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UK airport lounge reviewers wanted!

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EDIT:  All slots are taken except for Norwich!  Thanks to everyone who volunteered.

Over the last few years, we have published reviews of many of the major airport lounges in the UK.

You can see our full list of UK airport lounge reviews here.

However, try as we might, we will never manage to get around them all.  Whilst we rarely accept airline or hotel reviews written by readers, we are happy to have your help in finishing off our list of UK airport lounge reviews.

Because, let’s be honest, neither Anika or myself are going to be in Norwich Airport in the near future …..

This is the list of UK airport lounges we are missing which can be accessed by Priority Pass and, in many cases, Lounge Club.

If you are planning to visit the lounge in any of these airports soon and would be willing to write a review of us, we’d be happy to run it.  It isn’t much work – all you need to do is take around 10 photos on your smartphone and write 4-5 paragraphs about what was on offer.  We will make it all nice and pretty!

Here is an example of a reader review of the lounge at Humberside Airport.

These are the lounges we still need:

Durham Tees Valley – Premium Lounge (photo above)

East Midlands – The Escape Lounge

Manchester T1 – The Escape Lounge

Manchester T2 – The Escape LoungeAspire lounge

Norwich International – Executive Lounge

We will also be looking for someone to cover the new Bournemouth lounge when it opens in June.

We’d also like to hear from you if you are planning to visit an airline-operated lounge outside London, such as the Emirates lounge in Glasgow, because we have not covered many of these in the past.

If you can help, please email rob [at]  If you don’t have an ‘unlimited visits’ Priority Pass we’re happy to pay for your admission.

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Comments (62)

  • John C says:

    Hi Rob. Whatever happened to your new writer you were hiring last year? Did that not happen in the end? This article reminded me of that.

    • Julian says:

      That does seem strange as I thought Anika was long gone from working with Rob and she wasn’t even there at the last Christmas Party. Instead Rob’s keen young male intern in his gap year (not the long term paid employee Rob was supposedly interviewing for) seemed to be managing everything at that event.

      My understanding was that Anika was getting married and that as a result of that for some reason (probably moving elsewhere in the UK) she was no longer able to continue in the role.

      • Nathan says:

        Poss recycling of an old call to arms whilst the sub-editor on Easter hols?

      • Lady London says:

        Anika is still contributing @Julian. I miss her hotel reviews where she spotted things in hotels that matter to us ladies. Notably she is doing the regular ‘promotions that are about to close’ curating. Her name has been on the byline of other articles recently too. NOMB but I think she’s helping Rob out on the behind the scenes tasks that keep the site funded and running.

    • Joan says:

      I was just wondering the same thing as you were recruiting a new person to replace Anika ?

      • Rob says:

        We’re not replacing Anika – she is on the payroll but will be spending 100% of her time on marketing / commercial / promotions / competitions / sponsorship, so you will still see her name on stuff but it will be mainly linked to special reader offers or competitions.

        But, yes, she is not in London now unless she needs to be. I might be able to get her down for the Summer party!

        Anyway, announcement due soon.

    • Alex Sm says:

      As Rob explained here and there, the previous recruitment attempt didn’t work out despite a higher number of applicants. But perhaps, something changed?

      For the record, my partner is still keen to try it out.

      • Crafty says:

        I would imagine the role is under review while the dust settles post Amex-geddon. If page views are permanently down it may no longer stack up.

        • Rob says:

          There will be an announcement in the next two weeks.

          However, the plan had to change. We will lose around 25%-30% of our revenue with the Amex changes and, if we lose some of the ‘leisure’ end of the readership, the figure will be higher as ad revenue etc will weaken too.

          I don’t expect any drop in page views. We may be flat for a year but the continual influx of ‘hard core traveller’ readers will simply offset the loss of a few leisure readers, and the content may tweak to reflect that.

          We can sustain this – it only takes us back to where we were in 2017 – but at the same time we need to be cautious.

        • Russ says:

          As HFP seems to be coming to a paradigm shift can I make an impassioned plea on behalf of ‘hop over to Europe for the weekend’ type spenders as well as once a year aspirational holiday types? Sorry but I don’t know anyone socially who saves for holidays (dappy financially challenged relatives excluded). They want to go somewhere they pay and go.

        • sean says:

          I just assumed the Nanny may have more time on her hands soon

        • Lady London says:

          @Russ there are other blogs that cover the leisure thing particularly from the hotel side. However for some strange reason those bloggers do seem to review Indian Ocean and far flung Asian hotels on islands that take a plane, another plane and then a seaplane to reach, as compared to the ‘We earn loads in the City but we have to be there in the week so we can leave on Friday but must be there and back by Monday cost does not matter time does’ option for a couple.

          As the half of a couple that had to decide and arrange this type of break at least monthly you are right @Russ there is definitely a market for it. However I like thus blog for its business and finance orientation. Others could maybe cover this as well. But others don’t link in a business / finance approach as well as Rob.

  • Tim M says:

    The current Manchester Terminal 2 will close April 2020 for refurbishment when the first stage of the new T2 finally opens. This will bring a whole raft of new lounges to review – to add to the diary!

  • Nathan says:

    And why pray tell would you not be going to Norwich? It’s a fine city. It even says so on the sign as one drives in. Although, granted, the ‘International’ does stretch the imagination somewhat!

    OT transited through Changi for the first time the on Thursday and what a magnificently bonkers place it is too, my new favourite airport 😎

    • Mr Entitled says:

      Even if the great man himself is busy, I’m hopeful that it can be written Partridge style.

      • Shoestring says:

        They had some Pouilly Fuisse – quite good – but all this wine nonsense! You get all these wine people, don’t you? Wine this, wine that. Let’s have a bit of red, let’s have a bit of white. Ooh, that’s a snazzy bouquet. Oh, this smells of, I don’t know, basil. Sometimes you just want to say, sod all this wine, just give me a pint of…mineral water
        The chemical toilet was a Saniflow 33, now this little babe can cope with anything, and I mean anything. Earlier on I put in a pound of mashed up Dundee cake, let’s take a look…not a trace! Peace of mind I’m sure, especially if you have elderly relatives on board.
        Airports are great. I’d just like to fly a helicopter all around Norfolk. You know, swoop down over a field. Scare a donkey so that it falls into a river. Hover over one of those annoying families that go on holidays on bikes. And shout at them “get out of the area!” and watch them panic!

      • Brighton Belle says:

        Won’t be long before Boris puts London’s next airport there.

        • Anna says:

          I saw an advert for Southend airport on the back of a bus in Lancashire yesterday! Most likely a complete waste of advertising revenue; most people think we are odd for routing via Heathrow a couple of times per year…

        • John says:

          Saw an advert for BA to some Caribbean place in Great Yarmouth.

        • Lady London says:

          There won’t be any right-on trendy soundbites for that and there are better options than Norwich to stress the multiculturality of London so Saddiq Khan will not be announcing that anytime soon.

  • barnaby100 says:

    The LBA lounge review is a couple of years out of date. They now have 3 lounges and the one reviewed closed and the space is now starbucks. So you could ass those to your list.

  • Ikaz says:

    There is also a new 1903 at Manchester T2, quite simmilar to the T3 1903 and a step up from the PPass lounges in T2

    • Dale says:

      Funny that it’s not mentioned on the 1903 website?

      What is the best lounge at Manchester T2 for PP or Amex plat??

      • Ikaz says:

        I prefer the Escape lounge, they have prosecco on tap, some decent salads (not mayo and pasta with a few other food items for colour), 4 hot food selections with one or 2 meat options, a few beer options. I usually go to the escape for food and drinks, then go to the aspire lounge for the stamps/points and apron views. If I have more time and wanted a meal, I would consider spending £25 for a “short stay” at the 1903

  • DS says:

    OT: re. the recent IHG sale
    I stayed at an Hi near Manchester and was told that breakfast was included with the
    rate, it didn’t say that anywhere did it? Had I know I’d have booked loads more.

    • RussellH says:

      I suspect that it is down to the hotel, not the promotion.
      I have done three stays at the Indigo in Newcastle – always booked room only, always been told at check in that breakfast is included. It is a quite reasonable breakfast too!

      • DS says:

        That is possible, but usually thing like that are mentioned when you make the booking

  • Will says:

    Speaking of Priority Pass – does anyone know if Rhodes airport has a PP lounge? Not on the PP list so assume not.

  • signol says:

    Although Norwich is my local airport, all my current year’s flying is scheduled put of Heathrow (with one possibility from Stansted). I’ll let you know if this changes…

    • Lady London says:

      You mean you are choosing not to use STN ? You must be passing by its front door on your way to LHR from Norwich?