airline you’re flying on also but there are rumours of serious financial instability that could affect its FFP.

    • Thanks everyone. I’ll take a look at that site.

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